Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fixing diabetes


11 December 2012

                Viruses share genome by putting around strips of RNA!  When the main infection is cleared the is a viral rumps can remain behind!  Tacked on at the end of the human genome.

                In cancer such rumps are quite sophisticated!  They contain a com six enzymes.  Which denuded the immune system, and set up secondary clusters through the lymph system.  And of course ground and controllably.

                In diabetes they colonise the pancreas, shut down biological activity and grow only as sell space becomes available!  As pancreatic cells are shut down, before normally being replaced!  The viral rump it’s our first.

                So gradually the whole pancreas is taken over!  The viral rump cells bud off each other, so they are single cellular structures in a multi cellular body!  So there is a growing embryo.  So this does not provoke an immune action.

                Viral rump cells are also are overinflated, to gain vitality!  This is a unique characteristic of viral rump cells.  Body cells are flaccid and flexible.

                When hit by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2 body cells are damaged.  As the cell contents boil!  Ultrasound over 40 kHz is a potent here.

                Because viral rump cells are hard and overinflated, the fragment as the cell contents boil over 90 W/cm2.  So application of ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz will clear all viral rump cells.

                When applied to the pancreas this will clear type one and type two diabetes!  At one session.  With no insulin injections.

                When applied to the cancerous tissue year the cancer is cleared!  The fragmentation is so explosive bystander body cells are damaged.  This provokes an immune action to clear the cancer throughout the body.


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