Sunday, 24 February 2013

Curing cancer and the common cold

24 February 2013

                Cancer and infections are so easy to cure!  Both have cell structures that are overinflated and hard.  Applying high intensity ultrasound to the general area will selectively destroyed cancer and pathogens cells.

                Lower power ultrasound, at 5 W, will immage power.  It stimulates emission of gamma wave radiation and heat from inflated cells.

                The answer is so simple!  Am sure all medics working in this area have known how to cure both since the 1950s.  We are applying high intensity ultrasound.

                Ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz will selectively destroy cancer and pathogen structures.  I have written a book explaining why:

ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer  by Jonathan M Thomason

                You do not need to know why!  You need to buy an ultrasound moustache device from China at 25 UK pounds plus shipping.  About $32.00!

                Use this device on the chest and head frequently-if you’re a smoker.  Or on the chest and head whenever you feel an infection coming on.  It will cure even the common cold in one application.

                Stopping cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  And stopping you ever becoming ill.

Jonathan Thomason

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