Thursday, 7 February 2013

Clearing coronary heart disease


7 February 2013

                We have a bacterial infection, the infection copies out its genome as fragments of RNA.  These fragments are given a minimal cell wall by the B cells.

                Such bacterial rumps are overinflated-but do no cell stand to cell damage.  With coronary heart disease the bacterial rumps make the enzyme Renin, which raises blood pressure.

                Such rumps are located on the coronary arteries or the fatty plaques around the kidneys!  Thei Renis the blood pressure, but do little else!  Except lead to the early deaths of 12,000,000 people a year around the world.

                Cancer is caused by a viral rump.  Which the medics in Florida there have found explosively fragments and an ultrasound power levels benign to body cells.

                150 W 40 kHz is one such description of high intensity ultrasound.  I used to do metallurgical ultrasound-where we’re talking about kilowatts of ultrasound!

                During their working lives ultrasound workers are protected against cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  The viral rump causing type 1&2 diabetes is cleared at one application of high intensity ultrasound.

                HIUS causes the bacterial rump causing coronary heart disease to fragment.  Which induces the immune system to ensure that cell type is cleared from the body.  No drugs are appropriate are needed!

                The no heart surgery will ever be required again.


Jonathan Thomason

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