Saturday, 22 December 2012

buzzing off cancer


22 December 2012

                This started MS and firsthand experience of metallurgical ultrasound: ultrasound at 2 kW can cause damage to join us in the fingers!  A condition turned white finger.

                In 2001 I met Dr. MatZinger I was promoting her danger model: stating that the immune system ignores it cancer because it did not do damage to body cells.

                I learned from professor fossil that cancer divided in a single cell way-as viruses do.  This avoids scrutiny by the dendrites cells!  That produce the dendrite mesh that supports multi cellular bodies.

                To gain a vitality advantage infectious disease over excrete enotherial growth factor.  This trait is copied by all cancers out there!  So cancer cells are unsupported and over inflated-so they feel hard to attach!

                This opens a window for the cure cancer!  Body cells are generally are damaged by ultrasound above 180 W /cm2.  The damage arises from cell content boiling!  A very potent frequency to boil off water is 40 kHz.

                Body cells are flaccid!  So are not affected as strongly as cancer cells.  The expense of the Moffitt cancer centre employed or is that high intensity focused ultrasound causes the explosive fragmentation of prostate cancer.

                This will work for all cancers-which are all overinflated and under supported.  150 W 40 kHz ultrasound applied externally through a 10 CM guide tube, is HIFU.

                That level of ultrasound will cure all cancers out there-all 200 varieties!  Because they share the characteristic of the overinflated and under supported.

                No body cells share this characteristic!  As they are bodied off the multi cellular stem cells and I’ve got along the dendrite mesh.

                All infective disease will also be cured by this level of ultrasound.  This will prevent the diseases of age forming: as they are caused by partial pathogen genome setting up a viral or bacterial rump structure in the body.

                Such rumps are ubiquitously overinflated and under supported!  And bud off other rump structures in a single cell way!  Though bacterial rumps are copied by the B cells, using the system designed for antibody production.

                I learned about ultrasound through my job during my degree at Sheffield University England.  My knowledge about medicine is due to a book published by UCL.  A personal messages from Dr. MatZinger of the NI H, and Professor Weiner from Harvard University medical school.

                Professor fossil told me about single cell division 2003: when he is working at Michigan State college.

Jonathan Thomason

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