Sunday, 2 December 2012

restoring life


2 December 2012

                The shallow fossil fuels formed with a death of the dinosaurs at the end of the Jurassic age are!  Some of the deep fossil fuels will formed at the end of cretaceous-they were once active biology!  When there were no fossil fuels!

                The only limit to global life is the amount of circulating organic carbon him the environment!  This is why the Jurassic had 65% more life-their photosynthesis was not has evolved!

                Oxygen is the waste gas of plants they excrete while fixing carbon dioxide from the air in photosynthesis.  All life on earth (with the exception of some bacteria in acidic volcanic plants) is a result of the carbon cycle!

                The Jurassic had 65% more life.  And sea levels were result only 60 metres lower!  Who ever thought up manmade global warming was totally ignorant about biology and photosynthesis.

                Professors of physics and engineering should take a bow here!  They talked about organic carbon, but there were singularly ignorant about the carbon cycle!  They only knew about sources of carbon dioxide, not the massive sink that is nature and biology!

                Hopefully today there is no academic scientist to work on carbon dioxide in the climate!  As free carbon dioxide was at four parts per million in the little ice age, and since then has remained static at two parts per 1,000,000!

                Burning fossil fuels has increased life on earth.  But not changed the gas composition of the air-no possible weather effect!

                That is all lie from the base stooges to nuclear power.  Since when did you start taking biological advice from most toxic industry that will ever exist!

                Nuclear power is as ungreen as it gets!  How could any rational scientist talking about organic carbon and not by reference photosynthesis!  The most important biological system on earth.

                Nuclear power has now given up on man made climate change: as it did not get them new plants!  Nearly.  But then the UK government realized nuclear power was most toxic industry on earth.

                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Doing toxic nuclear fission kills it!  If you want to C the least green industry that will ever exist, taking day trips around nuclear power.  Where fall radioactive protection.  And don’t be surprised if you die!


Jonathan Thomason

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