Friday, 31 May 2013

Cancer is so easy

31 May 2013
                Ultrasound causes liquid water to boil.  The power required to initiate boiling falls with a liquid pressure.
                So a body cells experience cell content boiling at above 180 W/cm2.  But cancer experiences cell content boiling at only 90 W/cm2.
                Every medical school in the world confirm this science as the Moffitt cancer centre started curing prostate cancer at one application of HIUS.
                A suitable description of High Intensity UltraSound is 150 Watts 40 kHz.  I used to work in ultrasound in 1983.  There is nothing new about this science.
                Medics have known that ultrasound displayed cancer tumours since the 1950s.  They have used it for a future cooling since the 1970s.  This really means ultrasound initiates nuclear radiation.  This is very peculiar!  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion:
                The really important thing here is not the helium all the gamma wave radiation-they prove conclusively we are doing nuclear fusion.  As there is no source of nuclear fission in a living body.
                The important thing is the E2.  This heat causes the cell to rupture.  All 200 sorts of cancer out there.  Also the structures causing heart disease and diabetes.  Which are overinflated-and contain pathogen genome.
                Cancer displays novel genome.  And as the cell ruptures, the dendrites make and action the specific human antibody to clear the cancer cell throughout the body.
                All cancers share six common none human enzymes.  They share with infective disease-which left the fragments of genome behind which formed the cancer.
                So one application of HIUS will penetrate through the body, destroying cancer cells in the target organ.  All cancers are history!  All you need is HIUS.  Medics are the most expensive and inconvenient form of HIUS around.
                A personal ultrasonic massage devise specify it at 150 W 40 kHz is a most fantastically cheap and simple way of applying HIUS to the body.
                We run the electric probe over the body.  And we have a the diseases of age-including cancer-from the body.
                No fatal Bio chemistry is required.  KG P’s prescribing fatal biochemical treatments is violating the Hippocratic Oath.  And should instantly be struck off the medical register.
                I am doing experiments on diabetes to determine the HIUS regime we require.
                A30 second application of HIUS to the lower left of the rib cage and he is to clear diabetes for good.  Much to the consternation of medics from Salford royal hospital!  Who incorrectly thought diabetes was incurable.
                One session of HIUS will clear cancer, heart disease, IBS and diabetes from the body.  It also helps with arthritis!  And should help with MS.
                Any medical lecture teaching biochemistry should instantly be removed from the medical school.  As there instructing students in how to kill patients!

Jonathan Thomason

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