Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Practical demonstration of molecular nuclear fusion


19 February 2013

                In wintertime, cavitation of the central heating system as the water rounds bends, heats up the water!  This system will release gamma wave radiation, and produce bubbles of helium and oxygen in the boiler room.

                In 1983 I did metallurgical ultrasound.  It was realized that passing ultrasound through a mixture of water and oil above a crack in the forging, would release radiation sufficient to expose photographic film on the other side of the forging.

                So ultrasound passing through the crack would release gamma wave or X ray radiation.  It also are produced a fine track of bubbles over the forging!

                The metallurgical examination was using ultrasound a nuclear fission point in the metal.  We get more molecular nuclear fusion over such a feature.

                Dropping an ultrasound probe into a flask of water would cause rapid boiling.  Is has been known since the 19th century, that passing steam through liquid water caused it to boil rapidly.

                Hence the use of a steam line on a steam vehicle to act as a super fast kettle to make a drink.  It was not realized then that such a system produces nuclear radiation.

                In a similar way; all boiler rooms in the world produced steam bubbles rising through liquid water.  This system does molecular nuclear fusion and gives off nuclear radiation.  With no source of nuclear fission.


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