Monday, 22 September 2014

Making free fresh water

22 September 2014
                The history books teach us, that one extreme weather is followed by the other extreme: we have the wet spell in 2013!  So the drought is very over due.  The global weather has been cooling since 1995: so the next natural phase of global warming will be 2023.
                So people going on about manmade global warming or simply base stooges to nuclear power.  Who happily promoting global warming, until the natural weather started cooling!
                So they have been pushing man made climate change for 18 years!  As if it meant global warming.  It doesn’t!  We are in a natural cooling phase of the weather systems.  Meteorologists who know about the weather do not talk about man influencing the weather.
                As a were follows natural predictable solar emission cycles!  Professors of physics know about these, yes preferred to pontificate about the weather systems!  In exchange for the money they get from nuclear power.  The most globally toxic industry that will ever exist!
                People talking about global warming do not deserve to be alive!  They to look out of a window, and learn high school biology!  Which teaches that every day plants grow until there is only to parts per million carbon dioxide left in the air.
                The static level since before industry!  Man is burning of fossil fuels has increased active life on earth.  This is not affected the gas forms of the air.
                A static trace gases affect nothing!  Then carbon dioxide was at two parts per million even before industry!  Man cannot influence the weather!  The only people with an untreated mental health problem would ever think that mankind could.
                It is simple and cheap to make fresh water!  We pump sea or river water up a one metre high boyant conical tower.  We then pump the water vapour to a high reservoir.
                When low pressure gas vents to the air, it falls as water droplets!  Burning the reservoir with distilled water.  This is ideal for agriculture and drinking.
                We use solar powered vacuum pumps!  So during the day they produce drinkable water for free.  There is no limit to the amount of water we can make.
                Once the solar powered pump and pipeline are paid for-the water is free and limitless.  Are lying plants to grow, only been limited by the paltry level of carbon dioxide in the global air.
                In the Jurassic there were fewer fossil fuels!  65% more life on land.  The sea levels 60 metres lower.  The majority of the fossil fuels formed at the mass extinction at the end of the Jurassic.
                There are no fossil fuels there were not be active biology in prehistory!  Nature does not do hyper toxic uranium fission: too toxic and fatal to life!

Jonathan Thomason

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