Monday, 1 September 2014

Nuclear fusion by ultrasound

1 September 2014
                I first started writing about 18 months ago.  Since when no way he has commented!  All professors of physics are at much money writing fictitious papers about the weather-though they know nothing about metrology.
                They do know that photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide in the air to only two parts per million in a warm period.  Modern plants turn the burned fossil fuels back into active biology!  Sucking the carbon dioxide out in the air.  Man could an increase of carbon dioxide level if he tried!
                This goes back to 1983, Inco Bleabavon.  I was doing metallurgical ultrasound.  And life was noted that you could a line of gas bubbles of have a crack in the forging.
                If you analyse these bubbles, he welfare and oxygen and helium gases.  The ultrasound media steam and in the winter air.  Something was producing a lot of heat!
1              H2O+US->He+O+E1+Xray
Note the production of X rays!  Which is outside the energy emitted by chemical reactions.  There were actually doing molecular nuclear fusion!  From their hydrogen ions in a water.  He missed out on the biggest scientific discovery ever.
It crack acts as a stress raiser, which catalysed molecular nuclear fusion.  In the arctic air in Wales!  At -6° C.
Each fusion reaction releases 6 W of energy: 5.8 from the relativistic conversion! E=mc2
                We were getting 100 bubbles from a 2 kW ultrasound device.  So really we want 2x200 kilowatts ultrasound devices.  Which will give us our 120 MW.  Ideal to run 100 MW power station.  With no fossil fuel burn!  Now use of natural gas.  Which now is stratospherically overpriced!  Nearly as overpriced as oil or hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                We have a crank handle which elevates a weight.  This starts a small ultrasonic fusion device.  This shares its energy, the steam raising accumulators, and starting 100 MW power station.
                Once running the plant needs no oil or gas.  He consumers a minuscule amount of liquid water!  A thimble full a decade.  Only obviously does no hyper toxic uranium fission.
                It generates electricity for very nearly zero.  The Capital Equipment will be paid for within a year, and then the electricity cost is all profits!  The cost to the consumer will win the cost of running the electricity network.
                And paying the profits to the energy producer.  So no oil or gas!  No carbon dioxide production-though that only increases the amount of active biology on earth.
                No radioactive waste.  All taught to me 32 years ago at Sheffield University.  I mentioned molecular nuclear fusion to my supervisor in 2001, and he could not end my chemical injuring PH D quickly enough!
                Too much of academia is subsidized by hyper toxic nuclear power.

Jonathan Thomason

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