Friday, 31 May 2013

Strike them off

 May 2013
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated A single application of high intensity ultrasound cleared prostate cancer at one appointment!
                The ultrasound from a 150 W 40 kHz personal massage device is HIUS!  And totally suitable for cancer removal.
                Every practicing GP in the world has taken the Hippocratic Oath: a solemn pledge to apply the best medicine.  Not biochemistry, the best medicine!
                The HIUS idea works for all 200 cancers out there.  As was medically proved by 2005.  Since this date every Dr. prescribing fatal Bio chemistry of is subject to immediate striking off from the medical register as all over the world.
                Compare and contrast:
1                     HIUS
A one appointment cure to all body and brain cancers out there.
2                     Bio chemistry provides an agonising descent into expensive inevitable death.
That is what the Hippocratic oath is all about!  The best medicine without financial favour.  One session of HIUS costs 5¢.  And will cure cancers, diabetes and heart disease.  At one session.
                No biochemistry involved at all!  No descent into an inevitable death.  Teaches who had taken the Hippocratic oath have a moral duty to ensure the chapters they have written are pulped.
                Extracted from the box and destroyed.  He can no longer teach also to examines and fatal Bio chemistry.  They have to teach HIUS.
                They could do worse than read my book ‘Cancer Is Cured’ by Jonathan Thomason.  On
Cancer Is Cured by Jonathan M Thomason
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Jonathan Thomason

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