Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Clearing cancer


27 February 2013

                Is such an easy task!  Cancer is formed from fragments of pathogen DNA left behind when the main infection is cleared.  Such pathogen leaders are non harmful!  They just cause uncontrolled growth of non-differentiated tissue masses.  Which does not harm body cells.

                If we apply high intensity ultrasound (150 W 40 kHz will do just fine) the cancer cell structure will heat up an experience cell content boiling.  It will fragment explosively.  The placid body cells are halve the warned at all!

                Body cells will warm by 2° C, while of cancer cells are warmed by 120° C and explode!

                We can applying the ultrasound an external to the body.  There is no surgery involved.  Utterly no biochemistry or pill taking.

                In the Hippocratic oath doctors promise to use the best medicine!  Since 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre has demonstrated that cancer is cures using ultrasound.

                Biochemistry produces a slightly extended, massively extended death!  Ultrasound provides a one appointment cure to all cancers, heart liver and kidney disease.  Plus arthritis and MS.


Jonathan Thomason

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