Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Infinite free energy

2 September 2014
                My experience of metallurgical ultrasound was up a 2 kilowatts ultrasound source produced 100 bubbles of helium and oxygen.  He also caused the rapid boiling of the ultrasound media in the free winter air.
                This represents an energy release of 10 kW!  In other words, we get a surplus 8 kW!  A house uses and are 80 kW.  During the teatime energy surge!  So there 20 kW ultrasound source would drive a small steam cycle to generate all the electricity the house needed.
                We are going to sell 60 kW on average to the national grade.  At 2p/kW hr.  We are producing 100 kWh.  The daily income of 2000 pounds.  750,000 UK pounds a year.  Which presumably we will invest in more ultrasound Power Equipment.
                This is a totally huge income!  Producing free electricity.  Burning no fossil fuels and doing no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium: which produces most toxic waste in recorded history.
                We will produce a whiff of helium and oxygen.  The helium is lost to space the same day.  The oxygen is like that produced by the countryside!  Totally harmless.
                So we get every fifth house producing electricity.  We produce a national surplus of electricity!  From regular water.  Using an ultrasound emitter.  And I have proved it all practically works!
                At Inco Allied Products 1983.

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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