Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Stupid Physicists


26 December 2012

                When the polar ice Melt (as they do every summer-partially!) They form water at 3° C!  That is the maximum density of water.  The ice contracts as it melts!

                The polar ice of floating in the sea-they are buoyant.  As Archimedes formulated years 212 BC

                As the icecaps melt, they sit down in the seas.  So sea levels do not rise!  The world has been cooling since 1998.

                So the global seas have been contracting!  As the global sea water cools.  So the seas are falling, and the Antarctic ice sheet is a record levels!

                Nuclear power has been using nuclear power ice breakers to breakthrough on of on passage!  The seas are not getting warmer!  We are just breaking up the ice sheets!

                The world cooled from 1986-the year Chernobyl until 1998.  So the world has been cooling for 15 years!  So the world has now been cooling for longer than it warmed!

                As I keep pointing out, photosynthesis imposes a total cap of free carbon dioxide in the air!  Every day plants, algae and bacteria grow until free carbon dioxide falls below two parts per 1,000,000!

                Then photosynthesis stops.  Every day since industrial revolution mankind has released an average of 0.00004% additional carbon dioxide: this is a small number!

                Every day he biology has expanded, returning the fossilised organic carbon that was laid down at the end of the Jurassic age into the active biosphere!

                The fossil fuels have fossils and shells from late Jurassic!  65,000,000 years ago air.  So you know exactly when there were deposited.  The limit to life on earth is circulating organic carbon in the environment.

                The trace of carbon dioxide in the global air has been a static two parts per 1,000,000 says levels fell at the end of the little ice age!

                Natural carbon dioxide levels only rise in ice ages!  Man is additional carbon dioxide has resulted in an increase of life on earth.  Not a change in the gas composition of the air.

                That idea is a crazy lie from nuclear power!  The failed to realise the melting ice was buoyant in the seas, and so contract it as it melted!  The ice settled down, sea levels don’t change a millionth of a millimetre!

                You were taught this in high school!  Where you not awake?


Jonathan Thomason

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