Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sizewell must be shut

31 August 2013
                Any nuclear power station needs to carry insurance of $100 billion!  The cost has bankrupted Japan-the second biggest economy in the world.
                The Japanese are the most technically adept nation on earth.  Fukushima demonstrated conclusively that no nation on earth can do nuclear fission safely.  There is no upper limit on earth events.
                A gas degree eight earthquake in the Tokyo area was forecast in 1000 years.  This happened in 2010.  He rather looks like such events of age:.
                Kent is mostly reclaimed land.  An earthquake hit in this area in the next 200 years is pretty much a certainty.  The last nuclear incident in Sellafield was all plant was called Windscale-in the 1950s.
                Nuclear power has given up on making nuclear plants safe against terrorism!  One decent high explosive launched into the centre of a nuclear plant-or a of the world’s biggest dirty bomb!  $50.00 larger than Fukushima.
                So Sizewell B is a terraced average waiting to happen.  And we live in an age of global terrorism.  A nuclear incident at Sizewll B would not affect the Middle East.  The likely source of such terrorism.
                No commercial insurance is available above one billion UK pounds.  So since privatisation in 1986 Sizewell B has been operating without adequate insurance.
                The power station regulator has a legal duty to serve an immediate stopped border on this nuclear facility.  They have no discretion!  Even EDF has shown total disdain for the nuclear fiction of man made climate change.
                They are running their coal fired power station at maximum: since an immediate stop order was enforced on the Magnox stations.  Safe but horrendously expensive!
                EDF now says that PWR reactors are not safe and.  They coals 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.  The individuals involved warrant a 10 year incarceration at only deal security level prison.
                EDF is subject to fines totalling six billion UK pounds.  No new nuclear plant should ever be built!  As no private nuclear facility can be run in the UK!
                Only in totalitarian systems like Russia are mellowed.  Even in fronts nuclear facilities are horrendously under insured.  And must immediately be shut down!
                Nuclear power prevents the job creation of building a new plant.  They don’t highlight the fact it will kill 20 million people and contaminate ¼ England for 100,000 years!
                Then we get to Sellafield: fault of used fuel grade fission rods.  Was never licensed for long-term storage of such rods.  It was only ever licensed for short term storage for the roles were processed at the Thorp reprocessing plant.
                Which he was never opened!  No country on earth will take an existing radioactive waste.  All nuclear power in England must stop tomorrow anyway-as there is no facility for having the radioactive waste.
                As I hide it in my university essay in 1983.

Jonathan Thomason

Fusion is easy

31 August 2013

                As Dr. Z told me in 2000, circulating hydrogen gas around a metal torous does nuclear fusion.  The gas plasma around a star uses the turbulence of the hydrogen plasma to do nuclear fusion.

                Pumping gas around a torous is an easy way to do it on Earth.  The gas needs to be at two atmospheres pressure and room temperature.

                It turns some of the hydrogen into helium and heat.  The gas plasma shoots up to 10,000,000° C though –instantly vapourising the metal torous.

                A better idea is to spend our the gas around a flat torous, using the magnetic field to keep a hot gas away from the metal walls-as physics has done for 40 years.

                But with one crucial difference: we introduce perpendicular magnetic fields to give the ions spin as a section eight.  They now circle the torous in a turbulent fashion.  Not a smooth laminar flow.

                As he ions circulate they constantly collide and interact with each other.  Waterfalls demonstrate that only one metre of fluid head will start the nuclei fusing!

                Read about it in my book

‘waterfall fusion’ by Jonathan Thomason on

                A 1 metre torous is ideal!  The great hadron collider is too large-and uses laminar flow.  If steam fuels are introduced, the torous may be two large anyway!

                Any university physics or engineering department is capable of constructing the equipment.  If we continue to circulate the gas, we will get the lithium metal.  Which we can easily remove from the circulating gas.

                This was the stage at which might chemical engineer PH D had reached 2001-before he was abruptly ended.  When it was realized giving the world nuclear fusion on earth totally demolished the phantom science of man made global warming.

                The natural climate have been cooling since 1998!  Photosynthesis has produced a static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air-says levels fell at the end of the little ice age.


Jonathan Thomason

Shut down Sizewell B

31 August 2013

                Fukushima shows that nuclear power plants me the backing of the national government or insurance cover to the tune of 100 billion dollars a year!  No commercial insurance is available beyond one billion.

                This means since privatisation Sizewell B has been running within adequate insurance.  The individuals have the power station regulator Incur Mr. Gill jail sentences of 10 years of peace.  The regulator and EDF warrant finds of 100,000,000 pounds per year (inflation adjusted since 1984-the last time I met the regulator).

                So the individuals at EDF also incur is fines for compromising the regulator.  The academics may have paid to write spurious papers about the climate should be scared five years in jail and removal from education.

                Global photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide in the global air: as known to every scientist on the planet!  Without academic connivance Fukushima will not have been able to guarantee 20,000,000 Japanese citizens an early death!

                After Chernobyl or nuclear power should have seized by 1990!  And would had done without crooked academics.  Who turn out to be the most important individuals on the planet.

                Other company is like EDF they have killed more people than any body but the drug companies!  One burst of high intensity ultrasound ultrasound will cure cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

                A personal ultrasound device ‘150 Watts 40 kHz cheapest’.  Nuclear power is the definition of ungreen death machines.


Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 30 August 2013

Jail time

30 August 2013
                In 1984 I met the power station regulator.  He told me that any regulator has found to be legally compromised would get 10 years in jail.  And the power company would be fined 100,000,000 UK pounds for every year of illegal operation!
                The regulatory authority got the same fine.
                High school biology teaches that global photosynthesis limits the free carbon dioxide in the air.  Any additional carbon dioxide can only come from fossilised active biology.  That biology is resuscitated in modern form.  There is no way carbon dioxide levels in the air can be affected by man.
                Resultingly carbon dioxide levels can only rise in natural ice ages.  In the Permian 1000 year ice age there was five times higher.  In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved.
                There was 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  But only coal deposits from the cretaceous.
                August 2010 Harvard University put on record that free average carbon dioxide was still had a Prix industrial two parts per million.  Exactly as taught by high school biology!  Crop yields have increased by 15% since industrial revolution.
                When man started burning fossil fuels!  The clue in the name: fossil fuels were active biology in the Jurassic age.
                So what of man made global warming?  Always biological rubbish.  Devised by the paid stooges to nuclear power.  Trying to give this toxic industry in future after Chernobyl.  They have been very successful!
                2010 Japan still had a nuclear industry!  Until Fukushima demonstrated that even the most technologically proficient race on earth could not do nuclear fission from uranium safely.
                Germany and Japan have now abandoned their nuclear industry’s.  Only the Russians and French still maintain that they can do nuclear fission safely.  The French are the least technically efficient nation in Europe.
                For a shirt has launched men into space.  But never pretended he could get them safe C2 are from the Moon.  1986 Ukrainian nuclear experienced Fukushima: they want to build a nuclear plant in the UK!  As they hate the British.
                Even when done correctly nuclear power causes intermittent continental toxic death.
                It is the least safe industry that will ever exist.
                Compromising the regulator will cost EDF six billion dollars!  Or it would-if they have access to that amount of money.  The individuals involved in fabricating manmade global warming will each receive 20 year custodial jail sentences.
                The academics and who have written fictitious papers about carbon dioxide affecting the climate are enemies of truth.  A static trace gas affects nothing.  They will certainly now be in education.
                And any academic who has ever paid lip service to this phantom science should receive five years in jail.  They won’t!  They all just bankrupt the educational establishment they work for all.

Jonathan Thomason

Total Climate rubbish

30 August 2013
                To edit is not breed they copy they publish?  The world climate has been cooling for 15 years.  Ecoshere has a warming in relation to Europe.
                A seemingly rational editor just published that we had the seventh warmest summer on record!  The weather has been cooling for 15 years.  That is not possible.  It is somehow retained the 20th and 21st warmest summers.
                In the little ice age global carbon dioxide levels were at four parts per million.  Since the ice age ended global photosynthesis on land and in the seas has limited free carbon dioxide to only two parts per million.
                That would be the level the weather saw!  Except carbon dioxide is a heavy gas.  I’m not sure any medicine to the stratosphere-where our weather is made.
                The more nuclear power causes power stations with only five million dollars of insurance of the year.  Fukushima has cost Japan 100 billion!  That was seen to be an appropriate level of insurance.
                Only know corporate insurance is available above one billion.  This means that privatized nuclear power has been running within sufficient insurance-in direct contravention to its operating licence.
                This warrants an immediate stop order on Sizewell B.  The only remaining nuclear power plant in the UK.  Finds of 100,000,000 for every year of operation since 1986 are appropriate.
                The hundred million was in 1984!  And me is financial adjustment.  By today it is 0.5 billion UK pounds a year!  The regulators who have failed land 10 years custodial jail sentences.
                Global warming was spurious nuclear fiction!  That was obviously wrong 15 years ago.  2013 was at best the 20 of warmest summer and my life.  Academics who have written papers suggesting it was the seventh warmest on record are talking rubbish.
                Global warming predicted every year since 1986 (the year Chernobyl) will be the warmest in history.  1938 is the warmest year in history!

Jonathan Thomason

Illogical fiction

30 August 2013
                And just plain wrong!  The world climate has been cooling for last 15 years.  As far as I know you rump is going through a cooling phase relative to Asia.
                In the newspapers today it was suggested this summer water some the warmest ever!  No it isn’t!  2005 waterfall warmest year on record.  So this summer if the 19th warmest.
                Global warming was sold on the faces but every year since 1986 (the year Chernobyl) will see a higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air.  A result only higher temperatures.
                Natural carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural ice ages.  So there is a link the carbon dioxide falling global cooling.  There is no historical link at all to global warming.
                But academics are desperate to justify their research budgets!  They have renamed manmade global warming as man made climate change.  Which is nuclear speak for natural global cooling.
                Academics cable was batting such as the rubbish should not be in education!
                No fossil fuels formed in the cretaceous and Jurassic.  The Jurassic had twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more life on earth.  Sea levels 60 metres lower.
                And most telling of all three natural ice ages!  At 180, 600 and 700 million years ago.  All controlled by a predictable solar cycles!
                Only physicists totally ignorant of high school biology could ever have published work on man made global warming.  Global photosynthesis has limited free carbon dioxide in the air says levels fell at the end the little ice age two a static two parts per million.
                In the little ice age there was twice this idea!  More important is insurance status of nuclear power.
                But if she were demonstrated every nuclear plant needs to carry insurance of 100 billion.  No commercial insurance is available above one billion.  EDF only goes insurance of five million.
                When the inevitable nuclear incident engulfs Sizewell B EDF UK declares itself bankrupt!  Leaving the UK to go with 20,000,000 radioactive deaths.  Watch the videos on Chernobyl to get the idea.
                They will leave or toxic legacy of waste lethal for 100,000 years around Sellafield.  Costs to be met by future generations.
                Failure to carry sufficient insurance once an immediate stopped border from the regulator.  An incur is fines (at 1984 levels) of 100,000,000 power plant per year of illegal activity.
                And he up to six 1,000,000,000 UK pounds.  A banker’s check will not be acceptable.  The nuclear plant must instantly be shut down.  The only remaining nuclear facility in the UK.
                Except one medical reactor producing medical isotopes.

Jonathan Thomason

The uninsurable

30 August 2013
                That he came back to this point!  The power station regulator has a legal responsibility to ensure all power stations carry sufficient insurance: otherwise they have to impose an immediate stop order.  Lightly did on the out of design life Magnox power stations.
                Coal, oil or gas stations have to carry sufficient insurance to cover fire.
                Uniquely toxic nuclear power needs to carry $100,000,000,000 of insurance cover: as demonstrated recently by the incident at Fukushima.  Events in nature have no upper limit!  Stop happens.
                Who would ever thought Japan will suffer a level eight earthquake: every insurance underwriter!  They suffer one a century.  They are on the ring of fire.
                And makes plants on may and in the UK!  I they had in London when the hurricane heat 1988.  I had to take in extra days are paid holiday.  Stuff happens!
                Well as stuff happens around a nuclear plant turns of millions of people died.  And thousands of acres are contaminated.  And the plant is trashed!
                No nuclear facility can operate without sufficient insurance.  While they were national consents of the insurance cover was provided by the national government.  Even if there was stridently anti nuclear.
                If you nationalise nuclear power the plants are illegal!  There is no commercially available insurance above one billion dollars.  So no private nuclear facility is legal around the world.
                Sizewell B has run illegally since nuclear power was nationalised.  All about insurance cost is now carried by EDF!  The most reimbursed the UK government for five billion UK pounds a year.
                The insurance costs are 10 times greater than the actual cost of generating power.  This makes nuclear power the most expensive energy on the planet.
                And that is before we get into the cost of storing years to radioactive fission rods for 100,000 years.  That is somewhere around 30 times the cost of generating electricity.  It is a hidden cost learned on our grandchildren.
                EDF UK will file for bankruptcy when Sizewell B at the end of its design life.  There will be no nuclear plants anywhere in the world.  National governments cannot afford them!
                They kill on a continental scale.  Even when done correctly-nuclear power is the most toxic invention of man. ever.

Jonathan Thomason

Uninsured nuclear

30 August 2013
                After Fukushima every a nuclear facility on earth requires $100,000,000,000 of insurance.  They don’t bother!
                The cost of this insurance his five billion dollars a year.  Had to the French and Russian governments think about caring this insurance?
                Had does the UK government fuel about carrying the five billion dollar insurance annually for Sizewell B that is French owned!  Said EDF do not even pay any British taxes.
                When the inevitable nuclear incident occurs EDF UK will just file for bankruptcy!  Leaving no toxic waste to be handled by the UK government plants 100,000 years.  And leave their 28,000,000 in UK deaths as a leaving present to the UK!  N FF

Jonathan Thomason

Gold cheaper than lead

30 August 2013
                The only value of gold is due to scarcity!  But the river of geothermal water which flows around the earth is laden with heavy metal powder.  A lot of which is gold!
                Drilling down only 10 metres in some areas gives us access to this dirty water!  We passed through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner, and this extracts the heavy metals.  Which condense as we vent the water pressure.
                The water boils away into no clean steam.  With no fossil fuel or hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  We use it to drive a steam turbine.
                We then condense the steam and discharge it into a river for the sewers.  And we are left with free gold and electricity.  Generated by the waste heat of the earth’s core.  Which is from nuclear fission far away from mankind.
                It is the ultimate clean power!  The earth provides a steam-and we extract gold and generate power.
                So gold will end up being so common it will have less value than lead!  We will cease to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.  It is the ultimate clean free power.  With gold thread in as an extra.
                In the middle ages gold was cheaper than bronze.  Now it will be cheaper than lead.

Jonathan Thomason

Lowering the seas

30 August 2013
                Water is curious stuff!  As it freezes it expands!  Which is why it flights.  So when ice melts, it takes up less room as water.  We get back the ice that was taking above the seas.
                So when the sea freezes sea levels do not change!  We just have ice poking of of of the surface.  When ice melts sea levels also do not change!  All that happens is a more cold water flows back to the equator to pick up equatorial heat.
                And then the flows back towards the poles as warm water.  This heat shuttle facilitates life on earth.  Cooling man heartlands, and warming the cold ones.
                We can do a neat trick at Greenland.  We have a ship which have a small vacuum pump.  Pumping sea water up a metre.  The water then boils.  Sacking heat from the see water!
                Which is chilled and sinks or to the plant-to be replaced by fresh sea water.  This water is at 3° C.  And flows back to the equator to become more solar heat.  The heat is held in the rising steam.
                We from all the a steam to the outside of a cylinder rate drives us past turbine.  Solar pump has affected diameter of 20 centimetres.  We drive the turbine at unaffected diameter of one metre!
                We use the mechanical advantage to offset our efficiency losses.  So once started, the system continues unpowered.
                It is not perpetual motion!  We call the exit steam down by 10 oC.  So an motive power is extracted from the heat we draw from the seas: there comes from solar energy at the equator.
                It runs unpowered-transferring fresh water from the seas into the air!  When it is carried massive amounts of solar heat.
                As the water vapour condenses, the air is heated up!  So now we rain warm rain on to the Greenland icecap.  It is like playing a warm jets of water on to the ice.
                The ice melts, and runs into the seas as fresh water at 3° C.  This flows back to the equator!  Remember: C levels do not move a mm.  We transform green and back into lush arable area it was naturally in the time of the Vikings.
                We call the equator down, and a warm up the north pole.  So making a better life all over the globe.  And once started-the system runs for free.
                We re-establish an arable industry in Greenland.  And all the extra plant growth takes in carbon dioxide for us.
                The equator is cooled, and at night we get more natural rainfall.  So we revert Saudi Arabia back into the lush arable area it was in the days of the Roman empire.  We get massive plant growth!
                Was again taking in carbon dioxide.  The limit to global life is available carbon dioxide for photosynthesis: the life support system on earth.  Plants excrete their waste gas-oxygen!
                In the Jurassic there were far fewer fossil fuels, but 65% more life.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.  At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died-forming the modern fossil fuels.
                As man extracts from burns these he increases modern life on earth.  Photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide in the global air to only two parts per million-A static trace gas!
                The industrial revolution has increased crop yields by 15%-a data source Harvard University.  Who were also put on record that global average carbon dioxide was a Prix industrial two parts per 1,000,000.
                The idea that man could change the gas composition of the air by increasing photosynthetic activity around the earth is laughable even to an Xi your old high school pupil.  Only people seriously mentally deficient or in the pay of nuclear power could ever have believed manmade climate change for a manner second!
                It can’t happen!  Which is why the natural climate has been cooling for last 15 years.  Manmade global warming was so laughably wrong-nuclear power change is PR to man made climate change.
                Which is meaningless verbiage!  We have natural weather.  Live with it!  Not that we have a choice.

Jonathan Thomason

Free electricity

30 August 2013
                All neighbour hoods around the world can use ground sonar to locate the geothermal river of hot water running below where they are standing!  Typically under 30 metres down.
                This heat source has never been exploited-as nobody makes any money out of it: other than the drilling company and the plant builders.
                We get the water on to the surface!  It is at 250° C.  We give a small vent and pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  We remove all solids.
                These are heavy metals-including gold.  Which is soluble and the hot high pressure water.  We sell the metal dust on for processing into ingots.  There will be so much gold!  We also get copper, silver, platinum and iron.  A useful income stream.
                We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine.  We have a pure hot steam-not mixed with combustion products.  So it will produce as much power as the power station at 800° C.
                We can either dispense the hot water as an over and heat and power; heat source or we can cool the exit steam down to the cold water and discharge it into a local river or sower.
                The water company should paying for this water source by the liter!  As it produces its dependence on reservoir water.  The and it sells the water back to consumers.
                No fossil fuel bound or hyper toxic nuclear fission is required.  I heat of the earth’s interior goes to waste today!  We just use it before discharging it into nature.  I told Sheffield University this idea in 2000.
                They have never responded to it!  Even when I was doing a PH D into Chemical Engineering looking into manmade global warming: the year has started cooling naturally two years before.

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 29 August 2013

EDF has played us for fools

29 August 2013
                So save for eight power plants from Scottish Power, EDF has continued to operate a coal burning power station: my old time the world the carbon dioxide was the biggest threat to life on earth.
                Now the world has been cooling for 15 years-it preserves the weather will warm again one day.  EDF has no idea how the weather works.
                It is certain that carbon dioxide is irrelevant!  As global photosynthesis has reduced carbon dioxide to a static two parts per 1,000,000 says levels fell at the end the little ice age.
                Now the Magnox stations have been shut down as unsafe, it is running the coal station at maximum power.
                Sizewell B, like all privatized nuclear facilities in the world, Israel had totally in sufficient insurance cover.  It needs cover of 100 billion!  For the inevitable Fukushima: which was the same reactor design!
And will ead to the premature deaths to 20,000,000 Japanese individuals.  So the whole of Kent is history!  The French government would not cover the insurance costs.
                The British government would not cover the insurance cast.  So you end up dead by your family is not compensated.
                EDF has stuck up two fingers to man made climate change! ‘only a stupid to believe such self serving fiction!’ They exclaimed.
                Carbon dioxide is a static trace gas.  Man made climate change is desperate for a third rate fiction from nuclear power and the stupid.

Jonathan Thomason  

Global warming is Nuclear PR!

29 August 2013
                The single biggest problem with manmade global warming is it is self serving fiction pay for by nuclear power!  Talking about biology and ecology: subjects they no less than nothing about.
                Natural global warming ended 1998.  So had 15 years of global cooling.  The climate pundits can never explain how a static trace gas affected anything!  You say global photosynthesis converted the burned fossil fuels back into active biology!
                That the fossil fuels were in prehistory.  In the Jurassic there was twice the trace level of carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more life on land.  The seals were 60 metres lower.
                There were three natural ice ages: 180, 600 and 700 million years ago.  Nobody around the world has contested any of this!  It gets worse.
                In the Permian there was five times as much carbon dioxide in the air, than is the global average!  A static two parts per 1,000,000 says levels halved at the end the little ice age.
                Carbon dioxide did cause global warming-there never could have been a natural ice age!  Because carbon dioxide levels rise as photosynthesis declines.  As ice covers the seas, and snow covers the land.
                Photosynthesis goes on over the land and in the seas!  Nuclear power was busy predicting droughts!  Why?  Droughts don’t affect the sea.  And life in the seas has evolved to leave only two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  So I learned drought has no effect!
                Carbon dioxide he is the gas of life.  Nuclear power is the technology of death!  Burning fossil fuels resurrects ensured life as modern biology.
                Global warming was devised as an idea in 1986-after Chernobyl.  To savour every year carbon dioxide levels increased.  This isn’t true!  The post war boom of the 1950s produce loads of carbon dioxide.  And the coldest winters of the 20th century.
                The 1970s were a time of economic recession.  So less carbon dioxide was released be man.  1976 was nearly as one of summer as 1948!  A time of little carbon dioxide evolution.
                The Permian ice age is a most glaring exception to the fiction.  Five times as much carbon dioxide 100,000 year ice age-which only abated as photosynthesis evolved.
                This cause carbon dioxide levels to crash to only one part per million.  90% of life on earth died.  And the prehistoric age ended with the biggest mass extinction of earth history.  Life only recover as more animals evolved to breathe in oxygen, and combined the waste gas of plants with the carbohydrates from eton plant bulk.
                Nuclear power knows no biology!  They no no climatology.  And apparently they don’t know prehistory.  All they do know is physics!
                Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike.  Where steam plasma of regular water releases gamma wave radiation and massive heat.  As it produces five tonnes of helium gas.
                This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.  It is nature doing nuclear fusion from regular water.  The ultimate green Energy System.  That produces no toxic radioactive waste.
                A high school physics department is well capable of setting up a steam plasma in a glass tube-and studying nuclear fusion!  Once started, above four atmospheres the plasma self sustains.
                Turning regular water into massive heat!  Non other toxic death of present nuclear fission: the technology of hades and death!

Jonathan Thomason

Nuclear fusion in nature


29 August 2013

                Heavy rain turns regular water into He2+ and O the-2.  And goes off gamma wave radiation and creates heat.  It does physical molecular nuclear fusion.  All around the world every day.

                Well we get a potential build up of 5000 volts 100 amps between the cloud tops where the Alpha particles, it, and the ground where the negative charge falls we get a lightening down strike!

                This is a partial steam plasma connecting all the electoral holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  When it touches the ground we get a brush for ½ MW of power.

                A lightning bolt liberates 2.5x1030 Watts of power-as heat and all frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.  As it creates five terms of helium gas.  There is no chemical source of helium.

                And there are no radioactive isotopes!  So we are doing molecular nuclear fusion

H2O+O2+T ->He2++O32-+gwr+L+E2

                And we have all witnessed it and experienced the heat!  We may even have heard the destruction on the radio.  This is nature doing nuclear fusion.

                It fixes all the organic nitrogen


                Without lightening there would be no plant life on earth.  Without plant life turning water and carbon dioxide into helium, oxygen and carbohydrates the would be no animals life on earth.


                Carbon dioxide is the gas of life!  Oxygen is the gas excreted by plants.  In the Permian photosynthesis has not evolved, and was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  And 1000 year ice age.

                I note today that EDF is running its solitary coal fired power station at maximum!  Since the setting down of the magnox power station, EDF is time to import serious kilowatts from France.

                Sizewell B is a massively under insured.  It needs to carry insurance of 400 billion UK pounds.  Is what Fukushima has cost Japan.  No commercial insurance above one billion is available!

                The French government would not cover the cost of a nuclear incident at Sizewell B.  Neither would the UK.

                The power station regulator has a legal duty of enforcing an immediate stop order on their only surviving nuclear power station in the UK.  Sizewell B must be shut down.  It should have been shut in 1986-on privatisation!

                In 1986 I heard any power station running without insurance incurred fines of 100,000,000 UK pounds.  Presumably by today at four water of a billion-for every year of illegal operation.

                All finds have been purchased used by EDF.  Similar fines of every wall against the regulator.  And the individuals involved receive at 10 year custodial jail sentence.  The nuclear power is so dead!


Jonathan Thomason

Fusion- in practice

29 August 2013
                This is not a theory!  Any high school can get a discharge tube, a cylinder of hydrogen gas, A. Geiger counter and so non contact: thermometers borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light tube the start doing experiments on nuclear fusion.
                Heavy rain converts regular water into helium and oxygen gas-by the chaotic interaction of water droplets.  This builds up an electric charge!  So every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike.
                This makes five terms of helium gas!  As it liberates 2.5x1030 Watts of electricity, it emits gamma wave radiation.  Is no chemical source of helium or gamma wave radiation.  There is no source on nuclear fission!
                So we have to be doing nuclear fusion from the helium ions bound up in compounds-in this case regular water.
2H2O+O2+T->He2++H2O+O32-+E2+gwr    where T= turbulence of the rain fall
                Became obvious idea on the chemical engineer PH D in 2001.  Sheffield University could not end my PH D quickly enough!  As universities are making too much money from nuclear power to write fictitious papers about burning fossil fuels affecting the weather.
                Really plants converted any additional carbon dioxide back into modern biology!  The fossil fuels were all active biology in the cretaceous of Jurassic.  The Jurassic had 65% more life on earth, sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There was twice the carbon dioxide in the air.
                But there were three natural ice ages: at 180, 600 and 700 hundred million years ago air.  In the modern epoch there is only two parts per million carbon dioxide left in the air.
                Photosynthesis in the Jurassic was less evolved-and left twice that amount in the air.
                Photosynthesis evolved in the Permian!  Ending 1000 year ice age spanning the cretaceous into the Permian.  There was 10 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air: five times the present levels.  In the depths of the mega ice age!
                Photosynthesis evolved, carbon dioxide levels crashed to only one part per 1,000,000 and 90% of life on earth died.  Life only recovered as more animals evolved to eat plant matter and combine there carbohydrates with oxygen-the waste gas of plants.  The
                A steam plasma liberates between 6 and 40 MW of power per metre.  The molecular nuclear fusion done by a partial steam plasma in lightning strike liberates 6 megawatts per metre.
                A 1.5 kilometre partial steam plasma is set up by a potential of 5000 volts: 100 amps.  Skill down to one metre we need 2000 volts 0.001 amps.  And this is a massive over estimate.
                Above four atmospheres the plasma will self sustain once initiated.  It will go on there rating 6 MW while we top up the water level.  And we then she’s a thimble full of water a year!  We can generate electricity, and any pumping requirement is totally minuscule!
                Burning oil or gas oxidise methane or hydrocarbons.  That process is endothermic.  But it fires up a steam plasma!  Which does molecular nuclear fusion.
                So a flame of these gases produces helium and gamma wave radiation!  They are actually doing nuclear fusion on earth today.  But they are massively overpriced.
                A steam plasma is very nearly free to maintain.  And 4 times as exothermic.  A gas plasma tube replaces a row of gas or oil burners.  Producing massive heat.  But there rating no carbon dioxide.
                And he utilises regular environmental water.  It does not require hyper are expensive fossil fuels being shipped a further the way around the planet.
                And the science is totally accessible to any high school physics department or garage scientist.  I would recommend immersing the steam plasma in a water bath in a concrete trough.  So we block the emission of gamma wave radiation.
                And we can metre the production of radiation and heat by the temperature rise of the water.  We totally in case the water tank, and feed the produced steam to a small electricity generator.
                So within 5 minutes we are generating 20 MW of power.  From regular water!  We do not need to enrich water.  Any physicist out their will realise the steam plasma is actually a mixed hydrogen and oxygen plasma.
                Hydrogen plasmas or her every sun in the universe does nuclear fusion.  Here are a few equations to keep you happy!
1              H++e- ->n0 the collapse the hydrogen matter into neutrons
2              H=+r n0 ->1+rH+  we enrich other hydrogen ions
3              O-+r n0 ->16+rO-              we also enrich the oxygen ions
4              1+rH+->(1+s)(E+gwr)+(r-s)n0       the rest hydrogen fissions into massive energy and gamma wave radiation plus associated neutrons go
5              16+rO- ->2t B->4u Be->8v B->16He->32wH+x n0    the oxygen fissions into boron, beryllium, helium and then more hydrogen.  Back to the equation 4.
                So all the regular water is liberated as heat and all frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.  I am not a physicist.  My master’s degree is in engineering and materials.
                Every 3 minutes around the world nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion!  And every lightning strike fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is life: as nitrous and nitric acids.  Which rains down on the barren ground.  Fertilising plant growth.
                Plants are the dynamic sink to organic carbon!  Investing additional organic carbon into active biology.  It is biological nonsense to talk about man increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  He can’t!  Photosynthesis cease to that.
                Nature demonstrates that a steam plasma is a most exothermic system on earth.  It powers every volcanic eruption an earthquake mankind experiences.  As geothermal steam vents into the air!  Releasing gamma wave radiation and producing helium gas!
                This is known to every house scientist on the planet.  They were not aware that helium and gamma wave radiation are symptomatic of nuclear fusion-as a special little source of nuclear fission in venting steam.
                The flow of geothermal water on the earth’s mantle does molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing gamma wave radiation and enriching water isotopes.  This is why deep water is also are heavy water!
                Every beat of your heart releases gamma wave radiation and produces helium.  As does the action in your cell mitochondria.  The compounds circulating carbon dioxide and water to do biological molecular nuclear fusion in your body.
                The Energy System is that safe!  Every biological organism on earth does biological molecular nuclear fusion.  There is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air the your breathing.
                That is lost to space within turn for hours.  And replaced every day as nature does nuclear fusion on earth.  From compounds of hydrogen in turbulent flow.
                Life on earth is a nuclear process!  All biological organisms do nuclear fusion.  No physicist can persuade a Taurus of hygiene gas to do it.
                Hear my PH D supervisor gave me the answer 2001: induce spin of into the circulating hydrogen ions going around a one metre torous.
                Equipment every university engineering/physics department has ecosphere.  There hydrogen ions now circulate in a turbulent fashion.
                They interact chaotically.  The strong atomic force is only one W-as demonstrated by every waterfall on earth above one metre do nuclear fusion.  Get my book ‘Natural Nuclear Fusion’ by Jonathan Thomason on
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                So fluid turbulence above 1 W, gives us nuclear fusion.  We use the hot gas to run a steam cycle: which itself does molecular nuclear fusion.
                We then vent the helium to the air-where it is lost to space.  And every day lightning strikes combine interstellar hydrogen with free oxygen to give us back our water.  Power with no expensive fossil fuel burn.  And no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                I thought of this in 2001!  Sheffield University do everything in it’s power to stop the world learning about the idea.
                The idea either just read.  The ideal that Sheffield did not give me a Ph.D. for.  The research money from nuclear power was more important and scientific truth!  According to Sheffield.
                Sorry Sheffield: you are in the truth business!  This is the biggest truth out there.  And I giving you for free.
                Bnd my PH D cost me 5000 UK pounds.  I am now a folk music lyricist and singer.  And about to embark on a medical Ph.D.  In Manchester.
                On the use of ultrasound to cure the diseases of age: cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  My money is on drug companies using their money to start my PH D ever happening.
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                The slimming industry produces ultrasound devices of 150 W 40 kHz.  Using externally to a cancerous organ, the coronary arteries and the kidneys, and the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas will clear the three main diseases of age.
                The slimming industry is financially richer than the drug market!  Pharmaceutical companies will never buy off the slimming companies.

Jonathan Thomason