Monday, 1 September 2014

Defective proton beam therapy

1 September 2014
                Professors of physics understand the effect of proton beams heating the skin.  Medics do not!
1              H2O+p+->H2O++n0            n0+H2O->X-ray
2              H2O+nUV->He2++O2-+X-ray+E2
                So what we have produced the stratospherically expensive in different X ray machine.  We need to apply the protons through the hole in an earthed power, skin. 
                An ultraviolet laser short on to a moistened sponge cold over the skin, will do molecular nuclear fusion.  It will produce a focus beam of X rays!  X rays cannot be focused otherwise.  Two such beans taken note on a cancer- via guided by lower power ultrasound,
                But a more effective idea is to utilise and focused high intensity ultrasound.  Details below!  This does molecular nuclear fusion only within the pressurise cancer cells.  Which blasts the cancer cells apart.  Clearing the disease!  With no medical involvement at all.              So what we have produced the the the stratospherically expensive in different X ray machine.  We need to apply the protons through the hole in an earthed power, skin.
                For 10,000,000 pounds we are produced an X ray machine.  There is no medic anywhere in the world I would not agree that this was defective medicine!  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                There is a far better idea!  Applying ultrasound externally, as this will create massive heat and X rays only within cancer cells.
3              H2O+2 US->He2++O2-+Xray+E2
                The electrical current laws discharge within the molecular space was a devised by the water molecule.  5 W 1 MHz is suitable High Intensity UltraSound.  So easily >1.5W 3 MHz emitted by ultrasonic devices used by physiotherapists.  To clear limb damage.
                This is the ultrasound routinely emitted by ultrasonic massage devices!  Available from oogle Gfrom down to 20 UK pounds: search for ‘ultrasonic massage device 5 W 1 MHz cheapest’.  They ship within five days from China.
                So this is a more focused action of a proton beam machine.  Which turns out to be a stratospherically over expensive X ray machine.
                The heat produced by ultrasound fragments all cancer cells within ½ minute.  Apply it to the top left the chest and the kidneys it will clear the structures causing coronary heart disease.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage for only ½ minute will clear all science or diabetes: though be warned: type 1 only clears in three day window.  No more ultrasound is required.
                So proton beam therapy is prohibited by the Hippocratic oath taken by all medics as he enters service.  So are all biochemical treatments the major diseases of age.
                They he treats in an expensive, unpleasant and surely fatal fashion!  HIUS cures at one application.  All 200 cancers out there!  As medically demonstrated and published 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.
                The Moffitt is back prescribing Bio chemistry!  Which invokes immediate deregistration of all the medics involved.  They have the cure to cancer 12 years ago!  As known by every cancer doctors and consultants on the planet.
                There is no defence for applying defective medicine!  It is a criminal act.  Warranting 25 years in jail and at $10,000,000 fine for each avoidable death produced.  And medics have created 400,000,000 additional unnecessary deaths.
                Killing their own patients deliberately and knowingly!  These are serious criminals.  To produce a potential of beam of X rays there is a five cheaper way!  We shine ultraviolet light on the moist and skin.
5              H2O+US->H2O+Xray
                A. rid to produce directiona layer X rays pass under five UK pounds!  Ultrasound causes the production of heat and X rays only within the cancer cells!  It is far more effective and less damaging.
                Proton beam therapy is a massively expensive and defective medicine!  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Every patient who has been treated with this technology is entitled to the money returned.  And the Dr. struck off

Jonathan Thomason

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