Sunday, 28 September 2014

Cheapest cure to West Nile virus

28 September 2014
                Human interleukin two and four produces the active human antibody: the anti viral.  Avoiding the need for animal and human testing.  Biochemical companys could start producing the pills to clear the virus within a week.  The science is already published eg in Rioot et al ‘immunology’ vr 4.
                But all viruses have to have an overinflated cell structure, in order to grow.  The Moffitt cancer centre published the medical answer to prostate cancer in 2002.  This works for all cancers and viruses.  Also bacterial and parasitic infections (like malaria).
                I utilises an ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet.  They can be purchased from Ebay for around 20 UK pounds.  150 W 40 kHz works.  I utilises a 5 W 1 MHz device today.
                And apply it to the chest, throat and nose the cure all infections: all families should have one.  A limiting the need to see a Dr., and use defective antibiotics.  Totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                They will also clear all cancers, heart disease, diabetes, HIV and other week viruses in my experience.  They also clear all mental health problems.  In heart disease applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.
                In diabetes apply externally to the lower right of the rib cage.  For West Nile virus, HIV, SARs, swine and bird flu applied to the chest or the major artery in legs,
                The inflated viral cells fragment explosively.  And the immune system makes and actions the human antibody!  In exactly the same way as the interleukin drip.
                But we buy him the device of the Internet.  And within five days we can cure all viruses.  Even those like West Nile virus which have as yet no cure.  These devices are medically licensed to be benign to body cells.
                It transpires they are fatal to all viruses.

Jonathan Thomason

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