Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Medical advance

30 April 2014
                Whenever there is a biochemical advance the war requires that medics two 100 individual double blind trial.  They forget that only applies to Bio chemistry!
                Ultrasound is a physical process!  And low power ultrasound causes cancer cells to emit gamma wave radiation
1                     H2O+US->He+O+E+gwr
It is such an obvious idea I suggested in 2001 that they should tried high power ultrasound.  The following year the Moffitt cancer centre published hundred individual double blind trial on high intensity ultrasound clearing prostate cancer at one application.
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Ultrasound - the cure to age
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Apparently unaware that double blind trials with inappropriate for physical cures.  The emission of gamma wave radiation is symptomatic of nuclear processes.
Here we are doing molecular nuclear fusion!  As there is no source of nuclear fission.
The cancer cell expenses cell content boiling, and fragments explosively!  Inducing an immune action to clear the distinct cancer cell type throughout the body.
So HIUS has an established means of action!  There requires no double blind trial.  Suddenly Bio chemistry is defective medicine!  As his cancer surgery-which is mediaeval mutilation.  Less effective, and massively more damaging!
Biochemical treatments are more expensive, vastly more unpleasant, are fatal.  People do not even feel the application of HIUS.
So all Bio medical prescriptions are no totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  And have been says 2002.  All prescribing G P’s have immediately struck themselves off!
Hell centres O10 million pounds for every avoidable cancer death: and all cancer deaths and now avoidable!  If you prefer, buy my paperback!orange.gif
An ultrasonic massage device is a cheapest HIUS source on the planet.  The Moffitt wanted $10,000!  He very charges under 20 UK pounds.
So doctors have now been cut out of the loop.  They care not cure cancer!  An ultrasound device can.
HIUS also clears coronary heart disease and diabetes.  In heart disease apply for 30 seconds to the coronary arteries and the kidneys.  In diabetes applied to all our power to the chest.
All thyroid problems are cleared by ½ minute of ultrasound to the bottom centre left of the rib cage.  There is now very little requirement for medical surgeons.
Health Services have always 99% of their income!  Seeing the Dr. will not cure your disease.  It will likely end up with an expensive, excruciating death!  Feel free to argue!
                During an active virus the presence of a fungal antibiotic in the human bloodstream causes the secretion of the human antibody to the virus: an anti virus!
                So a prescription of penicillin leads to the cure of the human viral infection.  How many people have gone on to develop cancer etc., As a result of a family GP the fusing to prescribe fungal antibiotics for a human viral illness?

                It is far cheaper and simpler to apply ultrasound to the chest, throat and nose for just 30 seconds: as I did yesterday for my cleaner.  Cut the GP out of the loop!  He wants ‘to prescribe pills and not cure you of that rapidly’.
Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Nature does fusion

 The golden field                                                                                                 J.Thomason M.Eng. Sheff 86
30 April 2014
                Clive sat in a solicitor’s to hear the reading of his uncle’s will:’ as you my nephew I leave the golden field!  As I realise how keen he was on daffodils!’ Clive shook his head head!  You gave your uncle a daffodil is a four year old, and he leaves you a ****ing field.
                ‘an to my son I leave my 18 bedroomed mansion: Wonkey Hall’.  Simon grinned.  A grade two 18th century mansion.
                Clive of was back at university!  He have persuaded the geography department to do a field trip to the golden field.  He had talked up engineering into lending him a generator set.  All they had at hand was a 20 MW generator.  He had only wanted an 8 kW plant!  But it is what they had to spare!  Whne the local power station was demolished.  It was valueless without serious repair.
                The engineers had even built him a metal dust extractor.  It was really a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  The steam flowing down in one helix, back up in the opposing helix and any solid contaminants got left behind!
                As geothermal steam had not been used for power generation-due to the presence of metal powder.
                That Sunday he was getting to use ground sonar equipment all over his field.  When Simon came over and said ‘do come over for champagne.  You are and you are 12 best friends can stay over for the night!’ He offered.
                Simon had the surveyers in to evaluate the structure.  Clive’s lorries arrived.  Then he got down to it!  Within 5 minutes they are located a suitable magma chamber.  30 feet down and full of superheated water.
                The water is above 100° C all around the world, but does not boil unless we release some the pressure.  This is exactly what Clive intended to do.
                They vented some of the pressure, and the water boiled to dirty steam; with heavy metals in.  They then passed it through a ‘Dyson’, which scrubed the metal powder out!
                Then they passed the steam through the generator set: the engineers were busy evaluating if the generator needed any further repair-or it was fit to use in the lab!
                Then the steam went into a mobile cooling tower.  And produce liquid water.  They used some of the generated power to pump the water into a nearby stream.
                Clive smiled!  The electrical people had connected the generator to a pylon in the middle of the field.  And the national grid were going to pay them by kilowatt hour are generated power.
                ‘The ingots were maxing out of the equipment!’ that was a shear bonus.  An engine shouted. ’25 MW!’.  ‘how much money do I get?’ asked Clive in excitement.  ‘About 120,000 UK pounds a week!’ Dave told him.  Clive smiled.  He walked over to the Dyson rig.
                ‘How much metals are we getting?’ Clive enquired. ‘A constant 120 KGs an hour’ Mary told him.  Quickly Clive got the van.  They divided the metal powder into force and four sample holders.  So they could distribute the weight over the axle.
                He drove it to Smerks –the local coal dealer.  They transferred the heavy samples in to the metallurgy laboratory.  Clive went for a T!
                He came back in an hour.  The staff seemed quite excited!
’25 kg of gold
16 our silver (Clive was disappointed!)
36 of copper and 20 of platinum’ he was told.  He sat down.  ’17,658 pounds’ he was informed.  How many weeks did you pan the river for that gold?  And which river?  That is one hell of a concentration’ he was informed.
                ’17,000’ Clive checked.  ‘and 648 pounds’ the gold agent told him!  ‘it was left to me by my uncle’ he misinformed him as he drove back to the field.
                Susan met him.  ‘we have arranged for metallurgy lorry to collect the five tonnes of metal dust will get every week’.  ‘it will never run out’ Clive gloated.
                He did the calculations!  Our 120,000 pounds for the electricity.  180,000 pounds for the gold in week one.  By week six probably only 700!
                Simon wandered over morosely. ‘dry rot!’ he complained.  ‘4.6 million to put it right’ Simon finished.
                ‘give me six months and I will give you the money!  Clive offered. ‘after all I did like dandelions!’
Jonathan Thomason

Prohibited medicine

29 April 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published hundred individual double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound clearing prostate cancer!  This works for all 200 types of cancer!
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                HIUS also clears coronary heart disease-when apply for 30 seconds to the top left the chest and also are back to the kidneys.  Both non invasive procedures!
                HIUS apply for ½ minute to the lower right of the chest clears all science or diabetes.  I have a 100% clearance rate!  Type two diabetes clears in 10 minutes.
                The viral rump causing type 1 clears and the same time.  But the diabetes only clears in three days.  All 200 sorts of cancer clear instantly.
                We want HIUS to the primarily, and any known secondaries, the liver, armpits and ½ minute to each side or the head.  The Hippocratic oath now totally prohibits biochemical treatments.  Which are defective medicine!
                No medical school is any more allowed to teach fatal Bio chemistry to medical students.  All graduating medics since 2002 are entitled to 60% of their tuition fees to be returned.
                There Hippocratic oath so are invalidated!  As I continue to prescribe defective Bio chemistry.  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  So no biochemical treatment from the air thickly prescribed by any Dr. C since 2002.
                All medics who have continued to prescribe biochemistry, have knowingly executed 8000 of their patients!  The legal fine is $10,000,000 for individual.  One billion dollars in total!
                And 10 years in jail for each other medical team.
                60% of or university medical degree was prohibited Bio chemistry.  All biochemical lecture is are silly excluded from medical registers around the world.
                The difference between a human biology course and a medical degree is us a week being instructed in HIUS.  All hospital work and a stream biochemistry is now prohibited and redundant.
                All Medical Centres now a collective fine of eight billion dollars.  And have no register doctors!  They are the biggest execution sites in medical history.
                Doctors have knowingly executed 400,000,000 people around the world.  Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin only did 60 million.
                All drug companies now have no business!  Smith Kline Beecham offloaded they cancer work on the Swiss.  In exchange for their patents on vaccination.
                HIUS clears the inflated structure symptomatic of infective viruses and bacteria.  30 seconds of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose will even clear the common cold!  Vaccination is now prohibited medicine.

Jonathan Thomason

Cancer can be cured

29 April 2014

                The Moffitt cancer centre in America first applied High Intensity Ultrasound to cancer 2002: and got a one appointment cure!

                Since then the drug industry has tried it minimises work.  Trying to explain away the crash in cancer deaths over last five years.

                Today they are saying this is due to a gradual improvement over last 40 years!  No it isn’t!  He’s has really happened over last five years.  Nothing whatsoever to do with the drug industry.

                I suggested high power ultrasound 2001.  For last four years I have been publicising the work of the Moffitt cancer centre.  A one appointment cure!

                You can buy your own ultrasound device over the Internet, and cut the GP had to the loop!  Ultrasound also works for high blood pressure and diabetes.
1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Beauty Massager Device 1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Ca... £12.29

                With coronary heart disease apply the ultrasound to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.  No biochemistry required!

                To fix mental health problems apply the HIUS externally to verse science the head for only ½ minute.  This works for MS, Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, schizophrenia and depression-in my personal experience!

Jonathan Thomason

Diabetes delay

29 April 2014
                There is a difference between Type 1&2 diabetes.  Both are caused by a viral rump in the pancreas.
                Type 2 remits the instant the viral rump is cleared!  It turns off insulin secretion.  When the rump is gone the insulin system returns to normal.
                Type 1 makes the antisense to insulin.  Even when the rump is clears, the diabetes continues for three days: Be patient!
                In three days the diabetes will be gone!  Use the ultrasound device on your friends and family for diabetes.  Don’t throw away the device in frustration.
                Wait three days!  I always recommend reapplication twice at two day intervals.  Diabetes can be cures!  Or medication can then be discontinued.
                Any GP not discounting your medication gets struck up according to the Hippocratic oath!  They are not allowed to medicate the well.

Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 28 April 2014

Increasing train speed

28 April 2014
                A major part of the friction Watts of regular trains, is a fraction mass from the wheels contacting the rails.  Now carbon fibre is both lighter and stronger than steel.
                I have an idea of friction between carbon and steel is lower than carbon on carbon!  So we replace the rolling stock carbon fibre composites.
                We also meant small hydroplanes on each carriage.  And we have robotic sensers.  So out of town, when there is no oncoming train traffic the air all falls from down, and here is carried left!
                So reducing the weight applied to each rail.  In this way the rolling resistance of the trains will be reduced by 20%.
                Though obviously in town below a super 8% decrease infection losses.  They are fussing in France a better term percent reduction infection!  We can double their at a stroke!
                Using technology fully devised 20 years ago .  We do not burn fossil fuels to generate steam!  To drive the train.
                We utilised steam plasma tubes, which were generate 6 MW per metre!  From regular water.  No carbon emissions at all!  We run a small captive steam cycle.  Where the heat is applied by our lightning tubes.
                In a steam plasma most important reaction is a fusing of hydrogen ions and free electrons, to form neutrons.
1                     H++e- ->n0
These then bond with the heavier nuclei, to create radioactive isotopes!  Which fission into smaller atomic numbers.  We need to do the experiments and see what actually happens!  Here is my first guess
                2              16O2-+n0->18O2- ->2 4Be2+4e-+4n0 ->4 6He2++2e-+4n0->8 3H+->E+12n0
It is all a bit complicated!  We enrich the oxygen, which fissions into beryllium, helium and hydrogen in turn.  The final fissioning streets are loads of surplus neutrons.
Is this as exothermic as a high Jim plasma?  The chemical equations are certainly harder!  In the air and we should liberate the same power,
And water is a lot simpler to store and is turns into the plasma.  This will totally replace the burning of natural gas or Oil.  Which is a very defective play to do the nuclear fission of hydrogen.
This is a most exothermic reaction in the universe!  Diesel engines are far inferior Energy System.  We can do the electrolysis of water, to provide a constant stream of hydrogen ions!  Discharging the oxygen to the air!

This will replace all burning of petrol or diesel.  And it really is that simple!

Jonathan Thomason

Carbon is not the climate!

28 April 2014
                Nuclear power hypothesised by carbon dioxide caused global warming in 1986.  Displaying a breathtaking ignorance of basic high school biology!
                In a warm period plants converts extra carbon dioxide into extra active biology.  Sucking the gas from the air!  The air in the modern epoch global average carbon dioxide is fixed at only two parts per million.  And this is a level that the world weather systems see!
                As cities, the forest fires and volcanic eruptions are globally insignificant!  Every reporter at there was taught about photosynthesis in high school biology.
                Harvard University winter on record in New Scientist August 2010 that since industrial revolution crop yields had increased by 15%.  Free average carbon dioxide had not changed!
                I was doing a PH D into global warming in 2000.  This got ended 2001 I started talking about photosynthesis!  My supervisor argued with me the via e-mail until 2010.  They left his position!  I had won the argument!  Still no Ph D though.
                I note today that Time Magazineis still on about global warming.  The natural climate started cooling 1995.  Man made climate change is global warming fiction in a cooling world!  The lowest level of nuclear PR.
                No reporter could ever write articles ever again about manmade global warming and carbon dioxide.  It is tantamount to handing in your resignation at the newspaper or magazine they work for.
                In the modern epoch carbon dioxide has been limited at only two parts per million.  Extra carbon dioxide being converted the same day into extra active biology.
                In the little ice age there was less photosynthesis.  And carbon dioxide spiked at four parts per million: twice the static level today!  Obviously carbon dioxide reacts to the weather-it does not make the weather!
                Lets go back to the Jurassic age.  Photosynthesis was less evolved.  There was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  Things were warmer generally!  But sea levels were 60 metres lower.  And there was 65 more active life on earth.  A massively fewer fossil fuels.
                Warmer!  Interesting.  Except during the three natural ice ages.  They carbon dioxide levels rose to eight parts per million.  Four times today’s present trace level.  And an ice age!
                The let’s go back to the end of cretaceous into the Permian.  There was 1000 year ice age.  The carbon dioxide at 10 parts per million: five times today’s levels!  The most serious glaciation in
  earth history.
                Have you never wondered why nuclear power started pushing global warming after Chernobyl?  He realised to get new plants it had to be ‘green’.  So it stupidly and fact the gas which supports all life on earth.
                Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.  Any person invoking ‘global warming’ is showing an untreated mental health problems.  Or a serious deficiency in high school education.
                In 2001 I started talking to Sheffield University about the river of water that circles the planet.  Condensate the molten core into the mantel.
                It dissolves all the heavy metals from the core material!  Gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron will also lead and arsenic.  In places this water is only 10 metres below the surface of the earth.
                We use ground sonar to locate a mantel pocket of superheated water, from the river of geothermal water that is a source of all Rivers on earth.
                So all the gold is carried to the surface!  It is laborious and expensive to recover.  10 metres down to the water carriers a limit saturation of gold metal.
                We drill down to this water.  We pass it through a ruggedizedDyson dry cleaner.  That uses two opposing helical flows to remove house dust from the air!  So removes heavy metal powder from the steam-after we have given the geothermal water a small vent.
                We sell the metal powder on to process into ingots.  Just so much gold!  Within two years it will cease to have any value.  We’ll stop burying it again in disused mine workings.  Just to get the the the stuff!
                We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine.  We condense the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  Which consumers 2% of the geothermal power on start up!  Then falling to only 0.5%.
                We pump the water to local river.  Return the heat to the inlet steam.  Which we can no heat up to 700° C!  The Carnot heatpump these is 15 per cent of the system and energy.  But the geothermal water is a limitless source of heat.
                With no fossil fuel bound!  No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  So we get unlimited
free electricity.  With gold, platinum, silver, copper –you get the idea!
                The world needs 10,000 such plants.  To supply all the electricity mankind uses.  The earth is so huge!  Nature will not even notice.
                This energy usually drives volcanoes and earthquakes.  Unfortunately the level of earth events will continue as today!
                If we drill down to mantle pockets below an active volcano, we can render that volcanoes dormant.  As you get them is gold and free electricity!
                If we drill down to the tectonic boundary below California, we can stop the next big one!  While we get unlimited gold and electricity: you get the idea yet?
                No fossil fuel bound.  No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  We tap into free unlimited Earth Power!  In the end the heat is created by the radioactive processes in the air was core.
                Away from man.  They are every second of the year whether mankind uses the heat or not!  So heat drives volcanoes, earthquakes and heats up deep sea water.
                The deep see tides distribute the heat of the planet!  They call down the heartlands, and wore the cold lands!
                We can use a Carnot heat pump here.  To far more heat from hotter into the seas.  The air sinks Carnot heat pump as it cools!  Driving a turbine.  Which powers the heat pump.  So once started the system runs for free.  Cooling the heartlands!
                At the cold ones we invert the system!  Sucking heat from the seas are putting it in the air!  Now we get rising air-that again drives the captive turbine.  That was started will drive the pumps for free.
                So we cool the air the hot lands.  And warm the cold lands.  Geothermal mining will produce the about gold and free electricity.  An utterly no excuse to allow hyper toxic nuclear fission to exist anywhere!
                Is has already produce massive piles of radioactive waste.  Which will remain they fall for 100,000 years.  Our great27 grandchildren will still be paying for the folly of the 28th century!  Nuclear power is the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
                Every day since industrial revolution man has released an additional 0.0004% carbon dioxide into the air.  He has increased the lead of organic carbon him the environment by 15%.  There is still an additional 15% organic carbon in the fossil fuels.
                At which stage they are back to the way life forms in the Jurassic!  The earth’s golden..  Every day plants grow, until global carbon dioxide levels fall to only two parts per million!
                Mankind’s engine’s extend the working day of photosynthesis by 10 seconds!  Spread over the globe during daylight hours.  The earth is utterly huge.  Is has not even noticed mankind has evolved.
                The only globally insignificant technology of mankind’s is toxic nuclear power!  Burning of fossil fuels just serves to increase of life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it!
                They can be no 400 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  Every afternoon photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.  No more!
                Gardener is desperately tried to increase plant growth, by keeping rodents in a greenhouse!  To breathe in the oxygen plants excrete, and breathe out carbon dioxide themselves.
                This stimulates plant growth.  In exactly the same way man can is chemical engines increase the biomass around the earth.

                More plants lead to more animals!  More nuclear power leads to less of both!  Nature controls the carbon dioxide level.  Man has utterly no control over the carbon cycle!  Only idiots will believe otherwise!
Jonathan Thomason

Unlimited wealth

28 April 2014
                This idea gives us access to limitless gold, platinum and there were heavy metals plus limitless electricity.  One 50 cm thick bore hole will happily drive and five and a megawatt power station continuously.  With no fossil fuel bound!  An utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                Water from the reverse and seas of the world percolates down onto the earth’s mantle!  Where dissolves heavy metals like gold.  The mantle is like the skin on rice pudding, or time sinking it redissolves.
                Only to be replaced by new core material.  And the earth’s core contains lava and heavy metals.  411 million tonnes of gold alone.  Mankind’s mining has only yielded 200,000 tonnes of gold in recorded history.  0.05% of the gold in the eath’s core.
                Every day the geothermal river around the world dissolves heavy metals.  Which is soluble in higher pressure and temperature water.  Even gold is soluble!
                So the river of geothermal water carriers a limit saturation of gold.  Where it finds its way out to the surface mostly cold precipitates out as the water pressure drops.  But some emerges in the river source.
                This is why panning for gold works!
                We use ground sonar to attract a river source back to 10 metres below the surface.  Then we locate a liquid filled magma chamber.
                We drill down direct to the water.  Then we extract the drilling rates.  Be warned the water will be at 8.4 atmospheres pressure.  We then pushed down a hole liner.  The end of which has a large holes cut into it.
                We then get an endless stream of superheated water at 250° C 8.4 atmospheres.  We give a small vent to 8.2 atmospheres.
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  Which extracts all the heavy metal powder from a steam.  40% of this will be gold!  20% platinum.
                We sell them powder on to process into ingots.  50 tonnes per hole.  And we want a 10,000 such geothermal mines, to supply all the energy requirements of humanity.  All with no fossil fuel burn at all.  No carbon dioxide production.  But this gas supports all life on earth!  Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.
                As they metabolise carbon dioxide!  Man made climate change is total fiction by the stooges to nuclear power.  Designed to terrify the stupid or mentally deficient., About the work in universities!  I say nothing!
                We pass the clean steam into a steam turbine, and generate free electricity.  We take our 2% of the energy to drive a Carnot heatpump.
                We condense the exit steam on the cold end of the heap pump.  By the pressurise the gas we lose the same heat at 700° C.  So quadrupling the power output of the power station!
                We pump the pure cold water back to a local river source.  So we do not disturb nature.  And the middle of the deserts we exit the water into new manmade oases.
                So we get unlimited free electricity.  With more gold than we know what to do with.  As groups around the world year rump, the price of gold will continue to crash.  Two years ago he was out 1600 UK pounds an per Krugerrand.
                On Monday krugerrands were at 720.  In two years they’ll be below £5.00 a coin.  And there was power be used as currency.  As I will have less value than the copper nickel alloy we years for loose change today.
                We will probably end up varying the gold in disused mine workings.  It will be that valueless!
                The energy will always have a Highe demand.  Geothermal mining will produce the electricity for only 2% of the price of mains power today.  Nobody will ever burn fossil fuels again!

Jonathan Thomason

Dr.are Getting away with murder

28 April 2014
                In the late 20th century the best medicine for cancer, heart disease and diabetes was at 42 B biochemical treatments.  Yet medics like a low power ultrasound to display cancer cells!  They lit up up with nuclear radiation.
                No chemical reaction gives off nuclear radiation.  We are doing nuclear fusion:
1              H2O+US->He+O+X ray+E
Highe commented upon this during my PH D into Chemical Engineering in 2001.  The following year the Moffitt cancer centre employed High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer at one application.
                The Moffitt cancer centre was set up by $67,000,000 of seed capital: expressively to find a cure to cancer!  High us is that!  As I explain in my ebook the cures all cancers, coronary heart disease and diabetes:
 Cancer cure-HIUS (ASIN: B009PILP7A)
                I started writing this book as the Moffitt was experimenting with high intensity focused ultrasound.  This transpired to lessee effective than plain HIUS!
                A device that emits HIUS ultrasound can be obtained as an ultrasonic massage devise.  Costing around 20 UK pounds from Ebay.
                This will clear all 200 types of cancer out there!  No biochemical treatments required.  Yet the Moffitt now prescribed Bio chemistry!  A has abandoned ultrasound: I first medically proven also cure to all cancers.
                Applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneys HIUS clears coronary heart disease.  Applied to the bottom right of the chest it clears all science of diabetes.
                Applied to left centre base of the rib cage over the thyroid gland it clears all types thyroid problems.  It also clears asthma, arthritis and iBS.
                The other specialists cancer doctors and consultants still make massive monies by prescribing biochemical treatments: guaranteeing their patients an expensive, unpleasant and rapid death.
                Specialist centres by the Moffitt and the Christie cancer centre in Manchester England, are only kept financially afloat by guaranteeing their patients an excruciating death!  In total contradiction to the Hippocratic oath.
                All such doctors should instantly be struck off!  Every year since 2002 they have avoidable he killed 30,000,000 people around the planet.  And gamma T200 1,000,000 people a horrible and shorts life!
                These are evil people.  Who have no place in medicine.  By your own ultrasound device and cure your home diseases of age.  Don’t see the GP!
                He will prescribed biochemical treatments.  To guarantee his own financial advantage.  And you’re a stunningly horrible death.
                They are doing this and the supposedly all over side of the highest lawyers in the world.  They rely on body like the AMA and GMC during their legal cover: he was a he is a very technical area!
                They are saying they do not understand ultrasound!  This happily utilise it.  They should ask professors of engineering who do understand it!  I only have a master’s degree and I am part way through my Ph D.  And I have a far greater understanding of the science than the whole of the doctors put together.
                Ultrasound will clear all cancers!  Like Billy Connolly is prostate cancer.  This is medically demonstrated 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.  By using high intensity ultrasound!  Like emitted from a device above: no need to see a Dr..
                HIUS will also clear all mental health problems.  Again like Billy Connolly is Parkinson’s.  I read today that Sir Rodger Bannister also has Parkinson’s.  And spent his working life as a neurologist.

                30 sections of ultrasound to either side or is head will totally cure him!  Science and technology has advanced.  Bio chemistry is now defective medicine!

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ultrasound does fusion

27 April 2014
                I was incredulous when I worked in metallurgical ultrasound.  That ultrasound caused the emission of nuclear radiation over a crack.  My boss, Peter Cutler, says that the presence of a crack resulted in a line and find bubbles.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
1                     H2O+US->He+O+gwr+E
This is science stayed with me, even during my job in IT.  In 2000 as back at Sheffield University doing a Ph D into chemical and process engineering.  A fellow student reminded me ultrasound causes the rapid boiling of liquid water.
                Also that a working steam or IC engine give off helium gas!  Ph D students exchange curious facts.  But they can’t explain!
                I was actually working on cancer at the time: on the behest of Dr. Polly MatZinger.  I was very curious that low power ultrasound cause emission of nuclear radiation.
                This is outside the energy release of chemical reactions.  It is the province solely of nuclear reactions.  This took me years to work out!
                My Ph D at Sheffield then did flow started talking about molecular nuclear fusion!  As a working steam engine produces helium and nuclear radiation.  As I mentioned above.
                The emission of these is prevalent all through nature!  Where we have the Turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.  Biological systems is biological catalysts.  All life on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.
                Biologists have recorded the emission of gamma wave radiation and production of helium gas.  Only physicists and engineers were realise the consequences!  I have a master’s degree in engineering!
                So biological systems were doing molecular nuclear fusion.
2              H2O+Tc->He+O+E+gwr  Tc=catalysed turbulence
                There cancer cells are pressurised!  And the boiling caused by ultrasound skills exponentially with pressure: this is why diesel engine generates a large power compared to petrol engine.  Even though diesel is all our power fuel.
3         Cm(H2O)n+T->Cm+n(He+O+E+gwr)
The engine there are oxidise is the carbon!  The presence of nitrous oxide compared to and oxygen, favours the events are nuclear fusion we do.  So does partial ignition!  So a smoky black exhaust is linked to X air power from the engine.  Though this is highly undesirable!
                We can copy nature!  Titanium plate the inside surfaces of the engine, and we will increase the power for ever.  At no extra charge!  This simple idea could double the power of formula one engine.  And win the world championship for whoever!
                When we apply High Intensity UltraSound at power levels below the threshold to cause ultrasonic burns to body cells, the cancer cell expenses cell content boiling.  Gives off masses of nuclear radiation-and fragments explosively.
                Inducing an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.  So 3 W 1 MHZ ultrasound will cause cancer specific damage.  As Dr. MatZinger suggested when I met her in 2001 this will initiate an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.
                This works for all 200 cancers out there.  HIUS applied to the coronary arteries and kidneys external to the body clears coronary heart disease: as medics have written papers about!
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all science or diabetes.  Saving eight million lives a year around the earth!
                Says HIUS was first demonstrated 2002 400,000,000 people around the world had died from these three major diseases of age.  Every death totally avoidable!  The disease is cleared by a 30 exposure externally to HIUS.
                The biggest news ever!  Strangely enough no newspaper will publish this news.  Maybe it because it causes every practicing GP to find of one billion dollars by the national regulator.
                And get 1000 years in jail: for applying defective medicine for their own financial profit.  Says 2002 all biochemical treatments have been defective medicine prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                The simplest way for mankind to utilise molecular nuclear fusion, is via a steam plasma in a glass tube.  Which a lightning demonstrates should liberate a constant 6 MW at four atmospheres.
                Once started, the plasma will self sustain.  While we maintain the steam pressure.  With a minuscule amount of regular water.
                We can replace all fossil fuel burn.  Nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic process that will ever exist around the earth.  Creating fantastically toxic waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                The cost of handling its waste is 80 times the cost of generating electricity initially.  EDF will go bankrupt in 20 years.  Leaving this cost to national governments!  You!
                Is an earthquake does not at Cumbria-a statically active area.  Causing the uncontrolled release of fuel grade plutonium into the environment.  And making the whole of Britain uninhabitable for 100,000 years.
                HIUS will clear away all the diseases of age: which are caused by our genome fragment left behind from infective disease.
                It will cure all cancer, heart disease and diabetes: as known to every practicing GP on the planet!  Coole each killed 8000 people since HIUS was first medically published.  These are serious criminals!
                I will copy this message to my medical friends have all taken the Hippocratic oath.  Which requires them to share this message to every GP in their acquaintance.  That is shared with all their medical contacts!
                Within two days every GP on earth will have raid this message.  The I await their responses!
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Jonathan Thomason

Criminal medical activity

27 April 2014
                In 2002 medics in Florida demonstrated a single application of High Intensity UltraSound will clear cancer.  The they are then wanted $10,000 for HIUS device!
                An ultrasonic massage device that emits HIUS costs below 20 UK pounds!  The Moffitt cancer centre has reverted to prescribing biochemical treatments: in direct contravention to the Hippocratic oath.  All medics at the Moffitt are instantly struck off the medical register!
Every medical lecture on earth raid about HIUS by Christmas 2002.  Yet some continued to teach biochemistry!
Which provides an expensive, unpleasant and rapid death: it is defective medicine-prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  The earth prohibits teaching of defective medicine.
So every medic is graduated in medicine since 2002 has had the Hippocratic oath violated they took up service.  They have avoidably killed 8000 of their patients.
400,000,000 people around the world in last 12 years.  The biggest mass murder in recorded history!  For the medics term financial gain.  The medics have not waited to argue their corner!
They realized they are on the most serious mass murderers ever.  And have vanished!  Health Centres are suddenly finding their GP’s have vanished!  The remaining GP’s have continued with a fatal prescriptions.
He each one fully aware they are killing their own patients in the most horrible way possible!  All cancers can be cleared using HIUS.
So all cancer surgery and the last 12 years has been medical malpractice.  Which are the most expensive for cases out there!  This will bankrupt or Health Services in the world.
I have knowingly participated in the biggest mass killing ever.  These are serious criminals!  I am open to your comments!  Haven’t received any are over last four years!  Other than incredulity from a medical student.
                Copy this message to every medic in your address book!  Let’s stop the biggest killing in history!

Jonathan Thomason