Friday, 23 November 2012

The power of the crystal

23 November 2012

                When you bombarded a crystal with electrons, to remain balanced the crystal emits positrons!  The antimatter equivalent:

+e- -> -β+             where β+ is a positron.

                Exactly the same as an electron, but it’s mirror image.  When you’re lucky in them air, UC an image of yourself actually inverted.  When an electron enters a crystal, it positron has to lead to ensure the crystal is electrically balanced.

                This is the magic of the -!  We gain an electron would forgive the crystal a – charge.  If we emitted an electron, the crystal would end up with a -2 charge.  It has to emit a positron to retain an electrical balance.

                Positrons are the most powerful heating substance that is easily or tenable.  Electrons and positrons have a master of 8.19x10-14g.  But the speed of light squared is 2.99x1028.  This is a huge number-squared!

                When the a positron encounters electrons from water bath, a positron electrons annihilation takes place!  This releases energy of 4.5x1015 Watts! 4500MMW.  Some of this energy isn’t as dual gamma wave radiation electromagnetic waves.

                As these travel through a water bath, they end up as heat energy!  Half of the energy production from the annihilation airs at directly as heat!  2x1015 Watts of heat!

                We use this heat to drive 100 MW power station.  We extract 50 W to drive I electrical heating element!  Which liberates heat and electrons.  We earth the water bath, so nature replaces the electrons we have used for free.

                We burn no fossil fuels.  We do no toxic nuclear fission-the least green and most toxic industry mankind has ever developed.  Think Chernobyl and Fukushima!

                EDF no operate six magnox nuclear power stations beyond their design lives!  They got a life extension by an internal inspection of the air and plants!

                This is legally unsafe.  The power station regulation of authority is failing in its duty by lowering the power stations to steal operate!  EDF’s interest is in selling the fans of two Hitachi, or Ukrainian nuclear to construct a new plants of death.

                You may not have heard of Ukrainian nuclear: they built Chernobyl!  They are nuclear incident coals by a bungled safety test.  Surely the least green industry ever!

                Positron and electron annihilation converts environmental electrons inp a massive power.  He each day the solar wind deliverance five tonnes of electrons to the earth.

                We are talking about the annihilation there are 20 electrons powering the earth!  With no carbon dioxide production.  And utterly no toxic nuclear fission!  The technology of toxic death.

                Who have funded university research since 1986: the academics concerned have no place in education at any level.


Jonathan Thomason

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