Monday, 31 March 2014

No man made climate change

31 March 2014
                In 1986 Ukrainian nuclear cause the Chernobyl incident.  Which resulted in a nuclear winter!  Their reaction was to postulate that burning carbon fuels warmed the weather.  An utterly no evidence.
                Throughout history carbon dioxide has gone up in a natural ice age.  It is a climate follower.
                The warmest buried in history is a one mediaeval.  Manclimate the occasional wood fire.  But there was virtually no carbon dioxide emission from man.  And the warmest.  Mankind had ever known.
                The warmest year the 20th century was 1939, at the end of the depression.  Again very little carbon dioxide being produced by mankind.  The warmest period In my memory is 1976.  In the medal of the economic recession.  Again little carbon dioxide.
                By 1995 most science PH D’s and referenced global warming.  As this was our bottomless pit of research money.  Provided happily by nuclear power.
                On thepm the natural climate started cooling.  Exactly on the natural schedule.  The metrology department of most universities teaches that the weather has 28 year short term cycles.
                So 1986 per are within one!  That was four cures for nuclear power.  But it ended only nine years later.  Which are less university is with a problem!  Every PH D wod referenced global warming after 1995 was invalid and must be revoked.
                Sheffield University got me to embark on a PH D into global warming in 2000.  I spent the man tried to find any papers on the weather warming.  They didn’t exist.
                I invoked photosynthesis!  It was amusing to watch a cover train from my supervisor’s face: he had a double first from Colombia.  In mathematics and physics.  His main funders were nuclear power!  He was have paid off nuclear stooge.
                Such individuals have no place in education!  The last time I saw him he was forbidden from supervising Ph D’s.  This probably made his time at university uneconomic.
                Physics has no builder explain why carbon dioxide levels in the air would ever increase!  There are four trillion organisms around the world do photosynthesis: the major life support system on earth.
                They take in carbon dioxide down to 2 parts per million.  And excrete oxygen.  You are only alive because you breathe in plant waste!  And eat plant matter.  That is the carbon cycle.  My supervisor, to his credit, family and made he is he had no idea about photosynthesis.
                He has spent 15 years talking biological rubbish about carbon.  He also admitted he knew nothing about whether!  Which do not stop him talking about the weather either.
                University is when a blind panic!  All the science PH D’s since 1995 were invalid.  They scratched around why global warming might are taken a nine year break.  The process that was due to of plants year on year, and could not take a break, had taken radiation!
                2004 was a naturally bad hurricane year.  No at the words ‘naturally’.  In exactly the same way and the natural weather has 20 year periods of warming and cooling.  An utterly nothing abnormal had gone on in recorded history.  Rendering manmade global warming science fiction.
                They seized on the hurricanes!  They decided they were wrong about global warming.  Carbon dioxide did not warm the air, it may more hurricanes.
                There in 2005 was back to normal placid year.  This is 2014.  Reporters are still writing copy about global warming.  Helicase to the 19 years of global cooling the world has experienced.  After only nine years of natural global warming.
                So 2005 manmade climate change was totally wrong.  Global photosynthesis has prevented carbon dioxide levels ever rising above two parts per million.
                We can get the natural spike during an eruption, a forest fire all an ice age.  This is nature!  Nothing whatsoever to do with man.
                So molecular nuclear power the most destructive and toxic industry that will ever exist.  Burning carbon fuels just increases modern life on earth.  It obviously has no affect on the weather!
                Go back into prehistory things he get more obvious.  The Permian 1000 year mega rises age has five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                The Jurassic age had twice the carbon dioxide in the air, 65% more active biology and resulting me sea levels 60 metres lower.  Experienced three natural ice ages.  The carbon dioxide levels spiked at 8ppm.
                So every PH D which referenced global warming or climate change is instantly rendered invalid.  Any scientist who has ever written fictitious papers on either subject must instantly be discharged from employment in education.
                You want free carbon less energy?  I have no idea why.  Carbon dioxide is a static trace gas.  Which affects nothing.  But supports all life on earth.  More circulating carbon, more life.
                Thus the Jurassic had 65% more life than we have on earth today.  The mass extinction at the end of the Jurassic for majority of the fossil fuels.
                Drill down 10 metres, into a mantle pockets full of superheated water.  When it comes up to the surface, it has a limit saturation of gold and platinum.  We weather is using a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.
                There is 411 million tonnes of gold in the air school.  That is leased out by the circulating river of water around the earth’s mantle.  We need to extract this metal, to get a clean steam!
                At 240° C.  Ideal to drive a steam turbine.  To generate unlimited amounts of free energy.  No fossil fuel bound!  No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  Basically the power is free!
                And produces no carbon dioxide as all.  No overpriced or oil or gas!  Or mankind will always want electricity.  The problem is going to be getting rid of all the gold and platinum!  Gold is soft malleable and reactive a nuisance.
                At least platinum capitalises molecular nuclear fusion from water.  The Energy System of the 21st century!  A steam plasma will turn regular water into unlimited heat, with no radioactive waste.
1                     H2O+T->He+O+E3+gwr
10,000 times as exothermic as burning oil and gas.  It takes 2000 volts to set up a steam plasma, which then runs and powered.  Well we augment the steam pressure with a pipette of water!
                Nuclear power didn’t mean to do it!  But he’s has taught as a have seen clean, safe, free nuclear fusion.  Going off from water.  Just like every biological organism on earth does.

Jonathan Thomason

Limitless gold and carbon free electricity

31 March 2014
                Every day photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide into active biology.  So the action of mankind burning the fossil fuels has been to increase active life on earth.  Not change the gas composition of the air.  No weather effect possible.
                The natural climate warmed 1986 to 1995.  1986 was the year are Chernobyl-where nuclear power wanted there to distract the world from the toxic nature of their business.  They are the least green industry that will ever exist.
                I wrote articles saying about ‘global warming’ in the Metro.  The natural climate has been cooling for 17 years there.  Me thinks they need to fire a few reporters!  For writing science fiction on behalf of nuclear power.
                There is an inferno source of free steam!  The river of water that circles the earth’s mantle, is heated by the earth’s core.  It is at 8.4 atmospheres 250° C.  In atmospheric conditions, it would have boiled 2 hours ago.
                Hot pressurised water dissolved heavy metals.  Like gold and platinum.  The earth’s mantle is converse of lava, gold, platinum and the other heavy metals.  As the water the choose the heavy metals out, he lava cools and sinks!  To be replaced by new heavy metal rich lava.
                There is 411 million tonnes of gold down there.  Man’s mining throughout history has only yielded 200,000 tonnes.  It is the fifth most abundant element on earth.  We only think it is scarce, because it is concentrated in the air was core.
                But the water running over the mantel the to use the gold out, to be dissolved gold in hot water.  This water finds its way out to the surface-or enforce the river source of all Rivers on earth.
                Mostly gold is precipitated out.  Only a little is carried to the surface.  That is why panning for gold works.  The Kruger mines today are using air conditioning, to call core material,
                So they check out gold rich rock.  It is far simpler to drill down only 10 metres to the river of superheated water.  That will collect in mantle pockets within five kilometres of where you are sat.
                We pass the water through a small vent, so it forms steam!  We pass it through a Dyson dry cleaner, to remove the heavy metal dust.  Which we sell on to process into metal ingots.                I suggested geothermal mining to Sheffield University department of Engineering Materials 2001.  They were only interested in proving global warming was real!  Though the natural climate had been cooling for five years.
                40 per cent of which will be gold!  We will produce 10,000 times the daily requirement of gold on earth.  The present gold bullion will effectively become valueless.
                We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine.  And generate electricity.  Carbon free electricity!  That does not involve any hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                The heat is supplied for free by the earth.  Who also supply gold and platinum metals for us.  All heavy metals are 20,000 times less expensive for geothermal water.
                Gold it gets to be a byproduct.  This is why this team has never been used for power generation.  The problem was removing the metal powder!  James Dyson told us how.
                Mankind’s energy uses are so trivial, nature will not even notice!  We might decrease earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The geothermal water dries earth events.  The most exothermic happenings on earth..

Jonathan Thomason

The cure of cancer

31 March 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applying High Intensity UltraSound to prostate cancer, and got a one appointment cure!  In horror they retreated to a biochemical treatments: they kill the patient that many lives and money!
                150 Watts 40 kHz is HIUS.  So is 3 W 1 MHZ.  I utilises 5 W 1 MHZ.  I apply externally to any organ, it will clear the cancer!  Medics have known since the 1950s that the pressurise cancer cell give off gamma wave radiation in response to ultrasound.
1                     H2O+US->He+O+gwr+E
It does molecular nuclear fusion.  Body cells surrounding it are not affected.  The pressurise cancer cell expenses cell content boiling, and fragments.
                The inactive immune system clears the cancer cell type throughout the body.  As it is now recognized as dangerous!
                These structures causing coronary heart disease and diabetes are also are pressurised.  Applying HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears all coronary heart disease: medics have published medical papers on this very subject.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all diabetes.  The standard application time is only 30 sections.
                So we are talking about is total cure is costing under 1¢!  Once you have the machine.  Applied to the chest, throat and nose for the same time; it clears all infections.  Which like cancer must have an inflated cell structure in or to grow and cause disease.
                Cancer Research around the world knew about this science 2002.  The went on raising money for defective Bio chemistry.  In total contradiction to the Hippocratic oath!  Which prohibits any medic researching are applying defective medicine.
                A one appointment cure is so obviously better than expensive, unpleasant decline in to certain death.
                This works for all cancers!  Which share the same inflated cell structure.
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                HIUS also clears primary and secondary coronary heart disease.  Leaving statins as defective medicine!  Which cannot be prescribed by any register Dr..
                Neither can diabetes medicine.  As high as cures diabetes totally benign 30 seconds.  My latest success was curing 9 year old diabetic girl in Canada.  Her father fought the HIUS device over the Internet.
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Face Facial Skin Body Massage Massager 1MHZUltrasonic Ultrasound Face Facial Skin Bo... £13.09
                So no register Dr. In the NHS can any more prescribe biochemical treatments for cancer, heart disease or diabetes.  HIUS also clears asthma, arthritis and iBS in my experience!
                Every prescribing GP has killed 100,000 patients by applying defective Bio chemistry.  Over last 12 years.
                Which incurs a jail sentence ever 1000 years.  And a legal fine of one billion dollars.  Why anybody would ever see the GP ever again I do not know!

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@

Claim back the carbon taxes

31 March 2014
Nuclear fusion by waterfall    on by Jonathan Thomason
            High school biology teaches her every day photosynthesis around the world proceeds to use up all the rest of carbon released at night.  Down to modern limit of only two parts per million.
                Since industrial revolution man can is chemical engines have released an additional 0.0004% carbon dioxide.  This has resulted in an increase in biomass.  Plants have grown!  As animals have increased.
                But the level of carbon dioxide in the air is fixed at only 2ppm.  The water brief spike drill is all ice age.  Then carbon dioxide levels rose to 4ppm.  Then the ice age ended, the industrial revolution happened and photosynthesis has pegged free carbon dioxide and only 2ppm in the afternoon air around the world.
                To get higher readings you need to sample the air during the rush hour in the cities, or as a diesel engine exhausts.  Cities and engine’s are totally minuscule compared to the open countryside and sea.
                The weather seas only the global average.  Cities are warmer because there are massive release of heat!  There is no affect of carbon dioxide.  Such a concept devise historical precedent.
                In the Permian mega rises age which lasted 1000 years, there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the global air.  Then photosynthesis evolved.  Carbon dioxide levels crash to only 1ppm and 90% of life on earth died.
                Life on earth only recovered as more animals evolved to eat plants, and combine there carbohydrates with the oxygen are excreted by plants.  To get at energy.
                Carbon dioxide supports all life on earth.  More carbon dioxide: more active biology.
                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved.  There was 4ppm CO2 in the global air.  There was 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                And there were three natural ice ages!  At 180, 600 and 700 million years ago.  When carbon dioxide levels spiked at four times the present trace level.  Their present static trace level!
                So national governments, and no the EU there are imposing carbon taxes.  Using data helpfully supplied by the paid stooges to nuclear power.  I have such a vested self interest to fabricate the date!
                They cannot be crazy numbers!  Like 400ppm.  This is biological rubbish!  Every day photosynthesis proceeds until there is only 2ppm carbon dioxide in the global air.  Metabolising the extra 0.0004% carbon dioxide man releases.
                By burning the fossil fuels!  That were active biology in prehistory.  Now the active environment seas the creation of more life.  It does not see more carbon dioxide in the global air.
                Such a concept would have call an 11 year old high school school kid!  It is total rubbish.  The guy who came up with the concept has suddenly died!  And is not available for questions.
                The if you’re reading this, you did high school.  And you are taught that photosynthesis limits the free carbon dioxide in the air.  This is as true today as it was two centuries ago.
                The EU has roles for being anti competitive taxes.  That is exactly what the carbon taxes are.  Designed to warm the energy market in favour of nuclear power-the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
                That is created the world’s largest store of toxic radioactive waste at Sellafield: in a county of exceptional natural beauty.  One decent earthquake and the north of England will be uninhabitable for 100,000 years.
                The EU has raised 128 billion Euros from the carbon taxes.  That are totally spurious biologically impossible rubbish.  Carbon dioxide levels are fixed as a global average of only two parts per million.
                So every company in Europe can claim back in there carbon taxes!  From the European Union and previously from national governments.  Tony Blair rays ¼ billion UK pounds taxes from biologically impossible carbon taxes.
                Carbon dioxide levels in the afternoon air over the countryside or open sea are at a Prix industrial 2ppm.  Every company in the UK has a massive claim against the EU and against the British government.
                All the company is the of bankrupted to to the carbon taxes have an even more massive claim against the British government.
                The EU has acted as a paid stooge to nuclear power.  The most toxic industry that will ever exist.  Violating its own competition legislation.  And every person who works for European government did high school biology!
                So were aware that carbon taxes by biological rubbish.
Anspruch zurück , die Kohlenstoffsteuern
31. März 2014
Hohe Schule der Biologie lehrt sie jeden Tag die Photosynthese auf der ganzen Welt weiter zu verwenden, bis der ganze Rest des Kohlenstoffs in der Nacht freigelassen. Auf modernen Grenze aus nur zwei Teilen pro Million .
Da industrielle Revolution Mann wird chemische Motoren haben eine zusätzliche 0,0004 % Kohlendioxid freigesetzt. Dies hat zu einer Zunahme der Biomasse resultierte . Pflanzen sind gewachsen ! Da die Tiere haben sich erhöht.
Aber das Niveau des Kohlendioxids in der Luft ist nur bei 2 ppm festgelegt. Das Wasser kurzen Spike Bohrer ist alles Eiszeit. Dann stieg die Kohlendioxid-Werte um 4 ppm . Dann endete die Eiszeit , die industrielle Revolution passiert ist und Photosynthese Kohlendioxid frei und nur 2 ppm in der Luft am Nachmittag auf der ganzen Welt gebunden .
Um eine höhere Messwerte zu erhalten , müssen Sie die Luft während der Hauptverkehrszeit in den Städten zu probieren , oder als Dieselmotorabgasen. Städte und Motor sind total winzig im Vergleich zu der offenen Landschaft und das Meer .
Die Wetter See nur der globale Durchschnitt. Städte sind wärmer , weil es massive Freisetzung von Hitze! Es gibt von Kohlendioxid nicht beeinflussen. Solch ein Konzept erarbeiten historischen Präzedenzfall .
In Perm Mega Alter steigt , die 1000 Jahre dauerte , gab es fünf mal das Niveau von Kohlendioxid in der globalen Luft. Dann Photosynthese entwickelt. Kohlendioxydniveaus abstürzen , nur 1 ppm und 90% des Lebens auf der Erde gestorben.
Leben auf der Erde nur erholt , da mehr Tiere entwickelt, um Pflanzen zu essen, und kombinieren es mit dem Sauerstoff Kohlenhydrate werden von Pflanzen ausgeschieden. Um an Energie zu bekommen.
Kohlendioxid unterstützt alles Leben auf der Erde. Mehr Kohlendioxid : aktiver Biologie.
In der Jura Photosynthese weniger entwickelt . Es gab 4 ppm CO2 in der globalen Luft. Es gab 65% mehr Leben auf der Erde. Der Meeresspiegel war 60 Meter niedriger.
Und es gab drei natürlichen Eiszeiten ! Bei 180 , 600 und vor 700 Millionen Jahren. Wenn die Kohlendioxid-Werte versetzt mit der vierfachen der vorliegenden Spurenbereich . Ihre derzeitige statische Trace-Stufe !
So nationalen Regierungen und nicht der EU gibt es imposante Kohlenstoffsteuern . Mit Hilfe von Daten hilfreich durch die gezahlten Handlanger der Atomkraft versorgt. Ich habe so ein persönliches Eigeninteresse , um das Datum zu fabrizieren !
Sie können sich nicht verrückt Zahlen sein ! Wie 400ppm . Dies ist biologischen Müll! Jeden Tag Photosynthese fort, bis es nur 2 ppm Kohlendioxid in der globalen Luft. Metabolisierenden die zusätzlichen 0,0004 % Kohlendioxid Mann Mitteilungen .
Durch das Verbrennen der fossilen Energieträger ! Das waren aktiv Biologie in der Vorgeschichte . Jetzt sind die aktiven Umgebung Meere die Schaffung von mehr Leben. Es sieht nicht mehr Kohlendioxid in der globalen Luft.
Ein solches Konzept hätte nennen eine 11 -jährige High-School- Schulkind ! Es ist völliger Quatsch . Der Mann, der mit dem Konzept kam plötzlich gestorben ! Und ist nicht für Fragen zur Verfügung .
Die , wenn Sie dies lesen, haben Sie hohe Schule. Und Sie lernen, dass die Photosynthese begrenzt die freie Kohlensäure in der Luft. Das gilt heute wie vor zwei Jahrhunderten.
Die EU verfügt über Rollen für sein wettbewerbswidrige Steuern. Das ist genau das , was die Kohlenstoffsteuern sind . Entwickelt, um den Energiemarkt zu Gunsten der Kernkraft der giftigsten Industrie, die jemals geben wird wärmen.
In einem Kreis von außergewöhnlicher natürlicher Schönheit : Das ist der weltweit größte Lager giftiger radioaktiver Abfälle in Sellafield erstellt. Eine anständige Erdbeben und der Norden von England wird für 100.000 Jahre unbewohnbar sein .
Die EU hat 128 Milliarden Euro aus den Kohlenstoffsteuern angehoben. Die völlig falsche biologisch unmöglich Müll. Kohlendioxid-Werte werden als weltweiten Durchschnitt von nur zwei Teilen pro Million fixiert.
Also jedes Unternehmen in Europa kann es in Kohlenstoffsteuern zurückfordern ! Von der Europäischen Union und die zuvor von den nationalen Regierungen . Tony Blair Strahlen ¼ Milliarden britischen Pfund Steuern aus biologisch unmöglich Kohlenstoffsteuern .
Kohlendioxid-Konzentration in der Luft am Nachmittag über die Landschaft oder offene Meer sind bei einem Preis von Industrie 2 ppm . Jedes Unternehmen in Großbritannien hat einen massiven Anspruch gegen die EU und gegen die britische Regierung .
All das Unternehmen ist die von den zu den KohlenstoffsteuernBankrott haben einen noch massiveren Forderung gegen die britische Regierung.
Die EU hat als bezahlte Handlanger der Atomkraft gehandelt . Die giftigsten Industrie, die jemals geben wird . Die Verletzung seiner eigenen Wettbewerbsrecht . Und jede Person, die für die europäische Regierung arbeitet tat ​​Gymnasium Biologie !
So waren sich bewusst, dass Kohlenstoffsteuern durch biologische Müll.

Jonathan Thomason

EU climate change

31 March 2014
                Only a moron would sign a treaty that restricted A country’s economic activity by the estimates of the gas in the air.
                And biology is the world over have measured the average carbon dioxide level in the global air as a static 2 parts per million.  Levels in the rush hour is over cities have no global significance.  Too small an area!  To the transient a spike in carbon dioxide.
                The measure which could have affected the weather is a global average.  It hasn’t!  And since 1880 photosynthesis has ensured the global average is a static 2 parts per million.  In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth sea levels 60 metres lower and twice the level of carbon dioxide in the global air.
                In the 3 natural ice ages carbon dioxide was at four times today’s present trace level.  Who ever made up man made climate change was totally ignorant about biology and prehistory.  They knew about physics!
                On behalf of nuclear power-the most toxic and least green industry that will ever exist.
                In the Permian there was 1000 year ice age with five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                In order to low be a carbon tax there must have been a change of carbon dioxide levels in the air.  Says levels fell at the end of the little ice age there hasn’t been!  Man is industry has increased active biology on earth-not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the global air.
                A European climate change tax can only be levied on measured changes of carbon dioxide in the air.  And there hasn’t been any ever due to man.
                The little ice age sore the natural increase of carbon dioxide to four parts per million.  So the EU can raise a massive back tax on nature if we go back over 230 years.  It is that stupid!
                Climate change was a new fiction of nuclear power as the world so obviously started cooling 1995.  For no explained reason!  To a static carbon dioxide levels in the air.
                The natural climate warmed for nine years.  Is has been cooling for 19.  One would hope the European legislature’s Hadr at some stage walked out of the front door and experienced the natural weather.

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Biological fiction

30 March 2014
                In prehistory all the fossil fuels were active biology.  The Jurassic had 65% more active life, sea levels 60 metres lower and twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                In the modern epoch carbon dioxide is usually limited to only two parts per million: we sore the spike of 4ppm in the little ice age.  Carbon dioxide reacts to the wax and wane of photosynthesis.  Which in turn follows the natural weather!
                Harvard University confirmed August 2010 that average global carbon dioxide was a preindustrial levels.  The so who is talking about higher carbon dioxide levels?  That is biological nonsense.
                Global photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide into extra life on earth.  0.0004% a day every day since industrial revolution.
                The last I heard somebody Americans talk about 400 parts per million(0.0004) carbon dioxide in the air.  We would need about two per cent carbon dioxide in the air.
                I pointed out that photosynthesis prevented more than the two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air.  The next day and they said they had checked the date and it was definitely 200ppm.
                So previous number was wrong dioxide to two.  Nature does not do exact was four was a 100.  Photosynthesis proceeds every day until carbon dioxide levels fall below two parts per 1,000,000.
                So mankind can have no affect on global carbon dioxide levels.  I never did get back from them again!  Carbon emissions are PR by nuclear power.
                They are sheer fabrication.  And have no significance.  It is the static average carbon dioxide levels in the air which might have affected the weather-if there was only 2% carbon dioxide in the air.
                There is only 0.000002% carbon dioxide in the air.  Strangely enough no physicist or discuss basic biology!  And they know nothing about the global weather systems.  They know about physics.
                But nuclear power faers and to talk rubbish about the global weather systems.  The
                The weather warmed naturally until 1995.  It has been cooling ever since.  2005 was not even a one year in Asia.  You see global warming is the global weather systems!
                Photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide to a static 2ppm every evening since the little ice age ended.  Then a carbon dioxide levels were at twice the level!
                The Jurassic had 4ppm carbon dioxide in the air through the warm periods.  Three natural ice ages.  The carbon dioxide at the8ppm.
                The Permian had 1000 year ice age there carbon dioxide at 10ppm.  Since 1880 the global average carbon dioxide level has been 2theppm.
                The fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  As man has burned these, within 5 minutes the organic carbon has ended up as extra plant biomass.  Removing the carbon dioxide from the air.
                I keep pointing out: A static trace gas affects nothing.  It certainly doesn’t cause the weather to warm for nine years, and then call for the next 19.  The natural climate change we are seeing today is global cooling.
                How curious that the professors of physics with large research contracts to nuclear power had decided to call this period ‘man-made climate change’.  It is actually ‘natural climate cooling’.
                Again global carbon dioxide levels in the afternoon air all around the world have been static throughout the industrial revolution.  As plants metabolise carbon dioxide, to support all life on earth.
                Now we do not need to burn fossil fuels.  If we drill down only 10 metres to a magma chamber, we get an endless stream of superheated water with heavy metal powder in.
                We locate a magma chamber by tracing a river source back using ground sonar.  We remove the gold and platinum etc., And generate free unlimited amounts of electricity.  As a small vent will transform the water into steam at 240° C.
                Power and gold!  No fossil fuel bound.  An utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  The water is heated by the earth’s core-for free!  We pay them for the bore hole, the generating equipment-the nature provides the steam for free.  For ever.
                All the European politicians take note: this is a free Energy System that uses no carbon dioxide, but yields gold and platinum.
                By promoting man made climate change politicians are doing PR for nuclear power.  And make themselves look very stupid!
                A first year is science student realises photosynthesis controls the level of free carbon dioxide in the air.  The most man can do is increase active life on a.
                Climate change targets are signal a brain dead politicians!  They have no grounding in the real world.  Because carbon dioxide is a static trace gas!  That has no impact on the world weather systems.

Jonathan Thomason

Not carbon

30 March 2014
                In the Permian 1000 year ice age carbon dioxide levels were at 10 parts per million-five times today is paltry two parts per 1,000,000.
                In the modern epoch global photosynthesis reduces the Irish carbon dioxide level in the air to only 2 ppm every afternoon.
                All the fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  Burning them ensures the active plant life again within 5 minutes!  A static trace gas affects nothing.
                In the Jurassic age there was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  A generally warm period.  Except flow of three natural ice ages when average carbon dioxide spiked at 8 pp them.
                1986 saw the year Chernobyl!  So professors with large research such contracts to nuclear power ready for writing papers on carbon dioxide and the weather.  In the hope of inducing new nuclear plants.  And global death.
                Then in 1995 the climate moved into a natural cooling phase.  Ever since industrial revolution average carbon dioxide levels in the air have been limited to only 2 parts per million.  In the little ice age there were at twice the level!
                2004 was a naturally bad hurricane year.  So nuclear power moved their science fiction on two ‘man made climate change’.  The natural climate change we are seeing is global cooling.
                So we are being asked to believe that a static trace gas made the weather warm for nine years.  There for 17 years it as it cool!  There years no man made climate change.
                A static trace gas affects nothing.  So is obviously nothing to do carbon dioxide.
                Know if we drill down only 10 metres, we can get to the river of water each so, this planet.  That is superheated and laden with gold dust.  We drill down to this water.  We remove the gold and platinum.
                We then generate unlimited electricity.  Nature will not even notice-mankind’s energy uses are so tiny.  This energy used to drive volcanic it eruptions and earth quakes.  So make a safer world, generate free power, and get at the 411 million tonnes of gold.
                Almost mining has only ever yielded 200,000 tonnes.  Gold is strictly speaking a pollutant on getting hold of the superheated water to generate free electricity.

Jonathan Thomason

Doubling Hydro Electric

30 March 2014
                When I was looking around the pumps storage plant in Wales in 1983, I learned that the turbine hall in a hydroelectric plant give off gamma wave radiation.  And the exit water contained bubbles of helium and oxygen.
                This made no sense until the cold fusion work in 2000!  High pressure water in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion:
1                     H2O+T->He+O+gwr+E
So a hydroelectric power station does nuclear fusion!  The emission of gamma wave radiation and the results from molecular fusion of fission.  And there is no source of radioactive decay!  So we are doing nuclear fusion.
This explains why the exit water is heated!  There there is no source of combustion.  The temperatures produce are below 80° C.  So there is no water boiling involves.
                Because of the low temperatures they make the turbulence from aluminium alloy.  No titanium is required.  But titanium Face Centred Cubic metal.  Which capitalises nuclear fusion.
                Platinum also capitalises nuclear fusion.  But to no greater extent!  So when academics started researching cold fusion, they are instantly he its waste of platinum electrodes.  To make the process log economically an attractive.
                To ensure they get research funding from nuclear fission.  The development of terrestrial nuclear fusion totally destroys nuclear fission from uranium.
                If we titanium plate the an immune alloy turbine blades, we will double the heat output from a hydroelectric power station.  The cost of one electro plate is 800 UK pounds-for ever!
                Burning fossil fuels is a defective way.  To do nuclear fusion.  Yes we do produce helium gas: a process which is linked to the flame pressure.
                But we also oxidise carbon to carbon dioxide.  Which is endothermic!  Nature demonstrates a far better way.
                Heavy rain converts rain drops into helium and oxygen gases.  With energy and gamma wave radiation.  It also builds up A charge difference between the ground and the cloud tops.
2              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E+gwr
                Of the particles collect above the clouds.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  When we have a potential of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike.  That produces 5 tonnes of helium gas from regular water.  We also see the creation of ozone-from the free radical oxygen released.
                Setting up a 2 CM steam plasma in a glass tube, should release between 6 and 40 MW.  Turning the regular water into helium and oxygen gases.
                The three hydrogen nuclei combine with electrons.  To form neutrons.  These bond with the heavier atomic nuclei, to cause them to fission into more hydrogen!  Which are then fissions into heat and light.
                So the steam plasma produces only heat and light.  No radioactive waste.  Above four atmospheres the plasma self sustains once initiated.  By a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts.
                From regular non enriched water!  Their free Energy System!  Recind no radioactive waste.  Present nuclear power produces intermittent continental toxic death, and stop and also the most toxic substances on earth.
                Our ancestors will pay for 100,000 years had a handle this waste.  Nuclear power is the most toxic industry that will ever exist.  A has left no money behind to pay to cope with its toxic waste.  So it is also are the most uneconomic industry ever.
                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Restoring prehistoric life to the active environment.  It does not leave any toxic waste behind!  The carbon dioxide is metabolised by plants within 5 minutes.  Into active biomass.
                The earth’s core produces an endless river of superheated water.  When we get the stock to the surface he can extract the gold dust dissolved in the water, and use the clean steam to generate unlimited free electricity.
                It is an even cheaper industry that nuclear fusion!  Nuclear fission from uranium is so highly uneconomic and toxic!  It should be illegal around the earth.
                The river of water runs around the earth’s core, produces a limitless electricity-that even undercuts Hadr Electric Power.  Which requires significant Capital Investment.

Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The cheapest power on earth


29 March 2014

                Is from a steam plasma!  This does loads of molecular nuclear fusion.  Burning oil and gas only does a little:

1                     CH4+O2+T->CO2+H2O & CO2+(He+O+E)

The omens are molecular nuclear fusion we do is pressure linked.  So as the Russians had demonstrated on a hydrogen flame.  A higher pressure flame of fossil fuels is a most exothermic.  We bias the burning reaction to was the production of helium.

                Here the turbulence is produced by the burning flame.  The oxidation of carbon is endothermic and way he would really like to avoid it.  That is exactly was a steam plasma does

2                     H2O+e-+e+->2H++O2-+T->He2++O2-+E2+gwr

Lightning demonstrates that a partial steam plasma 1.5 kilometres long produces 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  6 MW/m.  This makes Alaska or oil totally redundant.  We would rather not produce carbon dioxide anyway”

Though in truth this gas does boosts active biology on earth.  It increases active life.  The fossil fuels were last active biology in prehistory.  We have all the mass extinctions so very nearly extinguish life on earth.

This steam plasma takes 2000 volts to set up.  Above four atmospheres it converts regular water into helium and oxygen gases-there are 6 MW per fusion reaction.  So we are going to get at least a constant 40 MW from a one metre glass tube.

                Three will run a 100 MW power station.  With no fossil fuel bound.  And no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.

                Every biological organism on earth produces helium and free radical oxygen, emitting gamma wave radiation as it does molecular nuclear fusion.  This is biology!  Physics have no comprehension of this!

                They are so ignorant of photosynthesis that they believe that man has any control over carbon dioxide levels in the air.  But he each day photosynthesis converts extra carbon dioxide into active biology-removing it from the air.

                Carbon dioxide is us a static trace gas.  That supports all biology.  Is has no impact on the weather.  Burning fossil fuels is a very defective way to do molecular nuclear fusion.

                This is why hydrocarbon refineries give off nuclear radiation, as we have the turbulent interaction of hydrocarbons.  That produce helium!  And lower atomic mass hydrocarbons.  Ammonia refineries also produce helium and free nitrogen.  As they made gamma wave radiation.

                There is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air the your breathing.  That is lost to space every day.  And replace the nuclear fusion going on throughout nature around the earth.  It is such basic science.

                And regular water is free!  The equipment costs under five UK pounds to construct.  I will drive a regular steam turbine.  There rating no carbon dioxide.  Producing no toxic radioactive waste! 

                A steam plasma tube does both the nuclear fusion of hydrogen, but then the nuclear fission of helium and hydrogen.  So we only produce energy!  No toxic waste.

3                     2H+->He2+

4                     H++e- ->n0

5                     1H++r n0 ->1+rH+->E4+gwr

6                     He2++s n0->2+sHe2+ ->1+tH++1+uH+->E4+gwr

Lets try that in English.  The hydrogen atoms to fuse to form helium.  But they also bond with and free electrons to form neutrons.  Those neutrons enrich the hydrogen and helium atoms.

                The hydrogen fissions into energy and gamma wave radiation.  The helium isotopes are radioactive, and fission into radioactive isotopes of hydrogen.  Which fission into heat and gamma wave radiation.

                The oxygen atoms.  In the same way as the helium atoms.  We are fission chain into hydrogen.  And then heat and gamma wave radiation.

                So if we give regular water.  And above four atmospheres the plasma was started self sustains.  Converting the whole of the water molecule into heat and low power nuclear radiation.  Lower power than a present power station produces!  Via 1.

                So this is a clean Energy System!  We feed in water.  We get out heat.  Which are used to drive a steam cycle.  No fossil fuel burn required!  No Alaskan Oil.

                And utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  We don’t even liberate 3helium.  It fissions away into heat and light/gamma wave radiation!

                We enrich nothing!  We have no radioactive materials to handle.  No toxic death to factor in.  Nuclear power never factored in the decommissioning costs of its nuclear plants.

                They meltdown the require no decommissioning!  They do spray of their radioactive waste across a continent.  Causing 20,000,000 early deaths from cancer etc..

                Lightning burst and nuclear fusion from moist air for 3.8 billion years.  The emission of gamma wave radiation and production of helium is already scientifically published.

                Key is no chemical source of either.  And no source of nuclear fission.  Lightening produces 3helium which is lost to space within 24 hours.  A less efficient Energy System.

                Burning oil or gas is so 20th century!  To increase the energy emission of the fossil fuels cycle, just pressurise the gas is before ignition.  And titanium plate the boiler plate.  This to measure as warm all the quadruple the heat produced.

                But the steam plasma is still 100 times more exothermic.  And water is free!  Fossil fuels are not.

Jonathan Thomason

Revoke those degrees

29 March 2014
                Every high school pupil in the world realises that global photosynthesis limits of the carbon dioxide in the air.  In the Jurassic there were fewer fossil fuels, but 65% more active biology.  And sea levels 60 metres lower.
                So there never could be any manmade global warming.  As realised by every academic scientist on the planet.  Yet by 1990 90% of high degrees were been justified by manmade global warming.
                Then the world started cooling 1995.  So all those Ph.D is the spurious fiction!  Carbon dioxide levels have been static says levels fell at the end the little ice age.
                As known by every person who have been awarded a Ph.D.  For writing spurious fiction on behalf of nuclear power.  It is wrong that they were never awarded a Ph.D.!
                These anti scientific awards should be revoked.  Manmade climate change is nuclear speak for natural global cooling.
                That so obviously doesn’t have anything to do the static trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  Yet the UK is another major global target for nuclear power wanted to build new facilities.
                The most toxic and prohibited technology of earth.  Nice has been prohibited by Japan and Germany.  I am fairly sure the Japanese comparable prohibit Japanese Company is from being involved in a nuclear consortium anywhere in the world.
                Japan is an export driven country, which is cease to explore goods to England if the Japanese Company tries seriously to site a nuclear facility here.
                Hinkley B is operating for teen years after his planning consent had failed.  Sizewell B is operating the totally in sufficient insurance.  Any new facility in the game would be subject to a royal commission.
                If order to get planning consent.  Such commission would reject a proposal.  And every person would never have I done to these products ever again.
                No nuclear facility in the UK is operating legally.  It is legally unsafe to prepare actually extend planning consent I nuclear facility.  He’s come plants are designed to fail after 25 years.
                So an existing nuclear facility would require a total rebuild-and or royal commission.  Nuclear power and fears royal commissions-as they would refuse consent.
                Nuclear power in the UK is operating illegally.  And the law or cannot be bought!  The house of lords has a legal supremacy in the UK.  Any logic containable the question about why Hinkley point and Sizewell are still operating!
                The power station regulator is failing in its legal oversight to nuclear power.  And polluting plants to continue operating illegally.

Jonathan Thomason