Thursday, 13 December 2012

Stopping cancer forming


13 December 2012

                Illnesses do loads of things to damp down the host immune system and prevent an immune action!  Viruses and we bud off body cells, to avoid scrutiny by the body stem cells.

                One of the ubiquitous habits is the to make an infected cells are overinflated and l more vital.  These enzymes I had term pathogen leaders.

                When the main infection is cleared, these pathogen leaders can get left behind.  All cancers share six pathogen leaders with infectious disease.  Cancer is built from a person is infectious history.  Cancer is not random!  It is built like Lego from fragments of old infections.

                To stop cancer it is vital to clear infectious disease quickly, and not leave pathogen leaders behind!  The only form slowly during the course of an infection.

                The infection works so all hard to stop an immune action!  Mostly by avoiding doing cell damage on minimum of three days.

                Well as there is cell damage IL-1 becomes 2xIL-1+, and this makes IL-2…21.  The immune system uses positive feedback.  So it is either off or it is falling on.  While there is a dangerous genome in the body, the immune system is at 100%!

                When a person first fuels on well we give them a drip of IL-2&4.  The IL-4 makes the active antibody to new structures in the body.  IL-2 causes the white blood cells to action it and remove the virus or bacteria.  On day zero.

                Two weeks before we start getting an accumulation of pathogen leaders!  The drip of IL-4 actually removes all pathogen leaders-persuading the body they are dangerous!

                If the person has developed cancer the cytokine drip (theIL-2&4) suddenly makes all pathogen leaders dangerous.  And the immune system will remove them-clearing the cancer.

                The idea also works for her HIV and the common cold.  Plus diabetes, heart disease, IBS, and arthritis and MS.

                Pathogen evolution is must really fast!  This idea will clear the existing diseases of age.  I have no idea what new diseases of age are out there.


Jonathan Thomason

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