Sunday, 16 December 2012

Clearing heart disease


16 December 2012

                During a full bacterial infection, the bacterial strares the pathogen leaders RNA- to share with other pathogens!  It is the way pathogens share genome.

                When they infection is cleared the bacterial rumps remain!  The pathogen leader may have colonised fatty plaques on the coronary arteries.  These pathogen leaders are making inappropriate enzymes requesting heart repair, so the genuine requests for repair are never heard or acted upon!

                The uncontrolled growth of an differentiated cells is caused by a viral rump –formed in just the same way.  This is called cancer.  Similarly diabetes is caused by a viral rump.  MS is caused by a bacterial rump colonising and the myelin sheath around neurons in the brain and spine.

                Ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz heats up rump colonies which die at 60° C!  For both viral and bacterial rumps.  This will end that disease of age!  Body cells heat up by only 2° C.

                But as the rump is pressurised (to gain a vitality advantage) it carries on heating up to 140° C.  At this temperature all the rumps fragment explosively!  I would anticipate bacterial rumps will explode at 90° C.

                The body clears the cell fragments, and launches a four immune assault against any novel genome!  So it hunts down any bacterial and viral rumps.

                One application of high intensity focused ultrasound to the coronary arteries will clear the heart disease totally.  Another infection may produce another rump infestation though.  Regular application of HIFU will keep the individual fit and healthy!  And free of disease.

                December 2012 sells a suitable device!  Intended for slimming.  Sheffield University Chemical Engineering department has are required ultrasound skills to do useful work on this idea!  It also has an excellent medical school.

Jonathan Thomason

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