Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ultimate power

13 November 2012

                A single electron positron annihilation converts all their mass into energy!  Mostly heat, with a little light and gamma wave radiation.  As much as your own beating heart produces every minute!

                Together they weight 1.5x10-13g.  But the relativistic conversion constant is the speed of light square is-2.99x1028.  So each annihilation produces 4.5x1015 Watts.  That is 1500,000,000,000 MegaWatts.

                Power with no carbon dioxide or toxic plutonium!  And none of the toxic death on nuclear power.  This industry loses massive money they reprocess their waste!  That is why Sellafield is now the world’s biggest store of them processed fuel grade plutonium.

                Showing an electric radiant heater on a crystal converts the stream of electrons into a stream of positrons:

+e- -> -β+

                The gain of electrons is balanced by the loss of positrons.  If we create these positrons below the boiler water in the present steam turbine plant, the positrons annihilate with electrons from water.  Generating pure heat!

                We have no fossil fuel burn.  And no toxic radioactive waste.  It has to be stored for 1000,000 years!  Russia and France produce an excess of plutonium as it is-so the even sell it to Americans.  They certainly don’t want ours.

                Cumbria is a tectonic Lee active area-they’re not as active today as the ring of fire.  It is about the last place in England that you would choose to store our own reprocessed nuclear waste.

                We can use the radiant emitter and crystal idea to drive a car electrically!  Using no heavy storage batteries, and no petrol or diesel burn.

                All the electricity in the world he’s going to be generated by matter antimatter annihilations within the next five years.  Nuclear power is granted are seriously bankrupt!  Leaving the world with their store of them reprocessed fuel to deal with.

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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