Thursday, 28 February 2013

Drug companies

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28 February 2013

                I thought up high powered ultrasonics is being used as a novel cancer treatment in 2001.  From 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre was curing prostate cancer routinely using a single application of medical ultrasound/

                As I say in my book

ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer  by Jonathan M Thomason

                This will work for all varieties of cancer!  This was published in a cancer charity magazine 2010.  Certainly every academic medic on this planet had heard about high intensity ultrasound curing cancer at one single external application by 2002.

                Since that date all application of drugs to provide a fatal treatment for cancers have been medical malpractice.  The going rate for deaths caused by medical malpractice is $20,000,000.

                In 2010 I have published videos telling the world that HIUS also worked again is coronary heart disease and diabetes.

                In early 2013 I raid some published medical work on application of HIUS to the kidneys providing a 100% clearance rate for secondary coronary heart disease.

                So all drugs applied during last two years for coronary heart disease have also been medical malpractice.  I would bet that for last decade medical academics have known about HIUS and coronary heart disease.

                It is such an obvious step two applying HIUS to the pancreas to clear diabetes I would anticipate the medical work was done on this also 2002!

                22,000,000 people around the globe die every year as a result of the safety conditions: this is the major cash cow of drug companies.  And leads inexorably to the patient dying in a short time.  Four months to two years.

                All drugs prescribed for these conditions over last Xi years were wrongly prescribed!  There is fiction was medical malpractice.  The civil claims for such behaviour total 440 trillion dollars.

                This is a more than the combined debts of the developed world.  No commercial insurance is available beyond one billion dollars.  Drug companies are just about to go massively insolvent.


Jonathan Thomason

Health Services owe us money


28 February 2013

                On my PH D, in 2001 I suggested applying ultrasound externally to restrict cancer growth.  My PH D was centred around ultrasound and voting regular water into helium and oxygen gases, plus heat.  This is molecular nuclear fusion!

                Every cell in your body does this at a low level.  But pressurised cancer cells do it at 100 times that level!  So do the bacterial structures cluster around the coronary arteries and the kidneys that cause coronary heart disease.  As do the viral structures in the pancreas causing diabetes.

                This process was found to cure prostate cancer at one application!  That was 2002 at the Moffitt cancer centre in America.  Since that date all cancers are curable at one outpatient appointment.

                Read about it in my book

ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer  by Jonathan M Thomason

                Low power ultrasound images cancer tumours!  As they convert the ultrasound into heat.  High intensity ultrasound causes cancer cells to fragment explosively!  This provokes the immune system to clear cancer cells throughout the body.

                Bio chemistry offers massively expensive, unpleasant and ultimately fatal treatments!  That ended in a patient’s death.

                This is Xi years on.  And doctors are still prescribing failing biochemistry, in direct contravention of the Hippocratic oath: which guaranteed application of the best medicine.

                Ultrasound is the one outpatient appointment cure.  We want ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz: as I explain in my book.

                Since this date or patients, or their families if there are no date has, however civil court case against the Health Service and the GP surgery.

                22,000,000 people globally have died as a response to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  They have a civil claim each for 20,000,000 U.S. dollars!  This equates to $40,000,000,000,000 globally.  That number is 40 trillion.  A third of the money owed to China or by California or the UK!


Jonathan Thomason

Curing infections

28 February 2013

                To cause an illness, the pathogen a three overinflated and hard!  Obviously with viruses!  But bacterial structures are given a minimal cell walls by the ever helpful immune system.  Mistaking these bacterial Colonies are empathic structures.

                Which is why all active bacterial infections out there waiting cell damage to body cells for three days.  This causes the B cells to give them a minimal cell wall.  Their genome is copied out by the B cells.

                So bacterial infections are parasitic on the body’s own immune system.  There are fungal antibiotics in the human bloodstream, this stops the immune copping out the bacterial genome.

                All new genome in the body zone targeted for removal.  Including the new bacteria.

                The first genome to be cleared is the newest genome in the body.  So the old none human genome is to remain.  20% of the cells in their healthy human body are not native to the human body.

                We are only alive today because or bacterial structures warm and throughout the body.  The immune action never reaches the oldest genome.

                So a fungal antibiotics have no direct action.  They do stimulates are on focused immune action.

                We can do better than use partially effective fungal antibiotics.

                If we give a drip of interleukin two and four we clear all non human genome from the body.  This includes HIV, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  With cancer we find there are six common antibiotics to all cancers.

                Pills of these drugs will clear all cancers out there.  A useful drug to have a in the medicine cabinet.

                We also produce specific antibodies to HIV, cancer and diabetes.  I have been going on about this for last decade!  Drug companies can’t patent such drugs, so I have chosen to ignore this idea.

                Globally this kills 22,000,000 people around the earth: an inconveniences 10 times that number.  This is a major drug flow of drug companies.  The money to ensure that people died.

                Producing the human antibiotics would cure humanity of cancer.

                But we can do better still!

                All pathogen structures are overinflated.  The non harmful genome left behind after an infection accumulates and causes cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

                Such structures, like the pathogens that formed there, are always overinflated and hard.  They were not, they would coals no disease!  They need the extra vitality provided by extra blood supplies.

                Body cells are affected by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.  For cancer and heart disease structures the ultrasound damaged threshold is only 90 W/cm2.

                So if we expose tissue 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound, we will selectively destroyed post pathogen structures-including cancer and heart disease cells.

                The rump structure experiences cell boiling.  As the pressurised cell converts ultrasound into heat.  Body cells are only warmed by 2° C.  Cancer cells heat up to 120° C, and explosively fragment.

                This process is so energetic adjacent body cells are damaged!  This stimulates an immune action to clear e.g. the cancer cell throughout the body.  All primary cancer cells are history.  The immune system will remove all secondary cells.

                Such an ultrasound device is marketed as an ultrasonic massage tool.  It costs 25 UK pounds and bought from China.

                It will cure all infective disease!  When applied to the chest and head.  This will stop all other diseases of age: primarily heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, iBS and MS.

                Suddenly biochemists are looking very stupid!  One course of pills can cost up to $5000!  And cures nothing.  Repeat prescriptions are required.

                An ultrasound device costs $35.00 and will cure all future infections, plus developed cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

                That is 22,000,000 lives around the earth!  You would expect me to been awarded a Ph.D. for this work.  But it destroys medical schools in every university around the world.  I would rather people continued to take pills and die horribly!

                One quick burst of ultrasound and they are cured!  I used to work in metallurgical ultrasound in 1983.  My all boss died of pancreatic cancer!  Six months after he retired.  If he had continued to work, he would have led to another 20 years.

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cancer is history


27 February 2013

                Or it should be!  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida produced a one appointment cure to prostate cancer!  By applying high intensity ultrasound an external to the body.

                150 W 40 kHz is high intensity ultrasound.  This will target all 200 cancers out there-while not affecting body cells!  The only cell damage occurs as the cancer cells explode.

                This provokes an immune action to clear cancer throughout the body.  No surgery or pills are required.  It works for all cancers!  Read about it in

ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer  by Jonathan M Thomason

                Every practicing Dr. On earth has promised to apply the best medicine!  For cancer this is a single external application of HIUS.  Pills and surgery are massively expensive fatal treatments.

                High intensity ultrasound produces a one appointment cure.  Chemotherapy is totally barbarous!  And not very effective.  Cancer surgery is medical medieval mutilation.

                The money to be made in the future will be about extending years are quality life.  Not elongating an agonising death!


Jonathan Thomason

Clearing cancer


27 February 2013

                Is such an easy task!  Cancer is formed from fragments of pathogen DNA left behind when the main infection is cleared.  Such pathogen leaders are non harmful!  They just cause uncontrolled growth of non-differentiated tissue masses.  Which does not harm body cells.

                If we apply high intensity ultrasound (150 W 40 kHz will do just fine) the cancer cell structure will heat up an experience cell content boiling.  It will fragment explosively.  The placid body cells are halve the warned at all!

                Body cells will warm by 2° C, while of cancer cells are warmed by 120° C and explode!

                We can applying the ultrasound an external to the body.  There is no surgery involved.  Utterly no biochemistry or pill taking.

                In the Hippocratic oath doctors promise to use the best medicine!  Since 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre has demonstrated that cancer is cures using ultrasound.

                Biochemistry produces a slightly extended, massively extended death!  Ultrasound provides a one appointment cure to all cancers, heart liver and kidney disease.  Plus arthritis and MS.


Jonathan Thomason

Clearing mental health problems

27 February 2013

                Are caused by fragments of pathogen DNA, that makes inappropriate neuro transmitters.

                The body determines if a structure is undesirable, but if it does cell damage to body cells.  So the main viral or bacterial DNA will be removed by an immune action.

                But the pathogen copies out its pathogen leaders (these are genome which gives the pathogen accommodation with the highest) are strings of RNA.

                These can set up a viral or bacterial rumps.  They can accumulate more pathogen RNA from later infections.

                All 200 cancers out there share six common pathogen leaders life actions.  One of these pathogen leaders is to demand a an gets extra blood supplies.

                This gives a pathogen an advantage on the immune system.  So it is the first pathogen leader shared with other infections.

                This means that all rump infestations are overinflated and hard.  The other things they do is to mess with a body is Bio chemistry.

                In heart disease a bacterial rump inappropriately raises the blood pressure.  The rump is on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys.

                With cancer the cancerous rump can be anywhere in the body.  It will interfere again waves

the biochemistry of the body while growing inappropriate tissues!

                The normally body cells are limp and flexible.  As I learned at first hand in 1983, you must wear appropriate clothing or metallurgical ultrasound will damage the joint tissue.

                The normal body cells are not affected by ultrasound below 180 Watts.  A normal ultrasound scan is only 5 W.  Such a scan shows up rump Colonies.  These transform the ultrasound into heat energy.

                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre tried high intensity ultrasound at on prostate cancer.  150 W 40 kHz is such ultrasound!  Any power level above 90 W is high intensity.

                The suddenly only the cancer cells in the prostate heated up, and till they experienced sole content boiling.  And fragment it explosively.  Damaging surrounding body cells.

                Suddenly the body realises cancer is dangerous!  And will remove all cancer cells from the body.  The primary cancer cells are all destroyed.

                So all body cells within a two cell radius of the cancer cells.  These are replaced seamlessly by the stem cells.  And we now have a full immune action.

                This happens when all 200 sorts of cancer out there!  All cancers have to be overinflated to gain vitality.  No body cell-not even faster the dividing ones-are overinflated.

                Eureka!  We now have a non invasive, non biochemical way of removing do as cancer cells.  Leaving most of the organ totally unaffected!  The small amount of body cell damage is replaced within two weeks.

                Ultrasound applied to the coronary arteries and kidneys will remove the bacterial rump causing coronary heart disease.  Again no pills are required!  Biochemistry kills.  Ultrasound heals!

                If we apply ultrasound to the skull, we clear areas are damaged to the brain.  This may take many applications of the ultrasound.  A full repair will take two years from a moderate head injury.

                When a patient has a pathogen leader in the head area, making inappropriate neuro transmitters we see mental health problems.

                Such pathogen rumps are overinflated and hard.  They are cleared by application of HIUS (high intensity ultrasound).

                Kidney and liver disease is also caused by a non harmful rump in our own the organ.  HIUS will clear the disease.  The stem cells will fully repair the organ.

                Arthritis and MS are similarly caused by rump infestations.  Ultrasound will clear them.  Such a device is available via Google for 25 UK pounds, plus shipping.

                It will clear even the common cold if used on day zero of the infection.



Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Making helium


26 February 2013

                Pumping regular steam at two atmospheres pressure through a titanium helix produces hot helium and oxygen gases-with an reacted steam.

                It does molecular nuclear fusion.  The helium gas after we had driven the steam cycle, is worth more than its weight in gold!

                It is aAPHD separating the gases, as oxygen has high value too.  There is some speculation that the world’s the kind of helium called out strips of five.

                Molecular nuclear fusion in the deep earth replaced years the helium gas dynamically-> by doing nuclear fusion on water!  The Key to initiating nuclear fusion is turbulence in high pressure water or steam.

                We can years a lot gases to generate power-releasing no carbon dioxide!  And producing no toxic radioactive waste.

                The half life of 3He only 0.04 seconds!


Jonathan Thomason

Making water


26 February 2013

                In Saudi Arabia pressure water is more expensive than oil!  This is because people insist on filtering water!  The filter brown water to remove contaminants.  Thing is free, and filter changes.

                The helium filler salt water to remove the salt!.  At high pressure.  Which is high energy, so both expensive and dangerous.

                They can use my idea from O level physics: they apply 1 meter of vacuum to the water, to cause it to boil.  This removes all contaminants-even salt.  You are left with pure water-it is free contaminants as distilled.  Which it actually is!

                Q=PV    so the amount of power we used to grow to a vacuum is very low!  We use solar vacuum pumps.  Maybe topped up with mains power during the night.  Or we could charge of arteries during the day, and discharge them at night.

                This totally changes the water supply industry.  It is exactly the sort of science chemical and process engineering should be developing!

                It produces pure water fall well below the cost of running a reservoir in temperate regions.  All the extra plant growth will massively increase the biomass around the world-if only there was more carbon dioxide to take Ian from the air.

                The notion that mankind could increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the air despite there being four trillion organisms around the earth, dynamically sinking available carbon dioxide is the biggest piece of science fiction ever presented to the world as fact.

                All the carbon fuels were active biology in the Jurassic age.  There was 65% more life on earth mound.  Carbon dioxide is the green gas.

Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 25 February 2013

Good scientists

25 February 2013

                Two weeks ago I had 205 subscribers on my Youtube account.  They seemed to like me talking about climate change.

                But they seem to be physicists!  They all got fed up of them being called ‘paid stooges’ and although five of them had left.  But today my Youtube account has had 125 years-before we get to 10.00 PM.  When historically I got most of my views.

                When America or came on line.  Any scientist who talks about organic carbon when their knowledge is limited to engineering and physics, in order to get page research from nuclear power; is obviously going to get cold a stooge!

                The shame is a include fantastibowc scientists: I never considered used to be a stooge-you inferred I was giving you that name!  No.  You were very happy to  out only nine years after first invoked photosynthesis.

                I deserved a PHD for this thinking!  As I am no more a biologist than you are.  I got some help here from Harvard!  Who published in New Scientist an article saying global carbon dioxide was at a preindustrial two parts per million.

                At the time I was very happy to go with the 3.7ppm quoted in New Scientist.  The extra 0.0004% biomass every day restore was Jurassic Life in modern biological form.

                That to be a year to figure out!  So you could argue that I was acting as a stooge-particularly as I used to work for Inco!  Who did nuclear contracts.

                Incredible as it seems Harvard is totally right!  Every day plants grow, until they have metabolised all additional carbon dioxide.  To increase the biomass on earth.

                A static trace gas has no affect on anything!  Let alone the weather: the most dynamic system on earth.  You need 200 simply is nuclear explosions to have any affect on the weather.

                You driving a car just increases life on earth.  And every day the afternoon air only has 2ppm carbon dioxide in.  Why was I not awarded my PH D in 2001?

                Every secondary school pupil on earth is taught that global photosynthesis produces a static trace of carbon dioxide in the afternoon air-outside of an ice age!  When historically levels rise.

                Carbon dioxide is internal to the carbon cycle and biology.  Is has been no affect on the weather.  As the ice ages in the Jurassic (180, 607 hundred million years ago air) shows!

                Jurassic photosynthesis left twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  We can say with absolute certainty carbon dioxide has no affect on the weather.

                Nuclear power is the least green and most toxic industry that will ever exist.


Jonathan Thomason T/F 0161 848-0416

Unexpectedly clean, safe, free nuclear fusion from water


25 February 2013

                Heavy rain storms produce gamma wave radiation, and turn regular water into helium oxygen gases, plus heat!  The collision of rain drops exceed the strong atomic force for hydrogen atoms in the water molecules, and we get hydrogen on hydrogen interactions forming helium.

                No source of nuclear fusion!  No enriched radioactive isotopes.  We have 1H2O with a faint trace of deuterium oxide.  No tritium oxide to speak off.

                This builds up the 5000 volts required for a lightening strike!  Here a partial steam plasma links up the electoral holes from the cloud tops to the ground.  Circulating the Alpha particles (He2+) with the negative charge is carried to the ground by the hydroxyl ions. (2xOH-)

                It is a totally safe Power System.  Releasing 2 the.5x1030 Watts of heat, as it makes five tonnes of helium gas!  Of which there is no chemical source.

                Every person on earth has witnessed nature doing molecular nuclear fusion.  This emon system goes on at waterfalls, in green plants in light, and in your own beating hearts.

                No enriched radioactive fuel is required.  It produces inert helium, and ¼ oxygen you breathe.  It fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth!

                Without molecular nuclear fusion there would be no life on earth.  Steam, IC and jet engines all release gamma wave radiation and produce helium gas, as they do molecular nuclear fusion from combustion products!

                This steam in turbulent flow!  The organic carbon is a fusion facilitator.


Jonathan Thomason

Lightening does nuclear fusion


25 February 2013

                In heavy rain the colliding rain drops form helium and oxygen gases, give off a massive heat and gamma wave radiation.


                This is molecular nuclear fusion, it sets up an electric charge between the Alpha particles, that clustering above the clouds, and the negatively charged ground which precedes all the negatively charged hydroxyl ions.

                Where we have a potential of 5000 volts a partial steam plasma tracts from cloud tops to the ground.  This process because only ½ MW of power to accomplish.

                There is one lightning bolt every 3 minutes around the air.  When a steam plasma touches the ground all the charge electrons pass up the steam plasma to the clouds.  They release 2.5x1030 Watts of power-as they it make 5 tonnes of helium gas.

                Of which there is no chemical source!  Heavy rain gives out gamma wave radiation!  A lightning bolt gives out 1024 times as much!

                Nature has no problem doing nuclear fusion from water.  It produces all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.

                Plants metabolise extra carbon dioxide, to increase the biomass around the air.  The Jurassic had no fossil fuels, but 65% more life!  We are sea levels 60 metres lower.

                There were three natural ice ages in the Jurassic at 180, 607 hundred million years ago air.  The free carbon dioxide at four parts per million-twice today’s present levels!

                Mankind releases 0.0004% additional carbon dioxide every day.  Gradually restoring the life which died with the dinosaurs.

                The level of carbon dioxide in the global air is fixed by photosynthesis.  And beyond the scope of man to influence.  He increases biomass around the earth, he can’t affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis.

                Manmade global warming and climate change are paid fiction by the diseased minds of nuclear power.  Such individuals have no place in the media or education.  Or even in life for that master!

                All date suggesting man has increased the trace of carbon dioxide in the air is biological rubbish!  We have no date suggesting carbon dioxide has any effect on the climate.  And the increasing life on earth.

                There is no external source of carbon.  There is half the carbon dioxide in the global air than there was in the three Jurassic ice ages.  The Jurassic ended 64.5 million years before man even evolved.  Ask climate change pundits to explain the three natural Jurassic ice ages.

                With twice the level of carbon dioxide in the global air.  Carbon dioxide is at a preindustrial two parts per million as a global average: the only measure which potentially could have affected the climate.

                That is such brain dead fiction from the diseased pens of the paid stooges to nuclear power.  You know who you R!

Jonathan Thomason

limitless natural gas


25 February 2013

                When the dinosaurs died so did 85% of life on earth!  At the time was 65% more life on earth.  Resulting me C levels were 60 metres lower.  Though I have the time photosynthesis was less evolved.

                It left four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  Modern photosynthesis only leaves 2ppm.  In the Jurassic there were three natural ice ages: 160 607 hundred million years ago air.  With twice and dioxide in the air.

                Man has steadily released fossilised organic carbon into the air.  So restoring carbon to active biology.  Photosynthesis imposes a total limit of free carbon dioxide in the air.

                Mankind has increased the level of carbon dioxide by 0.0004% a day every day since industrial revolution.  So plants have abserved the organic carbon, to increase the biomass on the planet.

                So every afternoon plants have grown for additional 0.00002 seconds every day.  Leaving a static level of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                Local level rises are 10,000 times less important than a local forest fire all volcanic eruption.  They have absolutely no global significance.

                Any person who suggests that man can affect the biochemistry of photosynthesis needs serious medical intervention.  Particularly as they are the paid stooges to nuclear power-the most toxic and least green industry that will ever exist.

                The only technology of mankind’s that can cause continental scale toxic death!  And kill all life indiscriminately.  As I say it totally ungreen.  In contrast burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Restoring Jurassic Life to the active environment.

                All that organic carbon is fossilised in the deep.  As the river of deep water that runs around the earth percolates through the carbon deposits, it forms methane!


                So nature produces methane and helium gas dynamically: all the helium man can extract from the deep is produced dynamically as the percolating water does chemical molecular nuclear fusion.

                Helium is produced by nuclear fusion.  There is no chemical source of this gas.  Which is why all natural gas around the world had extracted mixed with helium.

                The oxygen gas is the soluble in the geothermal water, and he is removed from a magma chambers.  Where the methane gas collects.

                If their ears exposed platinum are titanium metals the methane gas forms Petroleum Oil.  When man extracts of this substance, nature only replaces it every 1,000,000 years.  So oil Wells run out.

                Gas Wells are refilled dynamically with methane gas.  There are 2000 years of natural gas along the continental shelves of the world.  If one or gas well dials run down, we can drill another gas well five kilometres away.

                And in the next decade the first gas well will refill with natural gas.  As man burns this gas, life on earth increases.  Jurassic Life is resurrected in modern biological form.

                Oil Wells exhaust!  Gas Wells refill.


Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Curing infections


24 February 2013

                I had told my medical contacts how to use biochemistry to cure infections in 2008: A drip of interleukin two and four will produce the human antibodies to an infection or cancer.

                There are six: enzymes to all infections and cancers: as cancer is fabricated from left over fragments of previous infections.  So if we curing infections, we stop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, MS…

                But drug company is are not interested.  As one course of pills will cure all infections.  And they can not be patented.

                There is a totally different idea!  That cures infections and cancer physically.

                Viruses and cancer have overinflated cell types-that are hard.  When hit by high intensity ultrasound they fragment explosively.  At power densities that do not seriously perturbed body cells.  Inflated cells turn ultrasound into heat!

                This causes cell structures to experience cell content boiling.

                To survive in the body, bacteria do no cell damage for three days.  So the immune system regards them as are dangerous.  The B cells they copy out the bacteria, with her minimal cell wall.  Again overinflated and hard.

                So they fragment and ultrasound.  So applying ultrasound to an infected organ, he is the infection-and stops the diseases of age, including cancer and heart disease, from forming.

                We want ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz.  A suitable device has been licensed for human ultrasonic massage use.

                A personal ultrasound device is available from China for 25 UK pounds plus shipping.  You can arrange it via Google.

                Applied to the chest and head this will cure the common cold.  No pills involved.  Curing infections stops cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


Jonathan Thomason

Curing cancer and the common cold

24 February 2013

                Cancer and infections are so easy to cure!  Both have cell structures that are overinflated and hard.  Applying high intensity ultrasound to the general area will selectively destroyed cancer and pathogens cells.

                Lower power ultrasound, at 5 W, will immage power.  It stimulates emission of gamma wave radiation and heat from inflated cells.

                The answer is so simple!  Am sure all medics working in this area have known how to cure both since the 1950s.  We are applying high intensity ultrasound.

                Ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz will selectively destroy cancer and pathogen structures.  I have written a book explaining why:

ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer  by Jonathan M Thomason

                You do not need to know why!  You need to buy an ultrasound moustache device from China at 25 UK pounds plus shipping.  About $32.00!

                Use this device on the chest and head frequently-if you’re a smoker.  Or on the chest and head whenever you feel an infection coming on.  It will cure even the common cold in one application.

                Stopping cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  And stopping you ever becoming ill.

Jonathan Thomason