Friday, 31 May 2013


31 May 2013
                Has been treated by the NHS for prostate cancer.  God be praised!  As this cancer was cured by the Moffitt cancer centre in America 2002.  They apply high intensity ultrasound.  This actually clears all 200 types of cancer from the body.
                It works as cancer is pressurised!  Get my book on this stuff Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

                150 W 40 kHz-the ultrasound produced by an ultrasound massage devise (specifying 150 Watts 40 kHz) will cure all cancers out there!  By one external application.
                It also helps clear arthritis!  And I am busy doing experiments on type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  My medical friends protest is that this disease was incurable.
                One application of HIUS clears age within 10 minutes.  As confirmed by Salford royal hospital.  Are my friend Paul Fidler.
                Diabetes is actually caused by a viral rump in the pancreas (we knew this in the 1980s) interfere with incidents creation.  All blocking the action of insulin.
                One application of HIUS removes the viral rump.  And makes the immune system recognized it as dangerous!  It is only a weak infection.  So repeat application of the HIUS may be necessary.
                A single application of HIUS clears all cancers.  Primary and secondary cells.
                If the NHS gave Santamu prostate surgery they contravenes the Hippocratic oath.  Which guarantees application of best medicine.
                Removing the prostate has support therapeutic outcome.  But HIUS will clear all secondary cancer Colonies-if they exist.
                A single application of HIUS prevents mutilation surgery.  Application of HIUS to the chest will cure lung cancer.
                I have been doing experiments on HIUS curing a viral infection.  Applying the HIUS to the front of the chest does clear the infection!  Applying the HIUS to the rear of the chest will clear all catarrh from the body.
                HIUS Works for both viral and bacterial infections.  It will clear lung cancer-80% of the total cancers in the world.  It will also work for all other cancers.
                It also clears diabetes.  There repeat application may be required.  Application of HIUS to the skull clears mental health problems-as worst traumatic head injuries.
                Application of HIUS to the spine will fix spinal injuries.  No Dr. Involved!  A personal ultrasound moustache device is available over the Internet for 75 UK pounds.
                For 35 UK pounds if sourced from China.
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                Was the strangest things which has happened in my life, is that our only of pop as it have a girl called Carmel Thomason.  No use of a second cousin three times removed.  Hence we shall at the same surname.
                She is a writer interested in health issues!  My most important book intellect using ultrasound to cure cancer.
                But Carmel works for NICE.  The organization in the UK that are missed as a biochemical treatments.  But ultrasound cures the diseases of age.
                Biochemistry days-so is cure decline in to an inevitable death.  But NICE has nothing to say about a physical cure like ultrasound.  It is only concerned with the best biochemistry.
                But the best biochemistry kills!  Ultrasound is about to blow away the drug company is and NICE!  I am getting her to read my books.  To give her professional opinion: she used to work for the Manchester Evening News.
She is edited a book ‘John Sentamus  faith stories’.  John selected the stories and wrote a forward for then all.

She has also written a book on hospice care ‘Every Moment Counts: a life of Mary Butterwick.  I hadn’t realized or writing was in my DNA.  Apparently it is a family thing.

Jonathan Thomason

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