Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Skin cancer

31 July 2013
                We can get a personal high intensity ultrasound unit for worse and $50.00!  Go to
                Such a device will cure all infections-and also clear cancer, heart disease and diabetes from the body: all of post pathogen problems!  They are overinflated and under supported cell structures.
                In response to 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound (= HIUS) the the cell structures fragment.  Clearing the diseases of age from the body.
                Skiing cancer can result from using a sun bed well not fully well!  If you’re feeling a bit of colour-don’t do the some bed!  Malignant melanoma displays are hard and over inflated cell structure.
                Running the above HIUS device over it will cure skin cancer-with no drunks or surgery.  Takes 30 seconds.  It will also clear type one and type two diabetes-when applied externally to the bottom right of the rib cage.
                For coronary heart disease we apply again for 30 sections to the upper right of the rib cage and the kidney years.  Also for raised blood pressure!

Jonathan Thomason

Atlanta teaches medics death

I just heard from Gordon, a medical student at Atlanta University.  He was incredulous with the efficacy of HIUS!  Here he is what I wrote to him!

                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the use of high intensity ultrasound to clear prostate cancer at one application.  This is 2013 and surgeons are still doing the lessee effective prostate surgery.  In contravention of the Hippocratic earth.
                It’s means of action is to cause the pressurise cancer cells to experience cell content boiling and fragment explosively.  The effect of ultrasound on water is in the interim pantheon.  Is heating affect is exponentially linked to pressure.
                I have cured eight diabetics out of 8!  I have also cured Asida, A diabetic from New York.  From my desk in the UK.  He bought and used his own ultrasound device: 150 W 40 kHz.  It took me six months to figure out a working description of HIUS.
                I am running a health club on Mondays.  And are cleared one cancer, three coronary heart disease patients and the eight diabetics.  A 100% clearance rate!  I do not have a ready pool of patience experiment on.
                This Monday in a lady with MS and Parkinson’s came into the group.  Are the intrinsic to C how she reacted next week!  I have cleared by a visual and hearing problems problems.
                Every GP on earth had raid the Moffitt work in 2002.  The and not one applied it!  Preferring instead to prescribe a fatal biochemical treatments.  Which generated he had incomes-and killed the patients.
                The area of HIUS should have generated 20 PH D’s 2002-and the results published 2005.  The medics prefer the money and to condemn their patients to a certain an agonising death.  Please explain.
                The Moffitt published a double blind study with a 100 patients.  The paper is still available over the Internet.  Search for ‘Moffitt cancer centre ultrasound prostate cancer’.  A one appointment total cure.  Red by every medic on earth.
                I am staggered that you have not ready it!  Medical students are meant to be firmly grounded in medical knowledge.  In the UK anyway.  My medical school is based at my local church.
           The church is obviously massively interested in avoiding unnecessary deaths.  The first diabetic I cured in march was the type two diabetic.  That it is totally innocent defendants.  He has been insulin free since the end of march.
                This ‘spontaneous remission’ was confirmed by Salford royal.  The medics there must be getting very puzzled by my eight cures.  My ideas have been spread around the world on the Internet.
                I have yet to hear the one person not been cured of the diseases of age by ultrasound.  My first coronary heart disease patient was an SRN RMN nurse-who still doesn’t believe in HIUS!
                Though his heart disease has mysteriously vanished.  I have repeated the process there are three other patients.  All on her medication free.  We are talking 100% clearance rate of the diseases of age.
                And no medic anywhere in the world has found this remarkable!
                The HIUS device (personal ultrasound 150 Watts 40 kHz cheapest) was from 80 UK pounds!  The one MHZ 8 W machine I am evaluating.
                You are a medical student!  These devices are stupendously cheap and effective.  People are walking the streets HIV I heavy medication or dead!
                My medical friend from the NI H says she is interested in writing a paper on diabetes: until she realized HIUS was totally effective for the cost of 1¢.  Then she lost interest!
                Who is pulling the strings?  Hell up on T cell activation at the NI H has been shut down after pressure from the drug companies.  Who have successfully killed a third of a billion individuals says 2002.
                The initial work at the Moffitt was published by four professors of medicine.  There paper is probably in your university library.
                A large part of Dr. income is derived from prescription charges on prescriptions they write out.  For biochemical treatments to that drug companies.  They generate not 1¢ from ultrasound.
                I have promised of the Hippocratic oath to only teach and use the best medicine.  You explain to me why they have ignored the first demonstrated cure to cancer.
                My own work has establishes to efficacy the coronary heart disease and diabetes.  Some medics published work 2010 on HIUS clearing secondary coronary heart disease.  I would not have known about this!  So some work is being done on HIUS.  And ignored.  Ask your father why!
                Dr. Has prescribed biochemical treatments which kill.  And ignore the first medically published repeatable cure to cancer ever.  Explain!

Jonathan Thomason

EDF looses money

31 July 2013
                This year EDF the made an operating profit of 6 million pounds.  This sounds a lot.  But every year it’s fission plants produce toxic fission tubes which have to be ground store safely for 100,000 years.
                This cost at least 18,000,000 UK pound2%s.  So it is making a net loss of 12 million UK pounds.  It is bargaining on there being new technology to reprocess is hyper toxic waste in the future.
                There is actually developed technology which is between four and eight times more efficient than nuclear fusion.  And does not produce toxic waste.
                It is molecular nuclear fusion.  Around the world heavy rain turns regular water into helium, oxygen, heat and gamma wave radiation.  This is molecular nuclear fusion.
H2O+O2+T->He2++O32-+E2+gwr   were T= the turbulence
                That is why heavy rain feels electric!  He’s is generating ions as it does nuclear fusion.
                Where we have a potential of 5000 volts 100 amps we get a lightening down strike!  A partial steam plasma links up the charges from the cloud tops(where the Alpha particles collect) to the ground(were negative charge falls).
                We get an up rush of ½ MW of electrons through a steam plasma.  This releases 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  As it does massive molecular nuclear fusion.  Naturally and nontoxic we all around the world.
                It fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant life.  The plant life expands to accommodate that day is additional carbon dioxide.  The fossil fuels were active biology in the cretaceous and Jurassic.
                Burning them converts their carbon back into active life.  Photosynthesis caps the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  Which has been fixed at only two parts per million since the little ice age ended.
                During the little ice age free carbon dioxide was at 4ppm as there was less photosynthesis on land and in the seas.
                In the Permian free carbon dioxide was at 10 parts per million.  And he had 1000 year ice age!  Photosynthesis evolved, carbon dioxide crash to only one part per million-and 90% of life on earth died.
                Mike only recovered as more animals evolved to metabolise the oxygen are excreted by plants.  Combining it with carbohydrates from plant matter.
Cm(H2O)n+(m+3p)O2->mCO2+3pHe+mCO2+pO3+E2+3p gwr
                So the whole biological system uses carbon to capitalise molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why there is 5.125 parts per million helium gas in the air.  Which is lost to space and replaced every day.
                We gain hydrogen-and at lightning strikes get back our water!  The earth is busy converting hydrogen into helium.
                Lightening is really interesting!  It suggests 2000 miles 0.001 amps will set up a steam plasma in a glass tube.  I will produce a constant 6 MW of heat at only four bars pressure.  While we maintain the water pressure.
                So obviously we are two metre tubes running at 10 bars pressure.  We only need three to our 100 MW power station.  And once started this self sustain.  The hydrogen ions bond with free electrons.  To form neutrons.
                They enrich the helium and oxygen, and the 3He takes him as heat to fission into 2x1H them a release of formation.  All the hydrogen ends up as heat and light.  The oxygen fissions into boron and helium there before ending up as more hydrogen ions and free electrons.
                So we are burning all the regular water molecules into heat and light!  With no flame.  We are turning their matter into massive amounts of heat and light.
                With no toxic end product.  And water falls from the sky for free.  It does not need enriching!  And nature will gradually converts free oxygen into more water.
                Which is why the reasons the Jurassic when sea levels 60 metres lower: there was more life on earth, and vastly more lightning do molecular nuclear fusion.
                Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  This world is completely lost to physicist!  The people to research it are the biologists.
                No physicist was so wonderfully ignorant of photosynthesis that they hypothesised burning fossilised life could increase sea levels.  When the fossil fuels were active biology sea levels were lower!
                The Jurassic had sea levels 60 metres lower and there was 65% more life on earth!  All supported in the end vibrator levels of photosynthesis going on in plant world rain forests-in areas-that are now dessert.
                Every professor of physics learned about photosynthesis in high school biology.  The but developed a selective amnesia-to get research funding from nuclear power.
                There never walls any man made global warming.  And there never can be any man made climate change.  Individuals writing such rubbish have no place in education!  I should not be producing copy they the world media.
                Global warming was hypothesised to warm every area of the world every day for ever.  It was obviously wrong!  The global climate has been cooling since 1998.  There is no possible reason the system that would take in a natural break-and changed its name to climate change!  It is just nuclear power inspired fiction.
                Carbon is life!  Carbon dioxide is the gas of life.  The sun makes the natural climate.  Which warms and cools in 28 year chunks.  There there also are natural cycles as 100,000 years and 400,000 years.
                All determined by natural solar cycles.  Man lives with the weather.  He does not make it.  Carbon dioxide makes life on earth.  Including U!

Jonathan Thomason

Ultrasound device

Saving lives
31 July 2013
                Last year 30,000,000 people died as a result of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  What a criminal waste!  Medics at the Moffitt cancer centre proved high intensity ultrasound cured prostate cancer in 2002.
                Still people are being subjected to less effective prostate surgery.  30 seconds of HIUS would cure prostate cancer: high Intensity UltraSound is many frequencies of ultrasound!  150 W 40 kHz is Hreadily available from a personal ultrasound device.  Licensed for unsupervised human use.
                As every person with a three diseases of age is cured, they will tell between two and had 1000 other people suffering the infections.
                Applying HIUS to the coronary arteries and the kidneys for 30 seconds clears coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.  This kills 12,000,000 people around the globe every year.  More than dies from cancer.
Cleared with HIUS- no biochemistry appropriate.  How many people have been killed by a biochemical treatments?  Killed by the drug company is and doctors working together.  For their own financial gain-and the patient’s death.
                I applied to the head for 30 seconds this will clear all mental health problems.  The like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, bipolar and maybe even schizophrenia.
                I have demonstrated a 100% clearance rate our diabetes by applying the HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage-over the pancreas.  Diagrams available on the Internet.
                So that should be 30,000,000 lives a year or so it around the earth.  18,000 a day.  The drug companies would publicised the news!  They won’t.  Drug company is have bought them off with an appetising budget.
                Cancer was cured 2002-why the drug company is still selling defective biochemical treatments?  That result in the patient’s death.  But makes money for the twisted doctors.
                Search on Amazon for ‘personal ultrasound or 50 W 40 kHz’.  All go to
                One 30 second application will clear cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  No Dr. Involvement at all!

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Clearing breast cancer

30 July 2013
HIUS machine

             Breast cancer will react in the same way to ultrasound aa prostate cancer does!  High intensity ultrasound(HIUS) will clear him the-as cancer in one application.
                Get again to apply the ultrasound.  30 sections to each breast in a semicircular arch under each breast.  Also apply to the armpits, liver and brain!  30 seconds he each location.
                Crucially HIUS will not affect any Bio chemistry being inflicted on the breast cancer patient.  There must they might feel is a sudden rush of heat!
                This mean to hit the right location.  The heat will abate in 10 years.  Ensure the girl who is sitting down.  Preferably with a cup of T.  They should not get up for called for an hour.  The
                This will cure breast cancer at one application.
                To clear Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s apply the HIUS to each side of the school again for 30 seconds.  I did this on Monday!  I will see the patient next Monday.
                Her face flushed red-which means there cancer is being cured.  In exactly the same way that external application of ultrasound to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas clears all types of diabetes in 30 sections.
                Totally removing the need for an interim pump.  The the diabetes is cured!  It is an ex disease.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing the diseases of age

HIUS machine

Ultrasound cures
30 July 2013
                In 2001 I was doing a Ph.D.  At Sheffield University into chemical and process engineering: I already have a master’s degree in engineering!
                I was talking to a medic at the NI H about cancer.  My supervisor took me on as a PH D students as a result.  This was blocked by the people looking after the money, after a serious car accident in 1988.
                From which I have made the world’s first recovery!
                I suggested that has as cancer tumours were visible using low power ultrasound, high powered ultrasound while destroying cancer cells and leaving body cells unharmed.  This arises because cancer cells are overinflated and under supported.  Body cells are more flaccid!
                2002 professors of medicine tried this on prostate cancer!  It worked!  Destroying inflated cancer cells.  So types of cancers should be susceptible to this idea.
                This was suggested to me by my experience in NDT, in metallurgy.  High powered ultrasound could produce white knuckle.  Where the joint material focused the ultrasound.  And are more susceptible to the ultrasound.  Just like cancer!
                It should be possible to treat all cancers!  Such as skin cancer.  The cell damage we do to the primary cancer alerts the immune system to clear the secondry Colonies.
                It was this work on one outpatient appointment..
                Medics know about scanners.  But engineers know about ultrasonics!  You need somebody familiar with both areas to cure all body cancers!  This work is already underway in places like Florida.
                For last couple of years I have been blogging about this issue; and a TENs pain relief machine comes up.  I have included it in my latest blog.  I am a bit apprehensive as I recommended a machine which turned out to be 8 W 1 MHZ.  I have no data are on the permeativity of body tissue to this frequency.
                We really want the ultrasound to pass through the body and still emerge as a lethal frequency for cancer cells.  About 4 W 1 MHZ.
                I need the manufacturers of the TENs machine to guarantee it is 150 W 40 kHz. Also Ultrasonic Pain Relief Body Massager (997) on Amazon .Com.
                People manufacturer such a device!  They just didn’t realise that the cure to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  For cancer applied to the affected organ.
                For heart disease applied externally to the coronary arteries and the kidney years.  For diabetes applied to the bottom right of the rib cage-over the pancreas.  Such devices are amazingly cheap.  And require no medical intervention.
                Cancer was cured 2002.  Since when a third of a billion people around the planet had died with the diseases of age-which are all cleared by high intensity ultrasound.  All doctors prescribing failing fatal expensive Bio chemistry immediately excluded themselves from the medical registers of the world.
                The NHS there’s more four times the total work on the planet to compensate individuals and families for prescriptions of biochemistry-they knew where the death sentence!
                High intensity ultrasound should also clear mental health problems!  This week I have hopefully cured my first Parkinson’s and MS patient.  As a world population ages this is increasingly important.
Jonathan Thomason       117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays Greater Manchester            M50 3XQ T/F 0161 848-0416 

The value of gold

30 July 2013
                Is linked to scarcity.  But the earth’s core is am a moral tone poles of a lover and heavy metals.  Including gold and platinum!  On the earth’s mantle is a river of water.  It is heated are pressurised-so it is still liquid.
                Dissolves heavy metals-so the water containers heavy metal powder.  If it finds its way up to the surface, as the pressure drops the metals precipitate out.  Forming ore deposits.  Which mankind has been chipping out through or recorded history.
                It is far easier to drill down to the water direct!  We use ground sonar so they care eight the geothermal water path that brought gold to the surface.
                We drill down two before the goal precipitated out-so he can be sure the water contains gold powder.  We allow the water to escape direct to the surface, we pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.
                This extracts the heavy metal powder.  We will get silver, gold, platinum, copper, iron… .  And we sell the heavy metal dust to a metals company-who pay in by the composition and weight.  They converted into metal ingots.  So much gold!  It will replace copper for electrical wiring.
                We then use the clean steam to generate electricity.  And then vent the a steam to a cooling tower-so the water will feed the river as normal.
                We have got gold dust and the free electricity-there are no fossil fuel burn or hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  The that’s was my PH D area Sheffield University 2000!
                I suggested a steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion-and they could not end my PH D fast enough!  A steam plasma tube does massively exothermic molecular nuclear fusion.  Every 3 minutes around the earth there is a lightening strike.
                This he’s a steam plasma set up by heavy rain also are doing molecular nuclear fusion.  The partial steam plasma releases 2.5x1030 W.  No Ph.D. though.

Jonathan Thomason

Free gold

30 July 2013
                I was taught this in 1982 on my master’s degree into metallurgy.  Higher temperature high pressure water salt heavy metals.  The river of water running along the earth’s mantle is only liquid because the extreme pressure!  It is at 250° C.
                So the water carriers heavy metal powder with it: gold, siver, platinum, cover and the rest.  As this water finds its way to the surface the metals are precipitated on the journey as the pressure drops.
                And the water emerges as the source of every river on earth.  This is why panning river dust yields gold!  There are massive amounts left behind as the water rises to the surface.
                Gold is a heavy metal, so we can use ground sonar to locate the main ore deposits.  We then bring in heavy machinery that excavates down to this level.  We then extract the gold concentrated ore.
                But their ears is simpler methods.  We locate the river source here over that yielded gold.  We then use ground sonar to locate the ore deposit.  We then drill down to the water before the gold precipitated.
                We then allowed the water to rise directly to the surface.  We give a small vent, and pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  This extracts the heavy metal powder.
                We then use the clean steam to generate electricity, and then discharge the used water into the river source.  So nature does not see any change!
                We now have tonnes of heavy metals powder.  Which we sell to a metals companies to turn into metal ingots.  Gold is so common it is almost a pollutant!
                Platinum and copper are much more useful metals.  There the abundance of gold may make it a cheaper source of electrical cable.  It is slightly more conductive than copper anyway.
                The the platinum has used technological uses.  It also capitalises molecular nuclear fusion: C elsewhere on this blog.

Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 29 July 2013

The bankrupting of medicine

29 July 2013
                HIUS is high intensity ultrasound: I use 150 W 40 kHz.  In my personal experience includes cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.  For a suitable device try a TENs pain relief kit

                One 30 second application of high as clears arthritis for good.  Medics want to sell you pills to damp down the immune system-48 UK dollars a month.  This will never clear arthritis.  The it will probably end up killing year.  The high as cures at one application.
                In 200024 professors of medicine at the Moffitt cancer centre cleared prostate cancer in one application of HIUS.  This works for all cancers.  Which share a unique pressurised nature.
                Body cells are not affected by HIUS!  Cancer cells boil away.  This science was in the engineering textbooks in the 1990s.  Medics knew that high intensity ultrasound cures all cancers in the 1980s-but chose to continue prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.
                2002 sore a full medical double blind study published.  By June that year every medic on the planet knew this.  The Hippocratic oath burn them to use HIUS not biochemistry!
                But they totally ignore this!  For their own financial gain.  Even though it give the patient an agonising life on the rapid death.
                The General Medical council in the UK have a legal duty to strike such medics are.  The 100.000 a year for last Xi years.  1.1 million!
                Each medics cancer killed 14,000 people for their own financial gain.  The specifically violating the Hippocratic oath.  The courts will impose a fine of 4.5 million for death.  There have been 5.500,000,000 unnecessary deaths.
                The numbers are beginning to stack up!  The GMC owes the courts something in the region of 1.1 trillion UK pounds.
                The NHS O is the courts 22 trillion UK pounds: some of the money they can recover from medical help practices.
                The problem is Medical Insurance only as backing of 1.1 billion pounds.  The lender of last resort is the bank of England.  But beyond 400,000,000,000 pounds the following goes back to the IMF.
                He probably can’t manage more than two trillion pounds: at the total economic wealth of the earth is only eight trillion!  And
                Medicine turns out to be the biggest premeditated murder of all time.  And goes bankrupt for 1000 times the total economic wealth of the planet.  Even the UK we are talking or three times the total money in the world.
                And the killing goes on!  Every day another 18,000 people around the world die from cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  All could be saved with one 30 second application of HIUS.
                As medically published in 2002: and he ignored by medics for their own pathological thrill and financial gain.
                The NHS has no interest in curing a cancer!  They warn you money and speedy death.  One application of HIUS will cure all people from the diseases of age.  The and still people trust the nHS?
                You owe the citizens of the UK 22 trillion UK pounds.

Jonathan Thomason

The best medicine

29 July 2013
                In 2002 four professors of medicine at the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida published the total clearance of prostate cancer using high intensity ultrasound.  150 W 40 kHz is HIUS!
                I have just recommended a cavitation slimming device over the Internet!  My device was purchased from ‘absolute beauty’ in China.
                For 80 UK pounds you can clear any cancer, heart disease and diabetes: I have just had issued the first patient with Parkinson’s!  It looks encouraging.  It should help with all mental health problems-applied to each side of the head for 30 seconds.
                No biochemistry or medical import required.
                All practicing doctors are bound by the Hippocratic oath.  They have to publicise and practiced best medicine.  A one appointment cure is so obviously better than expensive failing biochemical treatment.
                So every Dr. On earth has to use HIUS!  All struck themselves off the medical register.  The General Medical council has a legal responsibility to remove all defective medics from practicing medicine.
                The this work was done in 2002.  This is 2013.  The third of a billion people around the world had died as a result of defective biochemical treatments.
                All such treatments are illegal and might immediate disqualification of the medics involved.  UK cancer research employs medics who had taken the Hippocratic earth!  Yet they publicise defective Bio chemistry.
                All the medics at UK cancer research must immediately be disqualified from practicing medicine anywhere in the world.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing testicular and prostate cancers

29 July 2013
                Like all cancers, theies fast growing undifferentiated cells share genome with viruses!  They are viral rump cells.  Like the viruses they came from they are overinflated and under supported.
                So applying 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound (= HIUS) clears such structures from the body!  And also sets up the immune system to clear any secondary cancer cells. Try
                Such devices are available over the Internet for unsupervised human use.  To give ultrasonic massages, clear scarring or as weight loss aids..  Scarring is exactly the process we need!
                As body cells are not affected by ultrasound below 180 W/cm2.  The inflated cancer cells explosively fragment in response to HIUS.  This as a 100% clearance of cancer in only 30 seconds.
                The Hippocratic oath dictates that all medics in the world adopt HIUS rather than the lessee effective, and matzinger more expensive biochemical treatments an surgery.
                Prostate cancer was first cleared using HIUS by four professors of medicine at the Moffitt cancer centre 2002.  The so UK cancer research are so wrong!
                Prostate cancer earth was cured using 30 sections of HIUS Xi years ago.  Every individual and cancer research has promised faithfully to spread the news of HIUS!  And abandon lethal biochemistry or surgery.
                So all cancers were cured Xi years ago!  What the hell are Cancer Research UK doing?  Wasting your money.  And causing doctors to violate the Hippocratic earth and immediately be struck off.
                Since 2002 cancer research has helped crooked medics and drug companies kill a third of a billion individuals around this planet.  And you have paid for it!  The killing goes on this day.
                The biggest premeditated mass murder of history.I have treated my first patient for MS and Parkinson's today: by applying 30 sections of HIUS to each side of her skull. It seems to have worked! 

Jonathan Thomason

Teresa May is cured

29 July 2013
                Diabetes is caused by a fragment of a virus setting up a viral rump in the pancreas.  That turns all natural incidents creation!
                Such rumps like the virus they came from are overinflated!  Otherwise they would cause no disease.  Like cancer they are overinflated and hard.
                When he is subject to the body to ultrasound above 180 W/cm2 the body cells are burned.  But for viral rumps we C the cell being heated up by only 90 W ultrasound!  We get cell content boiling.
                Medics have known about this effect since the 1980s.  Which is why they use ultrasound scans-and viral rumps show up as potent sources of lower frequency X rays.
                This radiation can only be produced by nuclear reactions.  And we have no source of nuclear fission.  So we are doing nuclear fusion!
                They have used a lower frequency X rays to detect the diseases of age.  But in 200024 professors of medicine applied high intensity ultrasound to prostate cancer.
                Medics first day this in 1980s-but never published the results.  As it gave a one appointment clearance of prostate cancer with no biochemistry. Try
                This works for all 200 types of cancer out there.  No biochemistry was ever appropriate for last 30 years!  Prescribing Physicians have violated the Hippocratic earth-and immediately struck themselves off the medical register as around the world.
                Type one and type two diabetes also behaves in the same way!  30 seconds our high intensity ultrasound (HIUS) will clear the diabetes.  So within 10 minutes insulin so creation has snapped back to normal.
                A suitable device can’t be all terrain had a over the Internet.  By searching for ‘personal ultrasound 150 Watts 40 kHz cheapest’.  I use an ultrasonic device produce by ‘amazing beutty in China.
                It may not be the cheapest of the best!  But I have a 100% clearance rate other diabetics I have had treated.  Also for cancer and heart disease patients.  Teresa May can be cures for in the 80 UK pounds.
                She faces a five day wait for a device from China.  And they should apply it to the bottom right of the rib cage-over the pancreas.  The her doctors who prescribe in saint injections are automatically disqualified from practicing medicine anywhere in the world.
                And for the doctors who have prescribed Bio chemistry to cancer or heart disease patients.  The C elsewhere in this book for details of her to clear these diseases.

Jonathan Thomason

Saving lives

29 July 2013
                Every year 0.5 million people die in England from cancer.  Millions more are living her life in unpleasant, expensive, agony!  Medics have known how to cure cancer since the 1980s.  Were my proof are expensive fatal treatments-as he raises more income!  Though it does results in the patient’s death.  That is of lower importance to them.
                When exposed to low power ultrasound the pressurised cancer cells emits gamma wave radiation as some a cell contents is to into helium and oxygen gases-there are loads of heat.
                In 200024 professors of medicine at the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida turned up the ultrasound power.  Now of the cancer cells liberated 100 times more lower frequency X rays.
                But the heat generation was so great the cell fragments explosively as the cell contents boiled.
                This works for all 200 types of cancer out there.  One application or high intensity ultrasound (HIUS) will destroy the primary-and cause the immune system to clear secondary us throughout the body.
                Where can we get a HIUS?  Don’t go to your Dr..  They are interested in signing biochemical treatments which kill the patient and make them rich.  Certainly Internet for ‘the personal ultrasound 150 Watts 40 kHz cheapest’.  Click on the cavitation ultrasonic slimming aid from ‘amazing beauty’ in China.
                Avoided the devices that liberate 8 W one MHZ-they don’t have the penetration power as the ultrasound travels through the body.  Such devices cost 80 UK pounds.
                Such a device cures all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and even the common cold.  In heart disease apply the ultrasound externally to the coronary arteries and also the kidneys: medics have written papers on the 100% clearance rate produced with HIUS and heart disease.
                I have demonstrated a 100% clearance rate on cancer and diabetes.  I personally do not use penicillin.  I used a HIUS device to cure infections.
                If newspapers would publish this medically confirme and information; they would save 30,000,000 lives a year around the earth.  The Drug company advertising budgets ensure that he will not.
                Bio chemistry is the largest and most horrendous man is on the side in history.  It isn’t an abetted by crooked doctors.
                Any Bio medical prescription for the diseases of age once immediate striking off the medical register as around the world.

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nuclear fusion is simple

28 July 2013
                People should just have passed engineers: it is written up in the university textbooks from first year engineering firm or dynamics.
                When you expose water to metallurgical ultrasound, it boils fantastically quickly!  And the water fills up with micro bubbles.
                Curefull analysis of the gases shows that they are helium and oxygen in equal molar ratios.  We are doing physical molecular nuclear fusion:
H2O+US->He+O+E/+gwr               gwr= gamma wave radiation.  The frequency of the produced electromagnetic radiation is dependent on the fluid pressure and ultrasonic power.  Strangely enough no engineer has four to research this area!  As physics has demanded that it owns nuclear fusion research.
                Nature has no problem in do molecular nuclear fusion.  Pills of green crops in light do it.  Turbulent high pressure water or steam does it.
                The most interesting area is her every biological organism on earth does it.
                Photosynthesis is one type of biological molecular nuclear fusion:
mCO2+(n+p)(H2O)+L->cm(H2O)n+pHe+pO+E2+gwr            where L= year the light cm(H2O)n is the general equation for carbohydrates.
                Animals also do biological molecular nuclear fusion:
CO2+2H2O+T->CH4+2O+E2+gwr here T= the turbulence caused by the heartbeat in the heart and arteries
                It soon as I have physics torous is almost shameful uses we don’t see nuclear fusion!  We need to introduce perpendicular magnetic fields to give the hydrogen ions spin as they orbit it the the torous.
                My thanks here to Will Z. for this insight.  My PH D supervisor.  I devised the idea of molecular nuclear fusion in 2001.  But he decided of I was studying the wrong area.  As he was interested in scientists, foaming global warming.
                He lost interest in the area as the natural climate cooled from 1998.  All was it 96?
                The latest idea is that photosynthesis on land and in the seas totally prevents mankind having any impact on carbon dioxide levels left in the air.  So we have no idea what the effect of carbon dioxide is.  Historically it’s levels only rises in a natural ice age.  Of
                But here we have nature doing nuclear fusion all around us.  It uses Wills load turbulence.  And goes off from compounds of hydrogen-usually water.  Though we also see it with ammonia and hydrocarbon refineries.
                It is massively energetic!  Lightening strikes do it!  Colonising ½ MW of potential into 2.5x1030 Watts of power through turbulence in a steam plasma.
                Burning fossil fuels would take in energy-it did not do molecular nuclear fusion.  Releasing helium and gamma wave radiation from the turbulence of the produced steam.
                Dissolves outperform petrol engines, as a have turbulence in a higher pressure flow of steam.  The carbon dioxide he’s are no consequence!  As plants convert it back into active biology.
                There is no accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air biologically possible.  This was taught to all scientists in first year high school biology.
                Professors of physics and engineering talking about a medical carbon dioxide increase have developed a selective amnesia-in order to get research money from nuclear power.  They most toxic industry that will ever exist.
                That gives a working definition to the term ‘ungreen’.
                Lightning strikes are interesting.  They can set up a steam plasma in a glass tube.  Using 2000 volts and 0.001 amps.  Above four atmospheres it will self sustain!  Generating a constant 6 MW-while we maintain the steam pressure by adding additional water.
                It uses no fossil fuels.  No expensive hydrocarbons all natural gas.  And no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                All biological units get power line of biological molecular nuclear fusion.  It is the green energy source.  And it is free.
                On earth there is no atomic hydrogen.  Lightning strikes convert it into water.  A partial steam plasma we’ll flow of electrons up does massive exothermic nuclear fusion.  Producing helium and oxygen.
                In a glass tube of the hydrogen nuclei and electrons combine:
p++e- ->n0
                These enrich the produced helium and oxygen, causing them to fission into half the atomic number.  In turn the boron fissions into helium, hydrogen then light and heat.
                We produce no toxic radioactive end product.  They convert all the water into heat and light.  This fuel source will outlive the earth!  Which will be swallowed by the sun in four billion years.
                It is 20 times as exothermic as hyper toxic nuclear fission.  It produces no toxic end product!  And he utilises regular water.  The it does not need to be enriched!
                This system produces no carbon dioxide.  It is the most efficient Energy System on earth.  And your heart does it every time it beats.
                Physics has no knowledge of biological systems.  Biology should be researching this area.

Jonathan Thomason

The biggest legal settlement ever

28 July 2013
             Drug companies knew that high intensity ultrasound cured cancer in the 1980s: they knew that low power ultrasound heat cure cancer cells by 14oC, and gave off gamma wave radiation.
                They were quite possibly the only people planet not remotely surprised when the Moffitt cancer centre cure prostate cancer in 2002: they must have gone apolectic when they found they could not deleted a paper from the Internet.  Within 4 hours it was all hard copy on 2000 and heat is in the world.
                They tried by in off the Moffitt with a drug trial-but the damage was done!  The Hippocratic oath ensure that by the next morning every practicing GP on the planet knew about the high intensity ultrasound work (HIUS= 150 Watts 40 kHz).
                This level of ultrasound his produced via a personal ultrasound device desire for weight loss or to give massages.  Licensed for unsupervised human use.
                As every Dr. Heard about this it must have felt like shards of ice being hammered into the hearts.  The which is lucky!  As they do not possess one.  This is why they continued to prescribe biochemistry in the certain knowledge the patient would die.
                The since 2002 a third of a billion individuals having kills by the pharmaceutical industry.  With the assistance of crooked medics-it really psychopathic individuals with a blood thirst.
                Strangely enough; not one has contested but they are mass murderers some.  Paid to kill!  Obviously this is so apparent it is not worthy of mention!
                Since the 1980s when drug company is the first became aware that high as cures cancer, disease and diabetes these disease-as have accounted for 700,000,000 lives.  Every individual can be saved by one spectacularly inexpensive application of HIUS.
                And the drug company is well aware of this!  In each premeditated murder once a car payment of four million pounds-plus return of or medical expenses.
                So drug company, Health Services and G P’s O the people of the world 2,800,000,000,000,000.  There is only 8,000,000,000,000 dollars circulating world economies.
                The NHS alone kills 0.5 million people a year three biochemical prescriptions.  Its patients can be cured with only 30 sections of HIUS ultrasound.  Yet British people I think the NHS he’s on their side.
                No they are not!  ‘They are trying to make money by killing British people.’ Again I am open to arguments here.  Says 2002 they have killed 5.5 billion produces systems.  Who have died screaming in agony!
                This only accounts for 70, 000,000,000,000 UK pounds.  Knew it 10 times the economic wealth of the planet.  That is what the NHS does.  They are psychopathic mass murdering organisation.
                Who employs global people.  Each one realises they are ‘criminal psychopaths’.  I am really looking forward to a first defence of this criminality.
                Fuel bill by a ‘personal ultrasound 150 Watts 40 kHz cheapest’ ultrasound device of the Internet.  And when it arrives cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes…  for themselves, their families and their friends.  With no involvement of the psychopathic doctors.
                He each one of whom now is exactly what we are doing!  Prescribing ‘fatal Bio chemistry for their own financial gain.  And there patients imminent death’.

Jonathan Thomason

Cat jumps from the hat

28 July 2013
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published work on high intensity ultrasound causes prostate cancer to heat up and cells rupture and the clears.  Clearing the cancer.
                This works for all 200 types of cancer.  Which all share the same inflated nature.  Above 180 W/cm2, regular body cells experience ultrasonic burns.
                But the inflated cells the cancer expense burning as only 90 W(at a guess).  The heating affect goes up exponentially with pressure.
                So here we have a reprehensible physical method to cure all cancers.  And four medical professors at the Moffitt published a paper on this 2002.  Every medic in the world has taken the Hippocratic oath, to share and use the best medicine.
                A one appointment cure with no side effects is so much better than a failing biochemical treatment.  Which is massively unpleasant and results in their patients are expensive death.
                High intensity ultrasound(HIUS= 150 Watts 40 kHz) has no side effects.  It is clears the cancer at one appointment.  So massively cheaply!
                So you see you promoting Bio chemistry me strikes a Dr. Of medical register as around the world.  He never acted with high medical immorality.  The heat has acted acted in a criminal fashion.
                There is no money to be made from HIUS.  So the drug company is have induced medics to ignore the first repeatable cure to all cancers.  Medics knew exactly what they were doing!
                They killed a third of a billion people around the planet for their own financial advantage.  People can get a HIUS device over the Internet.  It will cure cancer, heart disease and diabetes…
                Details in other posts!  In cancer apply the HIUS to the affected organ and also the armpits, liver and brain.
                And still medics are killing!  Cancer is totally curable.  Without Bio chemistry.  But they are prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.  And you people are the swallowing them and dying.
                ‘All the time praising medics for their fantastic cancer work: and they are killing year for no reason!  Other than their own immense profit.
                All that drug company is now this.  Surely the most criminal organisations ever to have existed.’ Your response to my thoughts is welcomed!
                If you have cancer; buy a HIUS device and cure yourself.  Please.  No need to trouble the psychopathic Dr. ever again.

Jonathan Thomason