Friday, 19 September 2014

Free power and gold

19 September 2014
                Every second of every day, water from the Rivers and seas of the year though, it’s down to alter your score.  At the mantle it forms superheated water and also lava with heavy metals in: we are talking about gold, platinum, silver but also titanium and lead!
                We must remove his heavy metals before we can use the steam.  James Dyson showed us how in 1998.  We pass the superheated steam at 250° C 8.4 atmospheres through a small vent!  So we get metal dust in steam at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.
                The Earth is so huge, if mankind got all his power this way, it would account for 0.5% of the natural superheated water that drives earthquakes and volcanoes.  We are less important than the environmental noise!
                So we have passed it through a double helical flow investor.  It flows down one helix, and up another!  It clears all this metal dust behind.  Which we sell on to process into ingots.  Just so much gold!  10,000 times more he each day than even the Chinese could use!
                We know pass it through a steam turbine.  And generate electricity!  We condense the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  Will return the heat at higher temperature to the entry steam.
                This increases by a factor of 8 the amount of electricity we generate!  Initially we might choose to use more geothermal water.  To get are more gold.
                Pretty soon the staff will be valueless!  We use ground sonar to locate a magma chamber 10 metres below the earth’s surface.  Fully laden with heavy metal powder!  There will be a suitable location within the ground area covered by a power stations.
                Every Farmer have just such a location within his form area.  He can drill down, to get a limitless gold and free electricity.  He produces near unlimited gold ingots.
                He also cells the electricity to the national grid!  We are talking about electricity generated for 1/100th the cast of nuclear all fossil fuels electricity.
                I did the calculations, and the recently sized plant will generate an income of 2.3 million UK pounds annually.  Just from the electricity!  He each plant will generate five terms of gold.
                For all his mining, mankind has only a produced 156,000 tonnes of gold throughout history!  We can double that in only two years.  Every two years!  Gold is going to be so valueless.
                Our ancestors will be an burning of fossil fuels or allowing uranium nuclear fission, as the most uneconomic, expensive, and for fission globally toxic industry as that of ever existed.
                All the gold stuff was taught to me at Sheffield University department of metallurgy in 1982: the department is there given over to journalism!

Jonathan Thomason

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