Thursday, 31 July 2014

Free power!

31 July 2014
                We use ground sonar to locate a fluid filled magma chamber.  10 metres down and two metres east from a river!  All we can locate one in the sea.
                We drill down we get basically a limitless supply of superheated water than two and 50° C 8.4 atmospheres, ideal for generating power!
                First we pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner: as it will contain metal dust.  40% gold!  The cell is on to process into ingots.  Just too much gold!  In two years we will double the amount a gold man has in his vaults.
                Though by then, it was cease to have any value at all!  So will bury it again in disused mine workings.  Just to get read of it.
                We pass the steam through a steam turbine.  And generate electricity!  With no fossil fuel burn.  Our ancestors will think burning gas and oil to generate electricity is a most stupid idea ever!
                Will take what we need your own uses, and that of the neighbourhood.  Will sell the rest to local power company.  They will retail the electricity, and make a margin.  They will not employ a monolithic power stations.
                No point!  Nature power is basically so cheap.  And then we get the gold and platinum.  Gold will cease to have value pretty rapidly.
                At least platinum dust and uses.  And will retain a little value.  What will happen to British Gas.  Their facilities will make excellent car sales points.

Jonathan Thomason

Power companies are bankrupt!

31 July 2014
Burning oil or gas is the first way man found to do nuclear fusion on earth!
1        CH4+3O2->CO2+2H2O-E
2        CH4+pO2->CO2+(2He2+ +O2-+E2+X ray)
I will leave you to do the equation for Cm(H2O)n.
 The balance between 1&2 can be changed by increasing the gas pressures, or titanium plating the boiler plate.  A think Ti plate with higher pressure gases will reduce the gas burned by a factor of six!  To be uses the same heat.
 There is a simpler answer!  Nature shows us how.  Heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion
3        H2O+T->He2+ +O2- +E2

  When we get a 5000 volts/100 amp charge build up, we get a lightening down strike.  Which takes ½ MW to set up.
When it touches down his release 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  It produces 5 tonnes of helium gas, and releases light and radio waves.  There is no chemical source of any of these!
More energy in three seconds than man has ever generated.  Every 3 minutes throughout the year.  1040 Watts annually.  We only get 1060 from direct sun light.
Lightning fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant life.  That limits free carbon dioxide to only two parts per million: it’s a static level in the air since before the industrial revolution.  Man has no import into the carbon cycle.
The most he can do is re-establish a life the fossil fuels were in prehistory.  No possible effect on the weather.  But not very convenient or reliable!
But it tells us that a 2cm thick steam plasma one metre long, will release a constant 5.8 MW.  Replacing eight rows of gas or oil burners.  The plasma will take 2000 volts 0.001 amps to set up.  And will self sustains above four atmospheres.
So industry can easily replace 8 oil or gas burners, with why the steam plasma tube.  Which is more exothermic!  Uses no fossil fuels.  Produces no carbon dioxide.  And produces no more nuclear radiation.
As gas or oil burners produce nuclear radiation.  I wish he had known this when I worked in engineering in the 1980s.  It is such a massive cost saving!
Utilising a truly minuscule volume of regular water, in place of thousands of gallons of over expensive fossil fuels.
A steam plasma is four times as exothermic as a hyper toxic uranium fission tube.  And produces utterly no hyper toxic radioactive waste.
We can retrofit the system in old central heating boilers.  Utilising natural nuclear fusion in place of an oil or gas burn.
The present power companies are drinking in last drink saloon!  As nuclear fusion will totally replace their industries within five years.
It is so close to being a free it isn’t true!  Bowle there is a better Energy System.
Running around the air was core is a river of superheated water.  That is fair give it down from the seas and Rivers of the earth.  On meeting the air was core, is heats up!  So the mantel the region where the water it just remains liquid.
It is 8.4 atmospheres.  250° C.  And high temperature and pressure liquid water dissolves heavy metals-like gold, platinum, silver, copper…
In places this water collects in underground pockets.  Just liquid.  We drill down to this water.  And pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  To get clean steam at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.
Ideal for generating electricity!  And this superheated water is basically an inexhaustible supply!  Provided superheated by nature.  The earth’s core contains 411,000,000 tonnes of gold.
Throughout history man has only mind the 156,000 tonnes we can produce that much in only two years!  Not going to do a lot for the gold price.
Which is why it is crashing!  Coal traders desperately sought small quantities, to try and maintain the gold price.  This is illegal!  Basically gold is valueless.
Platinum is not far behind it.  The rest-give me a laugh!  And we produce even amounts of free electricity.  Which will continue to have a lower value.
Nobody in their right mind would ever prefer as burning fossil fuels to generate power every game.  And certainly never contemplate hyper toxic uranium fission.
Uranium fission produces intermittent continental toxic death.  Surely the most fatal industry ever!  And radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
And our great27 grandchildren will still be paying to store it!  Long after nuclear power has cease to exist.
So free nature power and gold!  The saloon has just slammed it’s door shut.
Jonathan Thomason

The bankrupting of Astra Zeneca

31 July 2014
                I use a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device has a fantastically inexpensive High Intensity and age 18 by UltraSound machine.  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the cure prostate cancer using one application of HIUS.  Anpowered ½ minutes efficient and 5 W machine.  There for a 3 W ultrasound device you need a full minutes.
                Ever a cancer research realises high as cures all 200 types of cancer out there.  As I explain in my ebook!  Accessible through Google.  All cancers are pressurised, so fragment under HIUS.
                Body cells are only affected by higher power ultrasound.  HIUS is totally benign to body cells.  Only bystander body cells are damaged by the explosive fragmentation of the cancer cell.
                This causes local dendrites to make an action the specific antibodies to clear that cancer.  And there are six common antibodies to all cancers and pathogens.
                One course of these pills will cure all cancers and infections.  Biochemical treatments instantly became defective medicine!  Any Dr. Who has continued to prescribe defective medicine has country the Hippocratic oath: and he is no longer a Dr.!
                Each avoidable death results in 25 years in jail.  And a fine of $10,000,000!  Shared by the health centre or drug company.  Astra Zeneca alone has $4000 trillion.  There are is a only 128 trillion in world economies.
                This explains why Astra Zeneca gave the Swiss $120,000,000, and its patients for cancer drugs; in exchange for as cancer patents.
                It is just spent $1.2 billion for asthma patents!  But ½ minute of HIUS to the chest clears asthma: in my direct experience three applications are required.
                The same treatment regime is also required for operators.
                IBS is clears in one session.
                Medics have published the use of HIUS to the top left of the chest and also the kidneys to clear all types of coronary heart disease: the world’s biggest killer 2012.
                30 seconds to each side or the head clears Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and depression in my personal experience.
                The medics to my friend Jim awful all schizophrenia drugs- but only after three months.  The Hippocratic oath prohibits register doctors from medicating the well!
                My friends with diabetes would totally cleared of all types the condition after 30 seconds to the lower right of the rib cage.  Medics are very resistant to this.
                They taken my friend main same pump off the pump!  Issuing helium in soun and a hypodermic.  Low power ultrasound will show the total removal of the inflated viral structure causing a reduction in insulin secretion.
                I saw Alice today!  Red faced and with warm hands.  She proudly showed me her diabetes pills.  She had been insane dependent for Xi years!  They took her off insulin after a morning of nil by mouth.
                He low power ultrasound scan will show the removal of the viral structure in the pancreas causing diabetes: medics need to accept diabetes can now be cured in 30 sections!
                I have heard of other patients going hypoglycemic: medics have added her own we reduce the diabetic medication!  To 0.
                HIUS will also clear arthritis!  Which is caused by a small bacterial structures in the joints!  Lower power ultrasound will demonstrate their removal.
                ½ minute of HIUS to the chest totally clears the inflated pathogen structure causing asthma.  Rendering all biochemical treatments are prohibited defective medicine.
                So Astra Zeneca has lost all his business.  No company has ever survived the is a more than 80% of its business to technological advance.
                Now Cambridge University can use HIUS to cure all cancers.  And guess at the specific human antibodies to all cancers.  As mentioned above there are six common antibodies to all cancers and pathogens.
                A single course of these tablets will cure all infections and cancers.  We can similarly produce the antibodies to heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, MS and all infections.
                Having these tablets is the most important medicine ever!  Everyone he should own their own ultrasound device, to cure all infections!
                Which stops the development of cancer and the rest.  Astra Zeneca obviously goes bankrupt!  Having killed 200,000,000 people around the world from inappropriate application of biochemistry.
                From conditions routinely cleared by one application of HIUS.

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Spanish flue & Ebola

30 July 2014
                Was the regular flu, until a patient got gas in the trenches.  Then the flu learned how to make mustard gas.  Which is why it had decimated so much of Europe!  Fungal antibiotics would have cured it, as though cause the antigen presenting centres to churn out the effective human antibody,
                Giving a drip of interleukin two and four jump starts the immune system!  It is soun was cell damage has occurred elsewhere in the body.  Otherwise interleukin two and four would not be present.
                So the local transient presenting centres make the active antibody to novel structures in the body: new structures to the adults!  Without interference bollerance.  Luckily transplanting the heart and lungs confirms interleukin tolerance and then your new heart.
                Medics were getting excited about her HIV being a pandemic.  It turns out six months on amino acid blockers clears HIV.
                And applying high intensity ultrasound unit (e.g. 5 W 1 MHZ) to a major blood artery for a minute causes the B cells to make an action the specific human antibody.
                High us to the chest throat and nose clears all infections.  Applied externally it cures all cancers.  If applied for ½ minute.  My time is it clears coronary heart disease and diabetes: heart disease requires 30 seconds to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.
                My immune drip of interleukin two and four at concentrations C and in a individual getting better from an infection, will make an action the active antibody to all three major diseases of age.
                It will also make an action the human antibody to Ebola: which makes human enzymes inappropriately.  Dr. MatZinger taught me a couple of years ago that this does not matter to the antigen presenting centres.
                Enzymes of place Canada’s foreign enzymes to the body.  HIUS to a major blood artery will also clear Ebola
                In the same way they counted swine flu and SARs.  Which is both vanished before they reached pandemic levels.
                It is an engineering idea applied to medicine written up by Riott et al.
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Carbon tax illegal

30 July 2014
                The fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  Now as they are burned they are converted back into biomass by global photosynthesis!  And most and land and sea area of the earth is unconstrained nature.
                Harvard University put on record August 2010, average global carbon dioxide levels were Prix industrial levels (two parts per million).
                It is worth noting the carbon dioxide levels in the Permian were five times higher!  And we have 1000 year ice age.  Then photosynthesis evolved, and carbon dioxide levels crash to only one part per million.  And 90% of life on earth died.  The biggest mass extinction in earth history.
                Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in a natural ice age.  During a warm interglacial periods photosynthesis limits them-in the modern epoch to only two parts per million.
                A static trace gas affects nothing!  Critically not the most dynamic system on earth.  Solar cycles control the Earth’s climate.  Man has no control over the carbon cycle.
                Yet the EU subjects European companies to a carbon tax!  Where they back calculate the carbon dioxide emissions of a company.
                They cannot measure it!  As plants suck carbon dioxide back to the air.  Down to the static level of power!  EU laws prevent the discriminatory tax in favour of a toxic industry.
                I nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic industry that will ever exist on earth.  Causing intermittent toxic death across continents.  And stockpiling waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                Nuclear power never costs the storage of its waste for that time.  As it is 200 times the cost of operating a plant!
                Carbon emissions increase life on earth: so the carbon tax is actually a tax on life.  In favour of the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
                So the carbon tax is illegal under EU law.  So its own lawmakers have a legal duty to prohibits such taxation.  Its own tax is illegal!
                So had he gets at energy?  Copy nature.  It does massive amounts of molecular nuclear fusion.
1              mCO2+(n+p)(H2O+O2)->Cm(H2O)n+p(He2++O32-+gwr+E2)
                So photosynthesis is one type of biological molecular nuclear fusion.
2              Cm(H2O)n+mO2->pCO2+(n-p)H2O+p(E2+O3+gwr)
                So animal life is also dependent on the energy from nuclear fusion.  It converts the waste gas of plants (O2) back into planned food(CO2).  The gas the EU wants to tax.  Demonstrating a total lack of appreciation of biology.
                If large carbon dioxide producers like Drax power station wish to challenge the carbon tax-it is an open and shut case!  It breaches basic European anti competition laws.  The EU prohibits favouring toxic industries.
                As any gardener will tell you, it’s a carbon dioxide translates into extra plant and animal life.  It is not hard!  More uranium nuclear fission leads inevitably to more global death.
                But nature does nuclear fusion.  From molecular hydrogen-usually water.
3              H2O+Tc->He2++O2-+E3+gwr  gwr= high frequency X rays
                Every biological organism on earth does it.  Via the turbulent flow of water, Allied to catalists.  Your own beating heart does it!  Plant photo blasts do it!  Which is why all biological life is gamma wave radiation and produces helium and ozone gases.
                Every year 1040 Watts of energy is for it nature from this source.  Only 1060 comes from direct sun light.
                The most engineering useful type is via lightning!  They chaotic interaction of heavy rain drops does 3.  The Alpha particles collect above the clouds.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  When we have a potential of 5000 volts 100 amps a partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the clouds and the ground.
                This produces 5 tonnes of helium gas.  Which translates to a release of 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  As heat, sound, light and nuclear radiation.  There is no chemical source of light, nuclear radiation or helium.
                It is nature doing molecular nuclear fusion.  Which translates into 5.8W/m.  With no carbon dioxide!  And no toxic radioactive waste.
                They 3helium produced is lost to space within 24 hours.  Having reacted with nothing!  Totally transparent to biology.  Which relies on the energy released by molecular nuclear fusion.
                There is no reason why we can’t replace or eight rows of gas or oil burners with a single steam plasma tube.
                That takes 2000 volts to initialise!  Above four atmospheres he runs unpowered.  While we top up the steam pressure with regular water.  It enrich its own isotope numbers.  Causing the atoms to fission into heat, light and nuclear radiation.
                The hydrogen ions combine with free electrons to form neutrons.  It is these neutrons the bond with other hydrogen and oxygen ions, making radioactive then fission into lower atomic numbers.
                In the and converting all the matter into heat, light and nuclear radiation.  As I mentioned above, this process goes on in a beating hearts!  So we are talking about low power harmless nuclear radiation.
                You can take your poles with a Geiger counter!  If you need confirmation.  Or go for a walk in the fields full grants during the day.  Plants give off nuclear radiation!
                The whole natural world gives off nuclear radiation.  Venting steam medically through high pressure water does molecular nuclear fusion.
                Which is why hot smokers support massive ecosystems away from direct sun light.  They generate their own light!  The only possible from nuclear reaction.  No source of nuclear fission.
                So we are doing the nuclear fusion from their hydrogen ions in molecules.  Everywhere you look nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion.  For free!
                Molecular nuclear fusion is four times as exothermic as hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium: the technology of hades!  Which should be globally prohibited.  Or it will kill off all of mankind!
                Molecular nuclear fusion from steam is a most exothermic process that happens around the earth.  Hydrogen fission via a glass tube filled with hydrogen gas is twice as exothermic.
                Converts the matter into light, heat and low power nuclear radiation.  So it is worthwhile doing the electrolysis of water.  And discarding the oxygen!  Just feeding the hydrogen into a gas plasma.
                We so do not need the hyper toxic energy from present nuclear power.  Molecular nuclear fusion has a major role in supporting more life on earth.
                Nuclear fission from uranium kills all life on earth.  If we don’t stop it-presumably it will kill you soon.
Jonathan Thomason

Clearing diseases

30 July 2014
Dr Simon:            I can see why High Intensity Ultrasound would have any affect
Brian:    you are familiar with low power ultrasound showing cancers up on low power ultrasound?
Si:           hospital ultrasound is (consults notes) 5 W.  Medics and hospitals have uses since the 1970s.
Br:          here ‘show up’ knew causes the cancer the emit X rays!
Si:           I had done for that one through but I suppose so!
Br:          there is no chemical source of X rays.  The pressurise cancer cells actually turns water molecules into helium and oxygen gases-plus heat and X rays.
Si:           hydrogen into helium?  We are talking nuclear fusion!
Br:          the pressurised cell turns the ultrasound and water into helium, oxygen and X rays!  Molecular nuclear fusion.
Si:           I am not a physicist!  I hadn’t realized.  But heart disease and diabetes also show up under ultrasound scans.
Br:          HIUS clears cancers, heart disease and diabetes in only 30 seconds.
Si:           I was reading a medical documents about HIUS applied externally to the coronary arteries and kidneys clearing heart disease!
Br:          indeed!  Heat causes the bacterial plaque to pop!  Launching an immune action to clear that structure throughout the body.  In diabetes the viral structure also pops!  As it is over inflated.
Si:           and does molecular nuclear fusion in response to the ultrasound?  But aren’t body cells affected?
Br:          luckily not.  The more flacid body cells are only warmed by 16° C.  The only body cells are damaged our those immediately next to the pressurise cells!  This causes the immune action there clears the they are dangerous cell type throughout the body.
Si:           so no biochemistry?
Br:          indeed.
Si:           so how all the doctors going to make any money?
Br:          first of all, they clear all cancers, heart disease, diabetes from the population.
Si:           any other infections?
Br:          all infections!  Including asthma, arthritis and IBS.  That is how you make your money.
Si:           from asthma?  All that drug company is are gearing up for asthma drugs.
Br:          totally clearable by 30 seconds of HIUS to the chest.  No by clearing infection.  Both viral and bacterial.
                                All infections have the same pressurised cell structure.  In order to divide and grow in the human body.  All pump in response to HIUS.  Clearing the infection.  And stopping the development of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Si:           so HIUS.  The demand of all cancers?  And the rest.
Br:          that’s right!  And every person alive cannot use three infections a year.  Even as the cure infections, people will still catch the common cold twice a year!  And the we use some people who will never allow us to use HIUS jonthm.
Si:           preferring to die instead!  That people!  They do whatever they wish, even if it kills them.
Br:          so there are 10 billion people alive.  30 HIUS sessions a year!  And charge 2 dollars a time!  All the people can spend $30.00 an ultrasound massage device, which will break in two years.  So it is probably best to using the doctors device.
                                5 W 1 MHZ seems to be a good variety of HIUS!  Though doctors are already own a £ MHZ 8 W device-which is used by physiotherapists to clear limb damage.  It is HIUS.
Si:           so we already own the device!
Br:          yes!  Hell centres already own a robust HIUS device.  And it is about to give so much work!  No need for any fatal Bio chemistry.  You earn more by applying ultrasound than prescribing fatal Bio chemistry.
Si:           the drug companies will not get much work!
Br:          they won’t get any work.  But no register Dr. Is allowed to prescribe defective medicine.
Si:           the vast bulk of biochemistry is us prohibited!
Br:          indeed!  Bowle income for remaining doctors, who are not being struck off, will increase.
Si:           so now I know this, I have to start using a physiotherapist machine-and cure all my patients.
Br:          and your get thousands of patients fall-until miles around your surgery building.  You are going to make so much money!

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing Ebola

30 July 2014
                Is amazingly easy!  If we give a patient with this virus an immune drip of interleukin two and four their own immune systems will make and action the specific human antibody to the virus.
                This is the idea I have been telling the world about them regard to HIV says 2008!  It works for all viruses and bacteria.  Is also works for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  It will cure any disease!
                To divide and grow the Ebola virus needs an inflated cell structure!  To induce body cells to divide.  Body cells are made at the stem cells, and abduct into position.  So they are never overinflated.
                Medics at the Moffitt cancer centre medically published the cure to cancer in 2002: they are applying High Intensity UltraSound two a hard body cancer.  The inflated structure heated up until the fragmenting explosively!  As the cell contents boiled.  Body cells are only warmed by 16° C.
                Are many descriptions of HIUS:
150 Watts 40 kHz ultrasound applied externally from an ultrasound massage device.
Physiotherapists prefer 3 MHZ >1.5 W.
I prefer 5 W 1 MHz.  Again applied for an ultrasonic massage device bought from Ebay
                Such devices cost under 20 UK pounds!  The Moffitt wants $10,000 for a HIUS device.  Today he they are researching the less he affective high intensity focused ultrasound.
                As they realized they were totally uneconomic with HIUS devices.  This will clear any viral or bacterial infection from the body.
                Even a one like Ebola, that does not initiate an immune response.
                The HIUS applied to the major arteries in the legs, causes viral cells to explosively fragment.  Releasing heat shock protein.  As creates a full immune action.
                The B cells in the words make IL-2…21.  This includes my IL-2&4.  The immune system then makes and actions the specific antibody to clear Ebola from the body!
                We can take blood samples, and get out the human antibody to the Ebola.  We then use reverse transcriptase, to get at the RNA to this enzyme.  We then spliced this on to a harmless bacteria, and brew up vats of this antibody.
                This is how the drug companies make antibiotic pills.  We no produced pills of the antibody to Ebola.  Which will cure other people of this infection.
                We can use this trick to make the antibody pills to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, iBS and mental health problems.
                Mental health problems are the result of an inflated viral structure left behind in the brain after a full viral infection.
                30 seconds of HIUS to each side or the head, he my personal experience, clears Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, depression and schizophrenia…
                HIUS is the biggest medical department ever!  Far more important than fungal antibiotics.  HIUS will clear all infections!  Antibiotic tolerance has no significance.  HIUS will clear all infections!
                Including the Ebola.
Jonathan Thomason

Climate change isn’t

30 July 2014
anything to do of carbon dioxide.  Life on earth expands as amount of circulating carbon dioxide increases.  All the fossil fuels were active life in prehistory!
                Harvard University has noted that crop yields have increased by 15% since industrial revolution.  As man releases an additional daily 0.0004% CO2 on average.  Which means there carbon dioxide levels are static in warm periods.
                Limited by the efficiency of global photosynthesis.  The only rise in natural ice age.  On the cretaceous for 1000 years into the Permian, carbon dioxide was at 10 parts per million.  And we had 1000 year ice age!  The most serious glaciation we know about.
                Modern photosynthesis in the present epoch has limited free carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.  The level since before industry.
                Only in the little ice age could carbon dioxide levels rise to four parts per million.  Throughout history carbon dioxide has only gone up in natural ice ages.  Is has no impact what so ever on the weather.
                Global warming was PR fiction by nuclear power.  The natural weather started cooling 1995: hence the change in PR to ‘man made climate change’.  It is such obvious fiction!  But nuclear power is prepared to fund a research which invokes ‘climate change’.
                A static trace gas affects nothing!  Anyone be who invokes ‘climate change’ is displaying a total lack of high school biology!  That’s right: high school biology teaches us that the average global carbon dioxide levels (those seen by the weather) fixed as a paltry 0.0002%.
                Additional carbon dioxide is converted into extra life on earth within 5 minutes.  Any person talking about ‘climate change’ as a paid nuclear stooge!
                The weather always changes.  Today it is cooling and getting wetter.  Carbon dioxide was meant to make the weather warmer.  And value today and sea levels were mean 30 metres higher!  Kent would have flooded 20 years ago.  As well as half of England.
                So to say ‘climate change’ is to say ‘God I am a stupid!’.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Unlimited free electricity

29 July 2014
                Water from the seas and Rivers of the earth percolates down until it hits the earth’s mantle!   It then forms the mantel from am also in core material!  This air is very dynamic-like the skin on rice pudding.
                It constantly sinks and remelts!  Being replaced by new core material.  The lava cools to form rock.  By the core material also contains all the heavy metals as more also metals.  40%  Gold!  This is dissolved by high temperature and pressure water.
                The geothermal water at the mantel is at over 50° C 8.4 atmospheres.  So the river of geothermal water circulates the globe with a limit concentration of gold and platinum.
                Where this water finds its way to the surface, Iforms of source of every river on earth!  All salts has been removed as the water percolates down through sand.
                This is why river was formed from fresh water, not salt water!  Is also predicts panning for gold dust at river sources will work!  Most of the metals precipitate out as the water pressure drops.
                But solid gold dust emerges at the surface.  This tells us something useful!  Drilling down to the geothermal water will give us an inexhaustible source of gold laden superheated water!
                The heavy metals have prevented this water is being used to generate power.  But then James Dyson invented his vacuum cleaner.
                If we send air through two opposing helixes even house dust will collect.  So we get the superheated water.  We give it a small vent!  To 8.2 atmospheres.  And it boils!
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner, and scrub out of the gold and platinum dust: we will get all the heavy metal powders.  Which we sell on to metals companies to turn into ingots.
                We will produce 1000 times more gold every day then we can possibly use!  There will end up berrying the stuff in disused mine workings!  As is only two years we will double the amount a gold available to mankind.
                The price of gold is directly linked to the supply!  And here we will produce so much, if we will be the soft, malleable and reactive pollutant.  Platinum has uses!  Gold only has uses while it has value.
                In two years it will have neither.  By the clean steam can be used to generate carbon free electricity.  Totally nontoxically.  Nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic process that will ever operate on the surface of the earth.
                It produces radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years!  Even when done by the most technically proficient nations on earth it produces intermittent continental toxic death.
                The Russians could not do it safely!  Chernobil was the fields safety inspection.  When I was in Brazil 2010 the Japanese experienced Fukushima.  Even though he could not do nuclear fission safely
                No in Germany and Japan have renounced uranium fission!  The two most technically able races on earth.  Their corporate law prevents them the bying for contract work around the world.  Somebody tell you Hitachi.  They cannot be used for nuclear construction programmes.
                It would destroying the Japanese exports industry.  But here we have nature providing an endless source of superheated water.  The earth there is massive.  This water you see drives earthquakes and volcanoes.
                When mankind is getting all this power from this source, nature will not even notice!  It is basically a limitless source.  They are also provides gold and platinum powder.
                Every two years we will increase the amount a gold available to man than the total amount a gold mined in last 2000 years!  It is seriously going to have no value.
                Will have to get creative in its use.  Nobody will ever more extract them burn fossil fuels.  Fracking is the industry that will be still born.  It is a expensive and messy technology.
                Bying into the geothermal water requires the use of ground sonar to locate a magma chamber filled a superheated water 10 metres below the earth’s surface.  The simplest way is to track a river source back underground.
                But the geothermal rivers run a slightly anticlockwise of Rivers on the earth’s surface.  And all that water carriers a limit saturation of gold.
                The air was core contains 411 million tonnes of this soft metal!  All mankind’s mining has only ever yielded 156,000 tonnes of gold.  Below 0.5% of the available for.  Which is the fifth most abundant element on earth.
                We only think it is scarce, as it is concentrated in the earth’s core.  But the geothermal water brings it up for us!  For free.  We want remove it from the superheated water, so he can use the steam to generate electricity.
                If you have got any gold, so all it tomorrow.  As the price of gold will continue to fall-until we have to pay to get it removed!

Jonathan Thomason

Return that money

29 July 2014
                Since 2002 when the Moffitt cancer centre published the use of high intensity ultrasound to cure prostate cancer, Bio chemical treatments for cancer has been defective medicine!
                By 2008 it was realise that high as cures all science or diabetes.  Again biochemical treatments are defective medicine.
                2012 medics published the use of HIUS externally to the coronary arteries and kidneys to clear all science or coronary heart disease.  Again medics were continue prescribing defective Bio chemistry.
                He each avoidable death results in a $10,000,000 fine.  And 25 years in jail for each the medics involved.  The patient must get the return and of all monies for defective medicine.
                The medics are removed by medical registers around the world: they are not fit to work in Health Care!

Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 28 July 2014

The lights will not go out!

28 July 2014
                That is the usual fall back position nuclear power!  Have realized in horror that the level biology predicts life on earth will expand to encompass the organic carbon that the fossil fuels were in prehistory.
                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was not so evolved.  There was 65% more life on earth!  Resulting me sea levels were 60 meters lower.  Free carbon dioxide in the air was at twice today’s paltry two parts per million.
                So nuclear power has reverted to the fiction that the energy might run out!  That he promoted before Chernobyl incident sprayed radioactive waste over Russian.
                Ukrainian nuclear, who built Chernobyl, want to site a new nuclear plants of death in England!  With your consent.
                Around the world there is a lightening strike every three seconds.  That converts water into helium and oxygen gases-it does molecular nuclear fusion!  Down to -20° C in the arctic air.
1                     H2O+T->He+O+2.5x1030 Watts+ X ray
There is no chemical source of either helium or higher frequency X rays.  So it is nature doing nuclear fusion.  The T arises from the up flow of 100 amps-created as heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion
2              H2O+O2+T->He2++O32-+E2+gwr
                Here the T is from the chaotic interaction of rain drops.  Which is why heavy rain forms helium and oxygen gases, massive heat and higher frequency X rays (gamma wave radiation0.
                Every 3 minutes around the earth heavy rain does so a lightning strike.  The demonstrate the needs of electoral holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  When the lightening strike touches ground, it releases the massive energy from equation 1.
                Energy with no toxic radioactive waste.  Uranium fission will forever be the most toxic industry that is ever be allowed on earth.  That causes intermittent continental toxic death.
                So no we know how nature does nuclear fusion!  We don’t need the rain storm!  If we strike up a hydrogen plasma in a glass tube we do atomic nuclear fusion direct.
2                     H++e- ->n0
3                     1H++r n0->2E3+L+gwr
A steam plasma is half as exothermic as a high Jim plasma: the electrolysis of water consumers a trivial amount of current!  0.001 Amps, releasing 6 W as it undergoes nuclear fission-into heat light and low power gamma wave radiation.
                And all around the earth water falls from the skies for free!  The plasma enriches it.  We do not need to bother.  We produce no solid radioactive waste.  And the system is basically free.  Uranium fission cannot compete!
                But we can do better than that!  Running on top of the earth’s core, is a river of water.  That forms the mantel!  Just another point that water remains liquid: 250° C 8.4 atmospheres.
                Man has never utilised this free superheated water, as it contains dissolved gold, platinum and silver.  By James Dyson gave us the answer in 1998.
                We pass it through A double helical flow investor.  This removes all solids!  So we get gold and platinum dust.  We sell on to process into ingots!  As people are gearing up to do this around the world, the price of gold is already crashing!
                Pretty soon we will bury the soft, malleable and useless metal in disused mine workings.  Just to get rid of the stuff.  The energy will always have value.  We produce unlimited amounts of electricity.
                As he earth is huge!  And the energy drives earthquakes and volcanoes today.  When man makes for his energy from this source nature will not even notice!
                So if you’ve got gold, every day you hang on to it; it will be worth less!  2 1/5  years ago gold was out 1600 UK pounds an ounce.  Yesterday he was at 718.  Today it is a 720-as gold merchants sold minuscule amounts of gold to each other-to support the price.  Which happens to be illegal!
                So we have clean steam at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.  Ideal to generate power.  We could cool the use steam down on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  And return the heat to the boiler room!  Consuming 2% of our generated power.  And tripling the power produced power station.
                As the price of gold continues to crash, this may be worth doing!  Basically the earth is a limitless source of superheated water.
                All the radioactive processes happen in the Earth’s core!  None of the radioactivity emerges from the deep.
                So we get limitless electricity with gold and platinum dust in!  We also get the other heavy metals.  Which are commercial value!  Gold does not.
                And a girl can only where so many gold necklaces before she needs support walking!

Jonathan Thomason

Saving the NHS

28 July 2014
                This science has been for all register doctors since it was published by the Moffitt cancer centre 2002.  13 years ago!  Since that date all biochemical treatments for the major diseases of age has been medical malpractice.
                The cheapest source of high intensity ultrasound is an ultrasound massage device: bought over the Internet!  5W 1 MHz seems to be an effective device.

                Applied to a cancerous organ, the cancer cells pop!  As the pressurised cell structure is heated up past or boiling point of water.  Pressures experience ‘the burn’ after 30 seconds.  No prescriptions ever required!
                HIUS applied to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute to each location; cures all infective disease!  Stopping the formation of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS and schizophrenia…
                HIUS applied for the same time to each side or the head clears all developed mental health problems.
                Medics have published a paper on the application of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys totally clearing coronary heart disease: no biochemistry again!
                HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears all science or diabetes!  In my personal experience at my church health group.  The church is as me to stop giving free HIUS, as the people stopped attending church.  Once they are healed.  And they always are!
                The development of HIUS will save the MHS from bankruptcy.

Jonathan Thomason

Best medicine

28 July 2014
                The Hippocratic oath requires every registered Dr. to know about and disseminate the best medicine.  Then every registered Dr. on earth is required to administer ‘best medicine with no financial favour’.
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in America published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer at one appointment: 5 W 1 MHZ is one description of HIUS.  So is >1.5 W 3 MHz ultrasound, emitted by the physiotherapy unit every health centre owns.
                This works for all 200 cancers out there!  As I explain in my ebook on Amazon Kendle.
 by Jonathan Thomason (14 Oct 2012)

                So every Dr. Is required to use such a unit.  Half the cancers out there are being cured, which means a large percentage of doctors are using such a unit.
                And five to the coronary arteries and kidneys high as clears coronary heart disease: as medically published and raped by every practicing Dr. 2012.
                Applied to the bottom right of the rib cage I have personal experience of 26 people are being cured all science or diabetes: a 100% cure rate.
                The Manchester churches have stopped me applying free HIUS: as it totally cures people!  Who then are disinclined to attend church.  The church is the largest health organisation on earth.
                They know how to cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, iBS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia…
                So every American Dr. Prescribing biochemical treatments is knowingly killing their own patients for money!  Americans are a legitimate culture.  Solicitors need to locate one person with the same cancer etc., and demonstrate the death of their clients was avoidable.
                Each such death was a legal fine of $10,000,000 and 25 years in jail.  Shared by the Dr. & health centre or drug company.

Jonathan Thomason