Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ending persistent pain

30 May 2013
                Viruses are forced to use the single cell type of division; foreign to multi cellular life.  The immune system tolerates single cell Colonies-provided they do no cell damage.
                Cancer divides in a single cell way-or a share six enzymes with all infectious disease.  It is a post infection condition.
                If we apply ultrasound to the body above 180 W/cm2 the body cells experience cell content boiling and are damaged.
                For cancer the number is 90 W/cm2.  So that gives us a massive power range we’ve only viruses and cancer cells are destroyed.  The exploding cells is so        not a treatment explosive local body cells are damaged.
                These cells are replaced from local stem cells and the immune system makes and actions the active human antibody against the cancer cell!  Clearing it throughout the body.
                I suggested high power ultrasound on my PH D in 2001.  The Moffitt cancer centre employed high intensity ultrasound against prostate cancer the following year.  And got a one appointment cure.
                Not a treatment.  An outright cure with no biochemistry!  This works for all types of cancer out there.  The drug companies have suppressed the news.
                So by 2013 they have killed a third of a billion people around the globe.  Whiez the co2 been saved with a single application of HIUS.
                HIUS will clear the cells causing persistent pain!  There will destroy Alaric cancer cells in a cancerous Horgan.  The cells that are causing the pain.
                The simplest way to get at HIUS is via a personal ultrasound moustache device.  We want 150W 40 kHz ultrasound for 30 seconds.  To the cancerous organ, the liver and the armpits.
                With absolutely no surgery of biochemistry required.  It will end for ever the persistent pain-with the use of no opium all painkillers.
                It will clear the cancer from the body.

Jonathan Thomason

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