Thursday, 31 January 2013

False ‘science’


31 January 2013

                Biology teaches that life on earth expands, a little photosynthesis has metabolised all carbon dioxide from the air down to a modern limit of two parts per million.  This forcasts the carbon dioxide levels were higher in the little ice age, I have fallen to and remained static at 2ppm for last two centuries.

                Not one professor of physics or engineering will concede that man made climate change caused by an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air is a total biological impossibility!  A rise in CO2 could not, and has not happened due to man.

                In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels but 65% more life on earth!  Sea levels 60 metres lower.  And three natural ice ages-at 180, 607 hundred per 1,000,000 years ago air.

                Man made climate change is biologically impossible rubbish contacted by nuclear power!  Has unscientific as it gets.  Nuclear power is the least green industry that will ever exist.

                Producing toxic waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years!  While producing the most expensive electricity on the planet.

                I repeat: not one science professor has ever to Clare’s man made climate change is biologically impossible.  Not one professor has even remarked on the fact the world has been cooling for 15 years!  Just who are these people?  And what the hell are they doing education!


Jonathan Thomason

Nuclear fiction


31 January 2013

                In the Jurassic age there was 65% more life on earth!  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were no fossil fuels!  So as mankind burns the fossil fuels he increases life in the active environment.

                He does not increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air: that idea is the least scientific rubbish anybody has ever arteries.  Apparently sane science professors went on about manmade global warming from 1986 to 2004.

                1986 was the another Chernobyl incident.  The total demonstration that nuclear power is the most toxic industry that will ever exist.

                The world started cooling 1998.  Global carbon dioxide have been at two parts per million says levels fell at the end of the little ice age.  All extra carbon dioxide results in additional life on earth.

                Oxygen is the waste gas of plants.  Carbon dioxide is their food.  As known to every scientist on the planet.  All academic work on global warming had ended by 2003-only five years after the natural global climate started cooling.

                Nuclear power hit back with ‘man made climate change’!  To concede there have been wrong about the global warming thing.  Still failing to grasp they can never be an increase of carbon dioxide in the global air well bacteria, algae and green plants do photosynthesis on land and in the seas.

                They started predicting droughts!  Apparently unaware that air circulates, and 60% of the surface of the earth is covered by seas and oceans-with plants doing photosynthesis.

                Any high school biology teacher would have been happy to inform your that photosynthesis precluded man made global warming or climate change.  As photosynthesis imposes a total limit of free carbon dioxide in the air.

                In the Jurassic this was down to four parts per 1,000,000.  Twice today’s level.  There were three natural ice ages.  180, 607 hundred million years ago.

                Remember we live in an age where average global carbon dioxide in the air is limited to two parts per 1,000,000.  As every professor of physics was taught as Xi your old child.

                In the Permian 1000 year ice age, there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air than their ears today.  Suddenly nobody in the world is prepared to argue!  That man made climate change is paid fiction on behalf of nuclear power.

                People expounding man made climate change as if it were science so a 10 year prison sentence!  For spurting biologically impossible nuclear rubbish!

                Nuclear power is the least green industry spraying toxic death across the world; that will ever exist.

                Today Cumbria has precluded all prospects of a new nuclear dump at Sellafield.  The pools for toxic nuclear fuel rods at Sellafield is full.

                Hinkley C weather only get a operating licence if there was provision for storage of its toxic waste.  There isn’t any!  The investors of hinkley C are going to lose their shirts, and would have possessions they own!  It can never operate.

                Nuclear power is the most toxic, expensive and fatal Power System on earth.  It should be rolled illegal under European human rights legislation.

                I feel that somebody should inform the coalition government of the illegality and toxic nature of nuclear power.  They will obviously asleep during first year high school biology.

Jonathan Thomason

Nuclear power is toxic death


31 January 2013

                Burning carbon fuels increases life in the active environment!  All the fossil fuels were active biology in the Jurassic.  When there was 65% more life on earth, sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were three natural ice ages at 180, 600 and 700 million years ago air.

                Photosynthesis was less evolved than, so there was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  In the little ice age carbon dioxide was back at 4 parts per million.  Then it fell to 2 parts per million.  It static level for last two centuries.

                Meanwhile nuclear power is uniquely toxic.  It produces hyper toxic plutonium-which nature does not produce.  As it most fatal for 100,000 years!

                The power regulation of authority had a legal duty to stop all nuclear plants operating beyond their design life.  That was the basic element to their licensing in the first place.  EDF inspected it some plants, and gave itself a life extension.

                This is illegal!  The power regulation of authority had a legal duty to stop such actions.  Been liable for 100,000,000 UK pounds, power plant for every year of illegal operation.

                And other basic requirement, was a should be provision to restore its waste.  Sellafield is now operating beyond capacity-in contravention to is planning consent.  Again there is a massive fine for allowing such illegal behaviour.

                Hinkley C could never legally be allowed to start operating.  As there is no storage capacity for its toxic waste.  EDF would have to be mentally certifiable to build such a plant of death!  It can never legally currents operation.

                Imagine a radioactive drain, hinkley C will be like pouring billions of euros into it.  With no prospect of ever getting the money back.


Jonathan Thomason

Biology does fusion


31 January 2013

                Plants do biological molecular nuclear fusion while there is liquid water!  In the arctic seas this is down to -22° C.


And                        mCH4+n(H2O)->m/2H2+Cm(H2O)n

This explains why all plants are so flammable!  And are surrounded by a hydrogen and oxygen gases.

                Animals including fish do molecular nuclear fusion down to the same temperature.  Every day around the earth.  Biologists have no knowledge of this.

                                2Cm(H2O)n+ mO2->2mCO2+pHe+2(n-p)(H2O)+mE+mγ



Jonathan Thomason

Life Systems


31 January 2013

                Plants in light take in carbon dioxide-down to a lower limit of two parts per million imposed by global photosynthesis.  So a for last 200 years photosynthesis on land and in the seas has produced a static average level of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                Within 5 minutes all additional carbon dioxide has been converted into plant bulk!  Excretion helium and oxygen:


And                        mCH4+n(H2O)->mH+Cm(H2O)n

This explains why all plants are so flammable!  And are surrounded by a hydrogen and oxygen gases.

                Animals complete the natural carbon cycle.

                                2Cm(H2O)n+ mO2->2mCO2+pHe+2(n-p)(H2O)+mE+mγ

                So a lot of study to be done on the nuclear fusion going on in there carbon cycle.  The animal blood systems also does physical molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why you can take in an all pulse rate with a Geiger counter.


                I will never understand how professors of physics kept a straight face since 1986-teaching that man could affect the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  By burning the fossil fuels-that were active biology in the Jurassic age.

                When there was 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.  And there were ice ages at 180, 600 and 700 1,000,000 years ago.  As known to every biology teacher in any high school anywhere around the world.

                They may not have known as the ice ages.  But they all realise that additional carbon dioxide is converted back into plant bulk, as it was in the Jurassic age, within 5 minutes.

                Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas.  So it is metabolised by photosynthesis nature and level.  Our weather is made in the stratosphere.  There is no way that a static average level of CO2 around the world have any effect on the gas composition of the stratosphere-where our weather is made.

                Global warming was self serving fiction from the diseased pens of nuclear power after the Chernobyl incident.  Trying to disguise the toxic nature of the least green industry that will ever exist.

                It creates toxic radioactive waste.  Nature does not make hyper toxic plutonium.  Nuclear power in the UK is desperately trying to scratch around for the ground storage of plutonium.

                It will need to be contained 100,000 years.  Any earthquake all week will result in the deaths of two million people.  The nuclear repositories at Sellafield are full.

                No other country would take the radioactive waste.  It blocks that the whole of nuclear power is counties served with an emergency stop order within six months.

                The power regulator has been legally remiss in not serving such an order of aged magnox stations operating beyond their design lives!  The only engineering examination has been made by EDF-who own station’s!

                Such a self examination is legally unsound.  Any legal challenge by Greenpeace will automatically result in the closure of nuclear power.


Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Batteries do fusion


30 January 2013

                I was taught in the 1980s that it discharging battery gives off nuclear radiation!  With no source of nuclear fission.  So it is doing nuclear fusion from water!

                The battery will gradually weap helium and oxygen gases!  And are over its lifetime will lose weight.  The most energetic battery has a fine dust of titanium metal in!  There this plays no part in the electrical action of the battery.

                Face Centred Cubic vessels Like Titanium the conversion of two hydrogen ions into one helium ions.  It does not matter that the hydrogen was originally in a compound.  We are doing nuclear fusion.

                Which is the most energetic process in the universe.  It converts regular water into heat, nuclear radiation, inert helium and ¼ of the oxygen you breathe in.

          It is totally clean and safe power!  As I say in my e-book

 Nuclear fusion by waterfall! (Life) by Jonathan Thomason (29 Oct 2012) - Kindle eBook

·         £2.55Kindle Purchase


Jonathan Thomason

Simple cancer cure

                  30 January 2013
    At 5 W cancer tumours were opaque to ultrasound! The pressurise cancer cells turn the ultrasound into heat.
    In 2001 I was doing a Ph.D. Into Chemical Engineering, but suggested that high power ultrasound might be a useful cancer treatment.
   In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida tried out high intensity ultrasound and prostate cancer. And found it was a one appointment cure. Only the cancer cells heated up, and till they ruptured This cools the immune system to target the cancer cell for removal throughout the body. All secondaries were cleared throughout the body.
  This idea works for all cancers! One the most accessible use breast cancer. We use 150 W 40 kHz device designed to remove scales and wrinkles. It costs 25 UK pounds from China. It will remove all cancers from the body.
    Applied to the pancreas it will remove the viral altered cells causing type one and two diabetes. When applied to the coronary arteries and the kidneys it will repair coronary heart disease: the biggest killer in the world today.
  When used frequently it will clear head and spinal injuries. The cells are then replaced seamlessly by functioning cells by the brain stem cells. Application of ultrasound in cancer, heart disease and diabetes produces the human antibody to these conditions.
    Pills of these drugs will clear other instances of the same disease. All cancers display the six common antibodies to all cancers. Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Unnecessary deaths

29 January 2013

                Worldwide 3.2 million diabetes-related deaths are reported annually, a number
equivalent to that of HIV/AIDS-related deaths
.  Both of these diseases show an answer!  Which also applies to cancer and heart disease.

                Ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz.  T  his causes all viruses to fragment explosively!  Diabetes, cancer and heart disease are all caused by overinflated structures left behind from infective disease.

                So they all fragment on application of ultrasound!  Which is best applied through a one ended cylinder held outside the body!  Above the affected organ.

                For heart disease this includes the coronary arteries, and also the kidneys!  Which have a major function in establishing blood pressure throughout the body.

                Type one and type two diabetes are caused by a post infection viral rump colonising the pancreas.  Shutting down insulin secretion, and slowly copping out the viral genome.

                The viral rump has ever is over inflated!  Hence pathology of a diabetic pancreas shows the presence of hardened white cells!  Application of high intensity ultrasound clears such cells from the body.

                Totally curing diabetes with one course of ultrasound-no drunks or injections are required.  The disease can reoccur, after another infection.  The same applies to cancer and heart disease.

                Drug company is have just lost their three major incomes!  Nobody in their right mind would wish to use biochemical pills every an!  All infections are cured by application of high intensity ultrasound to the chest and head.


Jonathan Thomason

Ultimately fatal pills


29 January 2013

                Bio chemistry revise and expensive, over specific, and ultimately fatal treatments for cancer.  Ultrasound provides a fantastically cheap one session cure to all body and brain cancers.

                We need ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz: such a device is available within five days from China or at the cost of 25 UK pounds plus shipping!

                So at a device will also cure heart disease, diabetes, head and spinal injuries and even the common cold!  No pills or surgery required.  The drug company is are affected your majorly insolvent!


Jonathan Thomason

Most stupid fiction ever!

29 January 2013

                Global photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide from the air into plant bulk.  In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth.  Resultingly sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were no fossil fuels then!

                We know the date the fossil fuels will formed, due to the fossils and shells found in the fossil fuels!  We all date from late Jurassic.

                The Jurassic age had three natural ice ages.  180, 600 and 700 million years ago air.  There are at the time photosynthesis was less evolved.  And left twice the trace level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                For the last 200 years photosynthesis has after only two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air.  The weather is only affected potentially by the global average.  In actual fact carbon dioxide is too heavy and never reaches the stratosphere-where our weather is made.

                Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in a natural ice age.  In the little ice age there were at twice the present levels-back to the Jurassic age.  And life was firmly in the deep freeze.

                Who ever devised man made global warming was ignorant of basic high school biology.  They knew no ecology or metrology.

                Such individuals should be barred from talking about the environment and the organic carbon.  They have no useful skill set.

                At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died.  They formed the fossil fuels!  All life on earth very nearly died.

                Mass extinctions are either caused by comet and asteroid impact on the earth, or a carbon crisis!  At the end of the Permian photosynthesis has evolved, and global carbon dioxide levels fell to half the present levels.  And 90% of life on earth died.

                Nature never danced toxic nuclear fission!  Nuclear power publicised man made global warming to distract the world from Chernobyl.  It ignored 300 years of biology.

                It talked logical rubbish.  No individual who has ever written papers about man made global warming or climate change should be employed in education or the media.

                Climate change is interesting.  The natural climate started cooling in 1998-15 years ago air!  So man made climate change is global cooling coals by a A static level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                Quite possibly the most stupid scientific idea ever thought up by the diseased minds of the stooges to nuclear power-the most technologically toxic industry that will ever exist.


Jonathan Thomason

Hippocratic oath


29 January 2013

                Every medic at Harvard Medical school has taken the Hippocratic oath.  And they have promised to apply the best medicine!  One single course of ultrasound cures all the diseases of age: cancer, heart disease, Diabetes and the rest.

                So they cannot teach sub optimal biochemical treatments.  They are duty bound to teach about high intensity ultrasound: 150 W 40 kHz.

                Ultrasound at power and frequency will save 22,000,000 lives around the world every year.  Harvard do not teach ultrasound, they are polluting in those individual’s deaths!


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Curing the common cold etc.!


29 January 2013

                Under the Hippocratic Oath and doctors have promised to apply the best medicine.  High intensity ultrasound (150 Watts 40 kHz) cures cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Saving 22 million lives around the world every year.

                Drug companies, polluting with twisted medics, are keeping this news out to the media!  Killing directly a country the size of the UK every three years.

                This is the least ethical behaviour possible!  A suitable ultrasound device cost 25 UK pounds plus shipping from China.

                And he is the single biggest advance in medicine ever!  For eclipsing fungal antibiotics.  Ultrasound cures all infective disease in one session, with no drugs!


Jonathan Thomason

Curing the diseases of age


29 January 2013

                Biochemistry can only produce massive a expensive fatal treatments for the diseases of age.  High intensity ultrasound cures cell at one shores session!  We want ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz.  A suitable ultrasound device costs 25 UK pounds with shipping from China.

                Every household needs such a device to combat the diseases of age plus scars, head and spinal injuries.

                This ultrasound applied to any cancerous organ will cure the the cancer and it secondaries.  It will also combat seasonal flue!  Curing all infective disease.

                Apply it to the coronary arteries and kidneys, this will cure coronary heart disease.  Which today is the biggest killer in the world.

                Applied to the pancreas this will cure type one and type two diabetes outright: no more insulin or fatal drug treatments required!

                The three biggest killers in the world have been cured.  By not publicising this fact the world’s media is colluding in the death of 22,000,000 people around the world.  And adversely affecting 60 million.

                They addiction is used by the news corporation’s obviously an minutes an entry for ‘ethical behaviour’.


Jonathan Thomason

Extra life on Earth


29 January 2013

                Every day for last 200 years the burning of fossil fuels has released an extra 0.0004% additional carbon dioxide: that was last active biology in the Jurassic age in prehistory.

                So all life on earth has increased by this amount!  In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth.  At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died.  It is this life that formed the fossil fuels.

                Every Xi your school child was taught by plant life would expand to use up all extra carbon dioxide-down to the limit for photosynthesis.

                In the Jurassic this was 4 parts per 1,000,000.  Today it is 2ppm.  All the extra life resulted in C levels being 60 metres lower.  Burning fossil fuels ends up decreasing seals-as more active biology stops rainfall running immediately back into the seas.

                Photosynthesis goes on over the land and in the seas.  The C’s on the earth account for 60% of the surface area near.  They have evolved to the lower limit of photosynthesis of 2ppm.

                In the Jurassic there were three natural ice ages: 180, 600 and 700,000,000 years ago.  With carbon dioxide at twice the present static level of this gas in the air.

                Mankind has no control over photosynthesis-sets the lower limit for carbon dioxide in the global air.  All CO2 level rises are totally minuscule and insignificant-at engine exhausts!  They have no global significance.

                Every person, including all the professors of science, who have written papers about man made climate change realise that photosynthesis controls the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  The most that man can do is restore Jurassic carbon to active biology.

                Made global mythe was made up by nuclear power after the Chernobyl incident.  Trying to distract the world from the toxic nature of the industry.  Which produces plutonium-the most toxic substance known to mankind.

                This substance which is not produced by nature.  Nuclear power also makes massive amounts of strontium-nearly as deadly!

                Nuclear power is the most toxic and least green industry that will ever exist.
.  The world has now been cooling for 15 years!  It only warmed naturally for 12.  Suddenly no carbon dioxide must coals global cooling.


Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 27 January 2013

How are the drug companies can to make money?


27 January 2013

                Ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz will cure cancer, heart disease and diabetes!  They should also help with MS,IBS, arthritis and the other diseases of age.

                Cancer was the big owner in the health sector!  No it has been overtaken by heart disease.  But high intensity ultrasound will clear the bacterial fragment that causes heart disease.

                With no surgery or pills!  Ultrasound should be on help with head and spinal injuries.  It will also cure the common cold.  Nuts to paracetamol!  We are talking about a one application cure.

                I suggested this idea in 2001-he just turns out I was really really correct.


Jonathan Thomason

Cancer was so hard

27 January 2013
                For centuries doctors laboured under impression that biochemistry would cure cancer!  They totally ignored the fact they cancer was a hardened cell structure!  That lacked multi cellular support.
                When we hit with high intensity ultrasound (150 W 40 kHz applied externally through a one ended guide cylinder) the cancer cells fragment it explosively!  Body cells were unaffected, Anl SRN extra exploding cancer cells.
                This level of cell damage the low to the immune system to the undesirable nature of cancer.  That was now perceived to be dangerous!  The immune system then targeted the distinct cancer genome for removal from the body.
                We had known all this millennia that the immune system saw cancer.  But the lack of cell damage to body cells produced no immune action.
                The critical insight was an Dr. Polly MatZinger: who alerted the world to the importance of cell damage.  I was busy doing a PH D into Chemical Engineering.  And worked in ultrasound.
                We knew that cancer cells showed up under ultrasound-they were opaque to low power ultrasound.  So in 2001 I suggested high power ultrasound might be useful treatment to restrict cancer growth.
                Little did I know!  The Moffitt cancer centre tried this idea on prostate cancer.  It was such an obvious idea they very well we are fortunate independent of me.
                The cancer cells or fragment it explosively.  So ensuring secondary us were cleared from the body.  The coronary was obviously history.
                The high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) works for all 200 types of cancer out there.  Suddenly cancer is cured.  The big income stream of the drug company is has ceased.  Academic training in biochemistry suddenly seems very pointless.
                Cancer is caused by a fragment of bacterial genome left behind by a fall infection.  I had term this a bacterial rump.  Just as cancer is caused by a viral rump bonding to cells DNA.  At the endogenous retro virus!  Medics do like their names.
                So if you apply ultrasound to the coronary arteries nuclear primary heart disease.  Medics also experimented with HIFU apply it to the kidneys.  As the kidneys regulate blood pressure throughout the body.
                They got a one appointment cure to secondary heart disease.  So the world’s biggest killer-cancer is history.  Similarly the second biggest killer-heart disease is also are history!
                The third biggest killer is diabetes.  Where a viral rump colonising the pancreas and shuts down insulin secretion.  So applying HIFU to the pancreas will clear type one and type two diabetes.
                Ultrasound removes scarring throughout the body!  So it will cause teeth to the ground.  And also correct head and spinal injuries-like mine!
Jonathan Thomason

No heart disease

27 January 2013
                Ultrasound workers will not develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, MS during their working lives!  They will develop these diseases on retirement.
                150 W 40 kHz ultrasound applied to target organ will clear the pathogen rump that these to the diseases in these organs.
1              cancer   ultrasound in the cancerous organ!  All the one displaying precancerous clusters
2              heart disease     from a heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump on the fatty sheaths in the arteries around the heart.  Secondary coronary heart disease is caused by a simmer and bacterial rump in the fatty tissues around the kidneys.
3              diabetes              the viral rump is located in the pancreas.  One course of ultrasound will clear the disease.  Diabetes can reoccur-as can all the rump diseases.
4              arthritis                                is caused by a highly mobile bacterial rump affecting different drunks around the body.  Ultrasound will clear the offer ideas from a joint.  Several applications may be needed to fully clear the disease on one occasion.
5              MS         is caused by a bacterial rump colonising the myelin sheath around neurons in the brain.  Application of ultrasound to the skull should clear the MS.
                There are other diseases I have not referred to here.  Head injuries can be gradually cleared by application of HIFU to the skull.
                All scarring of body tissues can be similarly removed by the application of ultrasound.
Jonathan Thomason

The northern lights


27 January 2013

                The man of fun and southern lights arise from the magnetic dipole passing through moist air in the arctic and Antarctic winters.  This converts regular water into helium and oxygen gases plus energy, visible light and gamma wave radiation.

                It is nature doing molecular nuclear fusion from water.  How hard isn’t this!  We can set up A glass tube with water vapour in, in the laboratory and subjecting it to strong magnetic forces.

                This will give us nuclear fusion in the laboratory.  This is hardly hard science!  And it goes on down to -50° C.  And atmospheric pressure.


Jonathan Thomason

Clearing coronary heart disease


27 January 2013

                Coronary heart disease is caused by fragments of bacterial genome left behind when the main infection is clears.  Primary heart disease is caused by bacterial rump Colonies on the coronary arteries.

                Secondary coronary heart disease is caused by a simmer and bacterial rump Colonies on the fatty plaques around the kidneys.  The kidneys and not the heart controlled heart pressure.

                Applying ultrasound to the coronary arteries and the kiddeys 150 W 40 kHz just once will clear coronary heart disease.  With no drunks or surgery required!


Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 25 January 2013

Carbon deposits


25 January 2013

                I have a master’s degree in to engineering I was taught that fossil fuels all date to 65,000,000 years ago air.  The end of the Jurassic!  All coal and oil, and some coal do.

                But deep coal deposits can date back to the carbonaceous age.  When atmospheric carbon dioxide was reduced from 40%.  This age of prehistory ended as biology evolved to transform atmospheric carbon dioxide into tree tissue.

                Coal deposits still have impressions in from the trees.  This age ended due to a carbon crisis.  Two little carbon dioxide was left in the air to support biological life from the carbonaceous.

                We now sought the cretaceous life expansion, as life evolved to exploit flow of carbon air.  We then enter a natural ice age.  Which store atmospheric carbon dioxide at 10 parts per million.  Five times the present trace.

                This extended through the Permian age, and ended as photosynthesis evolved.  Carbon dioxide levels crash to only one part per 1,000,000.  And 90% of life on earth ended-the biggest mass extinction of prehistory.  Caused by two little carbon dioxide in the air.

                Life only recovered as more animals evolved to eat plant matter and combine it with the oxygen are excreted by plants.  Both sides of the carbon cycle do nuclear fusion.

1              CO2↓+3(H2O)->CH4+He↑+3O↑+γ and m(CH4)+n(H2O)->Cm(H2O)n+2He+E+γ Cm(H2O)n is a general the equation for carbohydrates.

2              Cm(H2O)n+mO2↑->mCO2↑+n(H2O)

                1 is plant molecular nuclear fusion.  2 the is animal molecular nuclear fusion: the biological world does so much nuclear fusion from water.  Or induced by the carbon cycle!

                In the Jurassic there were three natural ice ages:  180, 607 hundred million years ago air.  When atmospheric carbon dioxide at four parts per million: twice today’s paltry two parts per 1,000,000.

                Global photosynthesis has seen an increase in life as man has burned the fossil fuels, but no increase in the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  As Jurassic Life is restored to the active environment.

                Your own beating heart does physical molecular nuclear fusion:

H2O+O2->He+O3+E+γ     the emission of gamma wave radiation and your exhilaration of helium gas and ozone is in the medical textbooks.  Or is no chemical source of helium gas.

                The biological world gets 40% of its energy from nuclear fusion.  Through the carbon cycle.

                Oil and gas are the result of geothermal water bubbling through coal deposits.  Resurfacing of the earth has released the fossil fuels formed from the ancient coal deposits.  Bacteria have degraded the methane and long chain hydrocarbons, to return the coal to the active environment.

                The oil and coal in the air today is a result of coal laid down at the end of the Jurassic-when 85% of life on earth died.  Very deep coal deposits may predate the Jurassic.  Not my area of expertise!

                I was taught that all fossil fuels display shells and fossils from Jurassic Life.  Certainly modern photosynthesis will convert all carbon dioxide in the air into active life-down to a natural limit of two parts per million.

                The only time carbon dioxide levels can rise is in a natural ice age!  As written up in the history books.  To conclude carbon dioxide causes global warming is to ignore all the historical and biological details about the carbon cycle.

                In last two centuries global average carbon dioxide is limited to two parts per million.  Local level rises at engine exhausts is too minuscule to have any global significance.

                Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas.  So never makes the up into the stratosphere: which is where all our weather is made.  And has experienced a static level of two parts per 1,000,000 four released last two centuries.

                Manmade global warming and climate change are PR fiction from nuclear power.  Carbon dioxide levels are strictly limited by photosynthesis.  Burning fossil fuels just increases modern biology-he’s has no affect on the gas composition of the air.  No possible effect on the weather.

                Nuclear power have no knowledge about biology or history!  The concept that man can affect photosynthesis is the most brain dead scientific idea ever publicised.  The people involved.  Are in the pay of nuclear power.

                They are so obviously not doing science!  Even apparently reputable scientists have been induced to utter total biological nonsense.

                Carbon dioxide levels in the air are fixed by nature: leave with it.

                Nuclear power is the most toxic industry that will ever exist.  Any gardener knows supplementing carbon dioxide increases plant growth.

                Global warming was devised to distract the world from Chernobyl!  Climate change was devised only seven years after the natural global climate started cooling.  Climate change says nothing of importance of truth, except that manmade global warming is rubbish!

                I was in Brazil when Tokyo nuclear experienced Fukushima.  The only change has been the essence of atmospheric carbon dioxide have gone up by a factor of 100.  Total biological fallacy.

                Every day since the industrial revolution man has released an additional 0.0004% carbon dioxide into the air.  Which has been metabolised by plants.

                This is 10,000 times less important than a local forest fire all volcanic eruption.  Or simple changes of the natural seasons.

                Carbon is life.  Nuclear power is death.

Jonathan Thomason