Thursday, 14 February 2013

Life is radioactive


14 February 2013

                Green plants, bacteria and algae take in carbon dioxide and build carbohydrates, and excreteing helium, free radical oxygen and emitting gamma wave radiation.  Gamma wave radiation is uniquely produced by nuclear reactions.  We are no source of nuclear fission, so we are doing nuclear fusion from regular water.

                CO2+3H2O+e-->CH4+He+2+3O-+E+γ          and        mCH4+nH2O->Cm(H2O)n+2mHe+E+γ

                In the Jurassic age there were no fossil fuels!  But there was 65% more life on earth.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.  So there was a massive amount of extra life and sea levels were depressed to accommodate it.

                All the rain fall got tied up in plant and animal bulk.  So less rain ran back into the oceans.  So sea levels were depressed by the life.  Burning the fossil fuels expands life on earth.

                But the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air is fixed by global photosynthesis.  So life on earth experiments, but the gas composition of the air does not change.  So man made global warming and climate change, as the world has figured out, are biologically impossible fiction on behalf of toxic nuclear fission from uranium.

                Surely the most toxic industry that will ever exist.  So plants do molecular nuclear fusion!  At one end of the carbon cycle.

                Animals combine there carbohydrates with the surplus oxygen, emitting gamma wave radiation from cell mitochondria as they do molecular nuclear fusion:


                All this helium for some of the 5.125 parts per million helium gas which is produced and lost from global air every day.

                The physical world also gets in on the action!  At waterfalls and turbulent water in general.  Read

Nuclear fusion by waterfall! (ASIN: B009YX46ZE)
Jonathan Thomason

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                So the whole life on earth, and nature itself is powered by the energy released by doing nuclear fusion on regular water.  Life gets 1040 energy from molecular nuclear fusion.  The sun only provides 1060 Watts of energy per day.

                Most of solar radiation goes to waste.  All of biological molecular nuclear fusion it used to drive biology.  Releasing inert helium and ¼ oxygen we breathe!

                Cell mitochondria do molecular nuclear fusion.  Viruses and bacteria doing their vitality advantage by pressurerising there cell structures.

                This trait is one of the defining features of all cancers!  Which arise from the accumulation of genome left behind by infective disease.

                So cancer cells do more biological molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why they are so vital in an aged body!  MNF skales exponentially with pressure.  So pressurised cell structures (and even bacteria are choir the cell wall-donated by the ever helpful B cells) do more molecular nuclear fusion.

                But when we apply ultrasound to water (as I was working on in 2001 on my PH D) it boils rapidly!  As we produce helium and oxygen gases.  So ultrasound, like falling rain drops colliding in a rain storm, sets off molecular nuclear fusion.

                Cancer cells are both are pressurised and hot.  When we apply ultrasound at lower power the cancer cells are opaque to ultrasound, and release gamma wave radiation!

                Which like X rays exposes photographic film kept in the dark.  So cancer cells show up on low power ultrasound scans.

                I was sat in the drawing office in 2001, in the department of mechanical engineering, and suggested to my medical fragments the higher power ultrasound might restrict cancer growth.

                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre started using high intensity ultrasound to cure prostate cancer at one application.

                Since then they have started emitting ultrasound in a short guide cylinder, to produce a very focused ultrasound beam.  This will cure all body cancers!

                150 W 40 kHz ultrasound is a suitable description of the high intensity ultrasound.  Normal body cells are only affected by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.

                That power level is equivalent to a brisk walk up stairs!  And it will result in the death of the cancer cells in the primarily cell cluster.

                This will produce an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.  Ultrasound is the technology to cure for all cancers, and efficiently boil off water.

                Allowing us to run a steam cycle, using 50 kW to generate 100 MW of electricity.  With no production of carbon dioxide or toxic radioactive waste.

Jonathan Thomason

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