Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Increasing life on earth

16 September 2014
                In prehistory all the fossil fuels were active biology!  This is why they have fossils from prehistoric life in them.
                Most formed at the end of the Jurassic age: when the 65% more life on earth!  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.  So today he believes in an age of denuded carbon.
                As we burn the fossil fuels, plants take in the additional carbon dioxide and converted into active biomass within 5 minutes.  So we get more plants!  So we get more animals.  Plant and animal life are in a dynamic balance.
                We do not get an increase of average global carbon dioxide in the air.  Which during the day produces enough time carbon emissions to only two parts per million!  Ma         n is a massive carbon burning extensive growing day by turn seconds.
                The climate does not see local transient carbon levels over cities.  It C’s the global average level in the stratosphere!  The carbon dioxide is a heavy gas!  It does not make it to the stratosphere.
                Through all history the weather has been created in the stratosphere-irrespective of carbon dioxide levels in the temperatesphere-where life hangs out.
                So that is have noted that the natural weather has cycles.  Of 28 years.  A 100,000 years.  And for 100,000 years.
                Basically the weather is a chaotic system totally controlled by solar cycles totally outside the implants of mankind.  Carbon dioxide levels are limited by photosynthesis.
                So they go up in natural ice ages!  The little ice age there were four parts per million.  The ice age ended and the falter global average of only 2ppm.  As realised by every physics academic on the planet.
                Here three natural Jurassic ice ages there were at 8ppm.  During the bulk of the Jurassic global carbon dioxide was at 4ppm.
                The cretaceous ended with a mass extinction, and an ice age!  The carbon dioxide levels at 10ppm.  The ice age extend over 1000 years into the Permian!
                Then photosynthesis evolved, carbon dioxide levels crash to only 1ppm-and 90% of life on earth died.  A bigger mass extinction than the death of the dinosaurs.
                Five burning fossil fuels mankind has increased active life on earth.  There are more animals and plants alive.  Coincidentally nuclear power is the most globally toxic industry mankind has ever devised.
                And kills all life indiscriminately!  It is the very definition of an ungreen industry.  Man has no control over global average carbon dioxide levels.  Since a plant this out on the Internet no scientist has argued.
                Suddenly nobody is publishing biologically stupid papers saying carbon dioxide levels have risen.  Because they can’t!  Or rather the global average level is fixed.  Price fires and volcanic eruptions give a massively are local spike of carbon dioxide levels.
                For life a sudden blow of new life arising!  Plants love it.  The the carbon dioxide level rise is hellishly transient.  No way he could ever affect the weather.
                Again the weather is made in the stratosphere!  The heavy carbon dioxide never makes he and high.  Nuclear power fault up manmade global warming to distract the world from the Chernobyl incident.
                The natural climate started cooling 1995.  Quick as a flash and the had 10 years later, nuclear power came as man made climate change!  Again based on the erroneous notion that man has any control over the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by natural photosynthesis.
                They need to go and learn high school biology.  No academic who has ever published work on man made global warming or man made climate change should have any position in education!
                They are unsuitable for information running a male friend in primary school.  They are the enemy years of education!  They are for it is a nuclear fiction.  Paid stooges to nuclear power!  The most globally toxic industry ever devise.

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