Sunday, 30 June 2013

Gold price collapse

30 June 2013
                Heavy metals are soluble in hot high pressure water.  So the river of geothermal water running over the earth’s mantle is full of metal dust.
                As is water rises to the surface, the pressure drops and heavy metals precipitate.  So all ore deposits were left behind by a scathing geothermal water.
                There is no reason to leave this to nature.  We can drill down to the geothermal water: geographers have helpfully published the maps on the Internet(I think).
                In places we only need to drill down 10 metres to go to the geothermal water.  We pass this water through a vent valve, then a double helical flow investor (a Dyson dry cleaner) to extract the heavy metals.
                Then we pass the clean steam through a steam turbine.  And generate power before the steam vents to the air.  We are best use in this idea off shore.  ½ mile into the sea.
                We send the power along a cable.  And transport the metal dust to a metals processor at regular intervals.  To turn into ingots.
                We will get gold, platinum, silver, copper, titanium and iron.  Gold is actually a very common metal we geothermal mining.  Not going to do a lot the gold price!

Jonathan Thomason

Diabetes cured

30 June 2013
                My type one diabetic friend was cured after 30 seconds of HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage-where the pancreas is.  150 W 40 kHz ultrasound is HIUS.  The power and frequency employed by ultrasonic slimming aids.
                Which are licensed for human use with no medical supervision.  They cost 35 UK pounds over the Internet.
                My New York contact had a blood sugar reading of 178: I am not familiar with the scale!  He now has a reading of 143.  140 is normal.
                I would bet 140 to 150 is normal.  The latter reading after you’ve eaten a meal.
                Pauls blood sugar fell from seven to four.  For being totally average for the general population.  Seven milligrams per liter requiring insulin injections.
                So 30 seconds of HIUS clears the supposedly incurable diabetes.  Which is actually caused by a viral fragment turning off insulin secretion in the pancreas.
                Removes the viral rump, and insulin snaps back totally normal!  The medical world are furious!  They assumed diabetes was incurable.  It turns out to be trivial post infection problem.
                Biochemists applied interleukin two and four to diabetes patients in the fifties: as a blood sugar level typical of the patient on penicillin.  This makes and actions the active human antibody to any novel structures in the body.
                It cured diabetes after three pills.  So drug companies-who are not bound by the Hippocratic earth-Junked the idea!  It will ozone too much income.
                No Dr. Has no about diabetes and HIUS they are duty bound to use it.  Or be struck off the medical register.  This will save eight million lives a year around the earth.
                Applying HIUS to cancer will clear the problem.  The Moffitt published work on HIUS clearing cancer in 2002.  Every GP has to apply HIUS!  And not prescribing fatal Bio chemistry.
                HIUS to the coronary arteries and kidneys external to the body clears heart disease.  I have bred a Medical Paper on this!  So every GP in the world HAS to use HIUS.
                All G P’s have prescribed fatal biochemical treatments for diseases of age should be struck off this week!  Bye bye. RIP.  The like all the patient’s they have killed will!

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing mental health problems

30 June 2013
                When a patient has an illness, the virus or bacteria copies out part of its genome to share with other infections.  When the main infection is cleared these remain as viral or bacterial rumps.
                Any rump structure has to be overinflated-or a will cause no disease and is be cleared away.  Only rumps which are inflated grow.  They lack support from the multi cellular dendrite mesh.
                When you expose the body to ultrasound above 180W/cm2, the body cells experience cell content boiling-and are damaged!  As if you get your hand of body of body in boiling water.  Something to be avoided.
                When rump structures are exposed to only 90W/cm2, there are pressurised cell contents experience boiling!  In this power range we have a technique to remove rump structures from the body.  The only body cells that are damaged our bystanders to the viral rump.
                They are replaced seamlessly by the stem cells, but the immune system clears the rump structure throughout the body.
                Cancer is a viral rump.  Exposing the cancer to ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz will clear it.  I would advocate also exposing the armpits, liver and brain to high intensity ultrasound-HIUS!
                Coronary heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump colonising fatty plaques around the coronary arteries all the kidneys.  Medics have published a 100% clearance rate of coronary heart disease using HIUS.
                The above two treatments will cost under 20¢!  And totally clear the diseases: no failing treatment.  Any G P’s prescribing biochemical pills is going to cure the patient in short time.  Screaming in agony!  The eastenders murderers should be struck off the medical registers are all around the world.
                Diabetes is another viral rump disease.  Cleared by 30 seconds of HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage.  Where the pancreas is located.  Insulin secretion snaps back to normal within 10 minutes.  The viral rump turned off insulin secretion-it did not destroy the insulin secreting centres.
                Infections like to hang out in the brain, so we see a bacterial and viral rumps that behind.  Making inappropriate neuro transmitters.  This causes the forgetfulness of age.
                More severe forms caus full mental health problems.  The pathogen rump is always inflated!  So will respond to HIUS applied to the skull.  Both sides, 30 seconds each side.
                The souse four professors of medicine at the Moffitt cancer centre published the work on HIUS and prostate cancer drug companies have worked hard to keep HIUS out of the news.
This has resulted in the totally preventable deaths of a third of a billion people around the world.  No practicing GP should ever pre the scribe fatal Bio chemistry for the diseases of age.
                To do so is to guarantee the untimely death of the patient!  It may a maximize their income-but violates the Hippocratic oath.  That every Dr. takes before being allowed to practice medicine.
                It follows that no medical school should teach fatal Bio chemistry.

Jonathan Thomason

Prescriptions kill

30 June 2013
                Prescriptions for heart disease, cancer and diabetes guarantees every patient an unpleasant life.  And a very rapid death!  May be less rapid than no pills-but that would be so massively cheaper.
                One application of high intensity ultrasound cures all these diseases!  At one appointment for under 20¢.
                In cancer apply the ultrasound to the cancerous organ, the armpits, liver and brain.  We need 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound.  Best applied using a device fought over the Internet searching for ‘personal ultrasound or 50 W 40 kHz cheapest’.
                Such a device is licensed for human unsupervised use.  Such devices are sold as slimming aids was to give ultrasonic massages.  Playing for an ultrasonic massage costs 50 UK pounds.  But the personal ultrasound device only costs 35 UK pounds.  And can be used 5000+ times.  This is HIUS.
                In coronary heart disease medics have published work suggesting the HIUS should be applied externally to the coronary arteries and the kidneys.  The kidney is controlled blood pressure-the hearts just obeys orders!
                I have fixed to diabetes patients personally.  And only one persistent cancer pain patient.  And one coronary heart disease patient.  All got better from the conditions within 10 minutes.
                You can watch the colour flow back into their faces.  Diabetes patients suddenly gets to be very hot!  And lose massive amounts of weight.  There diabetic complications may require additional application of the HIUS.
                These three diseases account for $30,000,000 a year around the air.  Most individuals will be under the care of the GP.  Who as they are writing out there prescriptions is writing out their death warrant.  An unpleasant expensive death-and they have done nothing wrong!
                I thought G P’s were caring.  They are the biggest single killer in history.
                Biochemical pills for these 3 diseases accounts for 99.8% of a drug company income.  A personal HIUS device will cure these diseases were under 20¢.  In ten seconds.
                Bio chemistry aim is to cure nobody.  But provide an expensive agonising declined into death.  Aided and abetted by the executions-the G P’s!  Who must instantly be struck off.

Jonathan Thomason

No ‘climate change’

30 June 2013
                As any high school biology teacher will tell you, between ice ages life explands to use up the available carbon dioxide in the air.
                Today and man is burning fossil fuels.  There were active biology in the cretaceous and Jurassic.  As the mass extinction there carbohydrates formed the coal deposits.
                As geothermal water percolates through these we get natural coal and gas.  So as we burn the fossil fuels were active life on earth expands!  But the trace of carbon dioxide in the air is capped by global photosynthesis.
                Nuclear power has gone into overdrive-trying to invent reasons why man should not use Fracking to convert natural coal deposits into natural gas.
                He thinks he is releasing methane from shales.  Really natural geothermal water percolates through the coal to escape to the surface through our new boreholes.
                We do not need to inject solvents.  We need to send home explosive down to the end of a bore hole, and explode it.  So shattering the coal, and allowing geothermal water to exit through the bore hole.
                This is best done off shore.  Like in the north sea.  That was a massive arable area of the Jurassic.  So has a lot of coal deposits.  Fracking is so much cheaper than mining the coal manually.
                Nuclear power is hyper toxic!  The least green Energy System that will ever exist.  And he is totally unwanted.  And totally uninsurable!
                It has been running uninsured says privatisation-in contravention to its operating licence.  The power station regulator has a legal duty to issue are all existing nuclear plants with immediate stop orders.
                Fracking the North Sea will produce up to 2000 years of natural gas.  Then actually releases less carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour than nuclear power does.
                As nuclear power bills are places their plants every turn five years.  With a massive use of concrete and production of carbon dioxide.  Running a nuclear plant for longer invites a Fukushima style accident.

Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Clearing diabetes

29 June 2013
                Diabetes is caused by some viral genome, which sets up a viral rump in the pancreas.  Its main action is to turn off insulin secretion by the beta cells.
                For decades medicine has taught that the beta cells are killed.  This is wrong!  I have used high intensity ultrasound to clear diabetes in 10 minutes.  The cells are there-just turned off.
                A drip of interleukin two and four will make an action the active antibody.  Pills of this drug will cure other people of diabetes.  But there is a simple idea.  My favourite subject-HIUS.
                High intensity ultrasound causes viral rump cells to explosively fragment.  Inducing an immune action to clear residual viral rumps from the body.
                HIUS causes cell content boiling only in a viral and post viral structures.  Diabetes is caused by a viral rump left behind from fall infection.
                150 W 40 kHz is HIUS!  He also happens to be the ultrasound generated by devices are available over the Internet for slimming and giving ultrasonic massages.
                Such for ‘personal ultrasound 150 Watts 40 kHz cheapest’.  They do ice for costs 35 UK pounds.  And will cure individuals of cancer.  Heart disease and subject of this blog-or diabetes.
                In my experience there is no substantive difference between type one and type two diabetes.  It takes only 30 secons of HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage to clear diabetes.
                HIUS clears diabetes totally!  I have been experimenting with applying the HIUS also to the armpits and the liver-just to make sure the infection is totally cleared.
                The HIUS costs 5¢ to clear diabetes there has been entrenched for 40 years-totally in ½ a minute.

Jonathan Thomason

“best medicine”

29 June 2013
                Every practicing GP takes the Hippocratic Oath.  This solemnly promised to apply best medicine irrespective of finances.  They do not promise to prescribe the drugs.  They promise the best medicine.
                2002 four professors of medicine at the Moffitt cures cancer using high intensity ultrasound.  They worked on prostate cancer-the leading male specific cancer.  It works for all pressurise cancer cells.
                Ultrasound is converted into of molecular nuclear fusion in a pressurise cancer cell.  After par level totally benign to body cells:
H2O+US->He+ O+E2+gwr              gwr= gamma wave radiation
                Medics have uses system since the 1970s.  Applying low intensity ultrasound to causes only cancer cells to give off nuclear radiation.  Which will expose photographic film.
                With high intensity ultrasound the E2 gets to be important.  And the cell contents boil-fragmenting the cell.  Bystander body cells are damaged.  But this serves as a way chemical to the immune system to clear the cancer cells throughout the body.
                All 200 types of cancer are uniquely pressurised!  Or respond to high intensity ultrasound (HIUS).  150 Watts 40 kHz is HIUS.  Such devices can be bought for personal use over the Internet.
                Specifying ‘personal ultrasound 150 Watts 40 kHz cheapest’.  The devices are licensed for unsupervised human use as slimming aids was to give ultrasonic massages.
                A 30 second application to any body cancer will totally clear it.  No prescription drugs are required.  That is the best medicine.  Every GP on earth has promised to use it: or be struck off the medical register.
                Even the slowest reading GP would have read about HIUS by 2005.  They prescribe the drugs for their own financial benefit.  Does it matter?  How yes it does.  Biochemical treatments are very expensive unpleasant and a short time fatal.
                Bio chemistry cures nothing.  HIUS will cure cancer for between 5 and 20¢.  With no biochemistry.  Every medical school on earth can no longer teach biochemistry.
                As it is inducing the new year P’s to break their solemn Hippocratic oath.  Any Dr. Applying biochemistry instead of HIUS is killing their patients.  I must instantly be struck off.
                A HIUS device costs 35 UK pounds.  And will treat 5000 cancers.
                Medics have published papers on are applying HIUS to the coronary arteries and kidneys external to the body.  And recorded a 100% clearance rate of coronary heart disease.
                I have personally it used a 100% clearance rate of diabetes.  Insulin dependent type one and type two.  With a 30 second HIUS application to the bottom right of the rib cage: where the pancreas is located.
                The pancreas then resumes normal function.  The viral rump only deactivating in saint secretion.  It did not destroy the insulin secreting centres.  Eight million people a year die around the world from diabetes.
                12,000,000 die from coronary heart disease.  10,000,000 for all cancers.  So HIUS can save 30 million lives a year around the earth.
                The drug companys have suppressed the news of HIUS for Xi years.  As it only is 99.8% of the income.  Any Dr. Prescribing Bio chemistry should not be in medicine!  And by next week should not be.

Jonathan Thomason

Curing the world

29 June 2013

                2004 professors of medicine tried high intensity ultrasound on prostate cancer: the year after I suggested high power ultrasound might be interesting!  Low power ultrasound causes cancer to give off nuclear radiation!  By doing biological molecular nuclear fusion

1              H2O->He+O+E+gwr         gwr= gamma wave radiation

                The radiation produced exposes photographic film kept in the dark.  Only X rays or gamma wave radiation can do this.  Medics have stumbled on a way to do nuclear fusion from regular water.  Something physicists can’t do.

                It works because the prostate cancer cell is pressurised.  And molecular nuclear fusion is exponentially linked to liquid pressure.

                But all cancers are pressurised!  To allow the structure to grow fast in a single cell way, and cause disease.

                Cancer is a viral rump.  So is diabetes.  Our 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound is a high intensity ultrasound(HIUS) the Moffitt used.  I have personal experience of HIUS curing type one and type two insane dependent diabetes at one 30 second application.

                Medics have a 100% clearance rate of HIUS an coronary heart disease: applied externally to the coronary arteries and also the kidneys.  Helpfully the medics have published this.

                So the Moffitt has a 100% clearance rate of prostate cancer.  And the method works for all 200 types of cancer out there-they are all pressurised.  I experienced sole content boiling were subjected to HIUS.

                And the cancer cells explosively fragment.  Only damaging body bystander cells.  Which creates an immune action to remove the cancer cell type throughout the body.

                So I have lost the Moffitt static curing all cancers at one appointment!  No.  They realized in horror one appointment is all that was required.  So they could make much money!

                Was every cancer in the world had been cured, or you could day and will be to cure all infective disease.

                Which would stop all cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Am being the biggest boon to mankind ever.  So they deliberately forgot the technology, and went back to prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.

                In direct contravention to the Hippocratic oath!  All doctors had heard about HIUS by 2005.  So since that date any prescribing Dr. Who has infected fatal biochemical treatments on patients (usually resulting in their speedy death) must instantly be removed by medical registers throughout the world.

                HIUS cures all cancers in one appointment!  Casting 20¢.  My diabetes cure only costs 5¢ and takes 30 seconds.  No repeat prescription.  Leading two and expensive agonising inevitable death.

                This is 2013.  And the drug companys and corrupt G P’s are killing 30,000,000 people every year!  For their own naked greed.

Jonathan Thomason

Gold is very common

29 June 2013
                There is a relatively little gold years service of the earth.  Most of the cold is in the earth’s core.  Where it exists as molten metal.
                Running over here as mantle is a river of geothermal water.  This is at 250° C.  As it does not boil because of the extreme pressure.
                When it emerges at the earth’s surface it boils instantly!  Driving all earthquakes and volcanic eruption.  It leaves behind is heavy metal!  So all the organic eruptions have kimberlite-gold ore.
                The way used to drilling holes into the ice crust.  And getting a stream of superheated steam issuing from the hole.  If we select the sites the care the can get loads of gold dust.
                We want to drill into a magma chamber preferably from a river as has previously produce gold dust.  This last part is not essential.
                We will get iron, copper, gold, silver…  There are suitable magma chambers every 4 miles around the earth’s seas or land.  So gold is a very common metal.
                We vent the superheated water, and pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  To extract the heavy metal dust.  We sell this to a metals company, to turn into ingots.
                We will get so much gold!  Not over a commercially useful metal.  Very soft.  But we’ll get loads of platinum-which has a large numbers of commercial uses.
                We pass the steam through a steam turbine.  And generate power!  Which we sell to the national grid.  Power with no carbon dioxide generation!  And no hyper toxic nuclear fission around the plant.
                The earth’s core is in part heated by natural nuclear fission.  And the turbulent flow of the geothermal water does loads of molecular nuclear fusion.
                We should be generating all our power from molecular nuclear fusion.  Which produces power, inert helium and oxygen.  The helium is lost to space the same day.  The oxygen we breathe.
                25% of the oxygen we breathe in from plants doing molecular nuclear fusion in light: photosynthesis employers is as it Energy System!  The solar radiation only initiates nuclear fusion in the plant photoblast.
                Plant growth strictly limits free carbon dioxide in the global air: the average carbon dioxide level is at a free industrial two parts per 1,000,000!  Man made climate change is a most stupid nuclear inspired anti scientific biological rubbish.
                Nuclear power is the least green Energy System that will ever exist.  Causing intermittent continental toxic death.
                All the fossil fuels were active life in the cretaceous and Jurassic.  Even today there are massive coal deposits around the world.  As the geothermal water percolates through these it forms the natural gas.
                If the magma chamber has exposed platinum metal we form Petroleum Oil.  Which was last active biology 60,000,000 years ago air.  In a Jurassic there was 65% more life on land.  Sea levels were result only 60 metres lower.
                There was twice the trace of carbon dioxide in the air-photosynthesis was less evolved.  There were three natural ice ages.  At 180, 600 and 700 million years ago air.  When carbon dioxide levels will have doubled.
                Carbon dioxide levels follows the wax and wane are plant growth.  It is a climate follower.  There are massive coal reserves below the North Sea.  That is where the north sea oil came from.
                If we drill down to magma chambers and set of high explosive, the geothermal water will percolate through the coal, to form methane:
                So nature forms natural gas dynamically.  We don’t need to plant down solvents.  We get are a mixture of helium, and oxygen and methane.  We need to separate these gases before there is a source of sparks.
                We then cool and compress the methane and ship it ashore.  We have 2000 years of natural gas.
                For me molecular nuclear fusion is a matter Energy System.  Lightning demonstrates that an electrical discharge through a steam plasma turns regular water into heat, light and low power nuclear radiation.
                So he can years a steam plasma tube in place of a flame of fossil fuels.  Once initiated it will self sustain at four atmospheres.  We just need to top up with a minute amount of water.
                A gas or oil flame today liberates as much lower power gamma wave radiation.  And water falls from the sky for free!  Only idiots will burn or oil and gas in the future.
                And only if the certifiable would ever advocate hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.

Jonathan Thomason

Commercial fraud

29 June 2013
                In the UK their ears of power station regulator.  He can issue an operating licence to a power station.  No nuclear plant to operate without one.
                The first job of the regulator is ensure there is sufficient insurance in place.  After Chernobyl and Fukushima insurance cover in the UK will have to be 100 billion UK pounds.  They don’t have it!
                As there is no commercial insurance available above one billion!  Fukushima it bankrupting Japan-that was the second biggest economy on earth.
                The aged magnox stations were being operated after their design life had expired.  This is an immediate stopped order from the power station regulator.
                Which leaves us with Sizewell B that is running without sufficient insurance.  Since privatisation is has never had insurance cover.  The individuals involved at the bar station regulatory authority will be issued with immediate 20 year custodial jail sentences.
                And year will be issued with 100,000,000 UK pounds fine for every year of illegal operation.  Every year since privatisation!
                They can never be a illegally operated private nuclear facility in Britain.  Such plants are two hyper toxic.
                Then we get to they used fuel issue: there is no reprocessing capacity in Britain.  And no other country will take them!  And Windscale the ground stores the toxic fission rods was active as a tea for years ago.
                No nuclear facility is licensed for long-term toxic fuel rods storage.  Only to every Holding Storage, to lay can be transported to the non existent reprocessing facility.
                The Sizewell B there is an operating uninsured.  With no facility to handle air is hyper toxic wastes.
                That is two immediate stop orders.  No legal debate!  They are in contravention of their operating licence.  The individuals and the power station regulatory authority who have permeated this illegal operation will get a custodial jail terms.

Jonathan Thomason

Fusion in the laboratory

29 June 2013
                On earth there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air.  That is lost to space and replaced every day.  There is no chemical source of helium.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion-mostly from water.  Though we also see it and hydrocarbon and ammonia refineries.
                All this happens at room temperature!  Which in the arctic seas is -20° C.
                When we build up a potential of 5000 volts 100 amps we get a lightening strike!  Firstly an up strike, to collect the positive charges from all those Alpha particles (He2+).  We then get the tendrils of the steam plasma linking up the electoral holes to the ground.
                We then get the up rush of ½ MW.  All the negative charge is carried by chance ozone and water particles so Carries the negative charge to the ground.
                This fixes all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is the ground.  To ensure the plants grow and reduced atmospheric carbon dioxide to only 2 parts per million.  The static level since the little ice age ended.
                So man made global warming and climate change was supposed to have happened against a backdrop of static carbon dioxide levels.  The climate so obviously has nothing to human.  Everything to do a predictable solar cycles.
                A lightning bolt base five terms of helium gas.  And releases 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  This is 1040 annually.  Molecular nuclear fusion is the most dynamic Energy System on earth.
                And mankind is totally excluded from it.  Other than a small amounts of molecular nuclear fusion happening in the heart and the arteries.  And as you digest food: talk to biology is about this.
                This equates to 6 MW per metre.  From regular water.  I guesstimate 2 steam plasma will self sustain at four atmospheres.  We need to check this number.
                It is frighteningly simple to in the laboratory.  At the same time we can immerse the steam plasma in a water bath, to verify the heat production.  We can also have a handy Geiger counter, to verify we are doing nuclear processes.
                There is no source of nuclear fusion initially.  So we are doing nuclear fusion.
                Then we see the fission of 3He back to hydrogen.  This is less endothermic then the nuclear fusion of 2x1H.  Who also get
                This fission chain needs studying.  It implies we turn regular water into the only heat and light.  The greenest Energy System on earth.  No toxic radioactive waste.  Not even any life enhancing carbon dioxide.
                Totally end product neutron.  And it releases 6 MW/m.  With no oil or gas burn.  The price of fossil fuels is about to crash.

Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 28 June 2013

Cheap gold

28 June 2013

                This is from my Engineering Materials lectures at Sheffield University in 1982.  I have done a couple of posts about this, I am looking at some import from you guys.

                High temperature high pressure water dissolved heavy metals.  There is a river of geothermal water running over the mantel layer between the earth’s crust and core.

                This region has loads of exposed heavy metals: gold, platinum, silver, iron, copper…  So the geothermal water has loads of metal dust dissolved in it.

                As a escapes to the surface, the pressure drops.  And heavy metals are precipitated out.  Forming ore deposits.  But there is no reason to wait for nature.

                If we drill down only 10 metres, we can reach this river of water: using the maps helpfully published by geographers all over the world.

                So we get up high pressure water they dissolved heavy metals in.  We vent the water, and produce a stream of steam with metal dust in.

                We pass it through a A double helical flow investor-a Dyson dry cleaner!  And collect all the heavy metal dust.  We sell this to metal companies to convert into ingots.

                We pass the clean steam through a titanium turbine.  And generate 20 MW of power.  With no fossil fuel there.  And no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.

                The power is a byproduct we get for free!  A little this idea today university student, and our first reaction was ‘burn this drop the land?’.  Yes it would.  Without land masses, all the rocks of the earth would be 60 metres below the sea surface.

                So idiot the idea off shore: once we got the idea worked out.  So we decrease the sea floor.  We get access to any impact amount of gold and platinum.

                Amazingly cheaply.  For the cost of 1 bore hole: the steam turbine is just to use the surplus superheated steam.  We can work out the details later!

                We can use this idea every 4 miles over the surface of the earth.  It all depends on the geothermal water.

                This makes cold war and the most easily available and cheapest metals in existence.  Platinum will be the same cast for ¼ of the quantity.  Stupendously cheap.

                This uses very low technology.  No toxic solvents!  No very scarce metals.  Which have low concentration of heavy metals.  It is also a stupendously simple!  I was taught this in 1982.

                Why is nobody doing it?  Is there no metallurgist with initiative?

Jonathan Thomason

Oil has no value?

Oil has no value?
28 June 2013
                When it was seen as a scarce resource, it a great volume.  There recently natural gas has been takening over: burning of oil and man to do nuclear fusion:
1              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O+qHe+(p-q/2)O+E+gwr
                So burning oil produces helium and oxygen from water, and releases gamma wave radiation and lots of heat.  Hydrogen into helium is nuclear fusion.  Here we go from molecular hydrogen-in this case in Petroleum Oil.
                Lightening does it more simply from regular water:
2              H2O+O2+T->He+O3+E2+gwr
                Lightning releases enough energy to fix all the organic nitrogen which fertilises plant growth.  Plant growth which converts additional carbon dioxide into additional life on earth.
                Man is powerless to affect the trace level of carbon dioxide left in the air by global photosynthesis.  Extra carbon dioxide just results in extra life on earth.
                Natural gas is basically methane.  Which does
3              CH4+3O2->CO2+H2O+He+O3+gwr
                So burning natural gas also does molecular nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen.  In this case methane.  The life which died at the end of cretaceous and Jurassic; it is these there carbohydrates which formed deep coal deposits.
                As geothermal water percolates through these we get methane:
4              C+2H2O->CH4+2O2
                        Well we burn coal we also do molecular nuclear fusion:
5              C.H2O+2O2->He+CO2+O3+E2+gwr
                Which is why we tend to wet down coal before you burn it.  It does loads of nuclear fusion!  It does not just oxidise the carbon.  But during coke formation we remove the sulphur dioxide that otherwise result from burning coal.
                So the carbon cycle is how life on earth does nuclear fusion: though biological organisms have their own version of 2.  Where the turbulence is around the plant photoblast or animal mitochondria.  Rather than physical macroscopic turbulence.
                So while oil was perceived as most convenient form of reactions and did nuclear fusion, it could command a premium price.
                Now natural gas is in many ways cleaner than oil.  As it does not contain sulphur compounds.  Unlike coal and oil.
                At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died.  So that is a lot of coal deposits which are tying up the organic carbon which was active life in the Jurassic.  Life has evolved to cope with denuded carbon.
                There is no scarcity to natural gas.  The fraternity community think they are releasing methane from rocks.  Actually water is percolating through coal deposits-the solvents have no role.
                The geothermal water is pressurised-so we don’t need to inject anything!  We drill down to a coal deposits.  We then fracture the coal with high explosives.
                Then methane comes up!  Mixed with helium and oxygen.  So we need to pressurised and cool the gases to extract them methane-before there is any source of sparks.
                So we need to process the gases using carbon pipes.  And use a Carnot heat pump to rapidly cool the gases.  Before we vent the helium and oxygen.
                The helium is lost into space the same day.  Nature does so much molecular nuclear fusion from water there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the daily.  Which is lost and replaced every day.
                Compare and contrast the two parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  Which supports all life on earth.  And this level is strictly capped by photosynthesis.  Man made Global Warming was really the most brain dead fiction ever invented by nuclear stooges to terrify the stupid.
                Then the weather started cooling 1996.  And nuclear power promoted climate change.  As even it realized carbon dioxide suddenly causing global cooling was a stretch of the logic too far!
                The carbon dioxide level in the air has remained static at two parts per 1,000,000 since the little ice age ended.  During the little ice age of carbon dioxide was at twice that level.
                In the Jurassic it was at this level-but there were no fossil fuels.  There was 65% more life on earth and sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were three natural ice ages: 180, 600, 700 million years ago.  When carbon dioxide levels will have risen to eight parts per million.
                Carbon dioxide is a classic climate former!  Its level has been static since 1880.  Even first year high school biology teaches know this!  They teach that life is constrained by the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  More carbon dioxide= more life!.  Not more carbon dioxide in the air.
                So a steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion.  Above four atmospheres once initiated self sustains.  Turning regular water into heat and light: the oxygen fissions into beryllium boron helium there more helium into heat and light.
                No fossil fuel burn!  Direct to nuclear fusion.  From regular water.  And 10 times as exothermic.  So now there is no excuse for burning gas of helium.  Uses a steam plasma tube.
                Once initiated itself sustains drawing no external current.  Welcome to the fusion age.  Oil and gas have no value at all.

Jonathan Thomason

Wasted energy

28 June 2013
                The earth’s core produces a huge amount of energy.  It is like a little sun!  Man’s energy requirements are tiny by comparison.
                But but the time has conducted to turn metres of rock to the land or seas, it goes without notice!  But taken altogether in far surpasses man’s greatest energy requirements.
                It goes off every day.  With no carbon dioxide production.  And all the radioactive isotopes are kept well away from man.
                If we mining hyper toxic uranium, it only becomes useful and hyper toxic as a concentrated the radioactive isotopes.  This is such a bad idea!
                When the ice core he is a river of water that runs along the earth’s mantle all over the earth.  The other land and the sea.  And geographers have maps of where this water is most accessible.
                We drill down, and get access to go to water at 250° C-in basically limitless quantities.  It is not mixed with a combustion products, so it has the same energy equivalent of steam or as a power plant at 700° C.
                We first give the water a small vent, which calls it down to dirty steam at 240° C.  We pass it through a rugged Dyson dry cleaner system, and remove all the heavy metal dust.
                This dust is gold, iron, copper, silver and platinum.  In limitless quantities!  Also able seen to man.  We do not have to extract it at high cost from thin ore deposits.  We get the pure metal dust.
                Which we sell on to be turned into metal ingots and sold.  Gold will end up being cheaper than lead.  Which are used to be in prehistory!  As is the soft and almost useless metal: it’s only redeeming feature is its lack of reactivity.
                We pass the now clean steam through a turbine and generate power.  With no carbon dioxide and no hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                The land pushes up from the sea as the geothermal water turns are trying to steam.  So this is best done offshore!
                And transport the metal ore and electricity ashore.  This science was taught to me in 1982 on my metallurgy degree at Sheffield University.  I am staggered that it has not previously been done.
                Except writing fictitious papers about the climate on behalf of nuclear power was the big cash cow of academia.  We do not need to burn or oil and gas.  And we certainly do not need to do hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                The earth’s core is a boiler that will outlast the earth!  It will be swallowed by the sun in four billion years.
                To get at natural gas, we allow nature to frac the coal deposits of shore.  We are not releasing tracked methane gas.  We are lying geothermal water to percolate through coal deposits, producing methane gas.
                This is a source of all natural gas and methane man is so keen on exploiting today.  The carbon is a result of life that died in prehistory.  At the end of the Jurassic and cretaceous.
                In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels.  There was 65% more life on land.  Resultingly sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were three natural ice ages: 180, 600 and 700 million years ago.
                We carbon dioxide at twice its present trace level of two parts per million.  It was lost back at Jurassic levels during the little ice age.
                In the Permian ice age which lasted 1000 years there was five times the present static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  Carbon dioxide is a classic climate follower.  Its level only rise is during a natural ice age.
                Between ice ages its level is controlled exclusively by global photosynthesis.  Man made global warming was quite possibly the most stupid piece of PR ever invented by the twisted minds of the base stooges to nuclear power.
                Which is self evidently the least green industry that will ever exist.  If we wish to continue to exist as a species, we must stop the aberration of nuclear fission from uranium and plutonium.  Ask 3 Mile Island, Windscale, Chernobyl and Fukushima-on the outskirts of Tokyo.  The Japanese being the most technologically proficient race on earth.
                All the time the earth’s core is doing molecular nuclear fusion or nuclear fission from the resulting radioactive isotopes.  Well away from mankind!
                Geothermal water is heated by these processes.  And he is an untapped limitless source of superheated water.  With heavy metal dust in!
                So can generate near limitless free energy.  For man’s uses it is effectively investment.  And free.  No carbon dioxide.  No toxic nuclear fission.  So we all get to live.
                It weren’t do much for the price of gold and platinum.  But platinum is a great technologically use or metal.  Gold dress looks nice!  Less intrinsic wealth than lead.

Jonathan Thomason

Infinate power

28 June 2013
                In the deep radioactive isotopes decay.  1000 times more energy than man can utilises.  As the geothermal water circulates over mantle in a turbulent fashion it does me implement levels of molecular nuclear fusion.
                The amount of heat generated is linked to the rotation speed of the earth.  Which is beyond the control of mankind!
                All this heat was the land and the seas.  And then he’s radiated into space as glow wave and infrared.  Is a near infinite fall of heat creation values nuclear processes.
                The simplest way to harness this heat is to drill down to the geothermal water.  This is a river of superheated water that runs around the earth.  It contains metal dust.  Gold, platinum and silver.
                Well we get this water up to the surface we can pass it through a vent valve and a rugged Dyson dry cleaner, to remove the metal dust.  This we sell for conversion into bullion ingots.
                We use this steam to drive a steam turbine at two 240° C.  It will be pure water vapour, so has as much kinetic energy as fossil fuel heated steam at 700° C.
                We then vent the steam to the air.  To provide the steam cycle will low pressure end.  So we are generated 20 MW of the waste heat of the earth.
                The geothermal steam pushes the continent’s above sea level.  So this idea is best done off shore.  So we produce gold dust and electricity we can transfer in and sell.
                There is basically no limit to medic told we can produce.  We could produce enough gold to go the whole of the earth the malaria dollars 6 inches deep.  The plants would not reveally like this.
                As gold is a soft technologically useless metal.  Other than its low reactivity.  Platinum has a massive technological uses.  Having given a source of this metal is so useful!

Jonathan Thomason