Friday, 1 February 2013

static CO2

1 February 2013

                Global photosynthesis metabolises additional carbon dioxide within 5 minutes of its emission!  All the fossil fuels were active biology in the Jurassic age.  So by burning the fossil fuels mankind is resurrecting Jurassic Life in modern biological form!

                So the global average carbon dioxide levels is a preindustrial two parts per million.  So all proposed carbon tax the increase in carbon dioxide due to man.  There never has been any.  No they can be any while the surface of the earth alive and its cover by biological organisms doing photosynthesis.

                Life in the seas never see a natural drainage.  Drought on land, like flooding, are very local and move around the planet.  I have no effect on that trace of carbon dioxide in the air.

                All academics teaching at manmade global warming or climate change are duty bound to mention in lecture one, that higher school biology precludes any increase in carbon dioxide!

                Global photosynthesis exerts a total limit.  All the fossil fuel’s hydrocarbons came from the carbohydrates of life.  Burning these fuels increases life on earth has no affect on that trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                Level rises are limited to the engine exhausts.  Which within 5 minutes becomes active biology.  Our weather is made in the stratosphere, and he is subject to the Prix industrial two parts per million-the global average trace level of carbon dioxide.

                In the Jurassic there was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air by photosynthesis.  There was 65% more life on earth.  Resulting me C levels were 60 metres lower.  There were three natural ice ages: 180, 600 and 700 million years ago.

                Little ice age sore carbon dioxide back our four parts per million: a natural ice age he’s the only way global carbon dioxide can rise.  Is less global photosynthesis as are sea freezes over, and snow covers the land.

                The Permian mega ice age, which lasted 1000 years, how global carbon dioxide levels five times higher.  The ice age lifted as photosynthesis evolved.  Carbon dioxide levels crash to one part per million.  And 90% of life on earth died.

                Life on earth only recovered as more animals evolved to metabolise oxygen and combine it with plant bulk.  Oxygen is the waste gas of plants.  All animal life is parasitic on plants.

                The toxic energy industry is the hyper toxic nuclear power!  That produces up of normal plutonium toxic used fuel rods, and periodically sprays this waste across a continent-causing continental death.

                Least green industry that will ever exist!  Burning carbon fuels stimulates life on earth.  Nuclear fission kills it.

Jonathan Thomason

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