Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bad medicine

29 September 2013
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applying high intensity ultrasound to prostate cancer, and got a one appointment cure.
                I have used 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound to clear cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  I have produced a 100% success rate!  By only 30 seconds of HIUS.
                Two years ago Archbishop Santamu was given prostate surgery.  Which only hours and 85% success rate!  And he is massively invasive and mutilating.
                I Hippocratic oath demands the medics are removed by medical registers instantly!  The G and C had this duty to years ago!  They did not do it.  So a legal duty of enforcing the Hippocratic oath reverts to the highest courts and land-and with it the hundreds of millions of UK pounds the GMC is erroneously paid.
                HIUS Works for all cancers.  There cells have an inflated nature!  As to viruses and bacteria.  The Hippocratic oath demands no biochemical prescriptions should have been made since 2002.
                The courts will decide what legal fine to impose, for the third of a billion individuals killed by Bio chemistry says cancer was cures.  The prescribing medics must instantly be removed from medical registers.
                They should be personally responsible for medical fine resulting from their actions.

Jonathan Thomason

Fall discharge

29 September 2013
                The Hippocratic oath demands and when the patient is cures five disease, your discharge from Medical Care.  The American Medical Association (or the GMC in England) will automatically struck off the medical otherwise.
                My American contract no answer blood sugar readings of A1 -with no medication.  Asida ceased medication 8 months ago.  Their Dr. has no choice but to interfere and discharge and.
                Asida applied 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound two there pancreas.  Only one application should be required.  I use three applications at two day intervals.
                Applying the high intensity ultrasound (HIUS) to the liver and arm pits.  No biochemistry required.  I have had a 100% success rate in all types of diabetes here in my health group in the UK.
                Clearing diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer.  Which collectively kill 30,000,000 people around the glow.  It seconds of HIUS years all these conditions for 0.01¢.
                Every practicing GP has taken the Hippocratic oath.  Which demands they learn about and use a HIUS.  As medically published 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.  Xi years ago air!  The Hippocratic oath demands every medic P’s are such developments and applies them.
                Since when biochemical prescriptions have killed a third of a billion people around the world.  The news about HIUS spread around the world four days in 2002.
                Every year of subsequent death caused by Bio chemistry is culpable manslaughter.  Demanding than medics receive 10 years of custodial jail for every death they have caused.
                And pays the families $4-10,000,000.  This is five times the total economic wealth of the planet.  HIUS also cures HIV.

Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 28 September 2013

It is legally very simple

28 September 2013
To get an operating licence a power station must
1 have values and sufficient insurance
2 I have provision to handle its waste
3 Be safe and nontoxic
1 Nuclear power needs insurance of 100 billion by dollars power plant.  That level of insurance is not commercially available.  Fukushima bankrupted Japan-the second biggest economy on earth.

2 All storage space for long-term radioactive waste was pills for months ago.  EDF is now utilising the short term storage space around the at a service magnox stations.  Which was suddenly shut down after I pointed out it was illegally and safe to let EDF engineers extended the working life on its own plants.
They were beyond their working lives and serve an immediate stopped order was the issued 18 months ago.  Has no legal challenge!  Because the law stated there magnox stations were too dangerous to use.
EDF now admits he done by all our power stations are too dangerous to ever build another.  They continued to operate Sizewell B-as he is in England!
4 Nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic industry that is ever been devised.  It causes intermittent continental toxic death.
It produces waste which is lethal for 100,000 years.  As mentioned above-there is no storage available anywhere in Britain.  That is legally authorized to store such waste.
And no other country on earth will take it!  We top waste from Fukushima.  We are that stupid!

Nuclear power is hyper toxic.  And he is the most expensive method man has ever found to generate electricity.  Had a handle its waste it needs to put aside four billion UK pounds a year-launched with the UK government.
Last year even at today’s inflated energy prices it made six million pounds profit.  It is a loss of 3.004 1,000,000,000 UK pounds.  And
Beneath the North Sea there is 2000 years of natural gas.  There can be extracted from natural magma chambers.  Nature percolates water through coal deposits, and was natural gas naturally.
No need for for wrecking!  No possible ecological protester.  Somebody please tell Greenpeace that by protesting against natural gas, they are attacking the cheapest Energy System on earth-and doing the work by nuclear power!  They are actually acting as their PR outfit for the most toxic and least green industry on earth.
Nature does nuclear fusion from water.  Heavy rain turns some of the rain into heat and oxygen gas, plus heat and gamma wave radiation.
They helium reacts with nothing.  And he is lost to space within 24 hours.  Their ears 5.125 parts per million helium in the air.  Which is lost to space and replaced every day.
This means there is 1040 Watts of nuclear fusion from compounds of hydrogen going on around the earth every day.  A via the turbulent flow of liquids.
A massive and free energy source.  That usually goes off from regular water.  Totally nontoxic and free.  Down to -20° C in the arctic seas.  Arctic can’t do it as they live.  Giving off gamma wave radiation and breathing out helium.
So do you!  As you heart beats your heart and arteries do molecular nuclear fusion.
H2O+T->He+O+E+gwr where T= turbulence
Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  So even do waterfalls.  Get
ISBN 13716871
On Natural Nuclear Fusion blue.gif
by Jonathan M Thomason
Nuclear power conceded that when we knew how to nuclear fusion its industry was dead.  Every biological organism on earth does nuclear fusion.  Lightning strikes do exothermic nuclear fusion!
Releasing 2.5x1030 Watts of energy every 3 minutes around the earth.  Hence the huge amount of helium in the global air.  That is lost to space every day.
The only people who can’t do nuclear fusion, are physicists-they think.  Their own hearts do nuclear fusion 70 times a minute-or they would if they have beating hearts.
Even bacteria in the test tube do biological molecular nuclear fusion.  That is why nature is four of the of June of helium and emission of gamma wave radiation.  And it is all written up in the scientific pantheon.
Totally nontoxic and free Energy System.  Everything nuclear fission from uranium and plutonium is not.
Within 20 years EDF will go bankrupt.  They are toxic legacy of used fission rods that will last 100,000 years.  All such used fuel rods must be instantly shipped back to France.  EDF after all is a French Company.
Even the French realise that global photosynthesis limits the free carbon dioxide in the air has a static two parts per million.  Yet EDF promote their fiction of man made climate change.
Do we really want such people running a hyper toxic industry in Britain?  No.  They should take their radioactive muck and ship it over the channel.  Their power comes with a massive cost two our future generations.
Who will curse our people as the most toxic that have ever lived.  Nuclear is a working definition of non-green.

Jonathan Thomason

Global fiction of Nuclear power

28 September 2013
                This week the Australian government closed down is research unit looking into climate change: as a chef and result produce were total rubbish!
                O level biology could have saved them some work.  It teaches that every day plants grow, until carbon dioxide falls below the modern limit of two parts per 1,000,000.
                So since the little ice age ended and carbon dioxide levels fell from four to only two parts per million, they have remained static!  A static trace gas perturbs nothing.
                Quick as a flash the base stooges to nuclear power publish their grass and global warming from 2001.  Three years after the natural climate started cooling.  The graph showing an ever escalating level of carbon dioxide-which is biological nonsense’
                It also shows global temperatures falling away 12 years ago air.  That was the year everybody stopped believing in global warming.  Even academics stopped researching it 2003.
                Now they have redoubled their efforts on climate change!  Invoking of the UN.  Which is a political organisation.  It does not pretend to know science!  It is like replying to your horoscope to local fish and chip shop.  It proves nothing.
                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved.  There was four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more life on earth.  Sea levels 60 metres lower.
                Carbon dioxide levels when expose her life in the little ice age!  Carbon dioxide levels rise for years into an ice age.
                In the Permian 1000 year ice age carbon dioxide levels were at 10 parts per 1,000,000.  Five times today’s levels.
                Me thinks the physicists who made up man made global warming were singularly ignorant about metrology, biology or prehistory.
                Changing over to man made climate change just highlights their total ignorance.  Such people should not be in education or the media.  No rational person can be unaware that life expands to use up any extra carbon.
                The fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  By burning them man is expanding more life on earth today.  He is not altering the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  It is a static trace gas.
                Meanwhile nuclear power gave us Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.  Producing intermittent continental scale toxic death.  And by using waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.  Truly the least green technology ever!
                What use 3 Mile Island?  The exploding last facility constructed by Westinghouse.  Who want to build a nuclear plant in England!  As your 10,000 miles away-and the coal melts down (as Westinghouse reactors tend to) America will not be affected.
                Ever royal commission a nuclear plant will cast 100,000,000 UK pounds.  And for certain say no!
                And then we get back to lack of adequate insurance.  All existing nuclear plants in the UK and are horrendously under insured.  And must bedoes. shut down instantly.
                For ecoshere was constructed by the most technically adept people on the earth.  It’s trouble core meltdown ever bankrupted the second largest economy on earth.
                That is what nuclear power does.  Over the next 20 years Fukushima or will cause 20,000,000 premature deaths in Japan.  Sizewell B will only cause 15,000,000 when it melts down within the next two years.
                My forecast!  Place your bets now.  My name is 34,000 UK pounds are massive death!  Strangely enough, nobody will take about.  Everybody knows it is a sure fire winner.

Jonathan Thomason

CO2 is life

28 September 2013
                All academic work on global warming have stopped by 2003.  As even may have noticed the natural climate has been cooling since 1998.  Hence the shift in nuclear PR to manmade climate change.
                Again based on the erroneous notion that man has any control!  With four trillion biological organisms metabolising available carbon dioxide to grow!  He so obviously doesn’t.
                The fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died and formed the bulk of the fossil fuels.
                At the time photosynthesis was less evolved.  There was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air, but was 65% more life on earth.  And the big prediction of global warming was so obviously wrong.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                There were also three natural ice ages.  The free carbon dioxide will have risen to eight parts per million.  Four times today is paltry two parts per million.  An ice age?  We are four times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                It gets worse: the 1000 year ice age stretching from the end of the cretaceous into the Permian had 10 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.
                Photosynthesis evolved at the end of the Permian.  Free carbon dioxide fell to only one part per million.  And 90% of life on earth died: carbon dioxide is the gas of life.
                Nuclear power from uranium is so obviously the technology of death.  Fukushima demonstrates insurance cover of 100 billion power plant is required.  Fukushima bankrupted the second biggest economy on earth.
                There is no private insurance above one billion.  So every year since privatisation, the people who run British nuclear power there was a legal fine of 400,000,000 UK pounds-inflation adjusted since 1984.  When I met the power station regulator.
                Who explained failure to regulate in cured at 10 year custodial jail sentence on each regulator involved.
                The UN is a political organisation!  It knows no science.  Mind you in each of its members is fully aware that global photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide in the air.  As high school we were taught this is down to two parts per million.
                Only in a natural ice age can this level rise.  There is no man made climate change!  Nobody even knows what that phrase means.  The natural climate has been cooling for 15 years.
                There are floods and droughts as ever.  More floods actually.  Worse global warming predicted an added lifeless world.
                Harvard University went on record that there is 15% more crop yields know the more Watts before the industrial revolution.  Burning the fossil fuels has increased active biology.  No possible weather effect.
                Man made climate change is anti scientific PR on behalf of nuclear power-the least green industry that will ever exist.
                If I was the U.N., I would be ceiling for ever linked the UN will believe in climate change.  As manmade climate change climate change has nothing t       the o do with a static trace level of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis.
                The global average carbon dioxide level is a free industrial two parts per million.  Our weather is made in the stratosphere-where we’ll probably talking about parts per 1,000,000,000 carbon dioxide.
                In a warm static for last 1,000,000 years.  A belief in manmade climate change is a sign an urgent need some medical intervention!  For a mental health problem.
                Not surprisingly no real scientist has expressed belief in such tantamount rubbish.  The power station regulator has a legal authority to issue an immediate stopped border on privatized nuclear power.
                Something it should have done in 1989!  No room for legal argument.  Under insured power plants can not be allowed to operate.  The

Jonathan Thomason

How many your family members have they executed?

28 September 2013
                Every GP on the planet has raid about the cure to cancer in 2002: the Hippocratic oath guarantees that both read about it and sold every Dr. They knew all about it.
                Than they continued prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.  Guaranteeing their patients an agonising expensive death!  Which made them loads of money.
                The drug company is well knew cancer I have been cured-but chose to ignore it for their own naked greed too!  They gave inducements,, so the electronics or even holidays, to doctors to induce them to continue prescribing death.
Beauty Slim Ultrasonic 
36.00 UK pounds from Amazon .Com 
                Each Dr. Has personally executed 25,000 people.  And they knew exactly what they were doing!  So next time you see the Dr. Asked them how many of you friends and family have a personal he executed.
                For their own financial gain!  When one application of high us ultrasound would have cured them.

Jonathan Thomason

Drs the worst killers in history

28 September 2013
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre medically published the cure cancer using high intensity ultrasound.  150 W 40 kHz is HIUS!  As is 8 W 1 MHZ.  Such devices are freely available over the Internet licensed for unsupervised human use
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Photon Skin Facial Beauty Slim Massage Massager USB hv2nUltrasonic Ultrasound Photon Skin Facial Beauty Slim Massage Massager USB hv2nUltrasonic Ultrasound Photon Skin Facial Beauty Slim Massage Massager USB hv2n
Ultrasonic Ultrasound Photon Skin Facial Beauty Slim Massage Massager USB hv2n
Beauty Slim Ultrasonic  £36.00 On Amazon .Com   looks to be a suitable device.  It does 31 UK pounds.  He each ultrasound application costing 0.01¢
          Only one application is required to cure all cancers.  Doctors have continued to prescribe biochemical treatments-carrying doing the patient an agonising expensive rapid death.
          In contradiction to the Hippocratic oath!  This guarantees best medicine.  Since 2002 but cancer this has been HIUS.
          Since 2008 HIUS is also been best medicine for heart disease and cancer.
          So each Dr.has knowingly killed 25,000 people says the cure to cancers was out.  This warrants for five consecutive 10 year custodial jail sentences.
          The Dr. is personally liable for 10,000 UK pounds for each avoidable death.  When he has no money left, it goes up to the health centre.  Where it has no money left the legal settlement goes up to the GMC.
          And there it remains!  As English war does not allow a flying to be levied on the bank of England-in part owned by the recipients of the money.  Likewise it cannot be up to the IMF!
          In the U.S. we have the same process up to the AMA.  The GMC and AMA cannot see them again so the drug company is!  The legal settlement had already be levied against the Dr and the drug companies.
          This means drug companies O the population five times the total economic wealth of the planet.  They are the most massively bankrupt organisations ever possible!
          The ultrasound moustache device above will also cure Altzimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, MS…  The diseases of age.
          No Dr. Involvement required!  As they will all be commencing the Internet jail sentences.  Not one or get out alive!
          Not much point really!  As vigilante groups were given a life expectancy of below 8 hours outside prisons.

Jonathan Thomason

Every GP agrees

28 September 2013
                For the last three years I have been putting out how an ultrasonic massage device cures cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                Since this march that by approving there is practically at my church health group.  I have a 100% clearance rate.  My most treasured of diabetes!  As I lost two family members to this disease.
                Both after I learned about metallurgical ultrasound!  SIC.  And yes I am.
                Within four days in 2010 every medic on the planet should around my ideas.  The Hippocratic Air oath guarantees dissemination of medical stuff.
                Do you know how many medical or Dixons I have received?  One.  From a medical student he couldn’t believe it was that simple!
                All practicing doctors know ‘yes it is that simple!’.  I continued prescribing biochemical treatments which killed their patients in agony, after a short and expensive time.
                The drug companies have given inducements to prescribe there drunks for 30 years I know about.
                To prescribe knowingly fatal treatments!  When the total cure could be obtained for 30 UK pounds.
                These devices will cure MS, alzheiners, Parkinson’s, arthritis and the common cold!  You never need to C a Dr. ever again.  Women in Africa give birth with no medical attendants.
                He each avoidable death incur is a legal fine of 4 to 10,000,000 dollars.  The prescribing Dr. Must instantly be struck off by the AMA, or GMC.  Who are not discharge this legal duty for Xi years.
                During which time doctors have killed their patients for their own financial gain.  They massive monies to that drug companies!  Who have fully realized they were executing patients.
                No medic anywhere in the world has argued!  They think we are all fools and cannon fodder.

Jonathan Thomason

Medical fines

28 September 2013
                Giving out inducements to prescribe biochemical treatments is fraud!  Says 2002 the answer to the diseases of age has been shown to be High Intensity UltraSound.
A suitable device is
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the one appointment cure a cancer using HIUS.  There are loads are descriptions of HIUS!  I am busy evaluating them today.  Physiotherapists use three MHZ.
                With an inducement no GP in the world would have prescribed expensive drugs from a major drug company, preferring using one application of HIUS.  Totally effective and fantastically cheap.
                Since 2002 biochemical prescriptions have killed a third of a billion people around the globe.  The drug representatives of the biggest homicide in recorded history (A world war two level of fatalities every other year) share get custodial jail sentences.  And be banned from working in the health sector for ever.
                The drug companies are due to fined five times the total economic wealth of the planet.  They should have to pay the value of all inducements as a fine; to non health charities.
                Prescribing doctors and the hell centres should have to be an equal five.  The prescribing doctors will be sentence for cold war wall manslaughter.  And struck off.
                Some people would argue that farmers should go to the families of the of dead.  I think the family as would prefer the blood money to go to charities.
                All the stroke of G P’s have no useful training at all!  They know nothing about HIUS.  Preferring instead to use biochemistry to kill in a horrible way.  Truly them as continental people who have ever lived.
                And we raised money for their Health Centres-so they could go along killing our friends and family.

Jonathan Thomason

Hand back the inducements!

28 September 2013
                All doctors surgeries have been killing their patients, five prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.  When the use of high intensity ultrasound to clear the conditions of age was published 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.
                The GP surgeries must have a back all these items given to them as inducements by the drug representatives-or paid the drug companies there energy equivalent.
                So Health Centres will be seen not to have profited from the killing of their patients.  The more patients they have killed, the more money they must pay back or televisions, videos, CDs, and dvds, computing tablets an Internet Devices that must be returned as unwanted!
                My contact at the British Commission I have would be in agreement here!  If not then please message me.

Jonathan Thomason

Curing the common cold Cancer, Et cetera

28 September 2013
                I have used this idea on myself for last four years.  With 100% effectiveness!  This year I have started using it on all my friends.  With similar results!
                You apply high intensity ultrasound to the chest, throat and nose.  He each area for 30 seconds.  At the nose you can hear the virus cells pop!
                Because the inflated cells of viruses, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and infective bacterial cells all co2 about High Intensity UltraSound into massive heat.
                Clearing infective cells stops the development of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  In last four years I have been publishing this fact, no GP from anywhere in the world has contested this.
                The cheapest source of a HIUS machine, he is as a personal ultrasound massage device on its highest setting.  Personal ultrasonic slimming devices are not much dearer.
Or from Hong Kong
                These devices we’ll stop the development of the diseases of age.  Including arthritis, MS and iBS.  There they will also clear the developed conditions.      
                With no biochemical treatment involved.  G P’s get freebees from the drug company representative-in proportion to add of their drunks the have prescribed.
                That is why they do not prescribed compatible drugs.  And wine they would be lessened interested in a one appointment cure costing 0.01¢.
                With every infection, and as people age had naturally, there is a constant need for application of HIUS.  Buying your own device removes the need to see a Dr..
                Salford Royal should devote a ward staffed by nurses, apply HIUS to any person with an infection.
                This could magically transform human life.  And does not require application of any fungal antibiotics.  No it to ultrasound is possible!
                Rather than send people home to die of cancer etc., They should send them along for a short course of HIUS applications.  The world from around Britain would be catching the train to Salford to have cancer, heart disease and diabetes cleared.
                I am doing this most Monday mornings from 10:30 am at saint clement’s church Walsall and the quays.  For free!  This is where I have achieved a 100% success rate.
                HIUS also rigorous than darkens hair.  Again no 100% success rate on my frinds.  One of whom had a male pattern baldness!  And no as we grow their hair.HIUS also clears mental health problems, including autism and Parkinson's. 

Jonathan Thomason

Drug inducements

28 September 2013
                The western drug companies have a whole industry devoted to inducing medics to prescribe there are more expensive drugs.  The drunks are out of copyright protection, so cheaper com parable drugs are available from India and China.
                But drug representatives give out consumer electronics even family holidays according to how many of their drugs the Dr. has prescribed.
                I am researching ultrasound and the diseases of age.  I have been offered three freebees around the world to a medical conference is given out by Cambridge University-sponsored by a drug company!
                At the time I was paying to research holidays probably.  So I never told them up on their offer.  My degree is in engineering-not biology!  So I douted I can make a useful contribution anywhere.
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre cure to prostate cancer using one application of ultrasound.  They used High Intensity UltraSound.  150 W 40 kHz is HIUS.  So is 8 W 2 MHZ.
                The two MHZ Devices are cheaper-and equally as effective.  Physiotherapists even use three MHZ Devices.  The first recorded cure of cancer!  That works for all 200 cancers out there.
                The drug companies went into overdrive, quoting their expensive, unpleasant and fatal treatments with a one appointment most of it to cure.  Drug treatments can not in any way be compaired.
                Drug representatives have been giving out DVD recorders, and tablet computers to ensure drug prescriptions are still made.
                And pay for by the NHS!  Even years after the patent has expired on drugs the western drug companies use financial tricks, to avoid open competition.
                Which results in higher drug expenses for the NHS.  For which the people of the UK are paying.  They are paying 8000 UK pounds a year for cancer treatments, when one ultrasound application costing 10pence would have cured the cancer.
                Drug treatments for cancer, heart disease and diabetes kill 30,000,000 people around the world.  180,000 in the UK each year from disease is curable using high intensity ultrasound.
                This week I met a guy who works high up in the British Commission.  When he heard about the inducement programme he spluttered ‘is simple corruption!.  And so it is.
                The coals all prescribing doctors are benefiting from this programme the General Medical council in the UK, only the American Medical Association in the U.S.  Do not act!
                It is the most massive official corruption in history.

Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 27 September 2013

No man made climate change

27 September 2013
                In 1986 the paid stooges to nuclear power hypothesised that man had increased the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.
                Every high school biology teacher in the world fell off the chair laughing!  Photosynthesis converts the burned all fossil fuels back into the active biology there last were in prehistory.
                Burning fossil fuels increases life on earth.  Is has no possible affect on the weather!  Before suggesting that it dance needs serious medical attention.
                Global average carbon dioxide is at two parts per million.  A pre-industrial level.  Nuclear power has gone into overdrive about climate change.
                Now that posture really air has rubbish the idea!  Australia was the major target for nuclear power-to get new plants.
                Every nuclear plant leaves insurance of $400,000,000,000.  No nuclear plant has that level of insurance.  As it is not commercially available.  Fukushima has bankrupted the second biggest economy in the world.
                Every nuclear facility is running an insured and he illegally!  Climate change?  Nothing whatsoever to do with man.  Certainly nothing to do the carbon dioxide.
                The average carbon dioxide levels in the global air has been a static two parts per 1,000,000 since the 1880.  People pushing ‘climate change’ are in the pay of nuclear power.  Or need serious medication.
                There is no 95% probability that man has called climate change!  Because climate change for last 15 years has been global cooling.  Nobody can quite agree!  How come and have caused something that nobody can agree on.
                The world may be getting wetter.  Parts may be having droughts.  Welcome to planet earth!  That is what we call natural weather.
                Sizewell B is running under insured.  A is no legal discretion!  The power station regulator has to close the plant down.  And get EDF to fully decommission it: costing 40 billion UK pounds.
                EDF bought the nuclear concerns from Scottish Power per billion.  Decommissioning the plants will cast 160 billion!  Money EDF does not have.Or academic work on global warming had ceased to 2003. No work on man made climate change ever started. 

Jonathan Thomason

Medical corruption

27 September 2013
                My thanks to my nursing friend is for reminding me about the this!  I didn’t know about it in 1984.  Nothing has changed.
                Drug reps keep a tally of what drunks or Dr. has prescribed.  His car he has for outlet of Dixons.  He gives out laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even family holidays to prescribing doctors.  Who have prescribed than drugs.
                Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are cleared by one application of high intensity ultrasound.  This would not result in a visit by the drug representative.  So no Dr. Uses this established medical cure.
   Beauty Slim Ultrasonic 36.00 UK pounds.

HIUS Devices are readily available over the Internet, and medically licensed for unsupervised human use.
                Applied externally to the cancerous organ, one a HIUS session will clear the cancer.  Such devices are used by physiotherapists to clear damaged cells.  This is exactly the same process used to clear cancer.
                Applied externally to the coronary arteries and the kidneys this device will also clear coronary heart disease.  No biochemical drug use required.
                Applied to the bottom right of the rib cage for only 30 seconds (the standard treatment time) this device will clear all types of diabetes.  I have established a 100% clearance rate of all the diabetics in my church health group.
                We only had one cancer patient!  Cured of his cancer and its attendant persistent pain.  Five coronary heart patients have all our total remission.
                I will get no free DVD player! My friend from the British Commission was spitting blood.  And said ‘that is simple corruption!’.  Welcome to the MHS in the 21st century.
                Says cancer was first cured by the Moffitt cancer centre in 2002 using a single application of high intensity ultrasound, a third of a billion individuals having kills as a result of fatal biochemical treatments!
                There is no biochemical treatment that is not fatal.

Jonathan Thomason

The climate is nature

27 September 2013
                This is so obviously true!  In 1986 Ukrainian nuclear experienced the Chernobyl incident.  Desperate to invent a reason why anyone be would ever again build a nuclear fission power plant, it invented the science there carbon dioxide must inevitably warm the climate!
                The climate has 28 years cycles.  And 1986 was in a warming period.  Unfortunately this.  Ended in 1998.  15 years ago!
                The idea seemed so appealing!  Carbon dioxide was less transparent to low power infrared radiation.  So higher levels of carbon dioxide would block the air as heat in the earth.
                Here we get to the frightening lack of information about the carbon cycle known to nuclear science.
                Photosynthesis in modern epoch limits free carbon dioxide in the air to the global average of only two parts per million.  Carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural ice ages!
                The infrared effect starts at 8% carbon dioxide in the air.  At that level every animal on earth would be dead.  Plants to grow like crazy!
                Every afternoon plants and bacteria around the world have grown until carbon dioxide levels have fallen below 2ppm.  To get higher gas readings, year after beings at diesel engine exhausts!  In the city during the rush hour.
                When this became apparent in 1987, any rational scientist would ensure sea or work on global warming and gone with real work.  But nuclear power is prepared to invest 10,000,000 UK pounds a year on its phantom science!  It’s only hope for a future.
                In academia money talks.  Different disciplines won’t comet on page research in the the area.  So even though global warming was concerned with the carbon cycle and so biology, physics and engineering were being paid to research it!
                It really is quite silly!  First year high school biology teaches children that global photosynthesis limits the free carbon dioxide in the air.  They can be no builder of this gas in the air.
                We get an increase of life on earth.
                The natural climate started cooling in 1998.  Hence the rush of articles at present stating that global warming has gone into remission.  No explanation!  It’s means of action was never actually worked out-so that it stops is no surprise!  It was never real.
                Must take a trip into prehistory.  To real science data.  In the Permian we had 1000 year ice age.  With free carbon dioxide at five times the present trace level.  Remember, global photosynthesis prevents free carbon dioxide rising above two parts per million outside a natural ice age.
                Photosynthesis evolved in the Permian!  At the end.  Free carbon dioxide fell to only one part per 1,000,000 and 90% of life on earth died.  Carbon dioxide is the gas of life.
                A few bacteria years us all for the cycle-but that results in volcanic ponds been fall and sulphuric acid.  So little life uses a Salford cycle.  All life does need a little sulphur.
                Take in a on board!  Five times the present trace of carbon dioxide in the air, and 1000 year ice age.
                The evolution of photosynthesis course carbon dioxide levels to crash-and the biggest mass extinction in prehistory accounts.  Life only recovered as more animals evolved to metabolise oxygen-the waste gas of plants!  And combine it with the carbohydrates from eating plants.
                By the Jurassic life was buzzing.  There was 65% more life than we have on earth today.  Resulting sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                Free carbon dioxide?  Four parts per million.  Twice today’s levels.  We was 65% more life and sea levels 60 metres lower.  Though the generally warm periods there were ice ages at 180, 600 and 700 million years ago.  This was 65,000,000 years ago air.  Man evolved his cities of society 2000 years ago.
                The Jurassic mass extinction killed 85% of life on earth.  This formed the deep coal deposits.  As geothermal water percolates through these, we get natural gas.
                If we have exposed platinum metal them methane gas form rises to form Petroleum Oil.  There are sulphur compounds in Petroleum Oil.  Because the deep coal formed from biology.
                So by burning the fossil fuels, we combine the deep coal with the waste gas of plants.  And produce more plant growth.  We restore active biology that died in prehistory.
                We do not increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the air: that is biologically impossible.  Photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide.  The most man can do is resurrected prehistoric life as modern biology.
                2010 I was in Brazil as Tokyo nuclear experienced Fukushima.  The most technologically advanced nation on earth produced a major nuclear incident in the middle of the biggest mega city on earth.
                But incident will create 20,000,000 premature deaths.  By increased cancer, heart disease and diabetes cases.  Indiscriminately.  It is like turning Hiroshima bombs going off around the city-for no reason.
                That is what nuclear power turns!  This week Australia shut down his climate change research people.  Concluding ‘no out-so stylish at useful evidence produced despite the $150,000,000 spend’.
                Nuclear power reacted in horror!  Realizing every climate change facility in the world will be shut down by the end of this month.  So they got newspapers to print articles on global warming.
                This a newspapers that are busy publishing articles saying global warming have been in retreat for 15 years.  That was why he nuclear power invented ‘man made climate change’.
                Nobody on earth believed in manmade global warming.  As a panic reaction, this is just plain stupid!  The natural climate started cooling 1998.  We have natural global cooling.
                And as explained at length, we have a static level of carbon dioxide in the air.  Local level rises at diesel engine exhausts, are metabolised by plants within two kilometres.
                Our weather is made in the stratosphere!  It is doubtful that the stratosphere even noticed the little ice age.  Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas!  It does not get up there.
                The only substantiated global warming gas in the world, is water vapour!  Evaporated naturally for seas and lakes around the earth.  Without it there be no life on earth.  As global temperatures will be 70° C cooler.
                Carbon dioxide is static!  Any academic unfamiliar with the first year high school biology should so obviously not be in education.  Nuclear power should not be allowed to fabricate research by putting money into universities.
                They are not interested in science.  They are not interested in truth.  They are interested in PR!  There is a cast iron case for disallowing all monies from nuclear power to be anywhere near education or the media.
                The fantastic amount of trouble nuclear power has caused!  They should be no more nuclear power plants.  The technology is hyper toxic!  Causing intermittent continental toxic death.
                Quite simply it is the least green Energy System that will ever exist!

Jonathan Thomason