Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nature does fusion

30 September 2014
                Water from the Rivers and seas of the earth filters down until it meets the earth’s mantle.  It then boils away in a gentle simmer
1              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray          T= turbulence of boiling
                This tops up the radioactive nature of the earth’s core!  As all those X rays percolate into the deep.  We also get the formation of hydrogen, and then neutrons.
2              H2O+O2- ->O32-+2H++2e-
3              H++e- >n0
                So the deep earth is a perpetual source of helium nuclei, ozone molecules and neutrons.
23998Pt+no ->10042Mo+13452Te+ neutrons
                So in the deep earth all the produced plutonium fissions away!  Only the parastable atoms like to radium processed!
                We have to work very hard to concentrate the radioactively unstable compound of 238U.  Most uranium is the stable 235U.
                So the boiling of water yours massive energy, low power X rays and loads of neutrons.  No toxic radioactive waste at all.  It is eight times as exothermic as hyper toxic nuclear fission of enriched uranium or any isotope of plutonium.
                So nature is showing us something important here!  At the gentle simmer of water does massively exothermic molecular nuclear fusion.  Isn’t it interesting that nuclear power runs a steam cycle.  Which does nuclear fusion.  Which is why we get out more energy than E=mc2 would suggest.
                Around the world every 3 minutes there is a lightening strike.  That releases 2.5x1030 Watts of electricity.  If we fire up a steam plasma glass tube, the neutrons coals the repeated fissioning of the mass into energy light and low power X rays.
4              H++r n0->E2+Xray+L
5              O2-+s n0 ->2Be->4B->8He->16H then 16x equation 4
                But a steam plasma is a massive source of free neutrons and X rays.  So we fill a tube have all the fission waste and half full of steam.  We fire up the plasma, and gradually converts the water molecules into neutrons.
                These bond with the plutonium atoms.  They can become radioactively unstable.  240Pt fissions in under 100th of a second.  239Pt remains lethal for 100,000 years.  So we enrich the dangerous radioactive isotopes.
                Which fission into lower atomic masses.  Ending of as energy, X rays and light.  Molecular nuclear fusion is eight times as exothermic as uranium fission.
                The molecular nuclear fission of water molecules is taught times as exothermic as plutonium fission.  Andy produces no solid waste: the worst nuclear piles were only ever built to produce plutonium and enriched uranium per it bomb programme.
                No a steam plasma is an order of magnitude more exothermic than hyper toxic nuclear fission or plutonium or uranium.  It uses massive energy-but no toxic waste.
                We can actually use it to reprocess toxic nuclear fission rods.  Converting the dangerous radioactive isotopes into energy, X rays and light.
                A steam plasma is such a better Energy System.  We can utilises to reprocess their toxic waste left behind by hyper toxic nuclear fission: the technology of hades.  Massively expensive toxic death.
                Every biological organism today does molecular nuclear fusion: the clean Energy System of nature.
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