Saturday, 31 May 2014

Saving America

31 May 2014
                The fossil record shows that there is a super volcano by low Yellowstone Park.  When it last erupted it was 50 times the size of Krakatoa!  Which is the largest explosion ever recorded.  Bigger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
                And your steam power is swelling again!  This happens to the science that I know about.  Look in areas are powered by geothermal water suddenly boiling!  Before an eruption a magma chamber swells with super heated geothermal water.
                The water collects heat from the earth’s core.  And collects in pockets beneath the ground.  When it finds its way out to the surface, the water boils!  Like a champagne cork being popped.
                Only 10s of millions of times more energetic.  We are talking about the most energetic events that ever happened on the earth.
                On the sun eruptions be to mass ejections are plasma!  Which are the most dynamic events in the solar system.  We are talking major lethal!
                Yellowstone Park is so easy to cope with.  We drill down to the pocket of superheated water.  Which we locate using ground sonar!  The same idea applies to San Andreas fault.
                There we get a massive earthquake-rather than a volcanic eruption.  However again by the boiling of geothermal water.
                At Yellowstone we can use the water to generate power.  We give the water a small vent, and he boils in a controlled fashion!  We pass it through a Dyson dry cleaner to remove any solids.
                At the San Andreas fault we will get gold and platinum metals.  We then use the steam to drive a steam turbine.  And generate free electricity.
                We then cool the steam via a cooling tower!  So we are generated carbon free power, with no hyper toxic radioactive waste.  Using earth power.
                And avoided the super volcano ever erupting.  Which will probably save North America!  If we tell everybody who can use this idea.  To save life on earth!  100,000,000 of them.

Jonathan Thomason

diabetes truth

31 May 2014
                I have cured 21 people of diabetes in my church health group!  One type 1, the rest type 2.  All have been discharged by medics at Salford royal hospital.  All are bound by the Hippocratic oath.
                Which requires the medical developments are shared around the world instantly!  In this case Salford Royal have chosen to tell nobody!  Presumably due to money from Astra Zeneca.  Who are the people to lose!
                If I’m wrong, tell me!  30 seconds to cure all diabetes.  Using 1 MHz 3 W ultrasound from an ultrasonic body massager.  Bought over the Internet.

Jonathan Thomason

Stopping the Big One II

31 May 2014
                Last time I was in the states I dropped in on LA: I work as their video reporter today-so it figures!  The area used have a low value: presumably because the Red Indians did not like living there.
                Now earthquakes are driven by geothermal water.  When it finds a way out to the surface, it boils!  Ame got the champagne cork effect.  The boiling is very exothermic.
                American scientists have spent last 20 years drilling down to the San Andreas fault, to install listening devices.  People who live in LA do not want to know a quake is due.  They want it stopping.  Sciences are more interested in a job for life.
                They have peppered the fault with drill holes.  They have unwittingly released the pressure, stopping an earthquake.
                We need to get serious about this.  We drill down a 2.5cm radius bore hole, preferably down to a liquid filled magma chamber.  This is not critical!  Only if we wish to get gold up.
                If we drill down to the steam, we pass it through a Dyson dry cleaner to remove any solids.  Though there should not be any with steam.  We then pass the steam through a steam turbine.
                As it will naturally be at 260° C.  We then pass the use steam into a cooling tower, and condense it into water.  Which will be distilled water!  Perfect are discharged into the mains water supply had.
                We run a steam turbine as a Sterling engine!  Which is actually designed for marginal heat sources.  We will have 140° of super heat.  Very hot steam!  I like the idea of condense the use steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.
                Pressurise being the Carnot gas and losing the heat to the entry steam at 700° C.  But this is not critical!  What we after here is the venting of so much steam as we can.
                We do generate carbon free power.  That produces no hyper toxic radioactive waste.  The the greenest power on the planet!  All the heat produced by molecular nuclear fusion going on at the earth’s mantle.
                This means the earth’s core is affective me a low temperatures sun in the earth’s interior!  It chalets at 500° C-rather than 10,000,000oC.
                This is the answer to man is energy needs.  But more importantly for LA it vents the steam.  Taking away the motive power that causes tectonic slept!  It will stop the next big one.
                And also it generates loads of free electricity.
                If we use ground sonar, we can locate a liquid filled magma chamber along the San Andreas.  We drill down and enter this chamber from below-to get at goal saturated of liquid water.
                A major interest here is in stopping earthquakes!  So we vent the steam, and uses to generate electricity!  All this is established published science!  In the 1980s sic.

Jonathan Thomason 

Stopping the Big One

31 May 2014
                Water from the seas and Rivers of the earth percolates down to the earth’s magma, where it is heated!  To just below the critical point for water.
                And steam effect surplus heat, so called back down to water!  And starts heating again.  So it is at 8.4 atmospheres 250° C.  Super heated water!
                Any releasing a pressure and it boils explosively!  Just as champagne acts when you uncork a bottle: it explodes!
                This water drives all volcanic eruptions and earth quakes in the world!  It also forms the source of every river on earth.  Where it emerges gently as a warm spring!
                People are not interested in predicting the next big one!  They are interested in stopping it.  And we already know how.
                You take ground sonar of the geothermal water.  And locate its movement along the San Andreas fault.  You then locate a fluid filled magma chamber!  The explosive two of our that will drive the next earthquake.
                We drill down, to this water!  Which has golden heavy metals it.  As you get it to the surface we give him a slight vent, and pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.
                This will remove the heavy metals!  There is 400 million tonnes of gold in the air was core.  And the geothermal water me to use their heavy metals from the earth’s magma.
                So he brings the heavy metals to the surface.  Throughout history man is only ever mined 200,000 tonnes of gold:  0.1% of the gold recoverable from the deep.  Coal prices are inflated by a scarcity.
                But in the earth’s core it is technically a pollutant!  Is soft malleable useless metal.  Anyway and remove the metal dust-and processing it into ingots.
                If you want to buy the gold as ingots, we will happily sell you an unlimited quantities.  We can’t do anything else with the metal!  Totally useless!
                We use a steam to generate electricity.  For free!  No fossil fuel burn.  An utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  The turbulent flow of the geothermal water does molecular nuclear fusion.
                The greenest Power System in the universe!  Going on for three below where you are sat.  It is coul that there is a leav mass market for electricity.  We will happily sell it!
                What we are really interested in is the venting the geothermal steam!  Letting the water becomes vapour, and then using antipar to produce something we can sell.
                The earth will heat more water!  Nature is basically huge!  And we are totally insignificant.  So he can generate all the electricity for Los Angels from the water that would otherwise drive earthquakes.
                Nature will replace the water for us.  We just want to use as much as possible, to prevent the next big one.
                The same argument applies below your steam power.  Where the ground is gradually swelling!  As nature braces itself for a super volcano.  It did he wrapped in prehistory.
                The next eruption will bassey toast most of North America.  We can drill down to the superheated water.  Bring it to the surface.
                Extract the gold and platinum dust.  Basically a pollutant!  And then generate massive amounts of free electricity.  We want to site larger energy consumers locally, to use up all the electricity the we can generate.
                Electricity with no carbon dioxide!  But every day global photosynthesis converts extra carbon dioxide back into active biology the fossil fuels were in prehistory.  There is no external source of carbon.
                In the Permian there was five times as much carbon dioxide in the air, and 1000 year ice age!
                In the Jurassic there was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air: modern photosynthesis limits is to only two parts per million.  There is twice as much carbon dioxide in the air-photosynthesis was less evolved.
                They are very cheap fossil fuels.  65% more life on earth.  The seals were 60 metres lower.  Who have ever dreamt up manmade global warming knew nothing about the weather all biology!
                Take a power of the paid stooges to nuclear power.  Who were desperate to distract the world from Chernobyl after the most major nuclear incident in history.
                So they picked on the gas which supports all life on earth!  Plants convert carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons and excrete the surplus oxygen.  We eat plants, and combine there carbohydrates with the oxygen we take him from the air.
                And all life is parasitic on plant life.  We breathe out there carbon dioxide that plants need to take in to grow.  They can never be an increase of carbon dioxide in the air due to man.
                Carbon dioxide only rises in a natural ice age!  You were taught this Oril as Xi your old high school pupil.  Of where you asleep for five years?

Jonathan Thomason

The NHS is irrelevant

31 May 2014
                Cancer patients are getting better from cancer, heart disease and diabetes without any intervention from the NHS!  The NHS is missing a sermon treatment schedules.
                And people are recovering from life threatening diseases!  The obvious conclusion is: what ever the NHS is doing-stop now!
                Biochemical treatments are designed to cure nothing.  So they get people have painfull expensive life and rapid death.
                The American medics have medically published since 2002 that a high intensity ultrasound device cures cancer (heart disease and diabetes in my experience).
                Without any recourse to Bio chemistry!  The Hippocratic oath prohibits application are defective medicine.  And HIUS has made biochemistry just that!
                Any prescribing medic is an intentional mass murder.  There must instantly be struck off medical registers around the world.
                The NHS itself must immediately be shut down-for the sake of people’s health!  The cheapest medically licensed device is below:

Jonathan Thomason

Cure your own cancer

31 May 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that high intensity ultrasound cleared cancer at one external application!  The cheapest source of HIUS is a 1 MHZ ultrasound massage device.
Handheld 1Mhz Ultrasonic Facial Skin Pain Therapy Rejuvenation Ultrasound DeviceHandheld 1Mhz Ultrasonic Facial Sk... £12.52

                External application to the top left the chest and and the kidneys will clear coronary heart disease.  Application to the bottom right suggest clears all diabetes.
                The development of HIUS renders biochemical treatments as defective medicine!  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Every prescribing GP must instantly be struck off!
                The house of lords has a legal supremacy to the GMC.  The GMC has not acted-are still prevents defective medicine.  Members of the house of being killed by Bio chemical treatments.
                They should get each and every prescribing Dr. Struck off.  The NHS is irrelevant to the cure to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  You can get a home for under £20.00!  In just 30 seconds.
                Applying the device above for ½ minute to the chest, throat and nose will cure all infections.  No need to see a GP!  This will stop the development of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                I applying HIUS for three most Mondays at Saint Clement’s Church, Salford: See their web site.

Jonathan Thomason

Curing lead poisoning

31 May 2014
Dedicated to Professor Argent who died 14th January 2014.  His special interest was heavy metal toxicity!

                When I return to Sheffield University 2000, it was in order to do a Ph D by prof argent.  This information he did not happen!  He probably was beginning to feel not well.
                When leading enters the body, he gets into cells and poisons them.  This will result in novel antigens on the cell wall!  For all those cells that are being poisoned.  The same word specific antigen.
                We give such an individual A drip of human IL-2&4 (available from any possible or university medical department).  The immune system will then make an action the specific human antibody to remove such cells.
                Which are then replaced seamlessly by the body stem cells: a high protein diet is appropriate.  We can sample for this human antibody.
                The individual will be fully recovered in the week.  Pills of the antibody will cure other people of lead poisoning too.

Jonathan Thomason

Better desalination

31 May 2014
                Even ice so we convert into water vapour!  As it boils away.  Nature makes fresh rain by condensing the water vapour from the evaporation of all the  Earth’s seas.
                Even at room temperature, see water boils just a little!  You can’t make Tea on Everest as water boils at 70° C at the reduced pressure on Everest.
                If we apply 1 metre of vacuum head to water at 0° C it all boils!  Just like a kettle boiling!  But we years reduced pressure evaporation-we don’t add heat!
                Heat is such a dense form of energy.  Reduced pressure evaporation and the requires 1% of the power.  And he does not involve any filters or high pressure filtration.
                High pressure desalination is nearly as energy expensive as boiling water.  And far more dangerous!  So it is horrendously expensive.
                Vacuum deceleration is amazingly inexpensive.  During the day we can use a solar driven vacuum pump to exert the required vacuum head.  And then pump the water vapour to a high reservoir are in the interior.
                And vacuum pumps are very inexpensive!  Source from China or India.  And they lasts for 25 years-before they need replacing.
                So where ever we have seawater we can construct a conical tower which rises to above a metre above the sea.  We then have a large polythene pipe to transport the water vapour ensure.  With a succession of solar driven pumps.
                This is amazingly cheap!  It undercuts mains water in the developed world by 80%.  So ensuring company with access to river or sea water can easily construct a vacuum system that will supply the MS quantities of pure water.
                Totally bypassing the mains!  All towns have Rivers through it.  So the tank is set up a water company.  To convert the river water into drinkable quality pure water.
                Absolutely pure.  No need for any chlorination!  As there are no by bacteria in the water.  And no bacteria can leave in a water!  Personal operating theatres use desalinated water.  And that is what we have produced.
                2010 the legal framework for competition in the water industry was put on the UK statute books.  Company is around towns co2 no set up in competition with the water suppliers.
                Though here we add chlorine eight the water.  It is an open chequebook!  We use solar driven vacuum pumps-backed up by the mains.  As sunlight in the UK is not reliable.
                We need a small holding reservoir, and no mechanism to chlorinate the water.  Then people pay us a massive amounts of money for ever!  Our raw ingredient is supplied by nature for free.
                It is wrong that French owned companies are seeking to profit from water which nature provides for free.
                We can use vacuum desalination to irrigate the deserts of the world.  And distribute soil mats impregnated with grass seeds.  We harvest the grass!
                Feed it to animals kept in pens.  And then distribute animal waste to fertilise the soil!  We return the deserts to arable areas.  The great shortage in the world than gets to be carbon dioxide drawn from the air!
                Every day photosynthesis only leaves two parts per million carbon dioxide in the afternoon air: the static level since before industry.  Any academic and familiar with the carbon cycle should not be in education!
                All the documents on man made global warming climate change are spurious fiction and must immediately be deleted from the science pantheon.  And all monies paid out for such work returned to the world newspapers.
                The individuals have obviously not taken their strong medication!  All are just paid nuclear stooges.

Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 30 May 2014

Oil is energy poor

30 May 2014
                Petroleum Oil has the formula Cm(H2O)n.  So when we burn the petroleum, we oxidise the carbon!  And the water forms a steam plasma-as there was told in 1984 by Professor Sellers at Sheffield University.
1              Cm+mO2->mCO2-mE
                Oh dear: oxidising carbon is endothermic.  Well what about the steam plasma?
2              H2O+T->He+O+gwr+E2
                Great, it does molecular nuclear fusion.  Releasing 3 times as much energy as hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  So the burning of oil releases energy-that we already knew!
                But the thing that releases energy is at turbulence in a steam plasma doing nuclear fusion.
3              H++e- ->n0           the hydrogen ions bond with free electrons to form neutrons
4              1H++r n0->1+rH+-> E3+gwr               the neutrons enrich other hydrogen ions.  These undergo nuclear fission into pure energy.
5              2H+->He2++E+gwr                                           other hydrogen ions bond to form helium.  Also releasing significant amounts of energy.
                I was taught in 1982 that a flame of oil or gas give off nuclear radiation.  This is why!  There is no chemical source of gamma wave radiation.  Or for that matter visible light!  This tells us we have to doing nuclear processes.
                So let’s get the carbon fuel!  It is far A steam plasma in a glass tube.  The Wsall take your pulse of electricity at 2000 volts 0.01 amps.  Above two atmospheres the plasma will self sustain.
                They helium and oxygen ions fuse with the neutrons produced from a hydrogen ions and free electrons, and fission into more hydrogen.
                So the most important process we do here he is 4.  We do no oxidation of carbon fuels!  This process is three times as exothermic as hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                A row of gas or oil burners for their rates 5 kW of heat.  Lightning demonstrates that a partial steam plasma liberates 6 MW/m.  A pure steam plasma should liberate 40 MW.
                Three such tubes will happily drive our 100 MW power station for ever.  Of regular water.  Producing no radioactive waste.  Just heat!  The greenest power available.
                There is a lightening strike around the earth every 3 minutes!  They do molecular nuclear fusion.  Helping produce the 5.125 parts per million helium in the air your breathing.  Lightening does five!
                Resulting in the production of massive amounts of free radical oxygen.  Which converts oxygen molecules in the air into ozone.
6              O2+O->O3
                Producing the ozone layer, without which there will be no multi cellular life on earth.  Land plants would never have evolved!  Neither would you obviously!
                The energy produced by lightning fixes the organic nitrogen from the air which fertilise is all plant life on earth.  Facilitating life on earth.
                So we can fire up a steam plasma in a glass tube, and liberate 30 times more clean heat and produce by a row of gas or oil burners.
                We produce no carbon dioxide, or toxic radioactive waste.  From regular water!
                Oil is energy poor!  It happens to be a convenient form for molecular nuclear fusion.  None of us realized!
                Even out Sheffield University was trying to teach us!  That a flame of oil or gas produce helium and liberated nuclear radiation.  This is 20 years before the cold fusion idea was out.
                Now we have realized that a steam plasma is a massive clean heat, we can replace all rows of gas or oil burners.
                Nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic industry that will ever exist.  That runs totally under insured!  Fukushima required insurance cover of our 100 billion.
                All nuclear power plants on earth carry a maximum of 50 million.  National regulators have no option but to issue immediate stop orders on all nuclear plants.

Jonathan Thomason

Replacing natural gas

30 May 2014
                Burning gas (or fossil fuels) does very little nuclear fusion!  There are two reactions:
1                     CH4+2O2->CO2+2H2O-E
2                     CH4+O2->CO2+He+E3+gwr
Reaction to is a far more molecular nuclear fusion.  And this papers as ignition pressure rises!  So to increase the flame temperature, pressurise the gas in the air before minute!  And titanium plate the boiler plate.
                This is old knowledge!  Taught to me at Sheffield University England 1982.  I was back there in 2000, and are massively concerned with trying to make global warming intellectually tenable.
                I invoked global photosynthesis-which has produced a static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air since before industry: confirmed by Harvard University 2010.
                They ended my PH D and a blind panic!  Ironically I may be back 2 mile department, lecturing in journalism!  I am now a creative writer, poet and folk singer.  Important work!
                The gas is overpriced.  And nature shows us how to do molecular nuclear fusion.
                Heavy rain turns rain drops into helium and oxygen gases-plus massive energy.
3              2H2O+T->He2++O2-+E3+gwr
                Again science taught to me on my master’s degree in to metallurgy and engineering in the 1980s.  At Sheffield University.
                Wave and of a potential of 5000 volts (100 amps) a partial steam plasma tracks its way to the ground!  And than 100 amps of electrons flow back up the steam plasma.  Generating five terms of helium gas.
                This converts to 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  From partial steam plasma.  6 MW/m.  A pure steam plasma should liberate 40 MW/m.  A row of gas burners their rates 500 kW/m.
                The steam plasma does three majoyly.  At two atmospheres the plasma will self sustain.  The initiative and pulse of electricity at 2000 volts.  0.01 amps.
                While we top up the plasma with regular water it will liberates massive heat!  Heat with no carbon dioxide, and no toxic radioactive waste!
                The hydrogen is in the plasma bond with and free electrons.  To form neutrons.
4         H++e- ->n0
5      1H++r n0->1+rH+->E4+gwr
                This explains why halve the border British Gas has left.  I do my PH DI found out how nature does nuclear fusion on earth constantly!  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.
                There is one lightening strike every 3 minutes around the earth.  Which does massively exothermic nuclear fusion.  It makes burning natural gas(+ oil) very energy poor!
                It produces inert helium-which is lost to space the same day.  And ¼ oxygen your breathing!  This is why there is 5.125 parts per 1,000,000 helium in the air the are now breathing.  Or created by nature!  For free.
                This steam plasma employers regular water.  And once initiated it draws no current from any source!  Turning regular water into near unlimited heat.  Which we obviously use to drive a steam cycle-to generate free electricity.
                No sane person would ever find electricity generated by burning fossil fuels ever again.  Or nuclear fission from uranium is toxic, and under insured!
                Every nuclear facility should carry 100 billion insurance!  After the last incident had Fukushima.  None Carries Insurance above 50 million.  The them as hyper toxic air under insured industry that will ever exist.
                If we wish to continue living on the earth as a species, nuclear power should be shut down!  EDF must immediately be shut.  The raft falls from Sizewell B tonight!
                We can use steam plasma tubes to replace all burning of fossil fuels including gas.  And that is why half a board of British Gas has just left!
                The magnox stations in Scotland were all still running outside of their consent!  Their planning consent had ended in the 1980s.  They were shut down.
                Hinkley point was licensed to operate until 1990.  Every year of illegal operation in care is a fine of 10,000,000 pounds.  And the station managers receive 10 years in jail for each illegal year.
                Money Sizewell B without valid insurance in care is the same parties!  It does not have valid insurance.  There will never be a Sizewell C.  Or any new nuclear plants in the world!  Existing plants must immediately be shut down.

Jonathan Thomason

Diabetes and blood problens are history

30 May 2014
                The Hippocratic oath demands that every medic researches and uses the best medicine!  They have to share the best medicine around.
                For last year I have been curing people at Saint Clement’s Church Ordsall or diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  Using a 30 second blast of High Intensity Ultrasound.  This say he was invented by the Moffitt cancer centre in America.
                I have now abandoned the world’s first repeatable cure to cancer!  In direct contravention to the Hippocratic oath.  They are now researching the less effective High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.  The Middlesex hospital is also working on those defective technology.
                Waranting immediate striking off of all the medics involved.
                The cheapest source of HIUS is an ultrasonic massage device.  Bought over the Internet!  Use at its highest power setting for ½ minute.

                The cancer to the affected organ!  No biochemical treatment appropriate.  The Hippocratic oath prohibits register doctors from prescribing biochemical treatments.  The penalty for biochemical prescriptions is have a medic to again be struck off!
                HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidneys totally clears coronary heart disease in 1½ minutes.
                Since march last year I have personally cleared the diabetes of 21 individuals.  All under the treatment of Salford Royal Hospital!  To its credit, it has now discharged 20 all my people.
                It still insist on prescribing insulin by individual has had been insane from fitted.  Though he no longer displays diabetes!  This sort of behaviour is strictly prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                So each GP at Salford Royal Hospital no knows about HIUS and diabetes.  And he is charged to share this information with every other Dr. on the planet!  So there is no reason for any person to be on biochemical treatments for diabetes from 2014.
                Still people are dying as a result of a multi organ failure.  Resulting from diabetes and a biochemical treatment.  This is defective medicine!
                High intensity ultrasound clears all types of diabetes in ½ minute.  The machine does cast $20.00.  Each application costs under a cent!  No GP required.
                The same applies for all cancers and heart disease!  HIUS applied to each side or the head for ½ minute clears all mental health problems in my experience: Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and depression.  The world has just changed!
                Astra Zeneca is no longer in it!  They have killed 20,000,000 patients a year since 2002.  As realised by every medic involved with the company.  Biochemical treatments are elective murder by the Dr.!
                In my church health group I have used HIUS to clear for coronary heart disease, and raise blood pressure.  All patients are now fully discharge from Medical Care at Salford royal hospital.
                1½ minutes to fully cleared raised blood pressure.  With no biochemical involvement!  No register medic is any more allowed to research biochemical treatments and blood pressure.
                I do not charge!  Get to saint clement’s church Monday at 10.30am and I will clear your blood pressure problem for free.
                Hospital physiotherapists utilises a 3 MHz > 1.5 W device to clear limb damage!  External application will repair all damaged organs in the embody.  It is HIUS!
                It will also clear cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, iBS and applied to the major artery in the leg will also clear HIV, HepC and leukaemia.  NHS hosptals those have the house device at hand.
                No registered Dr. Anywhere in the world is a more allowed to study biochemical treatments.  Certainly not University College Hospital London!  Without my first wife used to work.
                She he went off and made a family GP-after has crippled in a car accident.  I went on to do PH D at Sheffield University.  My story was not ever!

                It prescribing GP has dispensed biochemical treatments, resulting in the avoidable deaths of 8000 people.  Which results in 1000 years in jail.  And a legal fine of one billion pounds!

Jonathan Thomason

Diabetes is cured

30 May 2014
                At Saint Clement’s Church in Ordsall, Salford, I have been helping run the Monday he health group since march last year.  Other churches web site.  It is called the ‘at home’ group.  We need most Mondays at 10.30am.
                I use 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device bought from Ebay.  They cost from 14 UK pounds today.  And emits what the Americans term ‘High Intensity UltraSound’.  The Moffitt cancer centre published in 2002 HIUS would clear prostate cancer.
                As I said in my ebook on Amazon Kendle (search for my name) this will clear all 200 cancers out there.  At home!  Such devices are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.
                I applied externally to any organ it will clear the cancer.  Which is why the NHS no was ferns only half the amount of cancer 30 dust and diabetes.
                Through my church health group I have applied HIUS to the bottom right of 21 individuals: over their pancreas.  All have got better from the diabetes: though type !  Maybe only clears in three days problem 10 minutes.
                This means diabetes is now a curable condition.  You can cure rate it at home in only ½ minute.  You need to apply the HIUS for 30 sections to the lower right of the chest.
                30 seconds to the upper left of the chest in each kidney will totally clear coronary heart disease at one application.  Clearing these three conditions removes 98% of the economic activity of the NHS.
                So diabetes is now a trivial curable condition.  No lifetime on biochemical treatments.  Astra Zeneca air only makes drunks for these three conditions.  Which can now all be cured by HIUS.  They have no income-they are a whole or five times company.
                HIUS for ½ minute to each side or the head will clear Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and depression in my practical experience!  No biochemical treatment is appropriate.

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Saving lives

29 May 2014
                I have used a little 1 MHz ultrasound massage device to
1                     cure three people are cancer.  Including one per cent of late stage inoperable liver cancer.  Who arrived in agony!  I’m left with a smile on his face.  He never came back!  He was fully cured.
2                     The crypt was about coronary heart disease!  All six numbers are better near.
3                     All 21 diabetics are now fully better!  PM there was discharged from Salford royal hospital this week.
1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Ca...

Clive used to work at Salford royal hospital.  He screams ‘where is your proof!’.  People be fully discharge with no medication by nature is hospital.
                He should look in the mirror.  He was having one heart attack every six months.  Here man and expensive biochemical treatment.  I applied HIUS to him.
                He is still alive.  And totally into denial.  That her thing a simple as an ultrasound massage device to have any effect.  Had he known as some normal blood pressure and pulse.
                It will not stop taking the ineffective medicine!  Statins, beta blockers and ace inhibitors.
                Ice age the guy’s life!  I naively thought he would be grateful.  In last two years 20 million people around the planet had died from coronary heart disease.  Here he was not one of them.  He should have been!

Jonathan Thomason

Medically licensed

29 May 2014
                Ultrasonic massage devices are medically licensed to clear acne and wrinkles!  It is such a unsurprised that they are also clear structures causing cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                Medics licence them for unsupervised human use.  I really livid now.  That they have licensed a device to clear cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                With no medical involvement!  They charged a fee for medical licencing.  They can hardly complain now that people are using their device in exactly the way it was licensed, to do exactly the job he was licence for!
                What are they?  Idiots!  It is like making a television, and be no life that people watch TV shows!
                To get a suitable device search for ‘1 MHz ultrasonic massage device cheapest’ on am ozone or Ebay.  To ignore the first few entries!  Go down to device which costs around $20.00.
                In cancer apply externally to the affected organ.  In coronary heart disease apply to the left side of the chest and the kidneys.  In diabetes apply it to the bottom right of the rib cage.
                He really is that simple to clear three major diseases of age.  Saving 30,000,000 lives a year.  I had for doctors for about saving lives?  He says they’re really does interested ‘in money and killing people’.  To argue with me here!  Please.

Jonathan Thomason

Caring Professions?

s="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: .0001pt; margin-bottom: 0cm; text-align: right;"> 29 May 2014
                A nursing friend was having a go at me tonight!  Saying ‘you claim to clear diabetes-where is your proof’.  The answer is simples.  The 20 diabetics fully discharged by Salford royal hospital.  Including one who had been insane dependent for Xi years.
                For the discharged and off medicine!  ‘that he is circumstantial!’ he protested.  No it isn’t.  It is medical evidence.  An NHS hospital fully discharging patients from a previously incurable condition.
                ‘how many people have you cured!’ I asked him.  ‘None’ he Bradley replied.  ‘I had treated them for a lifetime’ he finished.  ‘before they died in agony from multi organ failure?’ I checked.
                ‘curing diabetes is a major achievement of any life.  And you would belitte it?’ I asked.  ‘that is what being an SRN is all about!’ He replied with pride.
                No it isn’t!  SRNs are made to facilitate recovery.  Not manage a descent into an inevitable death.
                Today are over 50% of cancers are being clears-by people using high intensity ultrasound devices are at home.  But now same profession is a livid!  It is only by killing patients doctors and nurses can make money.
                And this is a caring profession?  HIUS is medically documented.  ½ minute clears all three major diseases of age.  Both nurses and doctors refuse to save lives!  Who are these people?

Jonathan Thomason

Diabetes is simple!

29 May 2014
                A fragment of a virus bodies in the pancreas.  And disrupts insulin production.  To grow and cause disease this fragment, one for us it came from, must be overinflated and hard.
                The Moffitt cancer centre given sea as he is 12 years ago: we are applying High Intensity UltraSound-designed to be benign to body cells, but fatal to the inflated cells that characterise them both cancer and diabetes.
                We never diabetes has inflated cell structure, or as a shelf under low power ultrasound!  Only inflated cell structures would display in this way.
                150 W 40 kHz is HIUS.  But today the beauty people use 3 W 1 MHz.  The affected MS is given by the product of frequency and power.
1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Beauty Massager Device 1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Ca... $21.98
                I have personally use 5 W one MHZ.  And was incredulous when it clears diabetes!  In only 30 seconds.  I thought it would help control diabetes.  Instead he totally clears it!  In only ½ minute.
                No biochemistry is ever required!  Today the NHS suppose 10,000,000,000 pounds on treating diabetes.  Twice as much as cancer costs!  Eight million people a year die from diabetes.  So the biochemical treatment is totally defective compared with one session of ultrasound.
                The Hippocratic oath prohibits the use of research are defective medicine.  Every GP has solemnly promised to use best medicine!  For diabetes, cancer and heart disease this is HIUS.
                One application will clear the three major diseases of age.  Which together cost the NHS 18.2 billion pounds.  10 billion for diabetes alone.
                A HIUS device can be purchased for under 15 UK pounds.  He each application costs 0.01 pence.  HIUS is massively the best medicine.
                Astra Zeneca air only makes biochemical treatments.  Which result in a massively unpleasant death of the patient!  Phenomenal experiments.  Biochemical treatments are now prohibited.
                Astra Zeneca Resultingly has no value at all!  The cheapest HIUS device is a 1 MHz 3 W ultrasound massage device bought over the Internet.  Medically licensed for unsupervised human use.
                No need to get the Dr. or GP involved!  G P’s are none more allowed to prescribe biochemical treatments-without immediately be struck off by the GMC.  The GMC/AMA do not act, they lose the duty of enforcing the Hippocratic oath.  And the money national governments pay them.

Jonathan Thomason