Thursday, 21 February 2013

River fusion


21 February 2013

                Laying down a river is regular water!  1H2O with the trace of 2H1HO.  This is physics notation for very slightly heavy water.  Most reverse sources come from the deep, so the water is slightly heavy.

                A metre from the river source, we have and the regular water!  All the heavy isotopes have already decays.

                We then flow via rapids two significant waterfalls.  The turbulence around the river rapids is off a bit of gamma wave radiation and heat.  And produces a minute trace of helium and ozone gases.

1              H2O+O2->3He+O3+E+gwr             where gwr is gamma wave radiation.

                A waterfall over one metre high does molecular nuclear fusion (1).  Down to 0° C.  As the water is pressurised the triple point of water is below this temperature!  So we see MNF even in water colder than 0° C.

                The deep see does MNF in the deep sea currents.  Down to -22° C.  From regular water.  MNF itself results in deep water becoming heavy water 2/3H1H16/18O.  This area of scientific research has not been done by scientists yet-in 2013.

                Deep water all over the world does MNF.  I have written papers before or there heavy rain doing MNF of water droplets collide.

                This builds up a 5000V and 100A required for a lightning strike.  Every 3 minutes around the glow nature experiences through a 1.5 kilometre steam plasma linking up the cloud tops with the ground.

                This discharges the ½ MW of current through a partial steam plasma.  This generates five terms of helium gas with associated ozone.  This is equivalent to 2.5x1030 Watts of power.

                If we exclude the atomic bombs of the 1940s and fifties, this is more than the total power production of man kind since he evolved.

                The H bomb explodes an N bomb in a water tank.  And produces a much more violent reaction-by doing MNF.  And no scientist has ever wondered why we sore the nuclear fusion of hydrogen from water in very excited turbulent flow.

                I have just deleted the next three paragraphs.

                All biology produces helium and ozone gases, and emits gamma wave radiation as it does molecular nuclear fusion.  So do all man is chemical engines.

                Regular water is the most energy tensor substance on earth!  With the possible exception of a natural plutonium.  It has more energy than even enriched uranium.

                The produced helium gas is totally inert and he is lost to space the same day it is created.  There is still 5.125 parts per million helium in the air.  Though I think the air sample here was taken in the city during the rush hour.

                All working car engines produce helium gas as they work.  The level helium in the air varies between the working day rush hour and the weekend.

                There is no chemical source of helium.  And the nuclear fission going on around the world would only produce parts per trillion helium gas in the air.

                The amount of molecular nuclear fusion done by nature is 1040 Watts in intensity.  Solar radiation is only 1060 Watts in intensity.  So there is a massive amount of molecular nuclear fusion being done by nature.

                Going on from regular water, producing inert helium which is lost to space.  And 25% of the oxygen we breathe.  Our own heart and blood system does MNF as you heart beats.

                The cell mitochondria also do MNF as the oxidise carbohydrates.

Jonathan Thomason

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