Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cheap water for Turkey

23 September 2014
                We do not need to heat up the water to boil it!  We do not even need high pressures force it through a membrane.  By definition water boils with only one metre of vacuum head!
                This amount of pumping is best supplied by using a solar driven vacuum pump.  We induce the one metre of vacuum head.  Through a cylindrical tower in the Mediterranean or Black seas, or a river.
                The water boils off busy all salts and contaminants.  We then pump it through a thick polyurethane pipe.  If we get a leak, a hissing noise will demonstrate where the need to patch of pipe line.
                Have a high reservoir, we vent the distilled water vapour.  Which condenses and falls as water droplets!  Burning the reservoir.  We then feed an irrigation system!  To distribute the water by gravity.
                The vacuum pumps and piping are very cheap.  The solar panels are also are not expensive.  Once the capital costs is paid for, we have access to unlimited free water.
                We return the semi desert areas back to lush arable areas: of the problem is the scarcity of carbon dioxide in the air!
                All fossil fuels used to be active biology in prehistory.  Today at modern photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide back into plant biomass within 5 minutes!  Sucking the gas from the air.
                99.8% of the parables surface of the land and seas five covered by biological organisms doing photosynthesis.  I am in Turkey on the 4th of October!

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