Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cancer cleared

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30 May 2013
                Cancer is forced to divide in a single cell way-to avoid scrutiny by the immune system.  Which should instantly stop inappropriate cells from replicating.
                The cells are overinflated and have known this since the 1950s.  This gives the cells a vitality advantage.  Hence they grow fast!  But like multi cellular support.  Provided by the dendrite mesh-but the dendrites are apply to the new system cancer plants to avoid.
                So cancer is a vulnerable single cell structure in a multi cellular body.  Perbation during cancer surgery would lead to a remission.  The but we can do better than that.  We want a source a vibration that is benign to body cells.  But toxic to cancers.
                We have also known since the 1970s that cancer tumours give off nuclear radiation in response to ultrasound.  This is very interesting!  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion within the cancer cell:
                The GWR he’s gamma wave radiation.  The province of nuclear reactions.  And we are no source of nuclear fission.  So doing nuclear fusion from regular water.
                In 2000 was looking into nuclear fusion general PH D into Chemical Engineering.  Ultrasound they had liquid water for all very quickly.  As if in a microwave oven.  Ovens also do molecular nuclear fusion.
                So when the ultrasound hits are pressurise cancer cell it does MNF.  The more placid body cells only start doing MNF at 180 W/cm2.  But cancer cells do it at only 90 W.  This is a massive window, in which ultrasound will destroy virus and cancer cells, while not damaging body cells.
                It will pick of the cancer cells in an organ.  The stem cells will replace any incidental cell damage, so we end up with a fully repair is intact organ.  With no cancer.  And no persistent cancer pain.
                So how would you get hold of HIUS?  A personal ultrasound moustache devices are licensed for human use-and higher power settings of 150 W 40 kHz.
                We run such a device over the cancerous tumour external to the body.  And the cancer cells are selectively destroyed.  And an immune action created to clear that cancer cell type throughout the body.
                It does not interfere with any fatal biochemical treatment you’re using.  Such treatment will be stopped instantly by any reputable medic on the next hospital appointment.
                When a lower power ultrasound scans will show the total removal of cancer from the body.  Ending all persistent pain and wish to die.
                Applied to the skull it will cure all dementia.  Totally clearing Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinson’s.
                Apply to arthritic joint it will clear the arthritis.  Though the condition is very mobile-so multiple applications may be required.
                Cancer is a mass of a condition-aall be totally cleared at one application.  For 75 UK pounds.  Once the individual has a HIUS device, they can use it to clear cancer on all her friends and family.
                Plus mental health problems, diabetes, of the rioters and other diseases of age.  Medicine is the biggest some interest community in the world.
                But now the drug company is have lost 99.8 per cent of their income.  Health services have lost 85% of their income.  And medical academics are out of the job!
                The work on cancer was confirmed 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.  Since when drug company is have tried successfully to suppress the news of HIUS.  Resulting in the totally avoidable deaths of a third of a billion people globally.

Jonathan Thomason

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