Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Clearing heart disease!

18 December 2012

                It was reported today in the daily Express, in energy newspaper here in the UK, that exposing the kidneies to ultrasound helped the coronary heart disease!  The article actually said year’s high frequency radio waves!  But they act in the same way as ultra waves.  The Express documented ultrasound, the mirror went with high frequency radio waves!  I think the Express was right.

                They both cause any rump cell to fragment explosively.  The more flaccid body cells are not affected!  And the viral and bacterial rumps are acted upon.

                There is no practical reason to applies within the body!  As waves pass directly through the body, affecting the rumps on passage.  Ultrasound is a more benign treatment!

                The sudden appearance of rump activity implies that there is a bacterial rump colonising the fatty deposits around the kidneys.  This will in the course of time cause kidney disease!  Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump on the coronary arteries, which will fragment in just the same way as the tkidney rump will.

                So exposing the kidneys to ultrasound will cure kidney and heart disease!  The destruction of the bacterial rump causes the AP C.s throughout the body to launch an immune assault on rump infestations.  Both viral and bacterial rumps are removed from the body.

                This will clear diabetes, heart disease, cancer, MS, arthritis and IBS.  Clearing rumps from the liver and kidney will stop the diseases of age affecting these organs.

                Coronary heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump on the coronary arteries.  The destruction of the rump in the kidneys will cause removal of the a bacterial rump causing heart disease.

                The radio waves and might be of sufficient magnitude to clear all rump infestations throughout the body.  A positive effect has already been noted on diabetes.

                Radio waves can be applied externally to the target organ.  There is no value in local application of radio or sound waves.

                It is also been noted that the technique helps with diabetes!  Which is caused by a viral rump in the pancreas.  It is far more efficient to apply the ultrasound externally to the pancreas: at 150 W 40 kHz.  The exact description of the radio frequency and power settings I do not know.

                Cancer will be cleared by external application of the same ultrasound to the cancerous organ.  Liver disease will be cleared by application of the ultrasound to the liver.

                There Is no need for internal application!  Ultrasound would not selectively damage troublesome nerves.  This rather suggests they have found radio waves work, and are busy trying to invent a reason that they should work!

                The diseases of age are caused by fragments of genome left behind by four infections.  They are not coals by innate body structures.  They are produced by the action of viruses and bacteria doing a fall infection.

                Ultrasound curing cancer, heart disease and diabetes will save 22,000,000 lives a year around the world.

                I wrote a book about high intensity ultrasound: read it, it made save your life-they’re not help with the insomnia.


Ultrasound and cancer
by Jonathan M Thomason

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com


Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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