Friday, 8 February 2013

Stopping cancer


8 February 2013

                When ever a person is filling an infective disease developing, they should five high intensity ultrasound to the chest and head.  The infective structure, where the viral or bacterial, overinflated.

                Body cells are not affected by ultrasound below 180 Watts/cm2.  But pathogen structures explosively fragment only 90 W/cm2.

                The the so applying ultrasound at 150 Watts 40 kHz will cure all infective disease.  Where the viral or bacterial: bacteria are given a minimal cell wall by the B cells-but to gain a vitality bacterial cells are overinflated.

                During an active infection the pathogen shows its pathogen leaders with the body.  It copies out its enzymes of pathogen leader RNA, to be picked up by other pathogens.  They give the infection and a bandage on the host immune system.  They are ubiquitous the chamber reces and cancer.

                You also coals all the diseases of age!  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS…  These events are not random or caused by a rain genome-will be a stupid idea.  All such for help fall genome was beed out of the the humanity 10,000 years ago.

                Curing all infections on day zero.  All the affections of age: cancer and heart disease of the two most important.

                Exposing precancerous structures to high intensity ultrasound (HIUS) will coals sun cells to fragment.  In away seen as dangerous by the body.  As adjacent body cells will be destroyed.

                To those we clear precancerous structures from the body.  And stop cancer ever developing.  Curing all infections will stop cancer and heart disease from forming!


Jonathan Thomason

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