Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cancer is cured

30 November 2013
                The Americans are using high intensity ultrasound to cure all 200 cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  In heart disease you apply the ultrasound externally to the top left of the chest and also the kidneys.  Diabetes to the bottom right of the rib cage.
                Thyroid problems are cleared by applying HIUS to the centre left, bottom of the rib cage.  The cheapest HIUS out there is via an ultrasonic massage device
Ultrasound New Ultrasonic Skin Facial Massage Beautifying Body Slimming Massager

Ultrasound New Ultrasonic Skin Facial Massage Beautifying Body Slimming Massager     
                This one is sourced from China.  There are loads on Amazon or Ebay.
                Eight years a total clearance of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in only 30 seconds.  I recommend also are applying it to the liver, armpits and brain.
                So to device will cure all infections.  Stopping cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems, IBS, arthritis…
                No doctors appointment required-the devices are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  Biochemical prescriptions gamma T the patient an expensive, imminent, and pleasant death.
                In the UK and it is free!  The house device will totally clear the problem.  Biochemical drugs will kill you.  These devices only cost 18 UK pounds.  How much is your life worth?

Jonathan Thomason

Turning volcanoes into power

30 November 2013
                Volcanoes and earthquakes are driven by geothermal water: water percolates down through the earth’s crust, and runs over the earth’s mantle is a river of superheated water.  It is actually trying to stay still!  He earth rotates clockwise.
                This is the impact that makes water ran down the plughole anticlockwise in another hemisphere, and not lives in the south.  At the equator it goes straight down!
                So all dormant volcanoes sit on top of the magma chamber filled with steam.  If we drill down and vent the steam gradually, we stop the volcano ever erupting again.  This is wasteful!  Why not use the steam to generate power.
                Within five kilometres away you are sat, there is a magma chamber filled with superheated water and maybe a bit of steam!  The superheated water does molecular nuclear fusion as it circulates the earth in a turbulent fashion.
                This generates heat, and tops up the radioactive nature of the earth’s core.  If he were to boil, it will produce less heat!  Until a condense again.
                So the water is at 8.4 atmospheres 250° C.  Ideal for generating electricity.
                So we drill down 10-32 metres, and at enter the magma chamber from below the water level.  So we get a stream of superheated water with heavy metal dust in.
                Higher temperature and pressure water dissolves the metals from the earth’s mantle, and the coal lover sinks to be replaced by new heavy metal rich material.  There is 411 million tonnes of coal down there.
                Man’s mines have only yielded 70,000 tonnes in recorded history.
                This is why the geothermal water has never been used to generate power.  Even gold dust will knock the hell out of a titanium turbine.  It is very abrasive!
                So we give the water a small vent to get steam at 240° C.  We pass through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  And remove the metal dust.  Which we sell on to metals companies to produce as ingots.
                40% will be gold!  10,000 times more gold than the earth wants!  The price of gold is already crashing.  Platinum will decrease in value similarly.  We might actually end up using gold why ecosphere copper-to give us a high conductivity and equal strength.
                This is why institutional investors have got the hell out of gold!  Ion is 78 pence a kilo-a far more useful metal!  Gold will soon the half their value.  Not the 775 pounds per kilogram it is now.
                Now we have endless free clean steam.  We years to generate power!  We condense the steam, and pump into the local river source.  So do not disturb nature.
                We have got near infinite gold with free electricity.  No fossil fuel burn.  An utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium-the technology of hades,
                So electricity goes up nearly free.  And we get free gold, platinum, silver, copper etc. as a useful byproduct.  This was my PH D at Sheffield!  They got alarmed by my devise in molecular nuclear fusion.
                Good idea at no free gold!

Jonathan Thomason

Does gold have any value?

30 November 2013
                Probably not: platinum shows its lack of reactivity-based technology by a far more useful metal: and this weak hydrogen bonds cataylse molecular nuclear fusion.  A trait it shows with far stronger and cheaper titanium.
                It is soft and malleable.  And the river of water that runs over the earth’s mantle has a limit saturation of heavy metals like gold.  Where it finds its way out to the surface, we get an ore deposit!
                Mining or purifying gold is very expensive and tedious.  If we drill down to the geothermal water, we have access to water at 250° C we have a limit saturation of heavy metals.
                This water has never been used to generate power-because all the heavy metal powder.  The big technological advance was made by James Dyson.
                He found that if he passed gas to two helical spirals, he could remove even house dust.  Eureka!
                We drill down to a magma pockets at least 10 metres below the surface: we have to enter at the base of from the side, to ensure we extract liquid water.  It is actually simpler to utilise geothermal steam.  But let us consider geothermal water.
                We vent the 8.4 atmospheres water, to 8.2 atmosphere dirty steam.  We pass the steam through two opposing helixes.  This extracts the tomic heavy metal dust.
                Which he are includes gold, platinum, silver and copper.  We sell this powder on to metals companies, to turn into ingots.  Gold will be soon price lower than iron.
                78 UK pence a kilogram.  At the moment it is so 775 UK pence per kg.  This price was from the Internet-but seems low!
                We are really interested in utilising geothermal steam to generate power.  This has not been done previously-because of the presence of metal dust.  But no we have clean steam.
                So we generate unlimited electricity, for the price of a bore hole!  We utilised some of the power to pump the water produced by the steam cycle, to a local river source.  So we do not disturb nature.
                We basically generate free electricity!  The also produces unlimited gold and uranium.  The earth’s core contains 411,000,000 tonnes of gold.  All man’s mines have only a produced 70,000 in or recorded history.
                He each geothermal plant is going to produce 20 tonnes of gold a month.  For 100,000 geothermal plants.  So annually we are looking at 2.4 million tonnes of gold.
                And nearly man wishes to utilises 20 tonnes of gold: most recycled at present.  We probably want to mine 50 kg of gold.
                Which is why all the large investor groups have got out of gold.  Only private investors are left!  Each trading day they buy 20 tonnes of the metal.  The price shoots up-as are traded volumes of so low.
                They are off load 50 terms.  And make a profit of 200 UK pounds on the day.  The investors getting burnt are those coming approach to the gold market!  They stand to lose all other investment.
                The present people holding gold reserves, might be able to gets 60% of their money out.  No he is not the time to invest in gold.
                The baking ticket item is the generated electricity.  The steam is heated by the earth continuously.  And at present powers volcanoes and goes to waste.
                Man can use it to generate all his electricity.  With no carbon dioxide-and no hyper toxic radioactive waste.  Free clean power.  Utilising the heat wasted by nature every day.
                And yes we do get gold and platinum!  But pretty soon that will be valueless.  What ever you do, don’t buy gold as an investment!  Or you can kiss the money good bye.

Jonathan Thomason

30 November 2013
                The Americans use hydrogen and oxygen rockets to launch spacecraft:
1              2H2+O2->2H20+E
                Then the Russians deal at higher pressure rocket engines.  They do 1 and
2              2H2+O2->H2O-He+2+E2+gwr
                2 does atomic nuclear fusion.  It is much more energetic!  The flame of a rocket engine includes a steam plasma.  Which also does
3              H2O+O2->He2++O32-+E2+gwr
                It goes up at 700° C.  But heats the rocket exhaust up to 1800° C.  On my master’s degree in the 1980s I was taught that rocket (steam, internal combustion) engines all gave off gamma wave radiation and produce helium.
                If we oxidise natural gas with no flame the process takes in heat
4              CH4+3O2->CO2+2H2O-E
                But with a flame oxidising methane gives out heat.  We do 4 and
5              CH4+2O2->CO2+H2O+He+E+gwr
                We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.  And like in 2 the process is pressure linked.  It Is Also my face centred cubic metals like titanium.  So if we pressurise the natural gas and air before the flame, and titanium plate the boiler plate and we are going to increase the heat output from burning natural gas by a factor of five.
6              CH4.Ti+O2->CO2+Ti+2He+E3+gwr
                We do not use up the titanium metal.  It remains electro plated to the boiler plate.  We use a minute amounts of current to pressurised the gases.  5 W!
                600 W from a gas flame, we produce 3000 W!  All in actual fact, we reduce I Gas burn by a factor of five.
                Molecular nuclear fusion is done by all nature!  In particular there we have steam or high pressure water in turbulent flow.
                Heavy rain has a chaotic interaction of water drops
7              H2O+O2->He2++O32-+E2+gwr
                Which is why heavy rain warms the air.  And feels electric!  The Alpha particles carry the positive charge to above the clouds layer.  The negative charge falls to the ground.
                When we have 5000 volts 100 amps built up A steam plasma tracks its way from the cloud tops to the ground.  This is a structure that does nuclear fusion in 1.
                It takes ½ MW of power to set up: and happens every 3 minutes around the world.  When it touches the ground we get the up rush of those electrons!  Through a steam plasma.
                The turbulence produced induces molecular nuclear fusion 7!  This releases 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  As electromagnetic radiation, visible light, sound and heat.
                It years the most exothermic structure on earth.  And goes up every 3 minutes around the world for free.
                A 1 metre steam plasma in a glass tube will take 2000 volts 0.01 amps to initiate.  And and above four atmospheres self sustains!  Again the pressure is pressure linked.  It rises exponentially the gas pressure.
                So all this is published science!  The emission of gamma wave radiation and production of helium by jet and turbine engines is on record.  There is no chemical source of either.
                We do not need heavy water.  Regular water the will do just fine.
8              H++e- ->n0           1H+2/5n0 ->3/5H
                3/5H is heavy hydrogen.  The plasma turns hydrogen nuclei and free electrons into neutrons.  And these enrich other hydrogen nuclei.  We do not need physics!
                Nature already does nuclear fusion on earth.  All around and in us!  At beating hearts do molecular nuclear fusion in time with our pulse.  Which is why we emit gamma wave radiation and breathe out helium gas.  So all mitochondria also do molecular nuclear fusion.
                Professors of physics are stupid!  The linear flow of high temperature and pressure hydrogen will never do atomic nuclear fusion: Ref Professor Zimmerman 2000.  Department of Engineering Materials Sheffield University.
                Who gets funding from nuclear power!  So never followed this insight up.
                So we need a one metre torous and circulating hydrogen ions at room temperature around it.  We have a magnetic fields to entrap the hygiene ions within torous.
                We don’t need them!  We years a perpendicular magnetic coils to give the hydrogen ions spin, as linear magnetic fields circulate the ions around the torous.
                They now circulate in a turbulent fashion.
9              2H+->He2++E3+gwr
                Eureka!  Atomic nuclear fusion.  The simplest way is using a one metre hydrogen plasma in a glass tube.  We do 8+9.  So if we give a regular hydrogen, and above two atmospheres the process itself sustains once the plasma is initiated.  As above!
                We get the hydrogen.  Via the electrolysis of water.  Which uses a minuscule fraction of the electricity we generate from a steam cycle we drive using high steam plasma tubes.
                All the science can be simply figured out in a week in the engineering laboratory.  It uses science accessible to every physics high school in the world.
                No known to every physics professor in the world: who have collectively got $100,000,000,000 for the great hadron collider-which is never going to do nuclear fusion.
                So we can replace all burning of gas and oil to run a steam cycle.  Once initiated, the production of new hydrogen gas is a trivial power requirement.
                Or oil and gas are over price.  Enriched uranium nuclear fuel is massively expensive!  And produces radioactive waste which is lethal for 100,000 years.  And generates the most expensive electricity on the planet.
                Sellafield is now the world’s biggest repository of fuel grade plutonium.  In Cumbria!  A county of outstanding natural beauty.  Which is prone to earthquakes!
                One decent earthquake, terrorist bomb or torrential rain storm and Fukushima will seem trivial in comparison.  Sellafield will kill six million UK residents.  And consign all land above the Midlands as uninhabitable for ever!

Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 29 November 2013

Drug company shares in free fall

29 November 2013
                99.5% more drug company income is from cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  But all these three diseases can never be routinely cured by one application of high intensity ultrasound.
                Search on Amazon or Ebay for ‘1 MHZ ultrasound massage device cheapest’.  150 Watts 40 kHz, or 3 MHZ work as well but are more expensive.
                Such a device applied to the coronary arteries and the kidneys external somebody will clear coronary heart disease in ½ minute of each site.
                Cancer is also cleared with up to 60 seconds of high us ultrasound externally to the cancerous Horgan.  Also apply for ½ minute to their liver, armpits and both sides of the school.  Particularly at the base by the spinal column.
                Has applied to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas clears all types of diabetes.  In the four months I have been talking about this, I have heard not one argument.  I have had a 100% success rate in all three diseases.
                Applying to the threat, chest and nose for ½ minute will cure all infections: no Dr. Visits or antibiotics required: there is no allergy to high intensity ultrasound.
                No need ever to see a Dr..  No biochemical prescription is required-Bio chemistry is defective medicine.  All that drug company is are just about to go spectacularly bankrupt.
                But hey –we all get to live!  Tomorrow morning my writing group is having a library books cells dedicated to our work.  Including my book about cancer and ultrasound.  At Ordsall library Salford England.

Jonathan Thomason

Curing cancer etc.

29 November 2013
                The latest cancer death rates published on the Internet of the 2010!  And show a distinct kink!  The death rates were falling.  That year around a cancer charity magazine about the use of High Intensity UltraSound to cure prostate cancer.
                The first repeatable cancer killer in history.  There is no reason for cancer, heart disease and diabetes to show up under low power ultrasound scans.  Low power ultrasound stimulates only cancer etc. cells to liberate gamma wave radiation.
                This is the province of nuclear reactions.  And there is no source of nuclear fission.  Cancer cells are doing molecular nuclear fusion from water in there cell contents.
                Body cells are more placid!  And only experience cell content boiling above 180 Watts/cm2.  Personal ultrasound moustache devices are medically licensed to operate below the level required for an ultrasonic burns.
                8 W one MHZ is massively below it.  And those devices are cheaper than 150 Watts 40 kHz device I have been using since march.
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Face Body Massage Massager 3MHZ
Check it out now
Also look at ‘ultrasound massage devise 1 MHZ cheapest’ on Amazon or Ebay.  Personally I wouldn’t look after device for below 12 UK pounds.  I what mine for 80!
                So to device will clear cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  With heart disease apply to the coronary arteries and the kidneys external to the body.
                Which means the only people dying from the diseases of age are having any biochemical treatments inflicted on them by consultants.  So people are paying premium rates to be killed!
                The drug company is are so unhappy, as prescription rates are falling through the floor.  I will only be happy when the 30 million people a year around the globe are cured and healthy!
                No expensive, fatal, unpleasant treatment.  Just the use of an ultrasonic beauty device.  Medically licensed for unsupervised human use.
                Every consultant on earth has promised to apply best medicine!  And non does.  They prescribed fatal Bio chemistry guaranteeing their patients early painful death.
                Feel free to argue with my opinion!  And use an ultrasonic device to cure all infections: I applied to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute.  And don’t use fungal antibiotics.  Which are less effective!

Jonathan Thomason       117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester            M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416 

Saving 30,000,000 lives a year

29 November 2013
                I have just been trying to get some date on global death rates by cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  A frustrating quarter of an hour!  The most recent data are is 2011.  Which shows death rates falling away sharply.
                The point of inflection is 2010!  When a cancer charity magazine published the work on high intensity ultrasound at the Moffitt cancer centre.  Since when I have been busy blogging about the first group it will cure to all cancers!
                Also works for coronary heart disease and diabetes.  In coronary heart disease apply the HIUS to the coronary arteries and also the kidneys.  In diabetes apply the high us externally to the pancreas.
                All HIUS applications 30 seconds.  The cheapest device I have expense of is of 1 MHZ ultrasound massage device
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Face Facial Skin Body Massage Massager 1MHZ


                This is for Ultrasonic Ultrasound Face Facial Skin Body Massage Massager 1MHZThere are other devices are available on EBay.   
                It should be remembered that biochemical treatments are designed to cure nothing!  Suddenly all the diseases of age are being cured.  The drug company is are protesting at the falling number of biochemical treatments.         
                I am appalled that practiceing G P’s are still prescribing Bio chemistry: which guarantees the patient an expensive, unpleasant imminent death.  Bio chemistry is defective medicine!
                The Hippocratic earth prohibits its use.  In 2004, an estimated 3.4 million people die from diabetes.  This is 2013!  where is the more recent data?
                There is plenty of verbage on how terrible the diseases of age are.  Not one syllable on the fact they are now being cured.  Using an ultrasonic beauty device.
                I have a 100% clearance rate of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  He each cure lasting 30 seconds and costing 0.01 cents.  Power that is it!
                All the doctors addicted to killing their patients.  They are saying they wanted was a simple easy cure.  Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are easy to clear.  Using the method described in 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.  And red for every practicing GP!  And ignored.
                Asthma and arthritis seen to take three applications: to clear the dormant infection.
                We can years the above device to clear all infections.  Which stops cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma.  Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, depression, ADHD, and other mental health problems from arising.
                HIUS is the biggest improvement in public health ever!  Even more important than the development of the fungal antibody.
                A HIUS device applied to the chest, hroat and nose for ½ minute, as I said above, cured all infections!
                I just buzzed James for 20 seconds!  At which point he would have felt a rush of heat.  As immune system started clearing the infection.  He stopped the ultrasound and left.  I will see them fit and well tomorrow.
                I was involved with the Saint Clement’s, Salford heart group.  I cured all the coronary heart disease.  So the group is threatening to end through lack of members!  Every hospital health group can have the same success rate: 100%
                If they have burned down fatal Bio chemistry and adopt HIUS.  It could save the NHS in England 960,000,000 UK pounds annually.  And guarantee that everybody gets better: and lives long and prospers.

Jonathan Thomason

biology does fusion

29 November 2013
                So does engineering!  I have a master’s degree in engineering, I was back doing a PH D in 2000.  I was reminded that a working steam engine gives off gamma wave radiation and produces helium and ozone gases,
1              H2O+O2+T->He+O3+E+gwr
                Pressurise cancer cells also do molecular nuclear fusion in response to UV light
                This is why cancer/heart disease/diabetes cells shine with gamma wave radiation in response to low power ultrasound: only 5 W.
                I suggested in 2001 using higher power ultrasound to treat cancer.  The next year the Moffitt cancer centre tried it.  And got a one appointment cure to all 200 cancers out there.
                I didn’t realise the work so well!  The cell other diseases of age is blown apart.  Totally clearing the disease.  Since then biochemical treatments have killed a third of a billion individuals from conditions totally clearable using high intensity ultrasound.
                At cheapest source of HIUS (high intensity ultrasound) is a personal ultrasound massage device at maximum power.  That are medically licensed for unsupervised human use:
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Face Facial Skin Body Massage Massager 1MHZ
                My friends have used such a device, with great results!  This man is on Ebay.  Summer ones on Amazon.
                This all works because biology is fusion driven!  Every organism on earth turns water into helium and oxygen gases.  We massive energy and a little gamma wave radiation.
                Ultrasound mass of the enhances this process.  All the pressurise structures of the diseases of age experience cell content boiling.  At power levels benign to more placid body cells.
                The Hippocratic oath prohibits any practicing GP from prescribing Bio chemistry!  Which is expensive, rapid and pleasant death.  HIUS provides a one appointment cure.
                The above device cost under 12 UK pounds today.  29th of November.  It will cure all infections: when applied for 30 sections to the chest, throat and nose.
                This will stop the development of the diseases of age.
                But all biological organisms do a little molecular nuclear fusion: arctic fish do it at -20° C beneath the polar ice.  This prevents the icecaps growing down to meet the sea beds.
                The seas produce energy!  Otherwise year on year the icecaps with reached the seabed, and extended gradually towards the equator.  They don’t, as all biology does nuclear fusion in the deep dark seas.
                Which is why the deep sea produces light flashes, gamma wave radiation and helium.  When there is no source of nuclear fission (from uranium or other radioactive isotope).
                We have regular high pressure water in turbulent flow: exactly the conditions we need for molecular nuclear fusion.
                Animal heart beats do molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why you breathe out helium-and emit gamma wave radiation in time with your pulse.  You are fusion driven.
                What the hell of physics up to?  The production of helium and gamma wave radiation is in the biology pantheon.  Totally unexplained.  Physics could explain it!  If they ever read a biology textbook.
                So life metabolises carbon dioxide, to do nuclear fusion.  Global photosynthesis strictly limits free carbon dioxide in the air.  August 2010 Harvard University put on record that global average carbon dioxide was at a Prix industrial (two parts per million) level.
                Man is burning of fossil fuels had just resurrected the organic carbon as modern biology.  There is no more carbon dioxide in the air than 200 years ago.
                In the little ice age free carbon dioxide levels doubled to four parts per million.  In the Permian 1000 year mega ice age free carbon dioxide was at 10 parts per million.
                Be a fact that carbon dioxide is static!  Photosynthesis may involve, the carbon dioxide does not.  And it is a climate follower.  It reacts to the weather!  Only idiots would ever think that it made the weather.
                The people who invented man made global warming the base stooges to nuclear power.  Strictly trying to distract the world from Chernobyl.
                Since Fukushima, which happened to most technologically proficient nations on earth, they have been silent.
                The natural climate started cooling 1995.  2004 was a naturally bad hurricane year-such things are cyclical!  Hence nuclear stooges started pushing man made climate change.
                Which is an oxymoron!  Man lives with the weather.  Carbon dioxide levels have been static for 230 years.  Any person invoking man made climate change demonstrates complete biologically ignorance.
                Specifically global photosynthesis is a mystery to them!  Burning carbon fuels increases active life on earth.  It does not affect the gas composition of the air.
                0/10 for a university essay on the subject of man made climate change.  Only exist!  Nuclear fission from uranium is still the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
                The man every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing 6 W for every fusion action.  No 10,000,000° C!
                Lightning strikes in the arctic air go off at -50o C.  But we had a surface temperature of 10,000,000° C.  Are is a lightening strike every 3 minutes around the world.  As nature does nuclear fusion on earth.  Starting with the turbulent flow of water drops.
                Ideal for study!  Physics professors would extract their head from the nearest and heat they have got its talk into.  Nuclear fission from uranium is the most continental he toxic industry that will ever exist.
                Burning carbon fuels increases active life on earth.
                Every biological organism on earth, including you, does nuclear fusion!  Going off from compounds of hydrogen.  Usually water.
                Lightning strikes are set up by heavy rain.  We turn cells turn water into helium and oxygen gases, with heat and gamma wave radiation.  1.
                When we get a build up of 5000 volts 100 amps, we get a lightening down strike.  The helium is produced as He2+, and the ozone as O32-.  The negative charge accumulates on the ground.  The positive charge above the cloud tops.
                The ½ MW of potential is converted into 2.5x1030 Watts of power by the electrons flowing back up a partial steam plasma.  Generating a surface temperature of 10,000,000° C.  And fixing all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant life.
                Which strictly limits carbon dioxide in a warm period to only two parts per million today!  So a steam plasma is a most exothermic variety of molecular nuclear fusion.
                Generating in three seconds 10,000 times more energy than mankind has generated since he evolved.  For free!  Involving no burning of oil or gas.
                A one metre steam plasma tube will produce 6-40 megawatts of continuous heat.  Utilising regular water.  Only takes 2000 volts 0.01 amps to initiate the plasma.  Which above four atmospheres self sustains.
                Generating heat with no fossil fuel bound-and utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium or plutonium.  Nature does not do nuclear fission.
                Every biological organism on earth does nuclear fusion.  On the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.  The ready source of the future.  Massively exothermic, no carbon dioxide or radioactive waste-and it is free.
                I repeat: all biology does nuclear fusion.

Jonathan Thomason         

Life limits carbon

29 November 2013
                Apparently East Sussex university here in England has never heard of photosynthesis!  Why any student was study there I do not know!  I will be interested in your responses.
                Every day global photosynthesis on land and in the seas metabolises carbon dioxide-down to two parts per million.  Throughout the year the spring summer and autumn rotate around the globe,
                There is even somewhere in the attics!  Though in the winter sea ice is formed around the poles.  There is a massive excess of photosynthetic organisms.  Which include green plants, algae and bacteria.  All metabolising carbon dioxide.
                Excrete ink oxygen and so supporting life on earth.  Carbon dioxide ends up as biological mass-which animals eat.  And combine with the oxygen-the most serious pollutant in earth history.
                Before modern photosynthesis evolved at the end of the Permian, there was 1000 year ice age stretching from the cretaceous into the Permian.  With five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                Biological systems involve!  Photosynthesis has got more efficient at dumping free radical oxygen.  That carbon dioxide does not evolved!  In the Permian it was at 10 parts per million.  Five times today’s present trace.
                Then photosynthesis evolved, carbon dioxide levels crash to only one part per million.  And 90% of life on earth died: the most serious mass extinction in prehistory.
                When we reach the Jurassic there was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more life on earth than we have today, and sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                There were three natural ice ages: 180, 600 and 700 million years ago air.  When carbon dioxide levels will have doubled to eight parts per million.  Carbon dioxide is a climate former!  It reacts to the weather-it has never made it.
                In the little ice age of the 18th century we are back at four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  As the ice covers the seas, and snow covered the land.  So there was less life on earth.  Less photosynthesis: the major life support system of the earth.
                The little ice age ended-just as the industrial revolution was happening.  Carbon dioxide levels fell to only two parts per million: there static level ever since.
                As man has burned the fossil fuels, the Jurassic Life that died at the end of the Jurassic age, has reverted back to active biology.  They can be no androgynous effect of carbon dioxide levels in the air.
                CO2 is fixed at only two parts per million today.  It’s static level for last 230 years.  Including the cold snap in 1947.  The same level of the gas as in 1976.
                Carbon dioxide so obviously does not affect the weather.  Weather affects photosynthesis-and photosynthesis limits global average carbon dioxide levels.  CO2 is a heavy gas.  I am not even sure that the stratosphere seas are more than two parts per 1,000,000,000!  A static ppb.
                So who thought up manmade global warming?  The base stooges to nuclear power: who thought up the fiction after the Chernobyl incident of 1986.
                The natural climate started cooling 1995.  Quick as a flash, only nine years later nuclear fiction was ‘man made climate change’.  The natural climate changes each day is global cooling!
                The level of carbon dioxide is static!  Any Xi your school child knows that.  Apparently not the academics at East Sussex university: why any student would go there I do not know!
                They are ignorant of first year high school biology.  They are collectively the enemies of life on earth.  In the pay of nuclear power!  Or terminally stupid.

Jonathan Thomason

Are you a stupid?

29 November 2013
                First year high school biology teaches all first year science pupils that the level of carbon dioxide in the global air is totally limited by photosynthesis!  Extra carbon ends up as extra life!
                Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in a natural ice age.  Like in the 18th century!  Then free carbon dioxide levels double.
                Since then global photosynthesis has limited free average carbon dioxide had only two parts per million.  That is the only level the weather in the stratosphere experiences.  The global average.
                The local carbon dioxide level increase caused by man’s machines globally minuscule an insignificant.
                In the Jurassic there were far fewer fossil fuels.  That was 65% more life on earth!  And sea levels 60 metres lower.
                In the Permian there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air, and 1000 year ice age!  Which abated and photosynthesis evolved.
                Man has no control over the carbon cycle!  Burning the fossil fuels resurrects biology in modern form.  It does not increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.
                People who ever have believed in manmade global warming or climate change needs serious medical attention.  Or are just terminally stupid!

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 28 November 2013

13,000 avoidable deaths

28 November 2013
                On my PH D in 2001 I noted that a working steam engine and emitting gamma wave radiation and produce helium and ozone gases.  These are nuclear actions!  And there is no source of nuclear fission.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion
                The reaction of my supervisor?  Ening my PH D in a hurry.  Pretend that I had never started it!  Though he told me personally that I had done.  And ignore the single most important scientific discovery ever.
                The industrial revolution was driven by the expansive steam cycle!  And this does nuclear fusion from water.  We are still using the steam cycle to generate electricity all these years later.
                As it was the first way man has learned to do nuclear fusion.
                Nature had no problem!  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of high pressure water.  It is written up in the biology pantheon.
                My supervisor wished to ignore this-that he is funded by nuclear fission.  So he chose to suppress the most important scientific insight ever.
                This is not the action of a responsible academic.  All these years later an energy is massively overpriced!  Whereas molecular nuclear fusion is basically free.
                The most exothermic variety is a lightening strike!  That turns regular water into helium, ozone and massive heat.  From regular water!
                How much money has earned a wasted!  How many people have died during an cold as a result.  The or just about to have the worst winter for 200 years!  That guy is going to cost 13,000 lives!
                For his own personal financial advantage.  Me?  I make videos.  I sing on stage.  And on Saturday am having a book launch by to my books.  I would prefer to be remembered for giving the world nuclear fusion.

Jonathan Thomason

Lightening lights the way

28 November 2013
                Heavy rain turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases.  We massive energy!
H2O+T-> He+O  T= turbulence
                Nuclear fusion is it easy!  On earth it goes off from compounds of hydrogen.  Your own blood system and the energy unit in cells does it!  Which is why you breathe out helium gas and give out gamma wave radiation in time with your pulse.
                It is so trivial!  Physics cannot do it-because he insists on using the linear flow of hygiene ions: it knows importance of turbulence-but ignores it to go T and continuing investment in its research.
                The turbulent flow of hydrogen ions around a Taurus does nuclear fusion: give the rotating ions spin and and are only two atmospheres pressure, we get cell sustaining nuclear fusion.
                It generates 10,000,000° C-it goes off from room temperature.  Professors of physics have played a academi tricky on the world.  The temperature is generated by nuclear fusion.  You don’t need to manufacture it.  It makes itself!
                Heavy rain sets up lightning this generates 2.5x1030 Watts from regular water: via a 1.5 kilometre partial steam plasma.
                A one metre steam plasma will liberate between 6 and 40 megawatts.  Above four atmospheres it will self sustain.  Turning regular water into heat.
                No oil or gas.  An utterly no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  No heavy water is required!
                We can replace all roads of oil or gas burners with steam plasma tubes.  These take 2000 volts 0.01 amps to initiate.  And then cell sustain!
                Boiling gas are just too expensive to years.  Burning them and plutonium are too toxic to contemplate using!
                Energy should be free.  Anda steam plasma tube nearly is.

Jonathan Thomason