Thursday, 30 May 2013

Most successful book

30 May 2013
                If you examine my university records, you will find that English was a major problem to me.  For me to write a book would have seemed impossible.
                My most important book is on using ultrasound to tackle all viruses and cancer.  I learned everything I know about ultrasound on my master’s degree at Sheffield,
                My book which did best (I haven’t checked for a month) was about a waterfall doing nuclear fusion.  Waterfalls over one metre high had give out nuclear radiation and produce helium.  As he releases massive heat.
                This is the molecular nuclear fusion I was studying on my PH D!  Which suddenly got ended-when I invite photosynthesis.  It also produces nuclear radiation, helium and free radical oxygen.
                So the science I devised in 2001 the world is now reading about!  I have not one message from anybody saying they do not understand the science.  Everyone understands waterfalls.
                So they do nuclear fusion from water in turbulent flow.  This is a massively important science for the world to know.  And should have been the conclusion to my PH D.
                I find it quite humourous that I have a ended up having to write books!  Anyway-the sciences out there.  Energy creation with no carbon dioxide production.
                And no production of hyper toxic radioactive fission waste.

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