Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Making helium


26 February 2013

                Pumping regular steam at two atmospheres pressure through a titanium helix produces hot helium and oxygen gases-with an reacted steam.

                It does molecular nuclear fusion.  The helium gas after we had driven the steam cycle, is worth more than its weight in gold!

                It is aAPHD separating the gases, as oxygen has high value too.  There is some speculation that the world’s the kind of helium called out strips of five.

                Molecular nuclear fusion in the deep earth replaced years the helium gas dynamically-> by doing nuclear fusion on water!  The Key to initiating nuclear fusion is turbulence in high pressure water or steam.

                We can years a lot gases to generate power-releasing no carbon dioxide!  And producing no toxic radioactive waste.

                The half life of 3He only 0.04 seconds!


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