Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hypersonic jet

30 May 2013
                We take a present jet aeroplane, and we modifying the exhaust manifold.  So we can pump a fine mist of water into the heart jet exhaust.
                The jet aeroplane generates plenty of kilowatts of electrical power.  We replace one of the seats with a water reservoir.
                When the jet engine is running normally, we turn on the water.
                Steam turbines show the steam in turbulent flow releases loads of heat and nuclear radiation.  It does molecular nuclear fusion:
                We can use A for us it was manifold to boil off water.  And use this steam in place of combustion products!  To drive a jet engines as today.  We do not need to compress air for combustion.
                We can just output massively hot steam (with helium and oxygen).
                We burn no fossil fuels.  We produce no carbon dioxide.
                You are with their presents water chartered jet engine and, we generate only as much carbon dioxide as regular jet transports.  But the plane flies at hypersonic speed.
                The extra thrust being derived from regular water.  The plane is in the air for only a 10th of the time of the present jet.  So we reduce the carbon dioxide produced by a factor of 10.
                Why he is the world so hunger of carbon dioxide?  Global photosynthesis converts extra carbon dioxide to result in more life on earth.
                The trace level of this gas in the global air has has the results been static since before the industrial revolution.  Man is gradually restoring the life that died at the end of the Jurassic!
                When the 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.  Outside the three natural ice ages.  The Permian 1000 year ice age has five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                Carbon dioxide is a classic climate follower!

Jonathan Thomason

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