Friday, 31 January 2014

Clearing diabetes

31 January 2014
                I just had the little discussion with a diabetic over the Internet.  He bought my High Intensity UltraSound device-a commercially available ultrasound massage device of 1 MHZ >3 W.
                Diabetes is not linked to your sugar/carbohydrate intake.  It is caused by a fragment of a virus distracting insulin secretion.  After the main infection is cleared, the viral rump stay behind in the pancreas.  Incorrectly turning off insulin secretion.
                Applying HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage for 30 seconds clears this.  And the diabetes vanishes.  My diabetic friend was bubbles that he did not experience the burn.
                This tells you that the diabetes, heart disease or cancer is cleared.  He did not apply the ultrasound to the correct area.  It must be the bottom right of the rib cage.
                For thyroid trouble apply to the centre left base of the rib cage.  For the same time.
                For cancer, heart disease and diabetes also applied to the liver and arm pits.  As a viral rump come later in the lymph system and recolonise the affected organ.
                Seen these diseases lift lights up the individuals’ face.  It is the greatest joy on my life.  No lifetime shooting insulin or taking medication.
                Half a minutes of HIUS clears the diabetes for ever.  Diabetes is not linked to sugar intake.  It is caused by fragments of previous infection.
                I have just watched a Horizon TV programme.  A diet of high sugar or high fat  Is deeply unhealthy.  Your body needs both.  Yes you need surely as an carbohydrates for energy.  The body is markedly less efficient at burning fat and protein.
                The danger food is 50:50 fat and sugar.  So I must stop eating cheese cake instantly.  Otherwise your body self regulates your appetite.  Even fat and sugar tracks your body into perpetual eating of the fluid.
                So to America: eat some sugars and carbohydrates.  That way you will keep your weight down.
                Run the HIUS device over your stomach.  As viral rumps was you to gain weight.  You don’t need any viral rumps.  The coals the diseases of age.  Heating sugar does not.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing human infection

31 January 2014
                The Ultramar medicine is to engage in utilises the human immune system.  This is easy to do!  We give a drip of interleukin two and four.  If you do not have access to Bio chemistry, can utilises a personal ultrasonic massage devise.
                3 W 1 MHZ ultrasound works: but I utilises 5 W.  8 W devices are readily available for under 20 UK pounds.  3 W devices for under £10.00.
                To survive and grow in the own body, a pathogen cell must be overinflated!  To induce cell division.  Multi cellular life is formed at the stem cells-where there cells are adopting into position.
                Only in the womb does the human baby utilised single cell type division.  Life childbirth is a viral addition to our reptilian nature.  One of our ancestors utilised by a fragment of viral DNA.  Which is where mammals diverged from reptiles.
                Reptiles do not get cancer for this reason!  Cancer like viruses have overinflated cell types and utilised single cell type division.
                Bacterial genome is copied by the B cells-thinking they are empathic organisms.  Doing useful stuff better than the body can do.  The B cells give them a minimal cell wall.  They copy the bacteria, as again they have an inflated cell type.
                High intensity ultrasound causes 14oC heating of body cells in 30 seconds.  But inflated cell sites heat up past 120° C, and fragment explosively.  The cell fragments are cleared routinely by the inactive immune system.
                In 2002 the Moffitt medically published hundred patient double blind trial on utilising HIUS to clear prostate cancer.  This works for all cancers cells-which share an inflated nature.
                The cell fragmentation is so explosive it damages body cells within a two cell radius.  This fires up the immune system.  To produce IL-1+ -the active form of IL-1.  This produces IL-2…21.
                My immune drip causes activation of the IL-1, and so production and other lower cytokines (IL-2…21).  So we produce a full immune action.  I came up with this idea before I knew about HIUS.
                HIUS devices are licensed to clear scarring and wrinkles.  The defective cells have contacted, and fragment under HIUS.  I first utilised the 150 W 40 kHz.  They now utilises one MHZ ultrasound.  Such devices are medically licensed.
                They do not interact with biochemical treatments in any way.  They just clear the infection-including the diseases of age.  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, iBS, Huntington Korea.  It should also work with crohn’s disease.
                Applied to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute-HIUS will cure all infections..  Which stops development of the diseases of age.
                Applying interleukin two and four to any patient with an illness (including HIV) will produce the human antibody to heart disease.  Pills of this drug will cure other individuals other diseas.
                There are six enzymes common to all infections and cancer.  One course of the antibody pills should start the clearance of cancer.  I do not know how it causes will totally clear the cancer.
                Certainly why should start the clearance, and the immune action will continue without further pills, until it is cleared.
                These pills will work for all 200 types of cancer out there.  Proprietary biochemical treatments are defective medicine-and no practicing GP is allowed to prescribe them.
                For last 12 years such prescriptions from and to the immediate disqualification of the GP involved.  All the biochemical drug companies are instantly unethical companies and will go immediately bankrupt.
                Production of the human antibody pills to infection will have a continuing market for ever!  Curing the common cold is a massive income stream.  Is also turns out to be the cure to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Jonathan Thomason

Modern supersonic flight

31 January 2014
                I explain molecular nuclear fusion in my book
ISBN 13716855
Natural Nuclear Fusion on Earth by Jonathan M Thomason
                Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion
1                     H2O+T->He+O+E2+gwr         
This process scales with steam pressure.  So in a jet exhaust we do loads of molecular nuclear fusion.  Super charging him with aviation fuel is a way to increase the murder nuclear fusion we do.
But this increases of carbon dioxide production.  And centiliters soot we inject a far simpler and more effective way to increase the amount of nuclear fusion media, is to inject regular water.
                As this boils we do 1 majorally.  As simply demonstrated as a kettle boils, and we measure the allergic gamma wave radiation with a Geiger counter.
                So all be as a service Concordes can be returned to service, fairly no two of the fuel tanks with a regular water.  So reducing the amount of aviation fuel we burn.  We now produce no soot.
                Rather than Mach 2, the new Concordes fire at Mach 10.  The cost of a ticket to cross the Atlantic will be halved.
                We can replace the turbine blades with Nimonics: I used to work at Inco.  So I know all about turbine blade manufacturing.  We gave the turbine blades a coating of titanium.
                It will not have the required bulk strength; but forms weak hydrogen bombs with the passing steam.  And this will double the amount of nuclear fusion we do.  We can now run the engine of high temperature.
                This exponentially raises them and a nuclear fusion we do.  We can replace the flames with ceramic blades.  With a surface coating of TiO-itself a ceramic.
                We can now run the engine at 2000° C.  Rather than just for 200° C.  This will make the engine run at Mach 20.
                The water injection idea will take a week to perfect.  And we can prove the science in the laboratory in a month.
                So we can returning Concorde to service in six months.  A return ticket to the U.S. costing 800 UK pounds.  $1,200.
                We kept the streamlined nose or Concordes with ceramic tiles.  And replaced the dropping nose with a the HD video camera for safe landing.  With radar sensors.  The

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 30 January 2014

They climate is not man.

30 January 2014
                Global photosynthesis has resulted in a static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air since the little ice age ended.  During an ice age there was twice as much carbon dioxide in the air-as I was less photosynthesis.
                We can say it with absolute certainty that carbon dioxide has no affect on the weather: it certainly doesn’t warm it.  Static trace gases affect nothing.
                So people who invoke ‘climate change’ are really is speaking nuclear speak about the natural weather!  Nuclear power causes intermittent nuclear winters around the planet.  As it creates massive continental toxic death.  The least green industry that will ever be permitted on earth!
                Fukushima demonstrated that insurance cover of $100,000,000,000 is appropriate.  But no commercial insurance above one billion dollars is available. 1% of that required for the plant to get an operating licence.
                So no privatized nuclear facility in the world is running illegally!  There is also no available storage capacity for the used fission rods in the UK.
                So British nuclear power is in contravention of its operating licence.  Hinkley Point is only licensed to operate until 1990.  So it is 3 times over illegal
                The magnox stations were shut down 2010 four operating illegally outside their planning consent.  EDF there is fines of 100,000,000 pounds for each plant the operated illegally for a year!  Six billion UK pounds.
                And the senior manager and it DF get a 10 year custodial sentence for each year of illegal operation.  As detailed above there is no legal nuclear power in England.

Jonathan Thomason

Hypersonic jet

30 January 2014
                A jet engine cover as a fusion fuel to form carbon dioxide and steam:
1              CmH2n+(m/2+n)O2+T->mCO2+n(H2O+E+gwr)
                So it is a roundabout way of doing molecular nuclear fusion steam turbines two
2              H2O+T->He+O+E+gwr
                This is why man generate electricity for apparently using a turbine.  It does molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why the steam the turbine it generates helium gas and emits gamma wave radiation.  And massive amounts of energy.
                If we inject aviation fuel into the jet exhaust, some of it combusts.  So do more molecular nuclear fusion.  This is a very inefficient way of increasing the nuclear fusion a titanium does.
                A 10 fold energy increase will be achieved by injecting water drops into the jet exhaust.  Using a thistle water injection system.  So injecting regular water is a more efficient way of increasing jet engine thrust.  A massively less expensive.
                We do not increase the level of carbon dioxide produce by engine-compared to regular jet.  In fact as a jet travels 10 times quicker, we reduce the carbon dioxide output by a factor of 10.
                This is stupendously easy to set up a does in the laboratory!  We need a toy jet engine.  And a fatal injection system.
                It is as simple modification to make to existing Jones.  It will easily transform an Airbus 380 into the world’s first commercial hypersonic plane.  We all need to encase the front of the jet in a ceramic tiles.
                A sharp nose-such as Concorde had.  Was never utilised by the Space Shuttle.  Even though the shuttle traveled very rapidly.
                It will be possible to modify out of service Space Shuttles to run as hypersonic launch craft.  And RE enter the earth’s atmosphere under power.
                I heard two weeks ago that they are modifying Concorde to re-enter service.  Presumably using water injection.

Jonathan Thomason

legally unsafe

30 January 2014
                We have the legally stupid situation where the AMA/GMC carry Medical Insurance for the war contravening the Hippocratic Oath.  Yet there bodies oversees the Hippocratic Oath!
                This is legally unsafe!

Jonathan Thomason

Sue the Dr.

30 January 2014
                If a relative or family, or even yourself has undergone prostate cancer surgery since 2002.  You can sue for legal redress in the courts for ‘application are defective medicine’.
                On that date the Moffitt cancer centre medically published the clearance of prostate cancer using a single non intrusive application of ultrasound.  Is has a 100% effectiveness rate.
                Of state cancer is mediaeval mutilation, and is only 85% effective: it is defective medicine.  It is likely the Medical Insurance is carried by the body which oversees the Hippocratic earth.  The GMC or AMA-in the UK and regular respectively.
                Any medic applying or revising of prostate surgery is instantly disqualified from medical registers.  The AMA etc. actually carry the insurance they oversee.  This is medically unsafe.
                The same idea works for all cancers: they all share an inflated cell structure not found in body cells.  So all cancers are cleared by a single application of HIUS.
                I mean biochemical treatments is to applying defective medicine: with the tacit approval of the GMC etc…
                The AMA and the cannot defend the action!  As they carry the insurance.  Medical work is available over the Internet..  150 W ultrasound is equally as effective as 1 MHZ.
                People are applying their own HIUS-hands cancer rates are crashing.  The same idea also works for coronary heart disease and diabetes.  Lot disease apply the HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidney years.
                I have personally demonstrated a 100% clearance rate of diabetes by applying the HIUS to the bottom right of the chest.  Monday at 10.30 AM I am at St Clement’s Church applying free HIUS.
                This will in no way affect any biochemical treatment that is being used to kill you.  Come along and be cured!  It is a St Clement’s Church in Ordsall, Salford.  150 W ultrasound is equally as effective as 1 MHZ.
1 Mhz ULTRASOUND MASSAGER - ultrasonic massage therapy, pain relief, slimming

1 Mhz ULTRASOUND MASSAGER - ultrasonic massage therapy, pain relief, slimming

Express delivery available

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gold & free limitless power

29 January 2014
                Gas and oil burning are massively overpriced!  And extract the fossil fuels from politically unstable countries.  Nuclear power can’t compete with fossil fuel burning.
                They tried to disguise their toxic uneconomic nature by illegally ground storing the used fission rods.  In 20 years there will go bankrupt bankrupt!  Leaving our descendants were coping with no toxic waste.
                Which will remain they fall for 100,000 years.
                Their free carbon as energy source is geothermal steam!  The river of water that circulates on the earth’s mantle dissolves heavy metals including gold.
                And even 10 metres below the surface, it still has a limit saturation of heavy metals and is at 250° C.
                We locate a magma pocket using ground sonar.  And drill down direct to this water.  When we vent it to 8.2 atmospheres, it boils!  We pass through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  And this removes all the heavy metal powder.
                We sell this on for processing into ingots.  40% of it will be gold.  Enrich goal that generates no toxic radioactive waste .seam that man can mines today is 0.1% gold.  There is also processing to extract the gold powder.
                We are geothermal steam there is just so much gold!  It will rapidly lose its value, and be cheaper option for kitchen for an aluminium powder.  It will be less reactive and cheaper.
                Today in a geothermal mine will extract $300,000 for gold a month.  This is not going to do Permian for the price of gold!  In two years the same cold will be worth $800.  Destined for the kitchen foil market.
                The clean steam is ideal to generate electricity.  We get limitless gold at over 40° C8 0.2 atmospheres.  We drive a steam turbine.  They cool the the steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.
                We heat the inlet steam up to 800° C is in the waste exit steam.  The Carnot heat pump will consume 2% of the generated electricity.  But triples the power output of the plant.
                Today in its geothermal plant will raise two and $850,000 per month for generating electricity.  In two years’ time we will only get $600,000.  This is a major output!
                Fee, zero carbon, limitless electricity.  The earth’s mantle without even noticed mankind has chernobil energy consumption.  Today and their waste and dies volcanoes and earthquakes.  And otherwise goes to waste.
                Nobody in their right mind would ever think of burning overpriced fossil fuels.  Gold watch anybody?

Jonathan Thomason

Cured today

29 January 2014
                In 2001 as a my Ph D into Chemical Engineering.  I suggested high power ultrasound as a novel treatment to restrict cancer growth.  I was wrong.
                The Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated High Intensity UltraSound was a one appointment cure to cancer.  This is known to all practicing doctors and academics.  It works on the inflated structure of all 200 cancers out there.
                It will even work on peps are livestock cancer
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Face Facial Skin Body Massage Massager 1MHZ

Ultrasonic Ultrasound Face Facial Skin Body Massage Massager 1MHZ

From Hong Kong

                There are other devices out there.  This will clear all single cell structures from the human body.  Apply it to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute it will cure all infections.
                A HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidneys clears coronary heart disease: the world’s biggest killer.  No medic has argued with this idea.
                I applied to the bottom right of the chest it clears all science of diabetes.  Again for only ½ minute.  The standard treatment time.
                Ultrasound clears all single cell structures.  A growing embryo grows in a single cell way-until its day of b.irth
                So why are we are applying a lower power ultrasound to pregnant women.  Unless we restrict the power and duration we are going to increase the miscarriage rates.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ultrasound does fusion

28 January 2014
                I used to work in metallurgical ultrasound 1983.  You apply 2 kW 40 kHz ultrasound to a metal forging.  And any crack shows up on photographic film below the forging.
                Photographic film reacts to light and nuclear radiation.  So a crack converts ultrasound to gamma waves/X rays.  I never thought about this!  We are doing nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen-water or fax.
1                     H2O+US->He+O+gwr/X-ray
The crack acts as a stress concentrator.  Ultrasound applied to a flask of water cause it to boil rapidly.  As you do loads of 1.
                But a crack doubles the affected matzinger the ultrasound!  And so cracks show up by emitting nuclear radiation, while the bulk ultrasound fluid is warmed.  At the crack you get a line of bubbles.
                I never analyse the gases produced!  Though I was at a university with a world reputation for gas analysis.  They would have been helium and oxygen.  As and definite about the production of heat and nuclear radiation.
                So we are doing nuclear fusion, from the compound of hydrogen.  At room temperature and pressure.  Your bar for at home is > 5W.  So 2 kW is not a lot of energy.
                Physics has just conned the world into providing $100,000,000,000 a year to build and run run the great hadron collider.
                The great justification was nuclear fusion.  No global warming ended naturally 1995.  Nothing to do man.  Everything to do with natural solar emission cycles.
                Man made climate change is the worst fiction in human history.  Global photosynthesis reduces free carbon dioxide to two parts per 1,000,000 every afternoon around the world.  A preindustrial level.
                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less efficient.  It left twice the carbon dioxide in the air!  4 ppm.  There was 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                As I keep a near to the world: there were three natural ice ages.  180, 600 and 700 hundred million years ago.  When carbon dioxide levels will have doubled.
                To eight times the present static level.  Burning the fossil fuels has restored prehistoric life to the active environment.  It as I have no possible affect on the weather.  Carbon dioxide levels are static!  At two parts per million.
                1983 I worked in nuclear fusion!  I thought I was working in metallurgical ultrasound.  Which transpires to be the same thing.
                So applying ultrasound to a waterfall will raise steam past.  We drive a steam cycle, and the ultrasound consumers 0.1% of the generated power.
                Producing no carbon dioxide and no toxic radioactive waste.  The 3helium is lost to space the same day.  The deep sea currents produce 100,000 times more naturally each day.
                The helium reacts to nothing, before being lost to space within 24 hours.  And totally clean free Energy System.  Which used to be my job!  31 years ago.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing diabetes

28 January 2014
                In March I walked into my church health group.  Carrying an ultrasonic massage device: I150 Watts 40 kHz.  Such devices are medically licensed to clear wrinkles-and no operator at the more affective 1 MHZ 5 W.  Why?
                Because in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre had applied High Intensity UltraSound to prostate cancer and got a one appointment cure.  Not a biochemical treatment leading to death.  A one appointment cure.
                So I wanted to know how it works!  I have to wait a month for my first Cancer patient.  It clears cancer pain and even the cancer itself in under a minute.  This works for all 200 types of cancer.  No surgery or Bio chemical death required.
                I saw Paul!  A 12 year insane dependent type two diabetic.  ‘what you got there?’ he asked.  I explained about the Moffitt work-and suggested it might help with his diabetes.
                ‘It won’t hurt or two harm will it?’ he checked.  Reassures,, because I was his friend here that we are applying ten seconds of HIUS.  This gave him a total remission or this diabetes for three days.  As confirmed by Salford royal hospital.
                The next week I gave him a 30 seconds!  I occasionally give him a top up, but there is no need.  The diabetes is gone.  Though you must HIUS the liver and the armpits.
                This works for all types of diabetes.  I have a 100% clearance rate-of 20 patients.  All the diabetics I knew.
                The next month I would they did the work for cancer.  It also clears coronary heart disease.
The HIUS must be applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys.  Plus the liver and arm pits.
                Every practicing GP on earth has faithfully promised to apply best medicine.  But they don’t!  They prescribed fatal Bio chemistry-which makes them loads of money that kills the patient.
                Such G P’s must be removed from the medical register.  Applied to the head high as cures MS.  Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  In ½ minute.

Jonathan Thomason

Nothing hard about nuclear fusion

28 January 2014
                Heavy rain turns some of the rain drops into helium and oxygen gases with massive heat and nuclear radiation.
1              2H2O+O2->He2++H2O+O32-+E3+gwr
                But this was taught to me on my master’s degree in to engineering 1982.  Academics ignore it; your to get research funding from nuclear fission.  The most toxic industry that will ever exist.
                The electrical charge acts as a giant battery!  The positive charge collects above the clouds, the negative charge falls to the ground.
                Well may have a potential of 5000 volts, a partial steam plasma tracks its way to the ground.  When it touches down, we get an up rush of hundred amps of electrons.  This converts ½ MW produced by the rain storm, into 2.5x1030 Watts as it produces 5 tonnes of helium gas.
                Loads of professors of physics will talk biological rubbish about man kind increasing the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  Global photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide to a preindustrial two parts per million.
                Annually 1040 Watts of energy is released into nature by nuclear fusion on earth.  Here we do molecular nuclear fusion.
                The nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions from compounds.  Usually water or steam, but also are sold in 1982 ammonia or hydrocarbons.  It is a that old a knowledge!
                Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.
2          CO2+3H2O+T->CH4+He+3O+E2+gwr
3          mCO2+(n+p)H2O+pO2->Cm(H2O)n+p(He+E2+gwr+O3) Cm(H2O)n= carbohydrates
                Without molecular nuclear fusion there would be no life on earth.  Man’s steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion
4              H2O+O2+T->He+E2+O3+E2+gwr

Jonathan Thomason

Your body does nuclear fusion

28 January 2014
As you heart beats some of the water in the blood is converted into helium, oxygen, energy and nuclear radiation
1 H2O+T->He+O+E2+gwr T= turbulence
As the mitochondria in every cell in your body produces energy, it takes in carbon dioxide releases methane, helium, oxygen and the energy you need to live
2 CO2+3H2O+T->CH4+He+3O+E2+gwr
This is not like the dangerous gamma wave radiation and X rays produce by nuclear fission from uranium.  Your body evolved to do safe levels of molecular nuclear fusion.  The gamma wave radiation escapes from the body having done a damage.
The higher energy nuclear radiation produced by nuclear fission does massive cell damage.
Levels do this Energy System!  Which is why we get a warm steam at the bottom of every waterfall over one metre high high:
3 H2O+T+O2->He+O3+E+gwr
Deep sea currents also do 3.  Photosynthesis is also a type of biological molecular nuclear fusion:
4 mCO2+(n+p)H2O+pO2->Cm(H2O)n+p(He+E2+gwr+O3) Cm(H2O)n= carbohydrates
Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion: this Energy System is intrinsic to biological life on earth.  Photosynthesis strictly limits the free carbon dioxide in the air.
As lightening does 4 it fixes trganic nitrogen which fertilise is all life on earth.
5 N+O2+H2O+E->H2NO3 so heavy rain produces nitric acids.  Without it there be no life on earth.
In contrast nuclear fission from uranium/plutonium is toxic to all life on earth.  It is Energy System nature does not use.
The above is known to every Ph.D. scientist researching nuclear fusion-on earth!  Lightening is a most exothermic type of nuclear fusion on earth.
Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike.  Which makes five terms of helium gas.  Which releases 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  As already mentioned this fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant life on earth.
Animal life is parasitic on plant life.  And converts oxygen (plant waste) into carbon dioxide (planned fluid).  Photosynthesis evolved at the end of the Permian.
The Permian mass extinction killed 90% of life on earth.  As carbon dioxide fell to only 1 part per 1,000,000.  There are more animals evolved to metabolise the oxygen.
Life on earth recovered.  In the Jurassic there was four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide (during a warm period).  There was 65% more life on earth compared to today.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower than today.
There were three natural ice ages: 180, 600 and 700,000,000 years ago air.  When carbon dioxide reached eight parts per 1,000,000!  Four times today’s present trace.
The majority of the deep coal deposits formed at the end of the cretaceous and Jurassic fears.  The fossil fuels formed as idiot natural fracking:
6 C+3H2O+T->CH4+He+3O+E+gwr
7 pCH4+rS->CmCnSr here n=2m+2-2r
This is the general equation for long chain hydrocarbons!
So nature to cause the carbon system, to do nuclear fusion, molecular nuclear fusion is a major Energy System on earth.
A 1m steam plasma does 3.  Lightning demonstrates that we are talking about 6 MW/m for a 2cm thick steam plasma.  So can substitute steam plasma tubes for all rows of gas or oil burners.
More exothermic!  And no carbon dioxide.  A flame of oil or gas does low levels of molecular nuclear fusion
8 CmHn+sO2->mCO2+t(He+O+E)+vH2O
The events are nuclear fusion we do skills with pressure.  This is why diesel engine’s outperform petrol engines-from a lower energy fuel.
It is doing more molecular nuclear fusion.  Interestingly enough petrol will spontaneously ignite and higher pressures than diesel oil.  It is then more exothermic.
If we titanium plate the working surfaces of an internal combustion engine we will double the amount of molecular nuclear fusion we are doing.  So more than double the power output.
As oxidising carbohydrates takes in energy!
9 CmHn+tO2->CO2+H2O-E
It is only two to the 8 we are doing, that burning petrol and diesel cues-so energy.  The enthalpy change are the oxidation of carbohydrates (without a flame) demonstrates that the process takes in heat.
Titanium plating a high performance racing car were aware that team beat of our lover racing teams., Polluting a Formula 1 race when no refuelling.
A car that uses a steam plasma tube does 3.  And aall transport the family all around town using a steam cycle.  With no fuel burn.
No petrol or diesel!  At home we he there reduce the system pressure, to tick over.  All we use the car to drive the house!  Removing all need for mains power.
A naval on of power plant can use 3 to generate all the power for a neighbourhood.  With no fossil fuel bound.  And no toxic nuclear fission.
Molecular nuclear fusion is the Energy System utilised by all biological life.  It is totally safe!  It causes none of the intermittent continental toxic death of present nuclear power.
It is the green Energy System.

Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 27 January 2014

Nature does nuclear fusion 6

27 January 2014
                On earth continuously through the year!  That is why there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air the your breathing.  Radioactive decay should only produce parts per trillion.
                The helium is lost to space and replaced every day.  1040 Watts of energy produced by nuclear fusion on earth every year.
                Green plants in light do it!  Your beating heart does it: here ‘it’ is a massively exothermic molecular nuclear fusion.  The deep sea currents and the venting of steam do it!  So man is chemical engines all do it.
                Which is why an engine exhaust contains helium.  There mean taking air contained nearly zero.  And the engine gives off gamma wave radiation and X rays as it works.
                The chaotic interaction of rain drops in heavy rain converts regular water into helium and oxygen.
                And yes, I realized that we have a spread of atomic masses of the helium and oxygen.  The oxygen ends up as ozone.  We have all felt the heat as far as the ozone.
                The positive charge collects above the clouds layer.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  When we have 5000 volts A partial steam plasma tracks its way from the air is to the ground.  Linking up electron holes.
                This converts the regular water into a partial steam plasma
                There has been heavy rain on earth for at least 3.8 billion years.  In prehistory there was four more lightning than today.
                When a steam plasma touches the ground, we get an up rush of the charge electrons.  This takes ½ MW of power to set up.  The 100 amps of electrons set of massive molecular nuclear fusion in the plasma body.
                Releasing 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  This happens an estimated once every 3 minutes around the world.  Fixing the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.  Which are limits free carbon dioxide to only 2 the parts per million in the global air.
                The weather only seas the global average!  There was a diesel engine exhausts are totally minuscule an insignificant.  Within 2 km green plants have converted this carbon into biology.                The
                Removing it from the air.  Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas.  I don’t know if there any of that 2ppm makes it to the stratosphere-where our weather is made.
                Carbon dioxide today is at the Prix industrial level.  Though Harvard University has noted that crop yields have increased by 15%.
                The Jurassic had twice the carbon dioxide in the air-photosynthesis was less developed.  There was 65% more active biology, and resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                There were three natural ice ages!  180, 600 and 700 million years ago air.  When carbon dioxide levels doubled again.
                Nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic, and least green industry that will ever exist on earth.  Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it.
                So all the Ph D students study nuclear fusion, had totally missed the massive natural amount of nuclear fusion going on around them.  And even within them!  If they possess a beating hearts.  Every cell of their body produces energy at the mitochondria.
                Which do biological molecular nuclear fusion
                So if we turned a Geiger counter on themselves they would find there were doing nuclear fusion as for their biology.
                The deal is: nuclear power for them to study.  Manmade and discover how to do nuclear fusion for a century.  Trouble is, nobody told nature.
                Molecular nuclear fusion is the most important Energy System on earth.  We get 1040 Watts of energy from it.  We only get 1060 from direct sun light.
                If their students don’t like essays on how to nuclear fusion this week, fire them.  They are dangerous in its.  Total nuclear stooges who are mentally defective.
                `I told Sheffield University England this 2001.  On the Chemical Engineering Ph.D..  They could not end it quickly enough!  I have never replied to any earlier power.
                Sheffield University get massive funding from nuclear power. QED.
                If we do offshore fracking we turn the deep coal deposits into methane and free radical oxygen.  We vent the oxygen to the air, and five the methane ensure.  The water the process brings up will be heavy.
                But no heavier than a water produced by the deep sea currents.  Here the flows of high pressure water do molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing helium and free radical oxygen.  And gamma wave radiation.
                So the water from fracking is incidental.  We can produce 2000 and years of natural gas from all the coal deposits.  Affecting nobody!  And all the heavy water will not even been noticed by nature.

                Clean green power.

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Fracking and radioactivity

27 January 2014
                People are under the erroneous impression that injecting higher pressure water into shales releases methane.  Water passing through coal deposits forms methane!
1              C+3H2O->CH4+He+O+E+gwr
                We need to separate out the methane and oxygen-or we get to geothermal explosion
2              CH4+O->CO2+2He+E2+gwr
                So we need to use copper equipment rather than iron, until we can separate the gases using a semi permeable membrane.  Oxygen has a high commercial value anyway!
                The carbon deposits were prehistoric life.  By burning the natural gas we increases active life on earth today.  In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth, and sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                There were three natural ice ages in the Jurassic!  180, 600 and 700 million years ago air.  Jurassic carbon dioxide levels were twice or they are today.  In the ice ages they rose to four times the level to be see today!
                Carbon dioxide is a climate follower!  Waxing and waning entirely by photosynthesis active biology on earth.
                We don’t need to inject high pressure water!  We senc high explosive down into a bore hole we had drilled at the end of a cold field.  We can locate these, as the natural geothermal water circulates the ed thege, turning the carbon into methane and gamma wave radiation!
                We detect the release of nuclear radiation.  We drill down, and then send down high explosive charge.  Which meant estimate of fracture the coal, and allow natural river of geothermal water to percolate through the carbon, and act for a bore hole.  As natural gas.
                This is why Fracking these to the enrichment of the natural water.  We send down 1H2O.  And get up 2/3H2O.
                The same process happens in that turbulent flow of high pressure water around the world: welcome to molecular nuclear fusion!
3              H2O->He+O+E2+gwr
                Hi to my blog followers at MIT.  There is work for you to do here.  The simplest way to study molecular nuclear fusion is via a steam plasma in a glass tube.  It only takes 2000 volts to initiate.
                And costs 10 UK pounds to study.  Which we use the Great Hadron collider’s $100,000,000,000 annual cost Mike in the worst investment of money ever.
                Every lightning strike makes five tonnes of helium gas every 3 minutes throughout the year around the earth.  As nature does molecular nuclear fusion.
                So methane formation of the end product of molecular nuclear fusion.  So we get gamma wave radiation.  And we get enriched a water isotopes.  These are produced every time your heart beats!
                Because your heart does biological molecular nuclear fusion 70 times a minute.  This is not the nuclear radiation produced by nuclear power.  Which is 200 times more penetrative and dangerous.
4              CO2+3H2O+T->CH4+He+4O2+O+gwr
                Every plant on earth in light does molecular nuclear fusion
5              mCO2+(3+n)(H2O+O2)->Cm(H2O)n+n(He+O3+gwr+E)
                The Fracking people need to use a sensitive Geiger counter, to determine the energy and Andrew jean power of the nuclear radiation produced.  They should stop injecting higher pressure solvents.
                And use the natural flow of geothermal water to turn prehistoric carbon deposits into almost free natural gas.

Jonathan Thomason

Total cure to arthritis

27 January 2014
                Arthritis is caused by genome left behind from fall infection.  My thanks go to Professor Weiner from Harvard for this insight.
                MS, arthritis and iBS are caused by a viral rump making inappropriate interleukin two.  This over stimulates local dendrites.  But there is no interleukin four-so they are untargeted.  A full immune system responds in clears both cytokines IL-2&4.
                If we give additional IL-4, we make an action the human antibody to the viral rump..  So we totally removes the rump causing diabetes.
                If we sample for the antibody, one course of these tablets will clear arthritis.  Until we catch it again!  From another infection.
                HIV makes three human chemokines-so surgery signals to the cytokines.  One course of the human antibody will clear the infection.
                The individual is unlikely to alter his behaviour.  So will catch it again in two years.  We clear the infection again!  HIV is that really trivial condition.
                We can do the same with arthritis.  But there is another answer!
                High Intensity UltraSound.  HIUS has been medically demonstrated to clear cancer.  In a single application.  This works for all cancer types-which share an inflated cell structure.  Not seen in body cells.
                HIUS does not affect body cells.  It is totally fatal to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Which today he is why I was only person at my church health group.  I have cured everybody else.
                If you live in Salford, come to saint clement’s at 10:30 am on Mondays; and be cures the cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and arthritis.
                The arthriti as shares the inflated cell structure of the full virus that it came from.  HIUS causes the cell to fragment.  Which induces an immune action to clear the offer rioters from the body.
                Rump infections do not produce an immune memory-so you can catch arthritis again.  The cheapest source of HIUS ultrasound, is an ultrasonic massage device
                Search for ‘1 MHz ultrasonic massage device cheapest’.  There he units out there and down to 10 UK pounds.
                Applying the ultrasound to your chest, throat and nose for ½ minute will cure all infections.  Applied externally to the cancer or arthritis it will cure the condition.
                Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears coronary heart disease.  To the bottom right of the chest it clears all science or diabetes.  Applied to the centre left base of the rib cage it clears thyroid problems.  No biochemistry ever required!
                Biochemical treatments contravenes the Hippocratic oath and prescribing these disqualifies the GP from the medical register.  I will have to look later at the bankruptcy rate of hell centres in the U.S..  They have just lost 98.5% of their income.
                Globally biochemical treatments have cold 100,000,000 patients says cancer was first cured using HIUS 2002: by the Moffitt cancer centre.  And medically published!  So enraged by every Dr. On the planet.
                All academics are all so familiar with the work.  HIUS applied to an arthritic joint clears the arthritis.  But the condition is very mobile!  I found it can take five applications to totally clear the disease.
                The best Bio chemistry offers are drunks which damp down the pain response of the immune system.  That is there for a reason!  It is better to totally clear the arthritis.
                I have found the asthma can take two applications to clear.  No he nearly use ever required after this!  How all the doctors making money?  They have lost other 99% of their income.
                In the UK in health centres get income from the UK government.  They should be reviewing the number of doctors they employed.  Disqualifying any who have ever have prescribed biochemical treatments for the diseases of age.
                Then paying for enough doctors to service the number of patients showing a blue serious illness as the health centre.  Doctors want to charge patients with trivial conditions.
                They weren’t!  As at is a little of the patient they get today.  They get no income stream at all.  Anywhere around the world!  That is why the GMC is so alarmed by the reduction in Dr. Numbers.
                But the vast majority of the doctors have intentionally killed their patients.  By prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.  They will be personally bankrupted, and receive 10 years in jail for each patient avoidably killed.
                8000 a year!  These are the longest jail sentences ever amassed by individuals.  Every avoidable death in care is a fine of 10,000,000 UK pounds.  Bankrupting all health centres on earth.
My also correct keeps suggesting ‘hell centres’.  It knows something that I don’t!

Jonathan Thomason