Sunday, 9 December 2012

Antibody to cancer

9 December 2012

                An active infection shows genome with other pathogens!  It does this by liberating is pathogen leaders as strips of RNA.  This is why viral SARs the game bacterial!  We had genome sharing.

                When the main infection is cleared, the new genome that is not doing damage is allowed to stay-as empathic genome!  So the endogenous retro virus of cessated cells accumulates the six enzymes four full cancer!

                And the sixth enzymes is to do single cell type division-as done by viruses.  A bacterial genome is copied by the B cells-mistaking it for empathic structures.

                This copping system ceases in the presence of fungal antibiotics. Which are recognized by the immune system as antibodies.

                The immune system is initiated by cell damage!  So cancer never provokes an immune action.  Unless the uncontrolled cell growth disrupts the surrounding dendrite mesh.

                Single cell structures grow using the single cell helicase so avoiding all scrutiny by the dendrites!

                Pathogens out there avoids doing damage to body tissues for three days!  Which gives the pathogen a head start on the immune system.

                Was so there is cell damage the IL-1 becomes two lots of the active IL-1+.  Which in turn makes IL-2…21.  This is a positive feedback system!  I have a master’s degree from Sheffield University in systems work.

                There are no lower cytokines a massive cell damage!  Unless there are no chemo kinds: I got chatting to a couple of PH D students from Cambridge on honeymoon in Tenerife 2003.

                They he told me that HIV makes three human chemokines, but without waiting cytokines these produce a crippled immune response!  Which fails to clear the infection.

                In contrast Professor Weiner told me that MS (authritis and IBS) makes unaccompanied interleukin two.  Which causes the macrophages to crash around unfocused doing damage.

                MS in relapse will respond if we give additional IL-4 to clear the bacterial rump colonising the myelin sheath in the CNS.  Outside relapse we need to give IL-2&4.  This will produce the active human antibody.

                Pills of this drug alone will activate the immune system to totally clear MS.

                With HIV IL-2&4 will cause a body wide clearance of pathogen infected cells, so clearing the her HIV totally.  Until the individual contracts for the condition again in the next decade!

                In response to my cytokine drip, cancer is will produce a wash of human antibodies.  This includes the common six to all cancers!

                We also get the specific antibodies to the cancer!  Pills of both these drugs is the most optimum treatment for cancers!

                The general antibody pills will be less potent!

                Antibody pills will allow the cure to all issue are pathogens!  Pathogens will still circulate in the world population.  We now have a totally effective cure to infective disease.

                Which will stop cancer and heart disease!  Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump colonising the fatty plaques in the body.  The cytokine drip will produce the human antibodies to all heart disease.

                Pathogen evolution is a very quick!  Once we start using cytokine therapy, pathogens will involve around it!  IL-12&14 will produce novel human antibodies.  Pathogens will also involve around this!

                Giving a feline or canine IL-2&4 will produce animal antibodies.  Which will cure animal cancer.  But have no effect on the human disease.  We may even be able to utilised pig IL-2&4 if we do not have access to the ion or native cytokines.


Jonathan Thomason

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