Thursday, 31 October 2013

No build up of carbon

31 October 2013
                Global photosynthesis ensures that every night carbon dioxide is reduced to the lower limit for photosynthesis-in the modern epoch that is two parts per million.
                In 230 years man is burning of fossil fuels has restored Jurassic and cretaceous life back to the active environment.  Harvard University has put on record August 2010 the active biology has increased by 15% since industrial revolution.
                That is an extra 0.0178% per day.  15 seconds of extra growth a day!  Extra life does not affect the climate.  Only a build up of an active gas in the air could do that!
                Carbon dioxide levels go up in a natural ice age.  For years after the ice age had started!  Ice ages demonstrate the carbon dioxide does that mean not coals global warming.  Or there never could be an ice age!
                Somebody today proudly told me there was 200 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  Strangely enough she did not say where!  Exactly 100 times the level strictly enforced by photosynthesis.
                Nature does not work like that!  Exactly 100 fold increase.  When photosynthesis dictates there can never be an increase.  Who ever this person was their obviously plant high school biology.
                Global photosynthesis controls carbon dioxide levels.  The most man can do is restore fossilised life back into the active environment.  There is no possible weather effect here!
                That was fiction from nuclear power.  Who don’t do biology!  Biology teaches that global carbon dioxide is controlled exclusively by photosynthesis-two A static level of two parts per million in the modern epoch.
                There never could be any man made global warming: which is probably why the weather has been cooling since 1995.  They cannot be any man made climate change!
                As that ‘theory’ requires them to you and androgynous effect of carbon dioxide.  There isn’t any!  Photosynthesis controls it.  As a static two parts per million.
                The idea that there has been steadily increasing level of carbon dioxide due to man is biological rubbish.  It was not even inventive life professors of physics: they are not that stupid.
                Carbon is static!  You breathe in oxygen-the waste gas of plants.  You breathe out carbon dioxide-the food stuff of plants.
                The dinosaurs ruled the earth for 650,000,000 years.  Mankind’s cities have existed for under 5000.  Nature probably has an even noticed our evolution!
                The only globally significant industry on man’s is hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium: which intermittently causes continental toxic death.  And a localised global winter.
                Carbon dioxide wouldn’t help with the toxic nature of nuclear power.
Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall orange.gif
by Jonathan M Thomaso On 

Jonathan Thomason

Every Dr. On earth

31 October 2013
                Promises to apply best medicine been for beginners medical practice: it is turned the Hippocratic oath.
                Since 2002, when the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that a single appointment cure to cancer using high intensity ultrasound, that cancer has not been biochemistry!  It has been the external application of HIUS:
                The cheapest source of which is an ultrasonic massage device:
                I have no financial interest here.  Worse practicing G P’s are get massive inducements by the drug company representatives: or DVD recorders to family holidays!  Linked to have any drunks they have prescribed.
                Drugs which guarantee the patient a rapid screening death!  And one application of HIUS cures all 200 cancers out there.  All helped the same inflated cell structure that viruses share, to go T cell division and growth.
                HIUS causes such inflated cells to fragment.  While not affecting body cells.  1000 times more effective and benign and radio therapy.  Which damages cells indiscriminately.
                Radio and chemotherapy bolt in a rapid patient death.  It is guarantees a rapid and staggeringly cheap patient’s recovery.  100% cancer cure!
                If you are GP doesn’t offer ultrasound the cancer, heart disease and diabetes;  Change doctor.
                30 seconds of HIUS to each side of the head cures MS, Altzimer’s and Parkinson’s

Jonathan Thomason

A Moon trip is fatal

31 October 2013
                Even today the radiation level of the inner solar system is lethal to multi cellular life within two days.  It means they can never have been a manned Moon mission.
                To survive eight days is incredibly fortunate!  We would have expected 0.01% maximum of the Apollo astronauts to have returned home.  There was not one fatality!  They certainly did not go to the Moon.
                A working radiation shield has never been developed!  It could be!  But this would involve admitting that NASA, the world educator had lied!

Jonathan Thomason

Doubling Hydro Electric Power

31 October 2013
                When I was going around a hydroelectric power plant in 1983 (as part of my master’s degree) I was told the turbine hall gave off nuclear radiation!  This made no sense.
                There was no source of nuclear fission: no radioactive isotopes decaying.  There was not even any source of ignition (or flames of hydrocarbons and hydrocarbonate produce helium and give off nuclear radiation).
                There is no chemical source of nuclear radiation.  So every flame is doing molecular nuclear fusion.  Turning steam into helium, oxygen, massive heat or nuclear radiation.  They are doing molecular nuclear fusion too!
                The turbine hall fossil me for 28 years: but even the turbine hall of conventional power plants give off nuclear radiation.  See the paragraph above four the explanation.
                Hydroelectric plants only have high pressure water in turbulent flow around an aluminium alloy turbine.
                They are missing out!  If a titanium plated that turbines they would increase the power output of the station by 30 per cent.  Titanium forms weak atomic bonds and this capitalises hydrogen reactions.
                This includes molecular nuclear fusion: as the cold fusion work using titanium and platinum electrodes demonstrates.  I knew about the cold fusion idea in 1983.
                Then we were taught that electrolysis give off nuclear radiation!  This is too a weak and effect to be useful.
                But electro plating the turbine is in a hydroelectric plant will cast the 150 UK pounds.  An increase the power output by a 30 MW a day.  This is so obviously a massive pay back!
                I keep mentioning steam plasma tubes.  Three of these were drive in a moderate power station-with no fossil fuel bound!  Once started the gas should self sustain while we top up the water pressure.
                One small steam plasma device can heat a house.  During electricity of the local fusion power plant.
                Almost certain burning coal, oil and gas look so stupid!  It is at massively expensive.  And totally unnecessary.
                Every lightning strike on earth (and there is one every 3 minutes around the glow) releases heat and electromagnetic radiation: including into the nuclear radiation area.  So every lightning strike does molecular nuclear fusion.
                My PH D supervisor felt that he should end my PH D: as is bac years were nuclear power!  And matzinger they wanted was free nuclear fusion for the world.

Jonathan Thomason

Making cheap fresh water

31 October 2013
                Is O level physics!  Exerting a one metre of vacuum head of even ice at 0° C, turns into water vapour.  Sea water at 20° C is so much easier.
E=PV     P=0.1 atmospheres!  So no volume we produce by the energy exerted is minuscule.  Will probably exert twice as much energy from being the water vapour to a high reservoir.
                We then vent the water vapour to the air.  And it condenses!  Giving up its heat to the high cold air.  And the reservoir are is filled with water mist, the am add minutes into water drops.  That fulls as artificial rain.
                We have lost all contaminants and sorts.  Bacteria are left behind!  We just extract pure water.  So any dirty river is an endless source of clean drinkable water.
                Sea water turns into pure decelerated water.  Using minuscule quantities of electricity.  In the third world provided by the solar panels the first world has given it for free since the 1950s.
                India and China are rich countries now.  And can easily provide their citizens with homeless fresh water.
                It is so much cheaper than pumping it hundreds of kilometres!  Academics and water pumping were Roman ideas!  We can do better than that now.
                Making water this way is 20 times cheaper than pumping it from remote reservoirs.  Any country with a sea coast has access to unlimited quantities of virtually free water.
                England is surrounded by sea!  Areas with access to sea or river water can produce water massively cheaper than the water companies.  The legal framework for water competition was put on the statute book three years ago.

Jonathan Thomason

The diseases of age are cured

31 October 2013
                I read yesterday that 85% of whom are cancers are cured!  And the cure rate is going up.  Only people not being cured are people using fatal biochemical treatments prescribed by the GP.
                All the people being cured by using an ultrasound device.  Has no biochemical treatment is ever designed to cure anything.
                Every Dr. On earth has promised to apply best medicine.  This is so obviously higher power ultrasound: 150 W 40 kHz is HIUS-and he is emitted by the above device.
                Biochemistry is such an inferior fatal treatment!  It dissolves in the inevitable death of the patient.  HIUS cures all 200 types of cancer 2 minutes.
                No repeat application is required.  Though and application every six months will keep the patient fit and well.  Shedding the inactive cells of age.
                HIUS applied externally to the coronary arteries and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease.  Apply it to the bottom right of the chest clears all types of diabetes.
                Applied to the centre left of the rib cage clears thyroid problems.  All applications for 30 seconds to the target areas.  No biochemistry required.

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cancer is cured

30 October 2013
                We are living in the most remarkable of days: since 2002 medics have proved the total clearance of all 200 types of cancer using high intensity ultrasound.
                In 2010 I wrote a book about this!  The cancer body conference yielded me £30.00 of book sales!  I did not write the book to make a profit!  But to save lives.
ISBN 13388277

Ultrasound - cancer cure by Jonathan M Thomason
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.On  Also available as an ebook! orange.gif
                Since 2002 the medical world has ignored high intensity ultrasound: as it makes no money as it.  They prefer an agonising fatal treatments!  That have extended human lives by two agonising years.  Ultrasound totally fixes cancer.
                Also coronary heart disease and diabetes: in coronary heart disease apply to the top left of the chest and also to the kidneys.  Diabetes applied to the bottom right of the chest.
                For thyroid problems apply to the bottom left middle of the chest.  Thyroid problems are a big problem!
                Mental health problems are cleared by 30 seconds of HIUS to each side of the head.  I have personally cleared Parkinson’s and MS.  It should work with Altzimer’s, ADND, depression and schizophrenia.  Basically all mental health problems.
                Cancer, heart disease and diabetes account for 70% of the NHS budget.  80% of drunken income.  We are talking about reducing the NHS budget by two billion UK pounds a year!  This is a massive saving.
                I applied to the North America it will bankrupt the majority of hell centres and drug companies.  If only survive by killing their patients!
                HIUS also corrects back injuries and arthritis.  It is the most significant medical department ever: I suggested it almost by accident while on my chemical injuring PH D at Sheffield University.
                I became aware that the structures causing cancer, heart disease and diabetes all showed up under ultrasound scans.  So I suggested turning up the ultrasound power level!
                I didn’t realise that he would cure all these diseases.  It will also cure all infections when applied to the chest.  Throat and nose-hitter for 30 seconds.  This will stop the development of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                This is such a massive saving to the NHS.  If I had not been extracted from a Ph.D. in 2001, we can have saved a third of a billion people’s lives around the globe by now.
                Cancer rates are crashing!  Drug companies do not want to cure cancer.  It can only be the result of people buying and using their own little ultrasound device.
Beauty Slim Ultrasonic 24 UK pounds on Amazon

Jonathan Thomason

A fusion fire

30 October 2013
                Heavy rain turns regular water into He2+ and O2-.  This is molecular nuclear fusion.  On our potential of 5000 V between the cloud tops where the positive charge, where the positive charge collects and the ground which collects the negative charge we get a lightening strike.
                This sets up a steam plasma between the cloud tops and the ground: linking up the electoral holes.  When it touches ground we get the up rush of ½ MW of electrons..  We enclose a glass tube in an artificial log made of concrete.
                This releases 2.5x1030 W of power as it releases 5 tonnes of helium gas.  This is massively exothermic molecular nuclear fusion.  Just not very useful.  First it equates to 6 MW/m of a 2 cm thick steam plasma.
                So a 2 CM x ½ m steam plasma will release 3 MW.  Massive heat!  It will drive a backboiler to heat a house: for the cost of running a central heating pump.
                Once set up, the steam plasma will self sustain at four atmospheres pressure.  Firing it up will only require the electronics utilised to start a fluorescent light.
                It uses no gas or oil.  Welcome to the fusion age!

Jonathan Thomason

Cancer is dying!

30 October 2013
                If people use a high intensity ultrasound device, it will cure all 200 types of cancer in only 30 seconds.  We should apply the HIUS also to the liver and head-again external to the body.  The cheapest source of HIUS is a personal ultrasound massage devise:
                The only people are now dying of cancer by a expensive biochemical treatments prescribed by doctors: I Health Services around the world make massive money on biochemical treatments.  They just kill the patient!  Who dies screaming.
                First applied to the coronary arteries and the kidneys also cures coronary heart disease: the world’s biggest killer 2012.
                Apply it to the bottom right of the rib cage it cures all types of diabetes.  No medication or insulin injections ever required.  No diabetic complications!
                I applied to each side of the head it will clear all mental health problems!  Including Altzimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, bipolar, ADHD, depression and serious illnesses like schizophrenia.
                Employed regularly to be whole body, it will clear cessated cells.  Clearing the loss of vitality and biological function accompanying age.  For the repairing the brain is so important for halting the diseases of age.
                No biochemistry is required for any of this.  Ultrasound applied to the chest, throat ans nose (for 30 seconds each location) will cure all infections.
                Which halts cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Plants fix life

29 October 2013
                First taking carbon dioxide-dental down to the modern limit of parts per million.  So every day plants grow, until carbon dioxide falls below this level.  All over the world!  Photosynthesis powers life on land and in the seas.
                Climate pubdits will happily are argue about carbon dioxide.  Even their history shows that carbon dioxide levels can only rise in natural ice age.  1986 to 1995 nuclear power propagated idea that carbon dioxide would inevitably warm the climate.
                The natural climate has been cooling for 18 years.  So that was obviously wrong.  So now the fund its argue that carbon dioxide can change the climate.  500 parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.
                This is biologically impossible!  Plants grow every day, until carbon dioxide levels fall below 2ppm.  All the fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  Hence the name!  Fossilised life.
                First formed in the Jurassic, when there was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air: first ascent this is was less evolved.  There was 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                That was a big argument that manmade global warming: increasing carbon dioxide levels would result in higher seas.  That modern photosynthesis strictly limits carbon dioxide to S first XSSS only two parts per million.
                Static trace gases affect nothing!  So manmade global warming and climate change are obviously spurious ideas-contacted by the mentally deficient and nuclear power.  They can be no increase of carbon dioxide due to man.
                The only natural increases have been in ice ages.  Natural global cooling.
                The Jurassic had 4ppm carbon dioxide in the air.  60 metres lower seas, and three natural ice ages.  It begin to get the idea that man made global warming was nuclear fiction of the lowest variety?
                Nuclear fission from uranium is less expensive and hyper toxic Energy System ever invented.  Nature does molecular nuclear fusion.
                Four times as exothermic, separate from the carbon cycle, and nontoxic!
H2O->He2+ +O2-+E3+gwr
                Photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide to do nuclear fusion.  Animals oxidise carbohydrates: oxygen being the waste gas excreted by plants.
                Nature does not do hyper toxic nuclear fission.  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion from water.
                It is why every day the helium XX is lost to space and replaced-at 5.125 parts per million.  There is no chemical source of helium.
                To make helium we feed hydrogen into a plasma, and slowly vent the plasma gases.  21st X of which will be helium.  Which is worth more than its weight in gold today!
                A steam plasma converts regular water into heat and light.  With no toxic radioactive end product.  A totally free, clean, safe and carbon free Energy System.
                What use is the great hadron collider?  Which was to give the world nuclear fusion.  And didn’t.  A hydrogen plasma tube will!  For $50.00.  Not $100,000,000,000.
                The Great Hadron Collider is the greatest scientific con trick of all time.

Jonathan Thomason

Life is fusion driven

29 October 2013
                Helium is not held by earth’s feeble gravity.  They should be no helium in the air.  But there is 5.125 parts per 1,000,000 helium in the air.  Which is made afresh and lost to space every day.
                The kinetic interaction of high pressure water or steam turns water into helium and oxygen gases, with massive heat and gamma wave radiation.  Welcome to molecular nuclear fusion from water.
                Every biological organism on earth does it!  First take in carbon dioxide, combine it with water to form carbohydrates.  Excreting the surplus helium and free radical oxygen.  That is why there is so much ozone in the countryside.  Oxygen is the waste gas of plants.
                Plants take in the oxygen, combine it with heat and carbohydrates and get at the energy from molecular nuclear fusion.  Breathing out carbon dioxide, helium and emitting gamma wave radiation.
                Molecular nuclear fusion is carbon neutral.  First taking carbon dioxide, and animals (fires amounts of engine’s) excretes it.  First sight of the carbon cycle do nuclear fusion.
                Arctic fish do it at -20° C.  The 10,000,000° C we see ourselves surfaces, we also C at the surface of a lightning strikes.
                Lightening turns regular water into helium, oxygen while emitting gamma wave radiation.  Heavy rain does the same!  The Alpha particles and chance oxygen molecules set up a lightening strike.
                Every biological organism on earth gets at energy via molecular nuclear fusion.  Mankind’s chemical engines produce helium, oxygen and emit gamma wave radiation.  They are all do molecular nuclear fusion.
                Hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium actually runs a steam cycle!  So they are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
                Be simple, nontoxic way to do molecular nuclear fusion is to utilised for a steam plasma tube.  This will release massive carbon free heat!  With no toxic radioactive waste.
                Present nuclear power is the most toxic industry that will ever exist!  It’s fission plants totally under insured.  Which is illegal!  There national regulator must instantly shut down all uranium fission plants.  Or it will be at death of mankind.
                In the Permian 1000 year ice age there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  In the Jurassic there were fewer fossil fuels.  65% more life on earth.  Resultingly sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                Carbon dioxide was at twice the present levels.  And doubled again in a three natural ice ages.

Jonathan Thomason

Replacing oil and gas

29 October 2013
                Heavy rain converts some of the water into helium and oxygen gases.  Releasing heat and nuclear radiation.  Welcome to molecular nuclear fusion!
                A working steam engine does molecular nuclear fusion.  I told Sheffield University this 2001 they could not end my PH D into chemical injuring quickly enough.
                When heavy rain has built up a potential of 5000 volts 100 amps, a steam plasma links up the electoral holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  This takes ½ MW of power.
                When it touches the ground the charge electrons shoot back up the steam plasma!  We see the release of 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  As a lightning strike creates 5 tonnes of helium gas.
                And there is one lightening strike every 3 minutes around the world.  Lasting 3 seconds.  That is 1044 Watts annually.  This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.
                Global photosynthesis strictly limits free carbon dioxide in the air today trace level of two parts per million.  Any academic our fire up by photosynthesis on the carbon cycle should not be in education!
                Manmade global warming and climate change are anti science fiction from the diseased minds of nuclear power.  Who like running their power plants totally under insured with no storage capacity for most toxic used fission tubes.
                Sizewell B carries 50 million pounds of insurance.  It should carry 10 billion!  The first station regulator has a legal duty of enforcing an immediate stop order on R nuclear power plants in Britain.  There is no room for legal argument.  Planning law dictates this.  Sizewell B and hinkley point are both illegal.
                EDF has accumulated legal fines of nine billion pounds.  And he is automatically banned from legal contracts for ever.  As be any consortium they were involved with!
                Any row of gas or oil jets can be replaced by an 8 mm wide steam plasma tube.  That will convert regular water into heat and light.
                Above four atmospheres once started it will self sustain.  Producing absolutely no carbon dioxide.  And no hyper toxic radioactive waste.  Coal flames can also be replaced by steam plasma tubes.
                Fossil fuels have just ended.  Man has laid in the fusion age since the industrial revolution.  Now he no longer needs ever burn anything to produce energy are heat and light.
                Power has just become free!
                Instead of a coal fire in the living room, a 50 mm long 8mm X steam plasma tube can produce all the heat required to heat a house.
                We heat the water in the back boiler, and pump it around the house.  No oil or gas is required!  Merry Christmas!

Jonathan Thomason

Fusion on earth

29 October 2013
                Every biological organism gives out nuclear radiation and excretes helium gas.  It is doing molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O->He+O+gwr+E
                Plants take in carbon dioxide, and excrete helium and free radical oxygen gases.  As a build carbohydrates.
                Animals eat plant carbohydrates, and breathe in the waste gas of plants: oxygen.  ZZXRX a the carbon cycle he’s carbon dioxide to capitalise molecular nuclear fusion.
                Waterfalls, heavy rain fall and deep sea currents do 1 directly.
                Heavy rain fall set up the 5000 volts we need to initiate lightning.  This is a steam plasma.  Which tracks its way to the ground.  When it touches the Earth the ½ MW of electrical charge blows up the steam plasma.
                It does 2.5x1030 Watts of power generation, as it releases five tonnes of helium gas.  Of which there is no chemical source.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion in the moist air.
                This is the main Earth based system.  Man’s chemical engines produce helium and release gamma wave radiation as they do it!
                The industrial revolution came in with the steam engine.  A working steam engine and also does molecular nuclear fusion.
                The clean non toxic free Energy System.  A steam plasma tube does 6-40 megawatts of heat generation at four atmospheres.  Ideal for driving a strates!  Burning no fossil fuels.
                Doing no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  And it is free.

Jonathan Thomason

Gas and oil burning is yesterday’s technology

29 October 2013
                The world is using clean green free nuclear fusion.  It is doing molecular nuclear fusion from water!  Generating no carbon dioxide and no hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                This leaves oil and gas stratespherically uncompetitive.  Water falls from the sky for free.  And we utilised regular water.  There is no no need to enrich it.
                We play the water into a steam plasma.  To maintain the plasma pressure.  Over time the water is converted into heat and light.  100 MW power station use a cup full of water a year.
                The water dissociates into hydrogen and oxygen ions-with free electrons.
H++e- ->n0           2n0+16O ->18O->29Be->43He+6n0->83H->E3+L
                I obviously need to do more work on this equation!  We convert all the water into heat and light.  I first part this out on metre high had three years ago.
                Every engineering company on earth is our power themselves using a steam plasma tube.  At night they probably turn down the plasma pressure, until next morning.  This is stupid!
                They should maintain the plasma pressure, and sell the excess current to the national grid.  Some of their already are.
                This is why the wholesale price of oil and gas is falling.  Burning oil and gas turns out to be a fundamentally stupid idea.  It is far cheaper to utilise a steam plasma tube.
                British Gas is raising its prices, when a wholesale price or gas is falling.  Because it is lost all its commercial companies.  It’s only customers are the private individual.
                Stratesp need to get together and by their own molecular nuclear fusion power plant.  This utilises a one metre steam plasma tube.  First will generate 6-40 megawatts of heat.  Which it’s own power plant turns into electricity.
                Burning gas to generate heat is now massively uneconomic.  The cooperative sells excess current to national grade during the day.  Companies sell excess current at night.  So the days of the monlythic power company are ever.
                The world is now utilising molecular nuclear fusion.  The power system employed by every biological organism on earth.
                The north sea first 2000 years reserves of natural gas.  Which L will never be utilise!  This represents a massive extra amount of biological life on earth.  Life that died at the end of the Jurassic.
                When there was 65% more life on earth-sea levels 60 metres lower.  And 4 thimes the level of carbon dioxide in the air. 

Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 28 October 2013

'Doctors are the highest paid executioner in history'

28 October 2013
                Over a lifetime any Dr. Is paid 10,000,000 UK pounds.  Any prescribing medics kills 8000 patients a year: through the diseases of age.  Which are all totally preventable by using high intensity ultrasound.
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Face Body Massage Massager 3MHZ

Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Face Body Massage Massager 3MHZ From Hong Kong 23.99 UK pounds Free Postage From Ebay

                I have bought two high intensity ultrasound devices from Hong Kong.  They are cheap, but the three week delivery period is a pain!  The Moffitt cancer centre wants $10,000 for such a device.
Beauty Slim Ultrasonic (1224.00 UK pounds from Amazon 
                I have personally years 150 W 40 kHz device I bought from China.  It cost 80 UK pounds.  You can now get them from England for 24.
                It will clear all cancers, coronary heart disease, all science or diabetes first all mental health problems.  With heart disease apply to the top left of the chest and the kidneys.
                For mental health problems apply externally for 30 sections to each side or the skull.  Not a these diseases requires biochemistry.
                I first had been fatal biochemical treatments every prescribing Dr. has executed 8000 patients a year.  They are four BX first a single application of HIUS where cure the patient.
                They chose to prescribe biochemistry, to get X. Ed SS from the drug representatives.  These are not caring prople.  R probability they are executing some of the readers of this document.
                Use of the earth first ultrasound device will cure the diseases of age.  Every prescribing Dr. Once legal fines of 1.2 trillion UK pounds, and 2,500 years in prison.
                I expect a sudden rush of retiring medics to emigrate to Argentina.  The above device needs no medical involvement at all.  Z8 XS for our first mass murderers.  This is ny opinion!  Let’s hear your defence.

Jonathan Thomason

Gold has no value

28 October 2013
                The institutional investors got out last Thursday.  Though quite which Thursday history first year I am not sure.
                So gold investors had traded minuscule between themselves-keeping up the illusion of a healthy market.  Provided nobody tries to get the money out, all appears normal.
                First somebody tries to get even half their money out, the market will crash irrevocably.  Gold is as soft malleable and reactive metal.  SLX a biologically use is its lack of reactivity.  And jewelry!  That is a very limited market.
                The Earth’s core, contains 411 million tonnes of gold.  The river of superheated water that flows over the Earth’s mantle gradually leaches the gold out of the core.
                This water the warm spring at the source of every river on earth.  It carriers the gold with it.  Most of it is precipitated as the pressure drops.  This is why panning for gold works.
                I have a guy in Brazil investigating geothermal mining.  Here we use ground sonar to attract a river source back to 32 metres below the surface.  We drill down and extract hot pressurised water.  With all the gold in.
                We first through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner and extract the heavy metal powder.  Which we sell on to process into metal ingots.  We will get so much gold!  About 100 tonnes a day.  Four every bore hole.
                The Kruger mines in South Africa are extracting virtually no gold today.  As the first has already crashed.  And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
                We can use the clean steam to generate power.  Burning no fossil fuels and doing no hyper toxic nuclear fission.  The produced power companies are exploiting creative accounting to hide the 20 billion UK pounds profit they are collectively making.
                Geothermal steam is free!  And provides an endless source of gold metal.  Also Platinum, silver, copper, Iron …  Mining of heavy metals is so last millennia.
                Geothermal mining is staggeringly inexpensive.  Only trouble is-what do with all that gold!

Jonathan Thomason