Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Jurassic ice

25 December 2012

                The Permian has 1000 year ice age, when there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air compared to today: the global average for last two centuries has been two parts per million.  Any country date is logically impossible!

                Photosynthesis converts all extra carbon dioxide into active biology!  Carbon dioxide has a 5 minute residency in the air before it is converted into extra life!  The two PPM number is the result of the efficiency of photosynthesis!

                So the Permian have 10 parts per million!  And serious ice.

                I have told the Jurassic age had three ice ages.  Not my area!  I know the late Jurassic have an ice age 180,000,000 years ago air.

                More recently, before man evolved there were ice ages at 2.6 and 1.8 billion years ago air.  The Jurassic is massively interesting as a no fossil fuels!  They formed at the end of the Jurassic with a death of the dinosaurs.

                Sea levels in a warm period were 60 metres lower.  In the an ice ages they will formed yet more!  All the extra organic carbon resulted in 65% more life on earth!

                Photosynthesis was less evolved, so the base for photosynthesis was four parts per 1,000,000!  Yet we have three natural ice ages.  The only have a life I is present today.

                In the modern epoch free carbon dioxide can only rise in a natural ice age: when there is less photosynthesis on land and in the ice covers seas.

                Carbon dioxide is limited by photosynthesis!  Burning the fossil fuels causes modern photosynthesis to resurrect the Jurassic Life as modern biology.

                What it cannot do, is increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  Forest fires and eruptions give a massive boost to life after the fire has passed!

                Diesel exhausts are globally unimportant!  The so in other seasons their ears there carbon balance of the local land.  But the air moves around and tracks summer as it moves around the globe.

                To suggest that man could affect the environment and photosynthesis is a most stupid concept ever thought of by nuclear power: the most toxic industry on earth!  The least green industry that will ever exist.

                High school biology teaches that the limit to life on earth is available organic carbon him the environment.  Burning the fossil fuels releases organic carbon back into the active environment.

                Nuclear power fault up manmade global warming after Chernobyl.  After the world started cooling in 1998, only six years later it seized on man made climate change.

                In 2004-a naturally bad hurricane year.  Exactly on the natural schedule-these things are cyclical.  2010 Tokyo nuclear experienced Fukushima: with the most technologically advanced race on earth.

                Japan and Germany have now abandoned their nuclear programmes.  The most technologically adept engineers on the planet have now turned their backs are nuclear power.

                The residue of nuclear power had tried unsuccessfully for two years to restart their nuclear programmes in those countries.  Other countries would do well to for the Leeds of Japan and Germany.

                Nuclear power kills!  For more effectively and massively than nuclear bombs ever did!  They are the firmer nuclear bomb waiting to detonate beneath your bed!

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