Saturday, 27 September 2014

Curing West Nile virus

27 September 2014
                I first thought of this idea for HIV!  It also works for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, SARs plus bard and avian flu.
                The first three diseases are caused by plants viruses-but behind from full infections!  All for coronary heart disease, a part bacterial infection.  Affecting the coronary arteries all the kidneys.
                West Nile virus is caused by a full virus!  That does not initiate a four immune response.  So we give an immune drip of interleukin two and four, which initiates a four immune response.
                It makes the other lower interleukins, and the presence of a virus activity the IL-1 into two lots of the active IL-1+.
                We give the drip, to give the world concentration for some do so from an infection: even on application of fungal antibiotics.
                So the local antigen presenting centres will breezy active antibody to all new structures in the adult body.  Basically all mantle or radio structures are caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria.
                We can produce the active antibody to malaria!  And giving people with the condition of the antipar, will cure the infection.
                The active antibody will eradicate West Nile virus will eradicate the virus in the human population in North America.  We can also leave bird feaders with growing coated with the avian antibody, to eradicate it in birds.
                West Nile virus then becomes a routinely curable infection around the world.

Jonathan Thomason

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